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Right Wing Christians Can’t Claim Compassion While Preaching Hate

Throughout recorded history, religion has been responsible for the most hideous crimes against humanity. There are some positive religious benefits for people who lack compassion for fellow humans, but they hardly outweigh the negative aspects of religion. For the past year, Americans witnessed a sampling of the negative aspects of Christianity and there are few groups except the wealthy who escaped the wrath of good, god-fearing Christians. The latest expression of Christian love and compassion was a Wisconsin student’s school newspaper article opposing gay adoption; his argument featured bible verses commanding that homosexuality be punished by execution.

Conservatives and Fox News assailed the school district for reprimanding the student as a violation of his freedom of speech and religion, but their contention was meant to stir up opposition to tolerance, Liberals, and equal rights for all Americans. There is an excellent analysis by Hrafnkell Haraldsson that highlights the inhumane nature of the student’s article source and Christian hate towards the gay community. There is another aspect of the story that affects every Christian in America and if they removed their biblical blinders momentarily, it would be apparent their religion of choice is the problem; not evangelical extremists who are the embodiment of the faith.

Nearly every instance of criticism against Christian extremism engenders the automatic response from “real Christians” that fundamentalists and hate-filled evangelicals do not represent the true expression of Christ’s teachings or his message of compassion and charity. That argument may play well for like-minded, loving Christians, but it is inherently false and scripturally inaccurate. The evangelical fanatics, Dominionists, theocratic Reconstructionists, and hard-line fundamentalists are the embodiment of Christianity and there is one overriding piece of evidence no Christian or theologian can deny; the Christian bible.

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Now, there are those who point out that evangelical hate stems from adhering to the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament) and that is certainly true. However, the entire Christian bible has, as its basis, the theme that non-compliance to its dogmata results in eternal death and everlasting damnation in a lake of fire.  The evil, deadly joke from god and Jesus is that humans have free will to choose their own path, but if they choose to reject the bible’s rules and regulations, they will be cursed, possibly slaughtered by god’s servants, and burned for eternity. This simple premise begins in the Garden of Eden and continues through to the end of Revelation in the Christian bible. It is such an evil joke on humanity, that Revelation reveals that after Jesus returns and vanquishes Satan and his minions, he will resurrect every human being who ever existed and give them a thousand years to comply with god’s law. If they still reject Christianity, they will be killed again and condemned to burn forever. Keep in mind that the most evil men in history all get resurrected and given a thousand years to see the error of their ways and if they fail to change; they die again and then burn forever.

Many people contend that if Christians were serious about opposing the hateful religious extremists, they would raise their voices and decry Christian extremism typified by the high school student’s article citing the bible’s prohibition against and death sentence for homosexuality. But they cannot because of that one overriding piece of evidence; the Christian bible clutched next to their heart.

Conservatives and evangelical Christians are quick to point out that other religions’ scriptures are inherently evil, and their argument in favor of killing Muslims is the perfect example. Conservative Christians condemn Islam as intrinsically evil and violent because there are verses in the Quran that demand death for infidels (Christians) if they fail to convert to Islam. The Christian bible is rife with death and destruction for the Christian version of infidels (non-compliance) and that is the impetus for the religious right’s assault on women, gays, Democrats, Liberals, and peace-loving Americans. It is also why there is little difference between kind-hearted Christians and fundamentalist extremism that follows the precise meaning of the bible.

This is not an indictment of all Christians, but it is an indictment of Christianity as a belief system and “America’s religion.” It is unfortunate, but many Christians are oblivious to Christianity’s intolerance and destructive force and if they were sincere, they would spend time in quiet introspection reassessing their faith in a belief system that dictates intolerance, oppression of women, and death for non-compliance. If they did, they would be forced into a decision that either aligns them with evangelical extremism, Dominionists, and theocratic Reconstructionists, or ends their adherence to Christianity.

The point is simple for Christians; it is impossible to claim compassion for all humans as long as you hold a cross in one hand while clutching a Christian bible close to your heart, and before you point out that Jesus taught love and peace, he also taught that failure to follow god’s laws results in death, resurrection, death again, and eternal torture in a lake of fire. True Christians understand and it is why they are Dominionists, evangelical extremists, and Christian fundamentalists; anything else is non-compliance and results in death now and after Jesus returns, eternal torture in fire.

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