Sarah Palin Finally Fulfills Her Godly Purpose Of Destroying The GOP


You thought Sarah Palin was a non-entity, didn’t ya’? Guess again, liberal elite suckers! But this time she’s working’ for you; Sister Sarah is doing for you what no other conservative could.

Palin is finally fulfilling the mission I always knew she had in her and that God surely designed the secessionist-adjacent for. She is dividing and destroying the Republican Party. Yup. The good old boys of the GOP are getting a taste of Mama Grizzly Gone Rogue and that crap sandwich doesn’t taste so good!


See, Tea Party queen Sarah Palin has all but endorsed Newt Gingrich (he who cannot get elected). She did this Sarah Style, from her Facebook Bunker on Friday, and of course, typical Sarah, her words don’t allow her to be pinned down on this issue. She made her point by attacking the GOP establishment elite for their attacks against Newt–the-ethics-violator-Gingrich, who is her preferred Tea Party choice. Naturally.

He does so embody the Tea Party and Sarah Palin on her better days, but more than that, Newtie promised Sarah a job in his administration, and we all know that Sister Sarah has been shrinking from lack of media attention. A job? Nay, a Title!

This is something Sarah can get behind! A Title For Sarah. Finally. Oh, it just sounds so great after the years of diminishing returns and the quitting on that other pesky job. And of course she imagines that she’d be in charge of the one thing she knows nothing about – energy- so that’s a win! Because, you know, knowledge is for professors and Muslims.

Anyway, this sort of endorsement that you can’t hold her to is backfiring big time on her, on the Party, and on the Tea Party. Oh, the Tea Shills are up in arms over this one! Some of them are reminding Palin that they learned their lesson well in 2010, and they will not vote for anyone they don’t believe in. That lesson was intended for the days when the Republicans needed the Tea Party for state elections. No one told Palin and her Tea Shills that once those state elections were over, they would be persona non grata.

The rest of us knew…..but these are the costs of listening to Fox News. You’re always the last to know.

Anyway, the Party is in an uproar at her interference (go, Sarah, go!).They bemoan her horrid language, calling it contemptible for Palin to have compared Eliot Abrams to a communist monster! Oh, yes…. it’s so awful. I mean, crosshairs on Democrats is nothing compared to this!

Commentary Magazine wrote:

In a posting on her Facebook page on Friday, Palin took aim at Gingrich’s critics with the sort of language that says more about her own lack of judgment than anything else. She claimed former Reagan administration officials who noted this week Gingrich was anything but a loyal soldier of the 40th president were engaged in a “Stalin-esque rewriting of history.” This is not merely nonsensical, it is illustrative of the defects in her own character and intellect that have led many of us who once cheered her rise to conclude that she has no business ever putting herself forward for high office again.

While Gingrich supported Reagan and Mitt Romney did not, those who pointed out the former speaker’s often petulant and negative comments about the leader of his movement were merely illuminating a little-known aspect of the truth, not “re-writing” it. For Palin to use that over-the-top rhetoric — in effect comparing someone like Elliott Abrams to a communist monster — is contemptible. For her to go on in the same piece to say Gingrich’s critics were employing “Alinsky tactics at their worst” shows again she understands little about either Saul Alinsky’s writings or history.

Where in the Hell have you been, good sir?

Yes, all was fine when Palin used the same unconscionable language against Obama but now that she’s turned her ugly destruction inward on the party, they’re all indignant and how dare she!

Pardon me if I can’t take them seriously after they smugly relished unleashing their weapon of mass destruction upon the unsuspecting American public, “He doesn’t love America like you and me” and “Obama pals around with terrorists.”

Of course, their readers probably don’t see the harm since they figure it’s all true and Republicans encourage this because it serves their party to do so. But it does not serve their party to have Sarah going rogue on them. No, sirree! Who can rein in Sarah?

That would be no one. Not one of you boys can rein in the Mistress of Nasty, invoker of Dog Whistles, and Secessionist-Dominionist patriotism gone wild. She’s managed to divide the Tea Party in two, which is dividing the Republican Party into three at the very least. Pundits are saying humpty dumpty may never be put back together in time for 2012.

Contemptible, you say, Republicans? You ran her. Back then, you called us sexists if we didn’t like the fact that she was stirring up violence. Guess that makes y’all sexists now. I mean, how dare you criticize the Great Grizzly!

Y’all finally got one right. But here’s what you left out: Contemptible Sarah Palin is the modern day GOP. She represents everything the Republican Party has become. Yup. It’s time to pay the grizzly, boys. And man, is she ever a hungry beast.

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125 Replies to “Sarah Palin Finally Fulfills Her Godly Purpose Of Destroying The GOP”

  1. Newt didn’t say she would be Sec. of Energy. I’m thinking he would offer her the ambassador to Iraq office. That comes with a title, and keeps her out of the media once he uses her for votes.

  2. You missed a prime chance to use “You betcha!” at the end. Otherwise good article. It will be interesting to see the GOP tear itself to bits over this primary.

  3. Ambassador of Iraq? She will start another war for us & mm… or let Iraq people give her some lesson….

  4. Palin needs a brief history lesson! The healthcare mandate that she loathed and talked about endlessly was started in part by NEWT GINGRICH in the 1990s.

    Stick to reporting hockey and dog sledding and let the big boys and girls who actually have clue decide the path our country takes.

  5. I was wondering when someone was writing an article again about good old Sarah. She has been all over the last week and not just Fox. Huffington Post had at least one or two articles about her daily. Her Facebook entry was mentioned here and there.

    Hannity is in a real pickle. He still adores Sarah but has to tow the line of Fox which at this point is not too keen on THE NEWT.

    Yes, Sarah, you are right about Sarah, she is messing them all up good time. Yes, I believe that Sarah Palin is the real ‘femme fatal’. She loves to use them all ,especially the idiotic men, to her advantage.

  6. Reagan didn’t pass anything to Newt. Reagan couldn’t remember where the bathroom was let along throw a torch to newtron. Nor is Sarah the tea party any more. Bachmann thought she was but they dumped her. Sarah is trying to dredge up power with her usual lies. Obama unvetted? She has no idea what she does lordie, please forget not forgive her

    However what hasn’t happened to my knowledge is anyone saying anything from the blue suit section. Mitt will fail because when he gets to debates with Obama he isn’t going to remember all the crap he has said.

    All it would take is several words from the blue suits to tie sarahs future to that of dog sledding and fish smelling. The woman is an idot

  7. Oh, carp, here she is, inviting all the drunken old ex-jocks to pull a train on her on the tailgate again. But maybe this time, no one will come…whoops!

  8. “This is not merely nonsensical, it is illustrative of the defects in her own character and intellect that have led many of us who once cheered her rise to conclude that she has no business ever putting herself forward for high office again.”
    You don’t say? I wonder if the Go Pee is ready to admit YET that they HAD NO BUSINESS *EVER* putting her forward for high office. Bastards did it to themselves and it serves them right.

  9. Keeps her out of the country, too. That ought to be his top goal,to avoid her attempts at a coup, although he will have to take away her laptop to keep her quiet. All in all he’s made a pact with the Devilwoman, and he will get what HE deserves for having done so! He, like Sarah, will fade into oblivion only peeping up now and then with irrelevant observations and mind-blowing “solutions” to problems neither of them remotely understands.

  10. That link proves the tea party people never grew brains. All they want to do is make the government so small their owners the Koch can come get it. Its obvious that being a conservative is a very confusing thing for those people.

  11. SArah the Good, you have nailed Sarah the Wicked! Thank you for sharing her latest gaffe and frivolous entry into a world of politics that she does not remotely understand. From Paul Revere to Stalin, she shows almost hourly how empty-headed she is, and I delight in every expose you give us to remind us how close this nation was to having her one heartbeat away from the center of power. Yikes. Now, if she has done us the favor of dividing the Tea Party, we can doff our hats in gratitude to her. In the meantime, we doff our hats in honor of your analysis. Thank you!

  12. Man, oh Man! Great post today Sarah – I love it. Palin has been making nothing but a fool of herself – with her last 4 FUX NEWS vids:

    1. w/Pirro – who wiped the floor with her:,

    2. the Tom whoever Radio Announcer Guy:
    – where she discusses “entre-manurial” (shit) production,

    3. With Hannity where she appeared heavily drugged, drunk, and whacked:,

    4. With Napolitano wearing summertime tie-dye and blowsy, f-me hair, also looking seriously under the influence:!

    I hope these links work, though I’m sure most of you have seen these. It is totally bizarre that Fox seems bent on appearing to be as ignorant and stupid as Palin is, and unaware how much damage they are doing to themselves – even that fool Stossel contradicted her!

  13. I’m a Republican and NOT a “tea party” kind of a guy. I didn’t care much for that woman from day one. If it wasn’t for the “talking heads” on Fox and radio think McCain would have chosen a different running mate. Now we all are stuck to listen to that goofy bimbo. The article is funny though, got to have something to chuckle about. Cheers!

  14. Sarah Palin, the Tea Party “patriots” and the newly self-minted “Constitutional Conservatives” couldn’t even begin to explain “Alinsky tactics” if their lives depended on it. Matter of fact, they couldn’t even begin to explain the Constitution. Or the Declaration of Independence, the Mayflower Compact, or a Dr. Suess book.

  15. If I had a dollar for every time I heard a Tea Partier throw the ‘Stalin’, ‘Hitler’, ‘communist’, ‘Fascist’, ‘Nazi’ labels at someone this week, I could buy my own country and stop being bothered by fools like Sarah Palin. The next best thing, though, is for her to spread her destructive venom all over her former compatriots and help fracture the Republican Party.

  16. Great post S Jones! Sarah Palin was one of the prime initiators of this blatant racism and bigotry by the “grand old Party” against our beloved President Obama before he ever took office. Then once Obama was inaugurated, the rest of the Republican party began the attacks and disrespect of the office of the President. Many said it was racism bak then, but everyone, even the President himself tried to prevent that from becoming a theme. Cheney started attacking his ability to protect the US. That’s been proven to be ridiculous. But they have, with the daily support of the main stream media and Fox faux news to brainwash and dumb down the American public. The obstruction by the congress and senate led by Senator Mitch and Congressman Boehner have supported disrespect of the President and hurt those struggling to get a job or keep a job or receive their unemployment benefits to provide for their families and maintain their livelihoods. Birtherism was created by the racist Tea Party to give the President’s image a sense that he was not legitimate. Wasn’t McCain born in Panama or some place outside the mainland? Romney’s dad was born in Mexico, but no one is calling for his official birth certificate. I know people have disappointments in our President, but he’s human and he sought to govern the country united with all. Once the debt ceiling disaster took place, he has been full speed ahead. He needs our support more than ever. Let the GOP self destruct and wipe each other out. We must get out and vote the Tea Party monsters out of powerful positions. Please don’t let your disappointment turn this country over to the rest of those monsters like in the 2010 midterms. Have you seen congressman Adam West lately?

  17. I find this entertaining. You say “knowledge is for professors and Muslims” while ignoring the current President’s failures in life and his presidency. Failed leadership, failed and horribly anti-American agendas. I see you as one of the weird people who condemn Romney for simply being a good businessman. Romney’s not evil. There’s nothing wrong with his professional career. I’d say he’s pretty classy compared tom democratic thuggery.

    You also prove you know nothing about Sarah Palin. This is a woman who lives for military support, often selflessly giving her time to causes and donating money. She is the perfect example of a modern woman, mother and passionate, outspoken anti-party machine. Her children know what’s right and her family fully backs her. How many people can be a known personality like Sarah Palin and have their family and inlaws full support and love? These are strong people.

    Obviously something’s afoot with the Newtie stuff, as she HATES what he represents more than anything in the world. She abhors yes men and partisan assholes. She abhors the democrats who steal her words “all of the above energy approach” and several of the talking points from 2008. However, when compared to other things and if one takes away bullshit and lets people move on from their past mistakes, Newt isn’t a bad politician. He’s articulate, he knows the business, he’d run RINGS around Obama, esp in impromptu settings. Obama is still an empty suit and shill for Axelrod after all. Obviously people are going to be angry about her changed feelings about Newtie boy. Politics if emotional. No denying that. People are scared because there is a man in the WH who doesn’t give a shit about legal Americans. PROVEN through his lies and coverups. People are frustrated that the only viable candidates are a republican who’s not unlike Obama and the one person who stood up to B Clinton. Both parties are lose lose at the moment. Our best hope would be for Jeb or someone who’s currently in office and not nationally known. There are plenty of good leaders who could be effective as President. People just don’t want to wade into the waters because ALL the democrats have to fight republicans is personal attacks that have no place in politics. No one wants to put their good families through that. The ones who do are tough enough to handle it but thats rare. Few families are as tough, strong-willed and close as the Palins or Bushs or McCains or Obamas (pending as his kids are still young. that should be interesting to see how they handle adulthood. wish them luck) If any one of us were in their places, we’d suffer immensely. It’s telling that each of the above live happily and with even more strength than before.

    Last words: it’s okay to vent anger, especially living in a time where no elected leaders care about us. But it’s not okay to be an asshole and treat people badly because we disagree. And it’s certainly not okay to slander them, thinking we know who they are. Too much of that. There’s a reason blogs aren’t taken seriously. Opinionated couch potatoes never are. People who matter work for the greater good, they don’t slander.

  18. Given how much she HATED the GOP in the past, it wouldn’t shock me to learn that she IS trying to destroy it. History shows us how much parties have changed. The democratic party 20 years ago was something I could have supported. Now it’s a cover for the lazy and uneducated people who want to punish those who are successful in life. TRUTH. Government doesn’t have the right to tax people more just because they earn more. Notice that celebs use the “tax me” premise yet probably avoid paying even close to whats fair. These are people who advocate for a plitician and fail to register to vote. ahem, Ben Affleck and Alec Baldwin.

  19. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    you should take that act on the road. SO funny that you think Dems are responsible when, after all the evidence has been collected, people become MORE govt-dependent under them. Republicans are successful in the private sector. People are jealous deep down.
    Just admit that. You have no one to blame for your failures to become wealthy but you. At age 24, I was worth about a million bucks. Rags to riches still happens.

  20. Funny thing is, she hates politics. Everything she’s ever done is for the good of OUR future. What’s refreshing to see is, her family is right behind her. believing in the goodness. How often does THAT happen?

  21. Have you looked at the private sector lately?

    We have seen people like you on boards across the net. I am a millionaire. Basically you are a liar and a stooge

  22. Actually we know a lot about Sarah Palin. And we know exaqctly what she is. People who are smart do not like her because she cant ever tell the truth, knows nothing about energy and because her family is shiite.

    However your assessment of Obama is basically one we see frequently. Written exactly as yours is

  23. Anyone else noticed that when the GOP is introduced to another ‘communist’ sounding name – Alinsky! they are all talking about Alinsky, even though they probably have never before heard of him.
    No matter, it sure does sound creepy!!!!!

  24. Do we notice how out of whack Sarah Palin’s energy thoughts are with the rest of the United States? She still does the drill baby drill and yet the United States is trying to create a pipeline to send oil overseas. I should say refined gas overseas. And yet here she is saying that we have an energy shortage. If she just to afraid to admit that speculators are causing the prices that we are paying and that the gas and oil companies restrict the amount of oil in the United States to keep the price artificially high? How could anyone know so little about the energy in the United States

  25. you’re a moron. reagan was the Anti christ. He was a non president. he was a spokesman for the corporate elitists. Every top member of his administration was indicted or quit in shame. Every member of his original cabiet was indicted or forced to quit. Thanks to reagan, we have a dwindling middle class, we have a right wing press, a bunch of “pundits” who blame poverty on tghe poor…we have no industrial base, high unempoloyment, high debt and lousy rotten underfunded schools. He wa sa lousty businesman. Even if he was an “average” businesman, we don t need a government run limke a busines,s we out government to run liuke a Government. You clearly dont know the difference. I’d esplain it but your brains would start to hurt and yoiu’d reach for your gun. Go to hell. You have nothing of value to add to the national debate.

  26. Steve Schmidt had no idea what he was getting when he brought in this twit to run as McCain’s running mate. I would think that the republican establishment might hate him at this point. He will probably never get another campaign manager job ever again. LOL. OF COURSE. WHO WILL EVER TAKE MCCAIN SERIOUSLY EVER AGAIN.

  27. …”People who matter work for the greater good, they don’t slander…”

    Ahhh, whenever the “YOU” attack is written over an over (the finger-pointer position: “I see you as one of the weird people,You also prove you know nothing about Sarah Palin” ect) plus the “S” word that is always, always used as a “stop-thought” technique, I know we have code…

    The word slander is defined,”n. oral defamation, in which someone tells one or more persons an untruth about another which untruth will harm the reputation of the person defamed.”

    Sara’s own words are the “slander”, not those who observe and repeat her “facts”.

    The second tip off of shallow party-line “code” is the Jerry Springer defense; “You don’t know me!!!”, as feces are swiped from the bottom of the slanderous cretin and thrown at the audience who are booing…

    “And it’s certainly not okay to slander them, thinking we know who they are”…nice, white, polite people are superior and don’t “think” like that (second finger waging position)

    I know who they are and I know what “code” looks like, smells like and how it’s used to deflect, deny and dismiss. Just those two lines destroy all credibility; it’s OK to stop banging your head against the wall…

  28. the post where he slandered others were deleted. it seems he is incapable of taking his own advice

  29. Yawn…name one politico with family in tow that isn’t “right behind” their family member. Another non-issue excuse to pretend that Sara is some kind of adored, nurturing matriarch…funny how she pretends to hate something she revels in; you think she gets all kind of attention by being an angry shrew? You bet’cha!!

  30. LMBO! Sounds to me like someone in the GOP is frightened to death of not just Sarah Palin but the entire citizenship of the country! They thought it was just the Progressives that had to fear the Tea Party, but they were wrong. They were wrong in assuming they could corral the people into thinking the establishment in the GOP could control what happens among the people. This actually could mark the beginning of the end of the 2 Name 1 Party system as the Elitists know it. The people will take their government back from the Usurpers and the corrupt. One year at a time, one election at a time, one piece of legislation at a time if necessary. But We The People will take it back. And with every election we will install more and more Constitutional Law Abiding Citizens to reflect the will of the people.

  31. Yet whenever anyone intelligently discusses the parallels between the situation in this country and Germany just before Hitler took power – or between the Nazis and the Republicans (Tea Party – but most of the Republicans sound like Tea Party), they scream “GODWIN’S LAW!!!” to the heavens.

  32. The families of most politicians are “behind” them and believe in their goodness whether it truly exists or not. For someone who hates politics and whose efforts are supposedly for “the good of OUR future,” everything she does turns into bullcrap. That’s because her stupidity matches her maliciousness, as the GOP establishment has been late in learning. Now, they are reaping what they have sown by introducing her into national politics in the first place. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving group of people.

  33. The words “goofy bimbo” describe Palin to a tee. Even since 2008, I have always known that there were Republicans who immediately saw Palin for what she is. As a result, they either sat out the election or voted for Barack Obama. It wasn’t hard for any rational, thinking person to peg her from day one regardless of his or her political affiliation.

  34. A whole lot of writing to tell us you love Sarah Palin, you say President Obama is a liar, Really?? You are a fool, and it is very enjoyable to watch Palin’s teabaggers destroy what’s left of the republican party. Once the GOP finishes off it’s self, Maybe President Obama will be allowed to help this country though the tough times we face, instead of being obstucted at every turn. The GOP plan of hurting America, to destroy Obama, has failed. During his second term, You will see a different style of leadership, no more giving the GOP 80% of what they want, I predict he will not work with the Republicans at all, because their plans are so ridiculous and detrimental to America. The hope and change that the Republicans fear so much, is coming!!

  35. I don’t agree with everything Obama has done, but what do the Republicans have to offer except slash more revenue, and get into more wars?

  36. I have no envy over wealthy people getting wealthy. God bless you. However, the working class and the middle class must be given a break in order to function effectively.

  37. Wealthy must drive/ride on roads built and paid for with tax dollars.

    If they fly on commercial jets, they must use airports OWNED by the local government.

    Wealthy people use clean water OWNED AND OPERATED by the city or county.

  38. They should recognize Saul Alinsky’s tactics. Dick Armey was an admirer of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” and had his teabaggers use some of his tactics on the health-care townhall rallys. Intelligence in conservatives is often a dangerous thing. Especially when they’re using it to manipulate stupid minions. Intellectual capacity in conservatives, though, seems to be something that’s becoming more and more frowned on, and as a result, seen less and less. The conservative greats of today like Sarah, et. ali., who all believe the Earth was created 6,000 years ago, are what pass for the GOP intelligensia. Everyone else is an intellectual “elite.”

  39. Lemmings follow each other over cliffs. Doesn’t mean Palin’s opinion is correct or right for the USA.

  40. Also, the Westboro Baptist church members are right behind their “father” leader as well. Your observation is valueless.

  41. Shiva, did you happen to see the recent TV interview with Jane Fonda in which she said she would love to re-make Barbarella with a younger actress in the role?

  42. Democrats are lazy and uneducated? Try teahadists with their signs: “No pubic option.” “Obama is a Muslin traitor.” “Keep your government hands off my Medicare!” “Get a brain, morans.” “America for Englesh only speaking.” And progressive taxation was something the founding fathers believed in. Read Thomas Paine’s “Rights of Man” volume 1 and 2. Paine was for a progressive tax code, an estate tax and social programs. Also, in a letter from Thomas Jefferson to James Madison: “Another means of silently lessening the inequality of property is to exempt all from taxation below a certain point and to tax the higher portions of property in geometrical progression as they rise.” From the 1940s to the 1970s, the nominal tax rate for the wealthy was between 70-90%. Now, they howl at the thought of it going up to 35%. The 40s to 70s were the time when America’s middle class was created and flourished. Gazillionaires being taxed out the wazoo didn’t hurt the everyday American one bit back then. But, now, after 30 years of supply side economics, the base pay of middle class Americans hasn’t risen since Reagan was in office. The wages of the American worker have stayed static for over 30 years. While the wealthiest have gotten wealthier. Not from any product they created. Mostly from shipping jobs overseas and from speculation and trading. Most of that speculation being done with investments from people who have their savings, 401Ks, and other accounts in banks and firms that do business on Wall St., just like in 2008. Because if they all collapse again, well, didn’t Uncle bail them out once before? And they got richer while investers lost everything?

  43. Ha no! But I loved the movie! Really enjoiying the book too, just getting past the palin whodunit

  44. Whether I am man or woman
    Whether I am brute or human
    Or even Ghoul…
    *My* lips will never be anywhere *near* her hips!!
    (Have fun, Newtie!)

  45. He said he would make her VP and/or some other high energy position in his administration (that he will never see) preferably energy ..since she was such an expert on the subject. WTH? She is the biggest embarassment this country has ever to the GOP on her right. Its really embarassing the level of ignorance the far right is displaying on a daily basis. Their level of hate for everyone too is just mind boggling–because people still want the GOP to run this country after THEY DROVE IT IN THE GROUND and after they are still out of a job! I just don’t get it.

  46. It sounds creepy to the old teabaggers in their orthopedic shoes, who are the GOPs main constituency. The party’s going the way of the dinosaur if that’s the best they can do. Kids between 19-28, and even younger adults in their 30s, whether they’re die hard liberal or lean conservative, still aren’t scared of 1960s bogeymen and villains with foreign sounding names. They’re more tolerant of gay issues, and less church-going. Today’s young trend toward equality in income, gender and race. The country’s become darker; the GOP’s racism isn’t going to resound well in a country that is now 1/3 minority and multiracial and who may be over half that in 20 years. The names that terrify young people are more like Jigsaw and Emperor Palpatine. They’d look at a picture of Saul Alinsky, yawn, and start playing “BrickBreaker” on their iPhones.

  47. And don’t forget their other boogey man – George Soros. Another of their constant rants, and they couldn’t tell you about him either. Faux told them so & that’s all they need to know.

  48. Great article.
    The republicans are reaping what they sewed from way back when. The party of divisive politics? Republican.
    POTUS Obama is so bad that the republicans have an easy win? Really?
    And the best you can do is this field? Crazy and crazier, dumb and dumber, racist and homophobic, crazy, religious nut. Serial company destroyer for profit and serial adulterer.

    Good Luck republicans. You will need it.

  49. People on the hard right can be depended on to revile people like Alinsky or even MLK as “commies” and other choice words they reserve for people who question the status quo’s unfairness to some or all American citizens. That’s because they have this zero-sum mentality which for them means that someone else must be without in order for them to prosper. And if it’s one of those “others” who aren’t “‘ril ‘merikans,” so much the better.

  50. Tripe trippin? you need to take your $carah PaYlin,foxsnooze talking points back home where they belong,richy rich.

  51. Can someone tell me why we don’t have the same laws to protect FACTUAL NEWS.. like in Canada? FOX NEEDS TO BE SHUT DOWN. CLOSED! Period!

  52. Palin-bots are, well Palin-bots, but once they start the opportunistic, self-serving “code”…it’s a different game plan…

    All the mean-spirited high school team-spirit is a given with Palin-bot, but once again, when they start slinkin’ around the edges, using that there “code”, thinkin’ they’re clever…nope.

    It’s like a cat under the bed taking swipes at your leg as you go by…

  53. As aptly self-named Tripe proclaimed, whoever gets screwed over by their ethic of exgreediency is automatically not a “ril uhMericuhn”.

  54. “…Anyone else noticed that when the GOP is introduced to another ‘communist’ sounding name – Alinsky! they are all talking about Alinsky, even though they probably have never before heard of him. No matter, it sure does sound creepy!!!!!

    I’d like to think it’s nothing more than Steinfeld’s,”Hel-low, Newman”…

    When actually they are evoking the spirit of Emmanuel Goldstein, “The Enemy of the People” in Orwells 1984. He was believed to have written a subversive book and to head a mysterious anti-party organization. And that Alinsky, showing the poor how to get a seat at the democracy table is soooo radical, don’t’cha’nooo.

    “…”If there was hope, it must lie in the proles, because only there, in those swarming disregarded masses, eighty-five percent of the population of Oceania, could the force to destroy the Party ever be generated.”
    – George Orwell, 1984, Book 1, Chapter 7

  55. But, Newton Leroy said that’s not going to happen until his 2nd term; so what is he going to do with “herself” until then?

    Weren’t there a bunch of emails between the two of them in that pile of “official” email that Alaska had to turn over as state records?

    And didn’t “she who must be obeyed” go to Georgia and help with their local elections…some kind of run-off thing in 08′? Those two spend a lot of time together as I recall. I thought they were cooking something up then, as in her moving there, or Sara kicking Todd to the curb for Newt…

    I hate to start rumors, but, again, what is he going to do with her until his second term so she can rule the moon for Merika?

  56. Ms Sarah Jones how could you? You lured me off my “No Palin Comment Diet!

    It WAS working well until YOU came along with this, this article! Now I’ve blown it…and on my birthday, too…boo-hoo-hoo. I’ll never be the same…look at me…I’m commenting every chance I get about “hurrrrr…” I’m bloated and unattractive in my comments…oh Sarah, don’t do this again!
    I have no self control!!!
    Singh X

  57. Tripe??? OMGoodness…well at least you are honest…what you’re posting about Ex-Gov Dirty Wig is most definitely “tripe”!

    Dirty Wig and Fig Newton could careless about the Republican Party…this is a death struggle between the “RINO’s” and the Fundies!

    I have a case of popcorn and I’m already on my third box and it’s only Tuesday!

    Ex-Gov Dirty Wig is the gift that keeps on giving….for the DEMOCRATS! LOL!!!

  58. Tripe/Brooklyn/avocado/commondecency troll STFU and Fuck off! We are all sick of your troll droppings!
    Go plant your lips on SP’s ass. She’s going need support when
    Game change come out heh!

  59. Happy birthday!! I most humbly request the privilege of your forgiveness and note mitigating factor that I did wait everyone else out while they wrote about her, hoping it would go away.,,,,,:-)

  60. That’s cute. Being a member of a Party that built its fortune on Chinese coolie labor.

    Historians will write that one of the dirty little secrets of Obama’s fortune is how his bundlers on the West Coast made their dot com fortunes off the backs of Chinese sweatshop labor.

    That’s what’s happening now. Obama doesn’t care about the working class and never did; as long as the money is good for him, who cares how many Chinese die working for FoxConn to build your iPad?

    As long as Obama gets his cut of the swag, everything is okay.

    Sweatshop labor is cool as long as the money goes to Democrats. Right?

    Oh, corporate profits up? From companies’ overseas divisions, my friend. I think you’re aware of that, as well.

    No nation that is built on Ponzi currency can for long go forward into a prosperous future. People like Sarah Palin, and Ron Paul, have been trying to tell you that.

    However, you won’t listen. You’re too busy playing to Blue is Holier than Red game.

    And only the Banksters laugh all the way home. After all, why shouldn’t they? The only problem they have is which bankster has to walk the poodle in the White House.

    Silly lefties. You’ve been conned.

  61. Oh, so now you’re calling yourself Section9? Writing this crap for piecework is worse than sweatshop labor, isn’t it?

  62. Sction9 u call yourself below? Lol. Thanks for letting us know we’ve been duped. Tell us all about alinsky and Stalin, in your own words. No copying and pasting! Also, Sarah Palin needs more money for her private jet so can you, clever one, get on that ASAP? #projection

  63. Actually, no.

    The Democratic Party, like the Beltway GOP, is a Protection Racket. You pay money to the Party, you get to Play by the Chicago Rules.

    It’s just that this website is run and filled with people who actually think THEIR party is more ethical because its politicians supposedly think as they do.

    What a scam. Obama is owned by Goldman Sachs, Citi, and several other Cartel banksters. You don’t go from the Illinois State Senate to the U.S. Presidency unless the Banksters want you there to protect their interests. I could speak to Soros and Mr. Inside Trader, Warren Buffet, but that’s a whole other issue, part of which was overdone by Beck.

    I do credit Obama for his moxie. After all, it was easier for George W. Bush. He came from a White Shoe bankster family.

    The poor dumb kos kids around here actually think that Obama is on their side. What fools.

    For example: Obama as Senator helped GE push through the infamous lightbulb bill that General Electric wanted rammed through. He and other Democrats were on the take from GE and insisted that this would start a domestic clean energy bulb industry in the U.S..

    In fact, as Obama was fully aware, GE had already signed agreements with several Chinese companies to produce the bulbs exclusively in China and shut down American production, thus shafting GE’s American employees. Palin and other populist conservatives spoke about this over a year ago. But it was ignored, part of the reason being that NBC News, which at the time was a unit of GE, was in on the scam.

    The Bobcat said something quite profound in a standup act before he died, and it perfectly describes something you hyperpartisan True Believers should internatlize; “Presidential elections in this country are like going to a sex shop and having to choose the least painful dildo.”

    Lefties will be the last to figure this truth out, because you’re all wrapped up in the Party and in the mythology of the Leviathan State.

    Sucks to be you.

  64. Oh sod off.

    The charge of “racism” has become the last refuge of a Democratic Party that more and more resembles the Soviet Party of the Brezhnev era.

    At some point, that dog will stop hunting, probably when the State of California (totally run by liberals, btw) stops being able to send out checks to various client groups to keep the looter state going, and the whole thing grinds to a halt. Expect Democratic bastions like Illinois and New York, also run on the principle of looting from the middle class and from children yet unborn, to follow suit.

    When the Democratic Party collapses, as the CPSU did in the Soviet Union, the surprise for faithful white True Believers will be the mass defections of black and latino voters. Sudden poverty will force alternative thinking on even the most faithful of voting blocs.

  65. Actually, that’s horsesh*t.

    Keystone XL was going to be an effort to make a ton of money inside the United States off Canadian Oil Shale and the Bakken reserve in North Dakota.

    Obama, however, has two masters and one zealot group, the enviros, who think they have influence. George Soros has huge interests in PetroBrasil, which would have been threatened over time by bringing Keystone online. Warren Buffet owns the railroads the bring the oil out of the Bakken Reserve to the gulf coast. You can see what happens to Warren’s profits when that oil goes into the Keystone pipeline.

    The environmentalists? They’re the suckers who think that Obama did this for environmental reasons. He didn’t. He’s like a good Roman politician: once bought, he stays bought.

    And the Canadians? Steven Harper is a good steward of Canada’s national interests. He told Obama to pound sand and is going to sell the oil to the Chinese.

    The Chinese, who, by the way, also just benefited from Obama’s decision, in a fashion that turned out to be a stunning coincidence.

  66. Speaking of Chinese: see Wendy Deng –> Murdoch’s wife

    Saudi Arabian Prince – > Murdoch’s partner

    Fox -> Murdoch’s lie machine

    section9, you’re not entitled to your own facts, but thanks for playing

  67. I am not American and observe US politics from Ireland. The commentaries on Sarah Palin are nothing if not amusing. For example, it is obvious that her use of the word ‘Stalinesque’ refers only to a specific behaviour–his penchant for historic ‘revisionism’ to promote himself, down to the metriculous airbrushing of photgraphs. Stalin was a master at this. Why should Palin quasi endorement of Newt be deivisive of the GOP while those like Christi and McCain endorsing Romney are not ‘divisive’. Are those who endorse Romney ‘unifiers’. Also it is difficult for Europeans to understand why there can be any objection to Sarah Palin’s questioning of Obama’s association with Bill Ayers. A politican in Germany for instance who had the slightest association with terrorists like the Baader Meinhof gang would be driven from politics. A similar fate would befall an Italian politician who had even the remotest association with the Red Brigades. These outfits corresponded to the Weathermen in the US.

    The other thing that puzzles me is the lack of knowledge of what Sarah Palin actually did in her career. For example, I was surprised to discover that Gov Palin had produced one of the most ambitious programme for relaince on renewable energy–50% by 2025, the third higest target in the world after Norway and Austria. I wonder how many of Palin critics actually know things like this? If I can find this out why US journalists can’t do the same.

  68. Yet she is all over the media last week with endless articles with hundreds of post and comments. Wow! Is that wht you call irrelevance?

  69. The chinese would have benefited no matter what. That oil was destined for them whether it went through Texas or anyplace else. Obama just stopped oil prices in the Midwest from skyroceting from oil lost to this pipeline

    The only people making money on the pipeline would be the oil companies involved. A few temporary jobs created and then the oil bypasses where it goes now. Then on to Europe and China.

    Maybe the enviro isn’t very important to you, but to many millions living along the pipeline and that get their water from the area it was extremely important

  70. Unfortunately as a conservative she would not be caught dead even admitting that renewable energy is possible. She has lied about having a baby and has turned herself into a complete joke.

  71. I see “Section8Housing” has shown up from “Crazies4Palin” spewing racist nonsense about the Chinese! Whatcha’ got against the Chinese?

  72. So why is it that the citizens of red states are far more dependent on government assistance? COuld it possibly be that the reason Dems appear to be so heavily into “govt dependence” is because they’re constantly left in the position of trying to rescue Americans from the economic disasters the Republicans leave in their wake?

  73. I guess Section8 thinks running an oil pipeline through the water supply for 20% of the midwest’s agricultural concerns is a terrific idea.

    I guess he’s not concerned that even under the Canadian company’s “American version” of it’s OWN risk assessment, it would “only” leak at least once every few years (meanwhile the version they submitted to the Canadian government was much worse)

    But you know, you can’t possibly be against any business proposition unless you’re some sort of… whatever all that silly garbage SectionGlennBeck9 just said.

    The simple truth that all these nutbags refuse to understand is that the oil belongs to whoever pumps it, and regardless of who pumps it, it will be sold on the open market like ALL OTHER OIL IS. The idea that we can become “energy independent” by drilling more has no basis in logic.

    …Unless of course, the govt NATIONALIZED the oil industry. Bwahahahahaha yeah… that’ll happen…

  74. Hey, Gene is just defending Fox’s first amendment right to not have to tell us the truth if it doesn’t want to!

    …Unlike Der People’s Republik of Kanada and their commie “truth in reporting” laws. I suppose next you’ll expect potable drinking water and age restrictions on the purchase of alcohol and firearms. :P

  75. Boscoe he also doesn’t take into account that tar sands oil is the most expensive oil in the world. For what oil that stays here will be a very high priced oil.

  76. I would ask you why Palin herself doesn’t tout these wonderful accomplishments? Or how she raised taxes on the oil companies and redistributed the wealth directly to the citizens? Maybe it’s because it’s the opposite of all those “Tea Party Conservative” values she claims she stands for.

    No one ever said EVERYTHING she did as governor was bad, but all the inane comments she’s made and the erratic, bizarre behavior has made her a national joke. I personally didn’t have any problem with the subject of Bill Ayers being investigated. The problem was, long after it was revealed to be a non-issue, Palin continued to try to stir up hate and fear with it.

    You have to put it in the context of the rampant fear, paranoia and misinformation that the right wing, via Fox news was targeting the Tea Party demographic (mostly older white people) with.

    Just search Youtube for tea party stuff and you’ll see that they were filled with terror that Obama was a “secret Muslim” who was going to “overthrow the government” with “Sharia law”. Palin was and is an inciter of hate and ignorance and deserves every bit of derision she gets. It’s not about left or right, it’s about the glorification of ignorance.

  77. I must admit that I’m impressed with how much space Section8 can fill with text without ever getting near a single verifiable fact…

    I’m guessing he/she is either an Ayn Rand junkie or a Scientologist. Or maybe both?

  78. Right, because when Newt says he wants to end bilingual studies and force “them” to learn english, the language of prosperity instead of the language of living in the ghetto, he means it in the most sincere, totally not racist way. Just like when Santorum says he doesn’t want to make bla… people’s lives easier by giving them other people’s money.

    You dems are so sensitive with all your imagined racism! Just you wait until the totally lib cobntrolled republik of Kalifornia collapses under it’s REPUBLICAN regime. That’ll teach all you poor deluded socialists! RON PAUL 2012!

    (LOL sorry, I don’t know what just possessed me there.)

  79. Thank you (sniff-sniff)…I’m better now. It’s not your fault she won’t go away…if she does, many people will have just as hard a time getting the monkey off their back, just as I have.

    I will be brave, and perhaps, one day, I shall open a re-hab center for all the poor souls addicted to posting, commenting on the ranting of the Palin (and Rush, and Bachmann and Fox News…)

  80. “Stalinesque” is a pretty big word for Sarah to be wrestling with. Nominating this woman to be his running mate, should tell anyone all they need to know about John McCain’s decision making.

  81. It “IS” apparent that – SARAH PALIN – “IS” feared by “THE” Establishment – defined as those of ALL parties and persuasions – that have been In Control of most All Federal Affairs – SINCE – {1928} – and that “IS” a “You Betcha!” Only RONald {Earnest} PAUL – “IS” – more of a conundrum – for those that have – ONLY – one {1} goal = The Total Destruction of the United States of America – IT AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN – BUD / BABE !!

  82. Ron Paul is not only racist, he is utterly anti-woman. He waxes about 4,000 babies he’s slapped in the rear when delivering them, then turns around and slaps women. He’s pro-sexual harassment. In his 1987 book, “Freedom Under Seige”, available on Amazon, he stated this about sexual harassment of women in the workplace: “Why don’t they quit once the so-called harassment starts? How can the harassee escape some responsibility for the problem?” In other words, they’re asking for it. If women, or anyone experiencing harassment, don’t quit the job that supports them and their families, they’re at fault and the harasser isn’t the bad guy. He probably thinks rape victims have it coming to them, too. Not only that, but he’s a signatory on the Personhood Pledge with 14th Amendment protections. The Personhood movement states life begins at fertilization and that all birth control such as the morning after pill, the birth control pill, the IUD, and all abortions, including those arising from rape, incest and the life of the mother, should be outlawed. If the mother needs life-saving chemotherapy, too bad. Even if she has an ectopic pregnancy, which are never salvageable and always life-threatening to the mother, she should let it progress naturally. And Paul signed their pledge stating that he’d support all their positions! Some OB. Women would die under the provisions of the Personhood movement. He’s the worst sort of misogynist and I’ve seen that trait in so many of his followers over and over again. A pro-sexual harassment and anti-contraception president isn’t something we women need. He’s too old school and we’ve made too many gains to be regaled back to being barefoot, continuously pregnant and having no choices in our lives except whether we want to quit our jobs or put up with unwanted sexual predations from our employers.

  83. She is feared by the GOP establishment because of her destructive stupidity, but the Democratic establishment, along with Democrats, Independents, and many Republicans, regard her as a bad joke. So do people around the globe.

  84. I believe she hates politics because it occasionally requires one to answer questions and that is difficult for a zero intellect. She is the least intelligent major political candidate that I have seen in my lifetime and that includes George W. “Everything she’s ever done is for the good of OUR future”? Please name one thing that she has done for our future. All she has done is play the victim, point fingers and enrich herself. Have I somehow missed her brilliant plan to help the economy? Has she ever proposed ANYTHING to help the American people? You are right about one thing. “Her family are right behind her” with their hands out looking to cash in.

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