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Republicans Face A Do Or Die Decision If Obama Wins A Second Term

When all is said and done after the November elections have come and gone, after all the confetti has been swept up and the last die-hard party animal has been folded into a taxi and pointed towards home, the Republican Party will be faced with a critical decision; how to stop looking like a bunch of idiots out of touch with all but the farthest right of the far-right wack fringe. It will be time to drag the tattered and torn Republican brand back in the shop for some serious retooling and redesign.

In short, the Republicans with brains need to steal their party back, and I think they know it.

I mean, this isn’t even fun anymore. It’s getting to the point where I’m actually feeling sorry for Rush Limbaugh, and that scares me. But even Rush has come close to admitting how embarrassing his chosen party has become during a recent broadcast where he ‘fessed up that “our team? Just not that good.

 ”You know it, and I know it,” he said.

Well, yeah. We do. Kinda hard to miss. And for the record this isn’t exactly a new development. Rush’s ‘team’ has been a collection of bad jokes pretty much from the beginning. And for awhile there in recent months it was gleefully amusing watching the Republican presidential candidates provide the Democrats with the best re-election strategy they never could have even imagined on their own. The Republican candidates have been the best free clown show in town.  I have always had a hard time believing the boy-it-sure-looks-like-rain commentators who continued to insist that Obama could be facing a tough re-election battle. Unless I took a longer nap than planned while America  snuck out the back door, I simply refuse to believe that the nuts outnumber the normals in this country by that wide a margin. Sure the economy has been beat up and practically left for dead, and you can name any number of other serious challenges. I’m not ignoring those by any stretch. But I think anyone who takes even a halfway serious look at those Republican candidates, and this entire 2012 Republican campaign circus, simply has to factor their massive incompetence into the equation. Nothing that Obama has done – or not done – can possibly match the glaringly obvious shortcomings of this crew.

And because they continue to rip themselves apart as they continue to drag themselves further and further to the right with their own noose, it’s plain to see there won’t be any thoughtful retooling until after the campaign noise has died down. But once that day comes, the choice for Republicans is simple; either snatch back the reins from the inmates or prepare to spend a very long time viewing America from behind the walls of the asylum as it passes you by.

Image: The Liberty Republican

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