Why Mitt Romney Must Embrace His Inner Newt

Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney

I understand the Newt’s days as a serious candidate might be numbered now that he left the state of South Carolina, where the radical conservatives judge all but forgive only their own, but I have some free campaign advice for Mitt Romney: Talk about Newt’s marital indiscretions as much as you can for as long as you can.

Why? Because that’s what the nation’s leading martial infidelity hypocrite Newt Gingrich would do.

In the 1990s, Gingrich said, “I will never again, as long as I am speaker, make a speech without commenting on this topic,” with the topic, of course, being the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal.

The quote is included in a 1998 Washington Post article that  gives details about the Gingrich-led Republican multi-million dollar ad campaign highlighting the President Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky scandal.

Perhaps Romney should follow Gingrich’s lead: Talk about Gingrich’s affairs in the 90s, one of which was occurring while he was grandstanding about impeaching Clinton for an extra-martial affair. That type of hypocrisy alone should eliminate you from being a serious candidate for PTA president, let alone U.S. President, but I digress.

Maybe Romney should talk about how Newt’s wife claims that good ol’ boy Newt was interested in an open marriage rather than one of traditional American values.

Gingrich’s obsession with the sex lives of others aside, there’s another reason for my recommending that Romney talk about Gingrich’s sex life for as long as he can: It won’t help Romney.

Gingrich abandoned his plan in the ’90s, not because of blatant hypocrisy in broad daylight but because polls indicated that no one cared about Clinton’s sex life. I’m sure that polls would show the same thing about Gingrich, at least outside of a few unforgiving bedroom-obsessed ultra-conservatives–and those of us who wonder why so many women find Gingrich irresistible. My theory is that Newt goes through AXE products by the gallon.

People care about where the jobs are coming from. Oh, wait–that’s not a good topic for “corporations are people” Romney.

People care about whether a candidate has the compassion and life experience to be able to empathize and then deal with the problems of the average person. Oh, wait–that’s not a good topic for Romney, either.

People care about whether they are going to be able to afford healthcare. Oh, wait–that’ not a good topic for Romney. I guess, technically, it still could be since his healthcare plan is so similar to President Obama’s, but it’s not now that he has vowed to repeal it.

People care about whether a candidate is consistent and trustworthy or whether he “flip-flops” at every turn.

Well, on second thought, maybe Romney should keep talking about Gingrich’s indiscretions. That’s about all he has.

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  1. As a Democrat I don’t care to promote how Romney should beat Gingrich, I am only interested in my guy President Obama winning. I urge all Dems to stop worrying about Romney beating Gingrich, or vise versa. Let’s concentrate on President Obama’s reelection. Thank you.

  2. I don’t think his point was to help Romney but to demonstrate how messed up republicans are when these two are their choices!

  3. Nice. But ONE BIG complaint. There is almost NO relationship between Romney’s health plan and Obama’s. Why? Obama looked at how sleazy the MA plan was – to keep the premium subsidy low (premiums rise as you age but the subsidy does not), it added on a $5000 deductible and $10,000 out of pocket per person per year. Almost nothing is exempt from your having to dip into the deductible, and if you have a chronic condition, you’re having to pay your premium charge AND $15K every single year!! ACA does nothing of the kind. The premium is tied to your income on a sliding scale (right out of CA single payer I might mention) up to a max of 9% at 400% of the federal poverty level or $89K for a family of four. Deductibles are about $1500 – but hundreds of tests and preventive measures are OUTSIDE the deductible. Voila – you can actually get health care! In MA people are using it as catastrophic care, but think how much better it would have been if they could get that pre-cancerous mole or polyp removed BEFORE you had to hit the oncologist!

    In other words, “ObamaCare” is actually GOOD for people and helps keep them healthy while RomneyCare bleeds them dry and serves the insurance industry. Oh – and we DO have a public option, folks. It’s the High Risk Pool that covers those with pre-existing conditions for about 25% of the private market – IF you can get covered at all in that market. It’s slowly becoming an option of choice for those on COBRA or being jammed by employers demanding ever larger chunks of employee contributions.

    So let’s not compare the delicious Apple: ObamaCare – with the woody and indigestible rutabaga: RomneyCare. They are worlds apart. Among many other things, the ACA shows that once again, President Obama is one smart cookie! Romney? Not so much. He’s even repudiating his own plan! Duh!

  4. There are many small healthcare companys coming up that tailor care in more of a discriminatory manner. I pay less than half of what Blue Cross wants. I don’t get all the perks but I can tell you where I used to have a 15-40 copay, I am now paying as low as 1.58 for some drugs. Vastly less than you pay with the bigger corps.

    As time goes on possibly less and less people will use blue cross and pay less forcing them to come down off their pedastal

  5. If you swallow Newtie’s story about being so concerned for his country that he strayed into unfaithfulness to his then present wives, what’s going to happen should he be elected President? Watch out Callista.

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