Simply Unelectable: How Romney’s Deal With Donald Trump Helps Obama

By cutting a deal with birther Donald Trump, Mitt Romney has furthered his image of being completely unelectable, and done a huge favor for President Obama’s reelection campaign.

It appears that Mitt Romney not only negotiated for Donald Trump’s endorsement, but he also cut a deal with the birther/reality TV star to keep Trump out of the race as a third party candidate. Time’s Mark Halperin is reporting that Trump has agreed to not launch a third party candidacy for president if Mitt Romney wins the Republican nomination.

The problem for Romney is that polling has shown that Donald Trump’s endorsement hurts more than helps the candidate that he supports. A Pew Research/Washington Post poll found that Trump’s endorsement would make more Republican primary voters (20%) less likely, than more likely (13%) to support the vote for the candidate that he endorsed.

Trump turns off Republican voters, but the damage is even more severe with all voters. Only 8% of registered voters said that they would be more likely to vote for a candidate that Donald Trump endorsed. Twenty eight percent said that they would be less likely to vote for a Trump backed candidate, and 63% said that it would make no difference to them who Donald Trump endorsed.

The fact that the Romney campaign was so desperate to try to boost their conservative bona fides that they courted the endorsement of Trump speaks volumes about their continuing insecurity over their ability to motivate conservative voters, but the whole Trump endorsement makes no sense because Donald Trump is totally toxic, and was NEVER going to run for president

Trump is the embodiment of GOP racism towards Obama. At various times during his pretend run for president, he questioned President Obama’s birth certificate, questioned his college transcripts, claimed to have a great relationship with “the blacks,” and blamed African-Americans for Obama’s election. After yesterday’s “I’m not concerned about the very poor comments,” Romney has has outdone himself, and taken another step towards killing the image of moderate Mitt who can win in November.

The Obama campaign should be doing cartwheels at the thought of Mitt Romney cozying up to Donald Trump. From now until November, every single one of Trump’s insane statements will have the phrase Romney supporter attached to them. By getting Trump’s support, Romney has also managed to align himself with Newt Gingrich’s partner in their child janitor enterprise. Trump is synonymous with the extremism of the birther issue, and Romney is going to have a hard time moving back to the middle after accepting Donald Trump’s endorsement.

As the Republican base continues to push Mitt Romney more towards the extreme right, nothing could possibly make Obama For America happier than to see Donald Trump touting the virtues of Willard “Mitt” Romney. By bringing Trump into the fold Mitt Romney has now gone birther, and this can only help President Obama win reelection in the fall.

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  1. even up to two months ago I had great doubts about Obama’s ability to get reelected due to the incredible size of the Koch brothers a machine. But these candidates and the people they hang around with are neutering the Koch brothers.

    The Donald is indeed toxic. And while it may yet happen, I see no one out there clamoring for the Sarah’s endorsement. Of course she is holding back saying that far too much attention is paid to her endorsement and onto the candidate. Please hold back your Snickers.

    much to the chagrin of the tea thugs Romney is getting all of the bank and Wall Street donations. They wanted to blame that on Obama. Romney is no different than the GOP Congress that is only writing laws for the rich. That may well bring him down if the Democrats play that up. And if Gingrich runs a third-party it will prove that the GOP never had any intention of winning.

  2. The more we see and hear of Romney, the more and more unappealing he is as even a presidential nominee. He also accepted the endorsement of nutcase Christine O’Donnell, which also shows his desperation to be accepted by the lunatic fringe. The man wants so badly to be president that he is willing to forsake any legislation that doesn’t conform to their warped view of how things should be, no matter how beneficial it has been to the good people of Massachusetts. His insensitivity and tone-deafness for the less fortunate among us, as well as his willingness to twist himself into weird shapes to appeal to the worst elements in his party, tell me he would be an unmitigated disaster as president.

  3. I bet the deal is that Trump wants to be veep, and if we should suffer the national disaster of a Mitt electoral victory, the next thing we’ll hear of is his tragic demise.

  4. I put nothing past the willingness of the rightwingers to “punish” PBO by handing him an electoral defeat in November. Nothing. These are the same people that saw GWB drive the country over the cliff and gave him two terms in office. You’re right, Jason, when Romney accepted Trump’s endorsement, he accepted all of Trump’s ugly baggage. I fully expect the birthers to emerge in the GE, and I will be watching as Romney tries to keep them in line. It didn’t work in 2008, and I posit that it won’t work this year, either.

  5. The interesting thing is I don’t believe Romney will try to reel the crazies in.

    Remember the lying ad about President Obama that he gleefully admitted was a lie? Willard wants to
    be President to the exclusion of all else. He doesn’t care what he or anyone else says in his name at this point. Lies, distortion or others throwing rocks for him will be part of the game. He has no philosophical
    vision for America. He just wants to be president because its there. He admitted yesterday that the reason he wanted to e President was so Barack Obama wouldn’t be. Smarmy–huh? Not too much love for our
    country has Mitt.

    Malcolm X said, A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything.
    That is Mitt Romney.

  6. I can see the commercial now: “You’re fired!,” followed by “I like firing people,” played on a loop for 30 seconds.

  7. This is a side show. A phony Conserverative getting endorsement from a phony billionaire. In a regular world, these two would’ve been laughed off the stage on the first day, but these are not regular times. The dirty secret of this is that there is NO Magic bullet, no spell or law that will get us thru this hangover. The closest thing to that is TIME. Years of folks getting re employed and retrained. Houses to settle out to their True worth, and all those Guys in suits who were making money hand over fist moving numbers around outta thin air taking a haircut (preferably, down to their navel) and everyone rich and poor and all between making a shared sacrifice so every body will come out better on the other end. No one on the GOP who could be considered a actual candidate is running simply because they would basically be doing what the current administration is doing, and that is anathema to every thing they stand for, ergo all the current candidates from the peanut gallery. They are keeping their powder dry til 2016. Obama will have to go then and it it possible that thing would have approved by then that a potential candidate can take credit for it with out having to do anything.
    This is just a theory off the top of my head, nothing more.

  8. Yeah they’ll try to steal this one and you can’t even imagine how bad it will be. Ohio, Wisconsin, Florida, Georgia, California election fraud by GOP. What next?

  9. When i said the republican and their support is not interested in the presidency, at the present time, is because they were and still doing everything,, that do not make sense, they are playing the waiting GAME, and hoping the Can PAINT MR OBAMA WHITE, which will not be easy, we have got to the point where noting will be overlook. And This can backfire if the 99% get in the mix. Proper organisation is a required.

  10. Now if only palin would endorse Mitt he will probably be deported back to Mexico.
    You can’t write stuff like this.Too funny.

  11. I hope Trump and his cronies go all out full birther mode in the general election. Great way to turn off independents =) And great entertainment for us!

  12. I’m beginning to think that a Democrat is behind all of this. Mitt seems to be taking every wrong step that is possible. I f he has Sarah Palin or Trump as his running mate, then I’ll be convinced.

  13. that’s one smart democrat. Not to say they all aren’t, but the dems don’t usually stoop to dirty tricks. Maybe this will counter the effect of GOP imposed vote suppression, gerrymandering, general lying. James Carville would be proud if that were the case. I would too. Romney is toast. The only thing that may help him is selecting the baby hippo (christie) as VP, but he is adding baggage daily.

  14. Alex, I’ll take “Clownshow” for $200.
    The answer is: this egotistical braggart reality show huckster thought everyone wanted his useless endorsement.
    Who is Donald Trump, Alex.

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