Pallin’ Around With Voter Purging Susan G. Komen’s Dirty Leadership Secret

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  1. It goes deeper than any of us can imagine. The fact they are under investigation is almighty convenient to Handels new rule.

    What I want to know is where it the CEO? The big shot, the head cheese. If she is as rotten as Handel I think it needs to be known.

  2. Thanks for covering this Sarah.
    I’m so upset I gave $ to them last year as a memorial for a talented young woman who lost her fight with breast Cancer.
    As more and more Facts come out, I’m sickened and we have a do nothing congress that will not stop this, as they in fact Encourage it!
    I’m also glad you noted the Palin’ around with Palin factor.
    Here is another article I saw earlier today:

    We need to Occupy the Vote this Nov and Vote out all GOP!
    And how can we get investigations into these 501c fake charities?

  3. I am so sorry I donated to them and helped their sick agenda to think they stopped poor people from voting! And now want to deny screening to poor people. I am so sick of these con artists you can’t be too careful. They are everywhere.

    Does komen get anything from the government? Tax breaks or anything else? Because it looks like they are a political organization.

  4. Only around 20% of the funds people raise for Koman actually go towards cancer research. We are all better off giving money directly to programs that help people with cancer or help screen for cancer…like planned parenthood.

  5. Jane I believe they are a 501c so they don’t pay taxes! Like churches.
    I am sick that I donated to them to…

  6. I am organizing a group to protest at the Race, with signs that will say “Not a pink penny until Handel goes away” and “Funding grants for low income women ARE important.”

    I live near El Paso, where 70% of the women ARE low income.

  7. There are many, many of us breast cancer survivors who hate the pink! We’ve been disgusted with Komen for a long time; a primary reason is that only about 20% of the dollars raised (even less than their own admin and fundraising costs) goes towards actual research. Another reason is the $1M it spends in legal fees fighting any grassroots organization that dares to put on a fundraiser with “for the cure” in its name. This last move into rightwing politics is about to ruin Komen in the court of public opinion from the point of view of breast cancer patients, their families and friends.

    Fortunately, although Komen may be the biggest breast cancer charity, it is by no means the only one.

  8. Thanks Sarah…
    perhaps the unexpected benifit of this whole dirty bussiness will be that folks will fund Planned Parenthood, and the American Cancer socioty directly..

    this whole political climate reminds me of 06 where the right wingers over reached in the lame duck session after loosing the house.. giving us the Post Office situation among others.. if there is any consolation, it is that the demographics mean they wont be the majority much longer.. unfortunatly citizens united gives these folks power beyond demographics..

  9. I’m betting the Koman foundation goes under in a year. Everyone is sick of the teabaggers hijacking everything like civil terrorists.

  10. Because of this I will assume that all have been taken over by the Right Nuts. I will no longer give to any except the Food Bank at our local Church. At least until I find they are up to something other than feeding the poor.

    And I do keep a watch on them. You had better believe that!

  11. Here, here!

    Here is my anecdote; I won’t go into great detail, but one of the places I work (independent contractor) has been trying for the last couple of years to get the Komen organization to respond to us in terms of some sponsorship (giving THEM lots of $$$$). The woman on staff who wanted to lead the funding had breast cancer made several calls; I made several calls/ emails, to include two women keen on our involvement–nada, they seemed to ignore us. Two of the four involved are well-known “you know…”, or as they used to say “she’s not of our politics”. We suspected this might be an issue but, gaffed; prominent republican women had always been on the board of our local PP (although the founding local member was Peggy Goldwater and today, that tradition continues via granddaughter “CC”; Ironically the AZPP doesn’t take money from Komen!) and gender has never, ever been an issue…but something wasn’t right…why would they turn down our help and money?

    I know this anecdotal, but the more I know now about right-wing women “steeple-jacking” the organization for religious-political purposes, the more it confirms the lingering stench in my nose…makes sense.

    I’m sure the local race will be boycotted this year…

    Thanks for doing this piece, Sara. I’ve been “scowling” for the past 24 hours over this issue…keep updating!

  12. It’s not the Teabaggers, it’s the dominionist Christians, and it’s all part of their game plan.

    I used to hang out at their local school, back when I belonged to that cult (Assemblies of God). They taught their students how to infiltrate churches (certain students would be taught to infiltrate specific mainstream churches) and try to take them over. They were taught what to say and not to say, and what to do. At that time the primary method was to volunteer for everything so that they would get noticed, then become valuable as a volunteer to the clergy. This would lead to them getting a “position” such as youth minister or something like that – and then they would start making little suggestions here and there, trying to get the church to go more fundamentalist in theology and conservative in politics.

    I used to hang out with the students being taught that, and they were open about what they were being taught. Recently a friend of mine revealed that she also went to that school and they’re still doing it, but they’ve spread to teaching the students how to create problems for organizations they don’t like – like blocking access to tables and things like that (and how to do it, down to how to approach the table).

    The techniques the people I hung out with were learning were very effective, when they didn’t get carried away by their drive to proselytize and start getting church members to go to the local Assemblies of God and leave their own church (called sheep-stealing). We watched a rather moderate, even slightly liberal Episcopal church go to steeplejacked fundamentalist conservative – even though I warned the priest repeatedly what was going on under his nose AND he admitted that he had to throw an average of 10 people a year out for “sheep-stealing”.

    They’re doing it to businesses, they’re doing it to schools – look up the “7 Mountains Mandate”.

  13. I just signed a petition being sent to one of the corporations giving funds to Komen. People are researching the corporations who do most of their funding and putting pressure on them.

    That’s one way to kill the dominionist threat, if we could – defund THEM.

    As long as they have deep pockets, their voices are louder than ours.

  14. YAY!!!!

    It’s only a tiny skirmish in the battle for freedom, but we won this one! (Now, if we could get Koman to spend less on “administrative costs” and more on research and helping people!!!)

  15. Food Banks as well as homeless shelters and church structures that help the poor are PRIME TARGETS for dominionists and steeplejacking. If you can, get involved and start teaching people about dominionism and what to look for… you might save someone’s life, sanity, or future that way – maybe in the very near future! If you detect even a hint of dominionist ideology coming from someone involved – let the leadership know and inform them just how dangerous it is to have a cuckoo/stealthed dominionist involved with their organization. Such an action might save the organization from being steeplejacked!

    (Plus, organizations can use all the help they can!)

  16. Keep in mind that Ms. Handel must believe she is too stupid, amoral or socially deviant to have control over HER OWN body. Unless she’s a crossdresser.

  17. I still do not trust Komen. They have not actually “reinstated” the funds to Planned Parenthood so we must wait and see what kind of game they are playing now.

  18. Komen’s leadership must be suffering whiplash for how fast they’ve reversed themselves. I hope that reversal includes getting rid of Karen Handel. I’m with Janet in not trusting Komen. I’m done with pink ribbons and all the products that they endorse! I hope women across the country follow suit.

  19. True dat…until they fire all the “steeple-jack” jocks who’ve been embedded in their organization, they won’t be “clean and safe” to engage or fund.

    I want to know who sent the “steeple-jack crew” to Komen’s organization, who is their “cell leader” and, what ministry is going to claim these cretins as part of their flock now that they’re exposed.

    (Some ministry has to claim them as they are, of course, now “persecuted” for being “outted”…let us pray that Sister Sara opens her angry maw and screeches the answer).


    No more donations, no buying anything with pink ribbons.
    Give to your local Planned Parenthood so that women in your area get the services they need.

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