Newt Says He is Running to Save Western Civ from Pagan Culture

Newt Gingrich is an old fashioned Christian hater, one of those like the fifth century Egyptian monk Shenoute who feels “there is no crime for those who have Christ.” This is a man who has proven he can justify literally anything based on his twisted understanding of religion, a man with all the warped morality of a medieval Pope.

This is in evidence with his nearly every utterance these days. Perhaps he realizes that Rick Santorum has his head where he wants his to be – so far up the butt of the Christian fundamentalism that you can’t tell where Newt ends and the Bible begins. What better way to pry them apart than to be meaner and nastier than Santorum? It’s a chore, as he realizes; Santorum isn’t being denigrated as a serial adulterer.  Newt has learned the hard way that dropping trou for God and country might get him new wives but it won’t get him votes. And he needs Florida and has only a few days to get it.

And to judge from how badly the debate went for him last night (see Jason Easley’s analysis here), Gingrich needs to get all the votes he can get just to justify having shown up in the first place. Santorum did very well for himself, playing off Romney, and Gingrich’s few fundamentalist supporters won’t stay with him once the Ship of Newt starts to go down.

With last night’s debate still a day in the future, and knowing CNN’s Wolf Blitzer wasn’t going to ask these types of questions, Gingrich got on a conference call to Evangelical supporters and took a shot at marriage equality and at the same time, everybody who isn’t a Christian. It’s very Old Testament and it’s been a very effective method of rallying the troops for 2,000 years, since the time it was used against the Canaanites. Newt says that marriage equality represents perfectly natural pagan behaviors and are somehow a fundamental violation of our civilization. And he’s at least part right – toleration is a perfectly natural pagan behavior.

Listen to Wednesday’s press conference call from Right Wing Watch:

It’s pretty simple: marriage is between a man and a woman. This is a historic doctrine driven deep into the Bible, both in the Old Testament and in the New Testament, and it’s a perfect example of what I mean by the rise of paganism. The effort to create alternatives to marriage between a man and a woman are perfectly natural pagan behaviors, but they are a fundamental violation of our civilization.

Actually, Newt, that’s between a man and a woman, or a man and multiple women, or a woman and her rapist, etc. You get the idea.

Now remember that a Pagan is anyone who isn’t a Christian or a Jew. The ancient Jews called Pagans “Gentiles” and the early Church adopted that term – despite being Gentiles themselves in Jewish eyes – for use against the Roman Empire’s Pagan population. Only later did Gentile give way in the Church lexicon and morph into “Pagan.” So you’re a Pagan, he’s a Pagan, and I’m a Pagan. We’re all Pagans, not just us modern-day reproductions of the ancient variety. That puts you in select company no matter how you look at it.

Turns out the only reason Gingrich is running for president is to save America from us Pagans:

I want people to understand, I’m a volunteer. Callista and I had very long talks for over a year and then we talked with our two daughters and our two son-in-laws because we knew if we tried to offer help the country that we would be subjected to news media assaults, we’d be subjected to vicious gossip, we’d be subjected to people on the web saying horrible things and we’d be subjected to negative ads from our opponents. And we concluded that we are in so much trouble and we are in such grave danger of losing the America that we grew up in and the lack of Republican ability to articulate and communicate and defend is so great that both of us – this was a dual decision – we both concluded that we had a moral obligation to endure whatever comes and to at least offer, as citizens, to try and be of service.

You have to admire how he so shamelessly embraces his hypocrisy. Here is a man with proven contempt for the institution of marriage and he is shoving this crap down our throats and acting the martyr as he does so. The man’s got balls of brass and Callista’s not the first woman he’s proven that to.

Right Wing Watch tells us that according to the rest of the conference call, the fundamentalist leaders supporting Gingrich are doing so because they believe an Obama victory will “spell the end of Western Civilization” which is pretty funny since that’s what they’re working toward too. What these guys and gals want is a return to the pre-Enlightenment Western Civilization we’re all well rid of, back when the church could tell everyone what to do and priests could put their willies wherever they wanted and nobody could complain, when, by God, righteous Christians could attack anyone they damn well pleased and pat themselves on the back for a job well done.

The thing is, the Western Civilization they claim to be protecting doesn’t exist. It hasn’t existed since the European Enlightenment banished the Church’s Dark Age-thinking into the shadows cast by the light of science. Without the Enlightenment their Western Civilization would have existed and they want to go back to that fork in the road, derail the Enlightenment, and have at the world again with all the religious savagery they can muster – which history has shown is quite a bit.

What the Enlightenment did was break the Church’s hold on our minds and freed people to question for the first time since the original 9/11: September 11, 364 CE, when an imperial edict prescribed the death penalty for all Gentiles that worship their ancestral Gods or practice Divination (“sileat omnibus perpetuo divinandi curiositas“). Three additional edicts, dated 4th February, 9th September, and 23rd December ordered the confiscation of all properties of the pagan temples and the death penalty for participation in pagan rituals, even private ones.

The ensuing fourteen centuries were a dark age, the true dark age of Western Europe. For Gingrich and his fundamentalist supporters to speak of Western Civilization as though they are defending is a joke, because what fundamentalists like him have fought for is not what Western Civilization is about and hasn’t been since the seventeenth century. Western Civilization went off on a new tangent and I think it is one appreciated by most of us. The idea of going back to the thinking behind that original 9/11 won’t appeal to many, because let’s face it, most people don’t consider the Crusades, the Inquisition, the Reformation and Counter-Reformation and the Witch Burnings to be the highlights of Western Civilization.

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  1. Just what we need. Another heartless angry pseudo-Christian claiming to be out there taking one for the team. Yes, Newt, you and Sarah are shameless hypocrites. ..shameless , wealthy fakes. And she was exposed. You will be too. Neither of you will get your slimy claws anywhere near the White House, but it will not be because some pagan media kept you out. It will be because America is not that dumb.

  2. I for one think that year long talks consisted of “The people need me regardless of what a fuckup I am”, and then, “I am running for my brain. Poeple need to see my brain exposed because I am the magnificent one”.

    And what do these Christian fundamentalists fear? Another man like Martin Luther. Someone who steps outside their religion and proves there is life outside strict dogma. Whom they probably see in Obama.

    What the fundamentalist leaders fear is open thinking and the ability of people to make decisions for themselves. Newt Gingrich tries to envelop that fear by being heavy handed And promising to be the one to do our thinking for us because he has all the answers. Depending on which day it is and who you are of course.

  3. ” how many messianic-deluded dimwits can the republican stage at one time?”

    All of them? Or was your question rhetorical?

  4. Of all Gingrich’s pompous, self-aggrandizing statements, this one has to win first prize for hubris and self-importance. The more “debates” he engages in, the more we get to see that is so unappealing about this man. He is a first-class panderer to the worst fears and basest prejudices of a sizeable segment of Americans. Being the serial adulterer that he is, his remarks about the sanctity of marriage sound extremely empty. The irony of it all is that the president actually embodies all that Gingrich and his ilk only profess to believe in. Of course, his ignorant lemmings don’t care. They see only what they want to see, and not what actual facts strongly suggest.

  5. He is a true megalomaniac. He is saving the US therefore the world from destruction. Every day is a new page in a book for newt.
    he gets to re write his past, and save the future.

    Love how they pick and choose what the want from the OT.
    What about the men sleeping with their slaves to have children?
    What about slavery?
    What about the death penalty for adultery? hay newt, what about THAT one???
    Ah yes, what about stoning to death?

    i could go on and on and on.

  6. Uuuuummmmm.. Newt DOES know that all christian beliefs (**cough**mythology**cough**) is based on what the Pagan’s believed, right?

    Isis/Mary (virgin who gave birth to the messiah)
    Athens/Jesus (son of god)
    Heaven/Heaven (place where “God” resides and where your soul goes)
    Romulus/Alexander (told the tale of the messiah born of a virgin to people)
    Sunday/Sunday (day of rest)
    Tree/Christmas Tree (a tree brought indoors and decorated in honor of the messiah’s birthday)


    Newt. Certainly lives up to his name

  7. …and Pelosi knows where all the bodies are buried.

    Remember, she’s got the down low on Newton Leroy after working closely, watching his every move for many years. I say she knows something that we all don’t know and she’s humming “…it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…”

  8. Speaker Newt (lest we forget the Contract on America) is the most disliked politician in America. Hiss negatives are well over 50%.

    What does it say about the impotence of the GOP that he and Mittens are the nominees in waiting?

    And for all their noise, they are still a minority. By October, everyone will be sooooooo sick of their hate.

  9. Exactly religious war is breaking out between sects, the rule of the holy roman empire of the dark ages, the fundamentalist revivalists, the worship of King and President of the national religion of spreading our democrazy and then those others, some of which don’t condone religous war and some that do… Erasing humanistic development and understanding to go back the dark ages of superstitious fear of sex and human nature and the represion of it driving all kinds of sublimations such as wars of dominance and submission and territorial control as carrying a big stick and sticking it to the world for their own good.
    The faith based initiatives our social programs are being turned into are driving a feeding frenzy for subversive proselytism. The human mental fixation of ideological fantasy that justifies all our actions as being the will of God or acceptable collateral damages may bring our species to extinction yet.
    We are uanble to grow up and learn how to balance body and mind and get along with our planet too.

  10. Um, well, unfortunately does NOT know that. He should read “The Pagan Christ” by Tom Harpur (a retired Anglican priest) whose in depth research spells it out precisely. Nothing about the Jesus story is original.

    Oh, and he should also be advised that man invented god(s).

  11. Hey, Newt is actually (in this lone instance) being perfectly honest and forthright. He supports Biblical marriage, i.e. one man, several wives. I think he may have his eye on Bristol Palin for his second wife (or fourth, depending on how you count).

  12. Gingrich’s comment on running to save western civilzation brings to mind the Indian exchange student who was when asked what he thought of Western Civilization answered, I am in favor of it.

  13. Did they want to live through the Viking raids and the Black Plague, too? The Middle Ages are over, science is the rule, and for those whom still think the earth is only 6000 years old, I have one word for you… Dinosaurs!

    There are creation stories in every pantheon, and even if the Earth was supposedly created in 7 days, how long is a day to a god or goddess? Paganism is still out there, and they can’t stop it anymore now than they did then. Some people just know how to see through bulls***. Those who can need to teach those whom can’t how to do so.

  14. gingrich knows he’s a shoe-in because the elite world controllers want him. He’s the only candidate who’s attended the meetings of all the elite and that’s the truth. so there!

  15. A large number of tyrants in history suffered from tertiary syphillis. It rotted their brains and made them delusional. I once squipped that the saving of humankind would be penicillin. I doubt Newt has that version of “softening of the brain”, but I do think the man is utterly mad. I’m NOT being hyperbolic – I believe he is insane. I’ve never witnessed such megalomania EVER, and that’s saying something. All candidates have egos – you’d not run if you did not – but to believe you are the sole savior of humankind? That reeks of utter delusion and a total break from reality. He is as scary as any tyrant or fanatical zealot who has led cults of personality and societal destruction. Wow.

  16. Ah – they can dance on the head of a pin, too. Newt, however, would not agree. Only HE would be there – the rest would be tap dancing on the point…

  17. Never mind dinosaurs. They think that before the Flood, people had them as pets (of course, if you count chickens, it’s true). Ask them about trilobites, but don’t be surprised if they tell you those were very good broiled in butter.

  18. It is a perfectly valid argument to compare the likes of Gingrich to people like bin laden, abu qatada et al. After all, these people all share the unshakeable belief that their way is the only way, and woe betide anyone with a different belief. As the world has proven countless times, but seldom realised, such fanaticism is a powder-keg which, ignited by the spark of executive power, promises catastrophe. I certainly hope not to be proven right – but in the event, the pagans will doubtless triumph, for we have the UN on our side.

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