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Sarah Palin Finally Fulfills Her Godly Purpose Of Destroying The GOP

You thought Sarah Palin was a non-entity, didn’t ya’? Guess again, liberal elite suckers! But this time she’s working’ for you; Sister Sarah is doing for you what no other conservative could.

Palin is finally fulfilling the mission I always knew she had in her and that God surely designed the secessionist-adjacent for. She is dividing and destroying the Republican Party. Yup. The good old boys of the GOP are getting a taste of Mama Grizzly Gone Rogue and that crap sandwich doesn’t taste so good!

See, Tea Party queen Sarah Palin has all but endorsed Newt Gingrich (he who cannot get elected). She did this Sarah Style, from her Facebook Bunker on Friday, and of course, typical Sarah, her words don’t allow her to be pinned down on this issue. She made her point by attacking the GOP establishment elite for their attacks against Newt–the-ethics-violator-Gingrich, who is her preferred Tea Party choice. Naturally.

He does so embody the Tea Party and Sarah Palin on her better days, but more than that, Newtie promised Sarah a job in his administration, and we all know that Sister Sarah has been shrinking from lack of media attention. A job? Nay, a Title!

This is something Sarah can get behind! A Title For Sarah. Finally. Oh, it just sounds so great after the years of diminishing returns and the quitting on that other pesky job. And of course she imagines that she’d be in charge of the one thing she knows nothing about – energy- so that’s a win! Because, you know, knowledge is for professors and Muslims.

Anyway, this sort of endorsement that you can’t hold her to is backfiring big time on her, on the Party, and on the Tea Party. Oh, the Tea Shills are up in arms over this one! Some of them are reminding Palin that they learned their lesson well in 2010, and they will not vote for anyone they don’t believe in. That lesson was intended for the days when the Republicans needed the Tea Party for state elections. No one told Palin and her Tea Shills that once those state elections were over, they would be persona non grata.

The rest of us knew…..but these are the costs of listening to Fox News. You’re always the last to know.

Anyway, the Party is in an uproar at her interference (go, Sarah, go!).They bemoan her horrid language, calling it contemptible for Palin to have compared Eliot Abrams to a communist monster! Oh, yes…. it’s so awful. I mean, crosshairs on Democrats is nothing compared to this!

Commentary Magazine wrote:

In a posting on her Facebook page on Friday, Palin took aim at Gingrich’s critics with the sort of language that says more about her own lack of judgment than anything else. She claimed former Reagan administration officials who noted this week Gingrich was anything but a loyal soldier of the 40th president were engaged in a “Stalin-esque rewriting of history.” This is not merely nonsensical, it is illustrative of the defects in her own character and intellect that have led many of us who once cheered her rise to conclude that she has no business ever putting herself forward for high office again.

While Gingrich supported Reagan and Mitt Romney did not, those who pointed out the former speaker’s often petulant and negative comments about the leader of his movement were merely illuminating a little-known aspect of the truth, not “re-writing” it. For Palin to use that over-the-top rhetoric — in effect comparing someone like Elliott Abrams to a communist monster — is contemptible. For her to go on in the same piece to say Gingrich’s critics were employing “Alinsky tactics at their worst” shows again she understands little about either Saul Alinsky’s writings or history.

Where in the Hell have you been, good sir?

Yes, all was fine when Palin used the same unconscionable language against Obama but now that she’s turned her ugly destruction inward on the party, they’re all indignant and how dare she!

Pardon me if I can’t take them seriously after they smugly relished unleashing their weapon of mass destruction upon the unsuspecting American public, “He doesn’t love America like you and me” and “Obama pals around with terrorists.”

Of course, their readers probably don’t see the harm since they figure it’s all true and Republicans encourage this because it serves their party to do so. But it does not serve their party to have Sarah going rogue on them. No, sirree! Who can rein in Sarah?

That would be no one. Not one of you boys can rein in the Mistress of Nasty, invoker of Dog Whistles, and Secessionist-Dominionist patriotism gone wild. She’s managed to divide the Tea Party in two, which is dividing the Republican Party into three at the very least. Pundits are saying humpty dumpty may never be put back together in time for 2012.

Contemptible, you say, Republicans? You ran her. Back then, you called us sexists if we didn’t like the fact that she was stirring up violence. Guess that makes y’all sexists now. I mean, how dare you criticize the Great Grizzly!

Y’all finally got one right. But here’s what you left out: Contemptible Sarah Palin is the modern day GOP. She represents everything the Republican Party has become. Yup. It’s time to pay the grizzly, boys. And man, is she ever a hungry beast.

Image: Jezebel

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