Romney Wins Florida But Has To Descend To The Gutter To Do It

It was a perfect Florida Republican Presidential Primary day for four imperfect candidates.  It was fresh and clean – nothing like the primary, itself.

Mitt Romney won – convincingly. He ran 13,000 TV commercials. Just about all of them negative. And he won. Unofficially it was 46% for Romney, 32 for Newt Gingrich, 13 for Rick Santorum and 7% for ‘why bother’ Ron Paul. Finishing off the numbers, Romney gained 50 winner-take-all delegates for a total of 70 to Gingrich’s 32, Santorum’s 13 and ‘why bother’s 7.

So the All-American tax-dodger emerges victorious and appears to have the inside track for future contests. For his acceptance speech he was preceded on stage by his adult 100 million dollar (and growing) trust fund babies and aging Barbie Doll dress up wife, Ann. When the victor finally skipped across the stage, looking like he’d just downed a couple of Red Bulls, he immediately launched into an attack on our President as if he’d already wrapped up the nomination.

I used to be indifferent to Romney and his gilded goofiness. A little rich kid turned into a bigger rich adult never wanting for anything-ever! But I’m starting to actually dislike this citizen tax cheat. I dislike him mainly for his attacks on Obama. Truth be told, he couldn’t carry the President’s jock on his best day.

I’m tired of Romney’s endless transparent distortions of blame when any thinking human knows that every particle of that blame rests on the doorstep of another spoiled rich adult, George W. Bush. It was the Bush deregulated anything goes swoon before banks and Wall Street that destroyed the housing market and almost killed the economy.  That’s why the republican hierarchy won’t allow George out of his yard this campaign season.

Barack Obama inherited the most challenging economic rebuilding job of modern times all while battling a hateful welcome wagon of Tea Party obstructionists intent on the destruction of the Obama administration and not incidentally, many people’s economic lives.  Their strategy is to get their guy elected by making the president look incompetent by blocking all his programs that would benefit most Americans.

It’s downright obscene that Romney has dedicated his life to eschewing the democratically inherent responsibility of giving a nominal percentage of his callous-free, multi-millions to the government.  A fraction of that money can be distributed to those who were not only born with no silver spoons in their mouths, but quite likely had never even eaten with a silver spoon when they ate at all.

Listening to such meaningless drivel as the Romney saying his campaign is about “Saving the soul of America” would be laughable if it wasn’t so offensive at its core. Obama has conducted himself with extraordinary decorum as partisan republicans line up daily in political firing squads. He’s a family man of fidelity and he pays his taxes.

What the hell is, “Saving the soul of America?.” Is it shooing a consummately worthy black man out of the WHITE house? Perhaps Romney doesn’t want any ‘soul’ in America, at least not at the center of power.

He followed with that relentless mantra of repealing Obamacare to raucous cheers. Do any republicans ever ask – repeal what?  The GOP is remarkably incurious. They absorb without comment or challenge, everything they’re told by their political masters, Fox News and right-wing talk radio. Repeal what? Being covered by health insurance if you have a pre-existing condition? Having no annual or lifetime limits on your coverage? Closing the donut hole? Year preventive checkups with no co-pays? What exactly is it you want to repeal?

Romney and his fellow candidates all want to repeal every syllable of Obamacare. I’ve never heard a republican disagree publicly or privately. The candidates constantly yell out “And I will REPEAL Obamacare.”  It never fails to draw cheers among the abysmally uninformed.

Later, the thoroughly beaten Gingrich appeared with an updated ‘Contract with America’ and of course the obligatory Obama insult, “If Barack Obama gets elected it will be a disaster for America.” As explained earlier, the Bush administration was a disaster for America. Obama, if left to his own devises and even minimal cooperation from the opposition could go down as a truly great president. Gingrich didn’t forget the obligatory call for repealing Obamacare. There was a call for other repeals as well; among them the Dodd-Frank bill because it’s supposedly ‘killing’ Independent banks. Newsflash…these banks begged for the bill because the monster banks were indeed ‘killing’ the Independent and Community banks.

Santorum and Paul also said a few words. They were in Las Vegas and Henderson Nevada respectively. They’re getting an early start on the next stop, the Nevada caucuses. Paul might embarrass the lot of them as he’s pretty much got the caucus genre mastered.

Object lesson from this latest Primary. Dirty money buys dirty tricks and yields a dirty win. It’s going to be a long climb out of the gutter for at least two of the four candidates.

8 Replies to “Romney Wins Florida But Has To Descend To The Gutter To Do It”

  1. if Mitt Romney is talking it’s a sure bet that he is either distorting the truth or outright lying. the biggest one is that Obama is cutting 500 billion from Medicare. The fact is he’s cutting certain programs like the advantage program that makes people pay extra for services that Medicare already provides. Total waste of taxpayer money. Obama is already trimming waste and fraud from the program. The one thing Romney never tells anyone is that there benefits are not being cut.

    Romney distorts everything about Obama that he can. And strangely enough there is a disconnect between what the House of Representatives is doing and what the candidates say. I think they try to stay just a little off from each other in order to allow the distortions.

    Why is Romney getting so much money? Because Republicans do not want Newt Gingrich in office. They will not allow him to get the nomination, and Howard Fineman’s article the other day about him running as a third party is an excellent possibility.

  2. A Tea-publican lie? No ever heard of such a thing…and of course he had to go to the gutter to deliver his message, that’s where his constituents hang.

  3. Where else would Romney be able to go except in the gutter? Since he has no positive or original plans to address the issues of this country, he can only go negative. Besides, his victory was more a case of an anti-Gingrich sentiment than a pro-Romney one. In addition, those who would vote for him see him as the Republican most likely to beat President Obama, and in their short-sighted thinking it doesn’t matter how he would govern.

  4. “I used to be indifferent to Romney and his gilded goofiness. A little rich kid turned into a bigger rich adult never wanting for anything-ever! But I’m starting to actually dislike this citizen tax cheat.”

    I agree. I used to be rather indifferent to Romney as well, but I can’t stand the sight or sound of him now. There’s something really “off” about this fellow.

    As much as I dislike Gingrich, he is a known quantity compared to the mystifying creepiness of Romney.

  5. Aside from breathing a sigh of relef that the filth is off our TV’s (for now), I’ll say this: If any of you are familiar with La Piovra Series 4, check out the corrupt, Mafia- bought Senator Salimbeni. That actor had to study, and study hard, to learn all the signals of shallowness, mendacity, hypocrisy, and venality that Mitt gives off without any study at all.

  6. (Laugh) it was on the radio too… and the funny thing is that the very things we’ve been saying about the candidates were the “mud” being thrown back and forth. In other words, their attack ads were accurate!

    I’m glad we don’t have TV right now (can’t afford). I ended up having to turn off the radio in my car because the ads were irritating, and a steady diet of them would be unbearable.

    (I dread the national election, when they start doing the “Big Lie” propaganda campaign against President Obama!)

  7. But…But…But… Don’tcha know that Obamacare is SOCIALISM??? We can’t have Socialism in this country!!!

    (Retch. Gag. Puke.)

    As further evidence of how out-of-touch that rich (and greedy and power-mad) twit is, he thinks there is an adequate safety net for the very poor:

    I hate to burst his bubble, but he just doesn’t have a clue. Most of the “agencies” helping the very poor are faith-based, and most of them are hard-sell proselytizing even though they claim otherwise. Nearly all (exception – those called “Housing First” who help the homeless) tend to blame the poor person for their poverty and are quite abusive to the people – and if you don’t buy into the lies or submit to abuse, you don’t get help.

    If you try to get out of extreme poverty, you find that any effort to do so (besides taking a minimum wage crap job) are punished and severely, even by non-religious programs (supposedly) such as food stamps.

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