The Eight Lies Behind The Republican Push For Right To Work Laws

It was another sad day for the middle class yesterday as Republicans in Indiana passed a Right to Work for Less law. Eight lies were used as the faulty premise for this specious piece of Koch to the people. Follow the lies.

Republicans sell ‘right to work’ laws as a way to bring business to the state. This little lie (lie #1) doesn’t hold up under examination, as there is no empirical evidence to suggest that right to work laws make a state more attractive for businesses.

However, as we have seen over and over again, the meme that corporations can’t make a profit if they have to pay workers is a lie (lie #2), and that is the premise of the first lie. Germany is a great example of what happens when workers and labor are valued and have a seat at the table, as exemplified in their “codetermination system”. This system requires, by law, the appointment of worker representatives to a company’s board of directors.

Now you might think, if you listen to Fox/Republicans, that any system where they let workers have a voice at the table would kill manufacturing. But of course, this is not true (lie #3). Forbes reported in December of 2011 that Germany, where they pay autoworkers TWICE what American autoworkers get paid, they make more cars and are very profitable.


Well, it seems that in Germany they operate “within an environment that precludes a race to the bottom.” And it works. Kevin C. Brown of the online e-journal Remapping Debate concluded that “the salient difference is that, in Germany, the automakers operate within an environment that precludes a race to the bottom; in the U.S., they operate within an environment that encourages such a race.”

So much for the idea that our manufacturing problems are a result of labor demanding too much money.

Yes, you think it’s bad now, but the debunking isn’t finished yet. Republicans also claim that unions are anti-business (lie #4). However, truth serum reveals that American unions reflect a decidedly “business union” ideology that supports the free market in contrast to the unions of Western Europe. As noted by Reference for Business, unions are not affiliated with any party in the United States (lie #5). “Although many American unions are active in the Democratic Party, they are not formally affiliated with that party. In fact, some unions regularly support Republican candidates, including presidential candidates.”

So much for the Unions being the Democratic equivalent to corporations, assuming incorrectly (lie #6) that unions had the financial power to be an equivalent if they chose to be one. Perhaps more unions are now moving to the Democratic Party, but then, when you shoot to kill, you can expect those you aim at to run away.

Clearly the Republican Party assessed union membership and realized it could afford to lose the support it gets from certain unions, much as they gave away the African American vote in courting Southern whites in the Nixon years. They’re slowly whittling their base down to corporations and the people they can scare into voting for them, but it was their choice to shove unions to the only party who cares about the middle class.

Get a side of freedom fries to go with this dose of reality, because it won’t do you any good when dealing with American Republicans who live in their Fox Bubble. The socialism and the czars! Oh my.

Now that we’ve debunked Daniels’ reasons for making Indiana a right to work for less state, we should recall that Daniels said while campaigning that he would not seek to make Indiana a right to work state (lie #7).He is not the only Republican to have made this promise and then betrayed it once elected.

What can we learn from his reversal? Once again, as the folks in Michigan, Wisconsin. Ohio and Florida can tell you, you cannot trust a Republican who runs as a “moderate” these days (lie #8). Let this lie be a lesson for 2012 (I’m looking at you, Mitt-let-the-auto-industry-go-bankrupt Romney).

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  1. Your last point is exactly correct. You cannot trust any Republican running for office as anything. Look at all of the governors and state legislatures who are trying to get rid of birth control and never ran on that subject. The same as the governors who are trying to get rid of unions. There are so many lies they can tell about unions but guess what, most of them wont be in power long enough to justify the loss in wages to the people.

    I am not sure how a union can be antibusiness, when its entire business is being in business. There can’t be a union unless a company is successful.

    So many people are antiunion yet would be shocked to see what their world would look like if there were no unions. Even people who believe they are comfortable in a position in any company. How quickly a company can remove your perks when there is no reason to have them and they are not in competition to keep workers with a union in their industry

  2. I think it’s time to dust of “The Jungle” by Upton Sinclair and remind people what America WAS like with company towns and no time off and no safety standards and no regulations. Unions came into existence due to the working conditions we say we deplore in China and other far eastern countries, yet ther GOP would end all attempts to actually make workplaces safe, let people work hard for a living wage, and produce goods we can be proud to buy. How in the world does any of this make America stronger, let alone more free? Oh, I remember, slavery was better for people because at least they had a (leaky) roof over their heads and three meals a day. Who needs to read when Massa will take such good care of you (and rape your women too!)

  3. Thanks for bringing that book up. It’s been a long time since I read it, but it is so accurate. (Considering today’s environment, maybe if I get the $$$, I should get a copy.)

    Oh, and that’s pretty close to what the poor face in this “right to work” state… the businesses paying minimum wage or near-minimum wage are close to “no time off and no safety standards and no regulations” except where someone got the gumption to report misdeeds – and were usually fired because of it.

    There are others that I’m trying to remember right now that also quite clearly demonstrate what pre-union America was like. I think I have some of them in my library – I need to look (that is, if they weren’t lost in the fire).

  4. I weary of Republican lies.

    “truth serum”, hummmm… Since there is ample evidence to support the fact that many of the self-proclaimed Christian congressional representatives take no heed of the “Thou shalt not make false witness” commandment, would it take a constitutional amendment to require our elected representatives to either speak the truth or take prescription truth serum for their term? It is a nice dream.

    Thanks, Sarah Jones, I appreciate your diligence.

  5. Little old traditional on what to do with liars, including liars by omition:

    1. When you see the first crescent, you make a proxy of the suspected deceiver and charge it (will strongly into it) with compulsory truthtelling.

    2. Anoint it with a little tung oil.

    3. Say, “By Moon in East and Sun in South: This growing moon is your opening mouth.”

    4. Hang it where it will get the rays from the rising moon and keep it there through the night before the full moon.

    5. Put it away next morning. At next first crescent, repeat.

    6. You can do this for three waxing cycles. Then, get rid of the bloody thing somewhere where you won’t have to pass its remains.

    (From Naturecraft, an as yet unpublished work by Pamphylia and Agrica)

  6. Maybe, hopefully, Americans are starting to get the point on Repigs running for office. When ever they say they are going to do something good for the people, you know they are lying and will do the polar opposite when elected. When I turned 21, that the was earliest you could vote back in the early 70’s, I voted against Nixon. I have never ever voted for a repig in my life. I knew Nixon was a lying crook when he was VP and I was not even ten at the time. when a ten year old can see thru a repig, why can’t the idiots who vote for them?

  7. Minnesota has a democrat governor but the republicans are trying to push thru a right to work except I am sure they will choose another name to pretend it is different. It has already started here too, what a smae this country is coming down to you are either extremely rich or going to be poor. What is happening to this country under republicans makes me ill. Democrats get out and vote or we will be seeing alot more of destroying ALL OF US BY THE RIGHT. I DIDNT AGREE WITH ALOT OF REPUBLICAN POLICIES BUT THEY HAVE BECOME SO RADICAL IT IS SICK

  8. Republicans remind me of the Nazis (with apologies to the German people for the comparison)—they are in complete distain over ANYONE WHO THINKS DIFFERENTLY FROM THEM, completely practices outright HATRED, BIGOTRY, RACISM AND INTOLERANCE, and what’s worse, want to create a world where there are the rich and the poor, and NO MIDDLE CLASS……..

    vile creatures—more evil than not.

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