Watch Bill Maher Smash The Right’s Obama Paranoia Into Tiny Pieces

Bill Maher debunks many of the false claims made about Obama, and smashes the paranoid delusions about a fictional president the right has created.

Here is the video:

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After Maher discussed the crazed Republican paranoia over Saul Alinsky, he said,

You know, Republicans have created this completely fictional president. His name is Barack X and he’s an Islamo-socialist revolutionary who’s coming for your guns, raising your taxes, slashing the military, apologizing to other countries, and taking his cues from Europe or worse yet, Saul Alinsky. And this is how politics has changed; you used to have to run against an actual candidate, but now you just recreate him inside the bubble and run against your new fictional candidate.

That’s how Bush won in 2004, by running against John Kerry, a French war criminal. And speaking of Bush, I know conservatives are saying oh Bill, come on Democrats did the same thing to him. No. Say what you will about the left’s hatred of Bush, at least we were hating on the real guy. We didn’t invent a boogeyman who tanked the economy, took us to war on false pretenses, and tortured prisoners. That was the actual guy.

But run down the list of complaints about fantasy Obama. He wants to raise your taxes, even though he’s lowered them. Confiscate your guns, even though he’s never mentioned it, and read terrorists their rights, yeah, like he did Tuesday in Somalia. And look what Gingrich said about him this month. (Video of Gingrich claiming Obama is against work). Yes, Obama is anti-work. You remember the bill he championed, The Grab A Corona And Call In Sick Act.

You see, the difference is the Republicans hatred of Obama is based on a paranoid feeling about what he might do. What’s he’s thinking. What he secretly wants to change. Anger with Bush was based on what he actually did. What Bush was thinking didn’t matter, because he wasn’t.

Bill Maher did a great job distinguishing between the Republicans’ fantasy Obama and the real president, but it goes deeper than paranoia. The right is terrified of Barack Obama. Fear is the heartbeat of conservative ideology. Conservatives aren’t bullies. They are cowards.

Beneath the loud bluster of a conservative is some who is ready to wet their pants.

The central tenant of American conservatism is fear of the unknown. This is why conservatives are always striving to return to the past. The future is bad because it will bring about change, and change equals fear.

After 9/11 George W. Bush and Dick Cheney’s responses gave Republicans the green light to give in and let their fears run wild. What did Bush and Cheney do after 9/11? They went into hiding. In future years, Bush and Cheney would govern by spreading fear. They used fear as tool to gain and keep power. (This is why among numerous other things, Iraq was a “threat” and the color coded terror alert level was constantly tinkered with). Under George W. Bush fear was a way to rally the base.

After Barack Obama was elected, the fear that Bush had stoked for years became an inferno. Glenn Beck and others in the right wing media have made a fortune by catering to and feeding the fears of the right. The conservative billionaires build on Bush’s foundation of fear and harvested a whole Astroturf movement based on fear of Obama.

Fear has pushed Republicans to create an alternate reality president, Bill Maher’s Barack X. Political and media empires have been built on the right based on keeping the rank and file scared. Fear is the cottage industry of the conservative movement.

Bill Maher was correct when he said that the left didn’t do this with Bush, but what he didn’t mention is that some on the left are doing this with Obama. There are some members of the far left who have embraced the right’s politics of fear and use it for their own profit and gain to attack Obama. (Why should conservatives be the only ones who cash in on fear?)

As a general rule the vast majority of the left base their criticisms of Democrats and Republicans on facts, but those paranoid terrified types who now run the Republican Party exist on the left too.

Maher nailed it. The Republicans aren’t running against the Obama that most Americans know. They are campaigning against a figment of their own imaginations.

Because their primary voters can’t handle reality, the candidates for the GOP nomination have to buy into their lies, myths, and paranoid distortions about President Obama. Mitt Romney is making himself unelectable and Newt Gingrich is in the polls by pandering to the terrified delusions of the right.

Fear has driven the Republican Party to campaign against Barack X, and this same fear may end up sowing the seeds of their defeat in 2012.

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  1. Maher nailed it.

    Romney lies every single time he mentions the president. He has the same imaginary enemy. Every time. Gongrich is a custom liar, depending on the room he customizes his lies to the room.

    But who is this Bush guy? The right has never mentioned his name

  2. According to WashingtonMonthly, Ronald Reagan’s name has come up 221 times over the course of the first 16 Republican debates. George W. Bush’s name 56 times, and George H.W. Bush, twice. Obama’s name has come up 560 times in those debates.

  3. Does anyone else get the idea that they are scared of Obama? They’ve made him quite powerful in their own universe. I suspect they are scared of him because he is everything they pretend to be.

  4. “Conservatives aren’t bullies. They are cowards.”

    with all due respect, I submit: “While all cowards are not bullies. All bullies are cowards.”

    Teapublicans of 2012 are bullies, which automatically makes them cowards.

    Maher nails it: “And this is how politics has changed; you used to have to run against an actual candidate, but now you just recreate him inside the bubble and run against your new fictional candidate.”

  5. Well knock me over with a feather! Maher has been one of the biggest Obama-bashers spreading false info and sneering disdain everywhere. If he finally has a Damoscene converstion (snark) it will take me quite a while to believe it. Of course I’m glad he’s said these things. But will he revert to type if Obama doesn’t give Bill his pony? I detest Maher for his LIES about Obama, and he needs to own up to his own role in the bashing. Good you finally manned up, Maher. ‘Bout time.

  6. I recently read a snippet about a Swedish research study which examined a group of known liberals and known conservatives. The study involved evaluating the reactions of subjects in each of the groups to photographs. interestingly, the liberal thinkers spent more time looking at pleasant pictures such as bunnies and flowers, while the conservative thinkers seemed locked onto unpleasant images such as messy rooms and unflushed lavatories.

    And that would be the difference between positive thinkers and negative thinkers…..

  7. Without a study I have found that conservatives’ eyes always look mad, while liberals’ eyes often have a twinkle and a smile. Those who have no idea what they are have a silly smirking grin like G. W. Bush.

  8. It’s gotten so I can guess based on someones picture whether or not to friend them on Facebook. An open friendly face is the sign of a liberal. Rwnj have anger or fear or closed faces. It works.

  9. Jane, I have experienced the same thing, only kinda in reverse.

    When I checked out books at a library I had never been to before, the librarian made a scathing comment about the Bush administration. Startled, I said, “How did you know I’m a liberal?” (The books being checked out were totally non-political.)

    “I can tell by the way you look at people and smile,” she said.

  10. I am nowhere near being a RWNJ and I probably would come across as angry.

    I admit I AM angry. A lifetime of unresolved injustice at the hands of the Religious Right and the churches tends to cause anger and bitterness, if not downright hate and rage.

    (No lectures from the “Let go and Let God!” crew, please! I had to learn to ALLOW myself to feel those emotions… in the churches you’re supposed to take their crap with a smile and a “Thank You for stomping on my dreams/freedom/rights!”)

  11. Walkaway — I think the test is this: would you rather spend a few moments looking at a pic of a cute bunny, OR at an unflushed toilet? My guess is the former!

  12. No one mentioned Maher’s hysterical bit on “Who the hell is Saul Alinsky?” And, why Dems, liberals, Progressives, Independents aren’t picking up his books or using his mechanism to “organize”, like the republicans?

    From Wikipedia..

    “Alinsky’s tactics were often unorthodox. In Rules for Radicals Alinsky wrote, “[t]he job of the organizer is to maneuver and bait the establishment so that it will publicly attack him as a ‘dangerous enemy.'” According to Alinsky, “the hysterical instant reaction of the establishment [will] not only validate [the organizer’s] credentials of competency but also ensure automatic popular invitation.”

    Boy, that sure sounds like our centrist president to me!

    Isn’t the mantra, “I’m-a-Washington-outsider” chanted by republicans supposed to be getting them all kinds of attention from the “establishment” so they call him “dangerous”, like Newt? Aren’t the republicans pulling so far to the right that they have become the “radicals” who are creating “hysterical” reactions from moderates, etc.,”secular” law-bidding establishment citizens (enter Bachmann, Perry, Santorum? And aren’t the GOP rival candidates all over “the establishment” candidate, Romney (the man) trying to be MORE “popular” than Romney, Mr. Establishment? And, aren’t the fundamentalist evangelicals/teabaggers constantly “organizing”, threatening “Fart in’s” if they don’t get their way as their own “patriot movement” in order to help the persecuted bigots they support?

    Gee, no wonder Glenda Beck and Newt Leroy always talk about Alinsky…

  13. “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward Justice” MLK

    A friend adds, “There is no justice; just us. Sign up to be on the bending committee.”

    Strength, to you, Walkaway, in 4 directions. respectfully, 1voice1vote

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