Mitch Daniels Joins John Boehner’s Web Of Keystone XL Corruption

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It is common knowledge that Republicans engage in misinformation campaigns to curry favor with their supporters whether they are special interest groups, lobbyists, or ignorant Americans unwilling or unable to verify their favorite standard bearer’s statements. Over the past two or three months, Republican machinations to expedite construction of TransCanada’s Keystone XL pipeline have tied the project to 160 million American’s payroll tax cut extension with fallacious job creation numbers and promises of lower gas prices to force President Obama to grant a construction permit. Speaker of the House John Boehner is TransCanada and the oil industry’s point man on the project and his persistence at parroting wildly inflated jobs numbers provoked a petition demanding his resignation or expulsion from Congress. Last Tuesday, Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels joined Boehner in pushing the pipeline during Republican’s response to President Obama’s State of the Union address using anti-Obama rhetoric to enrich the oil industry and Canada’s tar sand industry.

Daniels’ pernicious remarks are standard fare for Republicans seeking to portray the President as a detriment to economic growth, and he said President Obama’s extremism “cancels a perfectly safe pipeline that would employ tens of thousands,” and that his decision was a “pro-poverty agenda.” Besides Daniels’ programmed anti-Obama rhetoric, his remark about the pipeline’s safety and job creation numbers are false according to TransCanada and many independent agencies, but there is more to Daniels’ pack of lies that is stunning and warrants outrage from Indiana taxpayers.

According to recent disclosures, Daniels is part of a concerted Republican effort to lobby Congress to push the tar sands pipeline through prime agricultural land and over the Ogallala Aquifer that supplies groundwater for 20% of America’s agriculture and drinking water for 2 million Americans. It is despicable that Daniels lied to Americans about the pipeline, but it is beyond the pale that his lobbying effort is being funded with Indiana resident’s tax dollars.

Think Progress reports that Indiana’s Washington D.C. representatives were paid with taxpayer dollars to lobby Congress during the fourth quarter of 2011 including “advocacy of the tar sands pipeline.” The Indiana Petroleum Council has pushed the Keystone XL pipeline even though it is unlikely that any Indiana residents will work on its construction. It is one thing to push the pipeline if it created jobs for Indiana residents and one would expect the state to actively lobby for any project to help the unemployed, but not only are there no jobs for Indiana residents, the pipeline does not even pass through Indiana. And yet Indiana taxpayer’s are funding the oil industry’s lobbying effort at a time when Governor Daniels and Republican state legislators have slashed spending for programs like Medicaid and most recently, full day kindergarten and the state fair. Apparently, for Daniels and Republicans in Indiana, it is better to spend tax dollars to enrich the oil industry than fund children’s health, higher education, and K-12 education that suffered Republican’s deep spending cuts.

It is still unclear what, besides oil industry campaign contributions, Daniels stands to gain pushing the Keystone pipeline, especially in light of mounting evidence it is an ill-advised project. Up to this point, only Republicans in the employ of the oil industry and those with stock in Canadian tar sand companies are pushing the project, but even the GOP’s media outlet, Fox News, labeled the Keystone XL pipeline a “bad deal all along.” Fox News said President Obama was right to nix the pipeline and that “rejecting the Keystone XL deal was the best decision possible” despite Republicans “trying to force his hand” with an artificial deadline. Fox reiterated six reasons the pipeline was a bad deal and they enumerate the primary reasons critics of the project have stated from the before the GOP’s extortion attempt during the payroll tax cut extension fight in December.

It is obvious there is no length Republicans will avoid to enrich the oil industry and Mitch Daniels is the latest target of an investigation to determine what financial gain he will reap if the pipeline is built. However, the people of Indiana should exert severe pressure on Daniels to come clean and admit he was lying about the pipeline, resign, and repay residents for using their tax dollars to promote a project with no benefit to Indiana residents. The pipeline’s proponents are exclusively Republicans and oil industry giants such as Koch Industries, the American Petroleum Institute, and now, the Indiana Petroleum Council, and Indiana residents are footing part of the bill to lobby Congress on behalf of the oil industry.

Americans will never get a better look at the depth of depravity Republicans sink to for the oil industry and Boehner, Daniels, and the rest of Republican oil industry whores deserve to be thrown out of office. John Boehner is feeling pressure from critics and a potentially devastating SEC investigation to the point that he shifted his job creation claims to included “indirect” jobs that Jason Easley critically analyzed yesterday. One thing is certain; if any Republican has made fallacious job creation claims and holds stock in TransCanada, Valero, or Canadian tar sand companies, their name will join Boehner’s on petitions calling for their immediate resignation and admission to the American people that they deliberately lied for personal financial gain and future oil industry campaign contributions.

Concerned Americans are signing the petition to force House Speaker John Boehner to resign or face expulsion by an ethics panel after he admits lying about job numbers to bolster stock prices as well as gain financial rewards. The warning to Indiana governor Mitch Daniels is that if he wants to avoid a recall drive, he must admit to lying and repay, with interest, Indiana taxpayers for using their money to lobby Congress on behalf of the oil industry. Americans have had enough of Republican malfeasance to enrich the oil industry and they are prepared to evict every one of the oil whores.

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  1. I have to wonder if the people behind Boehner and Daniels care about these peoples careers. It looks to me like they are going to get thrown under the bus to get the pipeline through

    Do we remember Boehners “So be it”? Well if Canada sells the oil to China, that’s where it was going to go in the first place anyways. So be it Boner

  2. This just doesn’t surprise me. As I was researching some of the republican candidates running in Indiana I started to wonder why so many of them made a big issue about wanting the pipeline when it has nothing to do with Indiana. I wondered why they were all so pro-oil when that doesn’t really provide Indiana with jobs. It’s not just Mitch and in time that will all come out.

  3. P.S. Can you please look into Richard Lugar, Mike Pence and Richard Mourdock? All of them are running for elected office for Indiana. Mourdock is currently our state treasurer. Thank you!

  4. Reprehensible behaviour by anyone is unacceptable… the same from elected political figures is unforgivable. Larry, I’m with you… what is there to do but get out and educate everyone you know. We need to not be quiet, mild and meek. We need to be agressive and forward with our thoughts and our voices. We can’t wait for the public to come to their senses, we need to be actively engaged with everyone. The only way things will change is if we do something to change it!

  5. Since the US is now exporting more oil than it imports, and since all of this TransCanada oil is going to be sold overseas anyway, why should we risk our clean water supplies, ruin farmlands, and bend over backwards for a pipeline that is unsafe and will provide minimal jobs? Oh, right, because saying ‘oil’ to the GOP is like ‘steak’ to a dog. And because Canada doesn’t have access to water deep enough for the super tankers needed when someone has cleaned up this tar sands craps enough to sell it as crude.
    The GOP is looking for an issue to nail the President on; I hope that these guys are shown for the crooks they are and forced out of office. Let Biehner cry all the way to his next job as lobbyist for Kleenex and Vicks.

  6. Mourdock: the guy that “lost” the recently discovered $322 million dollars that was put into the “wrong” account. And how many programs were affected by that multi-year mistake?

    I’ve written Lugar asking for a list of the jobs that this pipeline would supposedly create: after all, his ads say that he was the one that helped write the legislation for the pipeline. I wonder how many shares of trans-can and the like that he owns as well.

    Mitch Daniels was a drug industry executive that sold out his stock just before the company closed the doors (putting hundreds, if not thousands, of Hoosiers out of work)

    He sold out to the highest bidder as can be seen by the Indiana Toll road’s “Leasing” to a European concern. One of the few revenue producing government programs the state has outside of taxation. He privatized the welfare system, and had to fire the company that was running it for mismanagement, but not until it had hurt thousands of Hoosiers and their families. I know one family that had their SNAP benefits (food stamps) cut in half, even though their only income was disability. When they had to go in for their certification the following year, with no change in their household as far as income or outgo, they were immediately returned to their previous amount, but they couldn’t file a complaint to have the previously reduced benefits repaid.

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