The Media Whitewashes Jan Brewer’s Racist Disrespect Of President Obama

Every family has dirty little secrets that are never discussed in polite company whether it’s a drug-addicted nephew, promiscuous sister-in-law, or alcoholic uncle who cannot hold a steady job. America has a dirty little secret that existed at the country’s founding and persists in 2012, and although it is exposed from time to time, Americans like to keep quiet about it out of shame and embarrassment. Our dirty little secret has been whispered about for the past four years and was exposed in a widely circulated photograph on Wednesday.

The photograph of Arizona governor Jan Brewer shaking her finger at President Obama is about more than accusing the “Obama administration of turning a blind eye to illegal immigration because migrants will help Mr. Obama register more Democratic votes.” Brewer’s actions were more than disrespect for the leader of the most powerful nation on Earth, they were outward expressions of white supremacy befitting a pre-Civil War plantation owner scolding an errant slave who forgot to empty the master’s chamber pot.

It is no secret that Brewer harbors racist views toward Americans whose skin color is anything but lily white. She promoted and proudly signed the racial profiling law that requires law enforcement to detain and question Arizona residents who appear to be illegal (not white). The not-white is equal to not-American meme began with the birther movement and continues in not-so-coded racist campaigns of the four remaining  Republican presidential hopefuls. Brewer shaking her finger at the president characterizes white supremacists’ contention that African Americans are inferior, not like us, and certainly not real Americans. Why else would a pathetic buffoon like Brewer feel comfortable scolding the President of the United States in public and full view of photographer’s lenses? Because she feels superior to a Black man even though his office, intellect and integrity dwarfs her racist and witless mind.

The Republican presidential hopefuls’ racism shows no sign of abating and their racially charged rhetoric is finally bringing America’s dirty little secret to the public’s attention. Each candidate has, in their own calculated manner, tied President Obama to their faulty characterization that African Americans are lazy and not really Americans. Willard “Mitt” Romney’s campaign catch-phrase, “Keep America American” was lifted from KKK literature and implies that getting rid of Obama will keep America American as if the President is a foreign interloper. Romney’s cult believed Blacks were cursed until 1978 and they changed their doctrine after it became politically incorrect to portray African Americans as inferior.

Newt Gingrich called President Obama the “food stamp president” and he is running an overtly racist campaign to appeal to white supremacists that permeate the South, and as the nation is discovering, the entire country. Gingrich went so far as recommending that to teach lazy minority children the value of the white work ethic, they should clean their white classmate’s toilets. Gingrich was not only referring to African Americans because he said that Spanish is a ghetto language imputing laziness to Spanish speaking Americans. Alan Grayson, a former Democratic congressman from Florida, called Gingrich’s racist pandering the  most “overtly racist campaign I’ve seen in the country since George Wallace.” It is no coincidence that Gingrich ramped up his racist rhetoric in South Carolina where the Confederate flag still flies over the capital; his ploy propelled him to victory and front-runner status in the race for the Republican nomination. Gingrich is aware that racism sells in America.

Rick Santorum used a white supremacist theme from Birth of a Nation with its imagery of ignorant free African Americans who are an encumbrance on white America. He said, “I don’t want to make black people’s lives better by giving them somebody else’s money,” and it is a favorite theme of conservatives who characterize President Obama as stealing white Americans’ money to give to his lazy African American “bros” in return for their votes much like Brewer’s accusation against President Obama. Santorum’s racially charged comments are in stark contrast to his alleged Christianity that teaches love for all humanity and charity for those in need; unless they are African Americans.

The laundry list of racism and white supremacy is growing every day, and the mainstream media is keeping America’s dirty little secret under wraps. But all that changed when Brewer stuck her vile little finger in President Obama’s face as if she was scolding a disobedient slave, or an uppity Negro who has the audacity to wear a suit and sit in the Oval Office. Conservatives celebrated Brewer’s disrespect for the President because she “put the black man in his place” but they are ignoring one critical point. The Republican drive toward apartheid will backfire as the country’s population becomes “darker” and one can only imagine the rage among African Americans at the sight of a lying white supremacist shaking her finger at the first African American President who has more integrity and intelligence than ten-thousand Jan Brewers.

America can only prosper when all citizens are valued equally regardless of race. It is telling that besides the media’s reluctance to assail GOP racism, Christians espousing brotherly love are also silent. It makes sense though, because although not all Christians are Republicans, nearly all Republicans are Christians and during this campaign, racist Christian Republicans are finding success pandering to white supremacists and racist voters.

America’s dirty little secret cannot be kept quiet any longer despite the media’s best efforts to protect the GOP. They kept the secret under wraps during the 2008 general election and they are on par to repeat their hush-up of GOP racism in 2012. However, Republican presidential hopefuls brought race into the election and now, a cretin from Arizona displayed white supremacy toward the President in one photograph and although Jan Brewer is a useless dolt, she did America a favor by revealing the dirty secret that racism and white supremacy is the purview of the Republican Party. Just don’t expect any show of gratitude from decent Americans; regardless of their race.

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  1. The “dark triad” (malignant narcissist, psychopath, and Machiavellian) types take advantage of both their victims’ and the average observer’s tendency to give the benefit of the doubt, to not attribute a malign motive where a benign or at least a neutral one will do. The reports I’ve seen on this seem to suggest she is simply a screechy old lady (a stereotype in itself). But of course, she’s a bigot. Most of us know that already.

  2. And the state of Georgia is attempting to keep President Obama off the ballot this November, according to Rachel Maddow on her show last night. Some Georgian judge even ordered the President to show up in his courtroom to testify! Why? Because those racist a-holes are still claiming that Obama wasn’t born in the US and therefore isn’t qualified to run for POTUS. That long drawn-out scream of despair you hear is me crying for our country.

  3. Brewer is trying to spin this incident in a way that shows the president as the aggressor. She is saying she felt “threatened” by him. Then, there are the Obama haters who are reflexively backing Brewer and saying she has more “balls” than the president. Of course, that speaks volumes only about her and those who back her. It is yet another example of a Republican racist who simply cannot accept the fact that she is a subordinate to a black man. I’m sure it sticks in her craw just like it does of people like Limbaugh, Beck, and Palin, along with the do-nothing GOP members of Congress, as well as the contenders for the GOP nomination. They are showing the world unmistakably that this country has come a long way, but still has a long way to go in confronting the harsh realities of racism in this country.

  4. Let’s not forget that Gov. Brewer’s own party believes that she is too stupid, amoral or degenerate to have control of her own body.

    In this instance, they may be right. At least about the mouth part.

  5. I’m not gonna say Jan Brewer is a racist. At least not from what I see in the photo. What I do see, is a very unprofessional Brewer shaking her finger at the leader of the free world. First of all, I can’t see how hinge would have escalated to that point, that quickly, unless she was planning it. Everyone knows of The Presidents even temper. In fact the GOP is constantly calling him a pantywaist because of it. He lost his cool on the Tarmac? Really? No she was showboating for her lunatic constituents. This will go a long way towards her re election and she knows it.

  6. I hate to say it but the Democrats need to use the Republicans overt Racism in 2012. For those who don’t know the code words, it’s going to have to be made plain to everyone. The 2012 field of GOP candidates for the nomination for president are perhaps the worst that has ever been presented. Gov. Brewer is just the tip of the iceberg. While many conservatives make it a warm wet feeling down their leg when they see her shaking her finger, far more Americans see it differently. Arizona needs to look deep within itself

  7. She IS a racist. Everything she has done as Governor Of Arizona SHOWS she a racist puppet of our RECALLED ex-Senator Pearce and our lowlife Sheriff Joe.

  8. “…Why else would a pathetic buffoon like Brewer feel comfortable scolding the President of the United States in public and full view of photographer’s lenses?…”

    Because she’s out of her league, that’s why! This is a woman suited to run a local dry cleaning business or a mail box store…

    She’s completely and utterly flaying in shallow water now that Pierce isn’t telling her what to do, Arapio is tied up in legal purgatory, her closes aides are in being investigated for private prison fraud/conflict of interest and AZ Dems are finally smelling blood in the water (both Kyle and McCain are on their last terms; neither one will run again).

    Plus, AZ has early ballot by mail they can’t “jimmy”. The Dems did a great job registering minorities and low-income voters in the last elections. The problem was the Christian fundamentalist/Mormon Latino churches ministry put “fear” into the immigrant population, lying about law enforcement intimidation if they even voted! I digress…

    Brewer is a clown in the clown car; there is no love in the room for her as she is seen as incompetent as well as just plain stupid, like Palin.

  9. A judge already threw out the same lunatics once before for bring false suit over Obama’s citizenship; they were fined 20K for their misconduct. I hope this time there is jail time and the fine triples….

  10. It’s obvious that Jan Brewer is unprofessional, and I have no doubt she knew what she was gonna do before she even met Obama.

    But it’s also obvious the only reason her dim little mind thought it acceptable to do that to her president is because she’s a vile, narcissistic white supremacist and Obama is black.

    I bet she wouldn’t do that to the white president of her bank, the white president of her country club, or the white chairman of her state’s Republican party.

  11. I agree with both Dan and SinghX that Brewer is in over her head. I view this particular encounter more as a product of her ignorance and out-sized sense of herself than as an indication of her racism–though I’m quite cognizant of the racism that she and other Arizona officials do display. (See “Arizona At 100: Ditch the Celebration, Looking at it with an optimistic eye, the NY Times reports today that the encounter may boomerang against the Republicans in the election and help deliver Arizona to Obama.


  13. I know and talk politics with plenty of Republicans. Whenever I get up enough nerve to ask them if their dislike of the president has anything to do with the fact that he’s black…well, methinks they do protest too much. Some of them even hit me with this: “Well, he’s not really black.” I’d say about 90 percent of them are lying when they say it has nothing to do with it. They go on to tell me exactly why it is they dislike him and nine times out of ten it’s based on some lie that Aunt Ethel sent them in an email. It’s my absolute belief that 90% of those who dislike the president do so primarily because of the color of his skin.

    Conversely, I know a handful of Democrats who quit the party when Obama was elected president. It’s rather amusing to listen to them stammer out their reasons for doing so — but I know the real reason.

    You know how the Republicans like to bitch about how the Democrats “rammed” health care through Congress before the newly-elected Republicans took office? I think it’s sort of like that — they want to get as many laws and regulations that favor us white folks on the books before us white folks become a minority.

  14. She is peddling her lousy book to a racist audience. Directly she had handed the President her “private” letter to the President, she released it to the press. And although she cannot seriously think she is a lily fair maid standing up to a ravening black male, that’s the image she’s trying to create (lotsa luck).

  15. I agree that Brewer was out of line and was showboating to sell her book.

    I have wondered and want to see if you all agree… the Republican attacks on Obama using a telepromter is also race based. Their way of saying he’s not smart enough to talk without help.

    Am I alone on this one?

  16. Well said Tillie, I and others realized that the desperate Anglos were going to do as much as they an while they have power to keep us down with as many laws and schemes as possible. Their problem is we have been paying attention and their political days are numbered and their demographic days are too. They better hope we treat them better than they have treated us.

  17. The amusing aspect to this whole story is that witnesses to the exchange between the President and Brewer said that PO was his usual calm, courteous self. Talking Points Memo has the quotes from these witnesses (the mayors of Phoenix and Mesa):

    I suspect that Brewer was either opportunistically trying to drum up more publicity for her poor-selling book or she was under the influence (or both).

    She’s another one that Palin endorsed, by the way. Big surprise…

  18. Way to be a role model, racist Republican Governor Jan Brewer (AZ).

    Kids; this is what we call deplorable and depraved conduct. It is not how we behave at school. We do not aggressively waggle our fingers in another person’s face and then cry wolf. We use our nice manners. This will be on the test.

  19. My husband is Mexican American born and raised here in America as well as his father and grandfather. A few yrs back he was pulled over for profiling. As a result it cost us impound fees and court costs and he was not found guilty of anything! I myself am kind of sheltered have lived most of my life thinking things r shiny n pretty. However over the yrs I have come to c the not so pretty side of society. I have learned a great deal of things about our great country. Not make me ashamed to say I am American. America is a melting pot of all nationalities. We should grow as a nation n recognize this and embrace those around us. Racism in America is just about the most ridiculous thing since the fact is we r one nation one race and that is American!

  20. Of course that’s what they mean! Obama haters try to denigrate him in every way they can, and claiming he can’t speak without a teleprompter is an attempt to deny his obvious intelligence. The haters just can’t stand it! Hope his re-election this year makes their blood pressures rise to dangerous levels.

  21. I’ve lived in Arizona for 45 years, and I have followed Jan Brewer quite closely over her career. She is unquestionably the stupidest creature to hold the office, and in a state that elected the ponderously stupid Evan Mecham, that’s saying a lot. She definitely attracts racists, but I can’t go as far as to say she is definitely racist. After all, illegal immigration is down and deportations are up under Obama. That she didn’t give the President a big hug would appear to provide more evidence that she’s an ignoramus rather than racist.

  22. I think that she should have been arrested for pointing her fingers if this had been any other president they would have invented a law so her behind could go to jail. But wait she wouldn’t have done that to another now would she… Ignorant behind.

  23. When we were riding to and from a (temporary) job in Mississippi in November and December, every time there were Border Patrol vehicles in the median of I-75 (one time a big bunch at the intersection of I-10 and I-75). They were there, waiting for older vans filled with darker-skinned people – which they would pull and check for papers.

    My friend, who is Mexican-American (as was his parents… born in the US) told us about what they were up to. He could pass as white if he wanted to, but is rightfully proud of his heritage (thanks to him, we got to sample some really fantastic food and he and I chatted a lot about our cultures). He is really (and rightfully) angry at the policies in place that have led to harassment of people who often already have a hard life.

    I also did a paper for one of my classes, doing a content analysis on letters to the editor regarding “illegal aliens”. It was quickly evident that racism is as much a part of the American culture as it always has been, and the whole “illegal immigrant” nonsense (along with the English Only/English First movement) is pure racial bigotry.

    As far as the “Melting Pot”, I tell people that there is a difference between a puree and a stew… in a puree, everything looks the same and one ingredient usually dominates, slightly flavored by the others. That’s what the Republicans want (with them dominating). Me, I prefer a nice thick stew filled with all sorts of interesting and tasty items… that is also the sort of America I enjoy the most.

    It’s not the similarities that make life interesting and pleasurable – it’s the differences! Now, if only we could get some of these idiotic bigots to understand that!

  24. Once again,a perpetrator of evil portrays herself as victim. Remember the movie “The Help”? The privileged few felt they were “victims” as they pulverized African-Americans into the silent majority. But the people of color proved themselves to be made in the image of God and overtook evil with good.

  25. That is probably what they mean about the teleprompter charge – that President Obama isn’t smart enough to talk about help. If that’s true, then neither are most gopers, who use notes, teleprompters or crib notes written on their hand.

    Frankly, it speaks to the stupidity and hypocrisy of the gop to keep harping on Obama’s teleprompter use when so many use teleprompters.

  26. She wouldn’t even have to be black, and she wouldn’t have to wag her finger in W’s face. Case in point: Governor Blanco.

  27. When President Obama flew down to LA after the oil spill and Gov. Jindal met him on the tarmac, the President was photographed with his finger in Jindal’s face. I didn’t think of it at the time as being racist, but gosh, I guess it was.

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