The Voters Will Shatter Grover Norquist’s Obama Impeachment Delusions

Few countries allow an avowed traitor to remain free to incite treason and destruction of the government, and indeed, most countries imprison treasonous citizens. America is different, and because Republicans’ de facto leader has their unwavering support, they whole-heartedly protect, defend, and serve one of government’s greatest enemies. Recently, it was reported that if President Obama prevents anti-government advocate Grover Norquist from proceeding with his plans to destroy the government, Republicans will impeach him; according to Norquist.

Norquist’s bizarre threat may play well with Republicans he controls like beat-down puppies, but reality informs that his false sense of power conceals a stunning ignorance of the Constitution and Americans. A president can be impeached for “treason, bribery, and other high crimes and misdemeanors.” Allowing Bush-era tax cuts to expire hardly qualifies as an impeachable offense, but Republicans insist they stay in place permanently regardless that they are unfunded and still wreak havoc on the budget and the national debt. Norquist may wield power over Republicans frightened of displeasing the man whose stated goal is “drowning the government in a bathtub,” but he cannot exert pressure on the President of the United States or voters. Norquist’s power over Republicans has gone to his head and his delusions of grandeur will be his undoing; voters will deal the fatal blow.

Republican lawmakers who signed Norquist’s anti-tax pledge discovered they signed a deal with the devil, and his threat of electoral defeat for disobedience leaves them with a no-win situation. Polls consistently show Americans favor raising taxes on the wealthy, and as Republicans continue ignoring the people, displeasing Norquist pales in comparison to voter outrage at the GOP’s unfair tax breaks for the top 1% of taxpayers and advantages 99% of Americans never receive. The Republican deference to the wealthy is responsible for income inequality destroying what is left of America and it has become a rallying cry for the Occupy movement and Americans falling closer to poverty as jobs are outsourced, wages and benefits are slashed, and established programs face extinction or privatization by Republicans.

Norquist parroted GOP talking points that President Obama refuses to work with Congress and uses executive orders to pursue a pro-tax and anti-corporate agenda that irks conservatives, and as conservatives are wont to do when they fail to get their way, they claim Obama is guilty of overreach and tyranny. It is possible that Norquist’s delusionary impeachment scenario is a veiled threat to recalcitrant Republicans who signaled that perhaps increasing revenue is as crucial to economic recovery as drastic budget cuts. Indeed, last summer when S&P downgraded America’s credit rating, they cited no revenue increases and opined that the Bush-era tax cuts for the wealthy should be eliminated as the President proposed.

An interviewer queried Norquist if Republicans were divided over tax policy, and specifically mentioned Senator Pat Toomey (R-Penn) who, as a member of the super-committee, proposed revenue increases to rein in the nation’s debt. Norquist said Toomey was “deciding on which unicorn he’d like if unicorns existed” and dismissed the notion Republicans supported increased revenue. However, for all the rhetoric about running the government like a business, Norquist and his band-of-idiots in Republican ranks prove that not only are they inept at governing, they are inept at business. At some point, any business, or government, must increase revenue regardless the amount of Draconian spending cuts or privatization scams put in place. It is a simple premise that eludes conservatives hell-bent on destroying government so corporate raiders like Willard Romney can leverage it with $6.7 trillion in tax cuts for the wealthy, and then bankrupt it so corporations can take over operations for profit. The only barrier to government privatization and loss of all revenue is Democrats and President Obama, and Norquist’s imaginary solution is impeach President Obama.

Republicans and Norquist have two reasons to eliminate the government; to install a corporate owned and operated entity to profit from Americans’ hard-earned tax dollars, and because the government works. Norquist’s delusionary impeachment scenario ignores the Constitution and the will of the people, and although he controls Republicans, he does not control voters who overwhelmingly agree the wealthy need to pay more in taxes. In referring to Republican’s proposing tax increases to bolster revenue, Norquist told the National Journal that “there’s no point in spending any time getting too worked up on imaginary conversations about imaginary things,” but he should heed his own advice and forget the imaginary conversation about impeaching President Obama for allowing Bush-era tax cuts to expire.

Norquist’s delusion has polluted his ability to reason and understand the Constitution, as well as the American people who do understand and demand the wealthy need to pay higher taxes. Maybe Norquist and his Republican sycophants’ goal of destroying the government pleases Romney, the Koch brothers, and the Heritage Foundation, but for the American people, it is treason. Norquist cannot be impeached, but he can be neutered and made impotent by voters when they reject Republicans for attempting to drown the government in a bathtub so the wealthy can own and operate it.

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25 Replies to “The Voters Will Shatter Grover Norquist’s Obama Impeachment Delusions”

  1. Norquist is just another Republican knucklehead who can’t see past his nose. I wonder if he realizes just how ridiculous he looks and sounds making impeachment threats if the tax cuts for the wealthy should expire. He is one of those who have been holding the economy hostage because of an utterly ridiculous pledge that should never have even been entertained for one moment.

  2. Message to GOP (Greedy Obnoxious Panderers), the voters are fed up with your friggin childish games, you have proven to be nothing but spoiled brats, with no ideas and a mean, vindictive spirit….you are nothing but thugs and racist bullies, and you are on your way out. I promise to work very hard to make this the last time you ever hold a majority again! What a waste of taxpayer dollars, if you were in the real world, you would have been fired for GROSS incompetence long ago.

  3. Belgium is on a general strike because of “austerity”, and at least half of the EU members are now in recession. In the face of this, the Dissocialists are pushing for a flatly regressive tax structures, where the top 1% pay less (or nothing) and the bottom 49% are to have the last crust of bread taken off their tables (if they still have any tables) so they “have skin in the game”. They have skin in the game. It’s on the 1%’s lampshades.

  4. Just WHY do Republicans sign these agreements? If you are an elected official, YOU ARE BOUND BY THE CONSTITUTION. When you raise your hand and affirm to uphold and defend the Constitution THAT IS ENOUGH.

  5. Exactly: these Republican legislators have, in effect, sworn an oath to a hostile sovereign and are holding that paramount to their lawful allegiance. The absence of armed insurrection or incitement to it is all that stands between them and a treason charge.

  6. one has to wonder, why would a Republican run for office if they knew that the entire object was to make government so small as to be inconsequential? That is most certainly Grover Norquist’s goal, but seriously who would want to be the position of president and a government that is inconsequential? Would the president exist only to go to war? Would there be a president in a Grover Norquist government?

    I think we need to look past these pledges of Norquist’s and discover exactly why the Republican’s support him when there is no future for them in government. with the government small enough to flush down the toilet or a bathtub there is no need for a Congress. That’s a clue.

  7. I agree.

    For instance the former repub gov. of Florida (who is now despised for almost ruining the state) was a wealthy man before becoming the governor. He spent 70 million of his own money to become the governor !!! WHY?? That’s a job that obviously pays less than half a million yearly. He’d have to be governor for 140 years to make back his money!!!

    Answer: GREED He wanted to pass laws that would enrich himself and his friends through their businesses. Screw the people of the state ! It was all about himself. To me that’s the repub. party in a nutshell at every level … state, federal, and local. If any politician or candidate is in office or running to actually serve their community rather than themselves, they’re NOT in the repub party. I’m not gonna say they’re all dems …. just NOT repubs.

  8. It’s very disheartening watching how the GOP has operated in our government over the last 3 years. They keep talking about having smaller government while at the same time they seek massive power over absolutely everything as government officials. It just seems so corrupt. I don’t understand the heightened disrespect being allowed of the office of the Presidency. I don’t understand how these pledges can have more power than the US constitution. How is that ok? How is it ok for the GOP, including the fake Tea Party, to continue to have their lies broadcast 24/7 without challenges from so called reputable journalists? There are few exceptions like Rachel Maddow, Rev Al, Ed, and Lawrence on MSNBC. Otherwise you have comedians like Jon Stewart to carry out the task mocking the ridiculousness of our current political system. Since Citizen’s United orchestrated by our Supreme Court, millions and billions are going into TV attack ads and probably more corruption that we don’t even know about yet. Voter’s rights are being suppressed. I just hope that Attorney General, Holder, has enough staff to bring this insanity to justice. Otherwise, what are we allowing America to become with these GOP members of the Senate and Congress and the Supreme Court in power? And Newt and Romney are not worthy of the highest office in the land. They have zilch integrity. And if either one of them got that 3 am call, we’d be in serious trouble as a country! This election is about the rich getting richer and damn the rest of us. We have to re-elect President Barack Obama! Vote out the GOP!

  9. I’ve read a few things about Norquist, but I can’t wrap my head around WHY this guy has so much power. This would be like me dictating how comic book publishers present their stories because I have really strong opinions about superheroes…

  10. My estimate is that he is tied in with *our* La Piovra, the CNP. No idea if he is the don or just a caporegime.

  11. Check this out: (exposed politics) The ‘official’ black budget comprises single line items in the Department of Defense (DoD) budget that don’t refer to any real weapons system. These single line items are covers for a Congressionally sanctioned and publicly funded ‘black budget’ – a top secret slush fund for intelligence organizations such as the CIA, and classified weapons programs by the DoD. There is, however, a second black budget that is not congressionally sanctioned, but it is nevertheless publicly funded – America’s ‘unofficial’ black budget.
    The conventional political view is that covert operations are funded by Congressional appropriations authorizing the DoD to use U.S. Treasury funds for classified projects and intelligence activities that appear as vague single line items on the DoD budget. Subtracting the cost of known weapons systems and intelligence programs from the total DoD budget gives Congressional analysts a means of estimating the size and scope of operations of the covert world of ‘black projects’, without knowing their precise budgets or activities.
    There is however compelling evidence that the covert world of highly classified projects is primarily funded by a black budget created by the CIA rather than the DoD. Rather than being a beneficiary of a Congressionally sanctioned DoD ‘black budget’, the CIA has its own ‘unofficial’ black budget. The CIA’s black budget is a conduit for funds secretly siphoned into the various military intelligence agencies and private contractors associated with both the CIA and the DoD, for intelligence activities, covert operations, and weapons research and development.
    The CIA has the unique legal ability among all U.S. government departments and agencies to generate funds through appropriations of other federal government agencies and other sources “without regard to any provisions of law,” and without regard to the intent behind Congressional appropriations.

    Reportedly Dr. Ron Paul is exposing this unofficial secret black budget that is so secret even the President doesn’t know about it! When are the banksters going to get arrested and the members of Congress that have become corrupted via their selling out our government to corporate America to fund these wars and make us think we’re broke. I’d like to personally neuter Norquist although I likely would have to wait in a long line of patriotic Americans (unlike him) that would like to have a whack at him!

  12. Like you, I have never been able to understand how Norquist has become “god” to the Republican Party. Since his father was an executive for the Polaroid Co., I cannot but wonder what kind of pictures he has and on whom!!! And, it was Reagan who helped launch Norquist and his Americans for Tax Reform Foundation (which also receives some of its funding from the Republican Party). Now, I want to know why the mainstream media has not been all over Norquist and his organization and others (ALEC comes to mind) for years? This type of information needs to be put in front of the American people over and over and over…then maybe some of our shadow government will then be brought to light and can eventually be less powerful.

  13. Right to the heart of the matter, Will – this question should be asked loud and often in every state this election year !

  14. Even without the incitement, it seems to me that such a pledge is a violation of their oath of office and certainly impeachable: “… with no mental reservation.” Duty to adhere to a pledge at cross-purposes with the good of the people is obviously a “mental reservation.”

  15. Grover Norquist may well be an Islamist! Read ‘Is Grover Norquist An Islamist?’ at and learn all about his Palenazi wife and her connections with Hamas!!

  16. Well said! And I’d like to add: Norquist knows very well what the Constitution says, he’s not ignorant of it. He does, however, think he’s above it, and chooses to ignore it when it pleases him. Frankly, that makes him much more dangerous than someone who’s just ignorant of it. He’s become a full blown megalomaniac, infused with some grandiose sense of his own power. He’s played a large part in the impending demise of the republican party, and I have no sympathy for any of them. Reap what you sow.

  17. I’ve been saying for forever that Norquist’s agenda…that of drowning the federal government in the bathtub…is nothing more than attempted coup by a group of wealthy individuals to take over the government and privatize EVERYTHING, which of course profits the wealthy few. I suspect in their agenda, the federal government would be nothing more than our military, which of course since they would control that too, would be used for oppression of anyone that doesn’t fit into their agenda….the poor, disabled, elderly, LGBT, non-Christian, all minorities, etc. Look at their actions over the last few decades. They have continuously tried to insert republicans into every state and local office. Once they can destroy the federal government, then they control the state and local pawns to do whatever they tell them to do. There would be no more federal taxes, therefore no roads, bridges, national parks, etc. All those things would be privatized, so envision toll roads everywhere, fees to cross a bridge. Envision no more Dept. of Education, no more public schools. They’d all be private. If you cannot afford the tuition for your four children, aww, tough titty, guess your kids get whatever you can teach them in between your two minimum wage jobs. Oh wait, that’s right, there won’t be a minimum wage anymore. It is ALL about greed. This guy, Norquist, needs to GO. Occupy Norquist.

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