The 5 Biggest Lies About Obama In Mitt Romney’s Nevada Victory Speech

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Mitt Romney won Nevada, but his victory speech was full falsehoods about President Obama. Here are his five biggest lies about the president.

Here’s the video of Romney’s victory speech from MSNBC:

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1). Obama told people the stimulus would hold unemployment below 8%

This Republican falsehood is simply not true. Obama never promised an 8% unemployment rate. In a June 8, 2009, press briefing then Vice President Biden’s chief economist Jared Bernstein had projected an 8% unemployment rate before the fourth quarter GDP numbers came in, but President Obama never promised an 8% unemployment rate if the stimulus was passed. Obama’s advisers didn’t have all the data and their projection was wrong, but Obama never said pass the stimulus, and 8% unemployment is a lock.

2). ObamaCare Costs Jobs

This is another red meat favorite Republican lie. The truth is that ObamaCare helped to create 315,000 healthcare jobs in 2011. As my colleague Ray Medeiros is fond of pointing out, “if ObamaCare is going to kill jobs, shouldn’t the first industry it kills be the industry it DIRECTLY regulates? Of course it should, but it doesn’t.” ObamaCare doesn’t kill jobs. It creates them, which is why Republicans like Mitt Romney want to kill it.

3). Obama Began His Presidency By Apologizing For America

The Washington Post’s FactChecker which wrote that, “The claim that Obama repeatedly has apologized for the United States is not borne out by the facts, especially if his full quotes are viewed in context…In other cases, Obama’s quotes have been selectively trimmed for political purposes. Or they were not much different than sentiments expressed by Bush or his secretary of state. Republicans may certainly disagree with Obama’s handling of foreign policy or particular policies he has pursued, but they should not invent a storyline that does not appear to exist. Note to GOP speechwriters and campaign ad makers: The apology tour never happened.”

4). ObamaCare Turns Healthcare Decisions Over To Government Bureaucrats

What’s this, another fib about ObamaCare? You betcha. When Republicans refer to government bureaucrats taking over healthcare, they are talking about the Independent Payment Advisory Board. As PolitiFact wrote, “But saying that the IPAB will determine the course of treatment for individual cases is an entirely different matter — and it’s factually incorrect. Even people who oppose the IPAB agree that it will not intervene in the cases of individual patients but will rather determine how much the government pays health care providers for various services. It can also reduce payments to hospitals with very high rates of readmission or recommend innovations that cut wasteful spending. But we should point out here that the IPAB applies to Medicare. Medicare is a government-run health insurance program for those over age 65.”

ObamaCare mandates that people by private insurance. There is NO government takeover of healthcare, period.

5). Obama Is Shrinking Our Military

Yes, Mitt Romney claimed that Obama is shrinking the military. In fact, the military will be shrinking, but not because Obama is endangering national security. The end of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars is where much of Obama’s military spending cuts are coming from. The truth is that the 2012 Obama budget doesn’t cut any procurement programs, and calls for military spending to increase by $36 billion by 2017.

What we saw tonight was Mitt Romney’s initial roll out of his General Election strategy. If he wins the nomination, Mittens plans to bundle up every lie and falsehood about this president into a big ball and throw it onto millions of television screens in an endless repetition of negative ads. With the economy improving, Romney has little to fall back on, but his own delusions about a president that doesn’t exist.

Romney is hoping that America will vote against Barack Obama instead of voting for him, because this same strategy worked so well for John Kerry in 2004. Mitt Romney has nothing to run on, so he is going to run on negativity. John McCain tried this same thing in 2008, and if Romney continues to mimic the presidential campaigns of failed nominees past, he will get Barack Obama reelected in 2012.

35 Replies to “The 5 Biggest Lies About Obama In Mitt Romney’s Nevada Victory Speech”

  1. The debates hopefully will tell the US exactly how Romney has been lying. This man cannot speak without lying. He makes General John “Ole Wishy Washy” McCain look like a desirable angelic pipe dream in comparison.

    Once Obama starts running he will address these points. For one, I would ask Romney how he would carry a full military when we are no longer at war. How can he afford it after dropping taxes on the rich? I don’t think Obama will have any problem putting Romney out to pasture in shame

  2. Isn’t lying against the Latter Day Saints religion? If not, it should be. He is a liar that will do anything to be president.

  3. The difference is, this time Willard is campaigning on pure hatred, indolence, condescension, racism, bigotry, hopeful confusion, and ignorance. The problem is, people buy into all of it and don’t care about facts. For the hardcore who hate the president for the obvious reason, they’ll believe anything a snakeoil salesmen tells them.

  4. So Mitt Romney is going to make it legal to stone to death adulterers, rebellious sons and sell daughters into slavery? Whoa. What a fanatical agenda of religious domination!

  5. 1) Yes, Obama did promise that the unemployment rate would stay below 8% if Congress passed the “stimulus” bill.
    See chart on page 4 of

    2) Politifact rates previous statements about the job-killing effect of Obamacare as only “mostly false”. The CBO admits that there will be an effect, but that it should be “slight” (remember that the CBO is legislatively bound to use static economic models if requested to do so by the person submitting the bill for consideration).

    3) Okay, he never used the word “apologize” so I guess this one would take a lot of debate, and I’m getting tired.

    4) Yeah, that one isn’t true. Thankfully, those provisions were removed from the law before we “passed it so we can find out what’s in it.”

    5) How can you say this is a lie? The military is smaller now than it was when Obama took office…so to say he’s shrinking the military is a prima fascia truth.

  6. Page 4 says nothing about Obama actually saying the rate would stay below 8%. Neither does page 5. It does show a predicted rate of 7%, but it doesn’t say that Obama said it

    That said, the bill still creates jobs and lowers the deficit. Period.

    Obama never came close to apologizing. He did however improve greatly our relationships which the GOP hates.

    “But saying that the IPAB will determine the course of treatment for individual cases is an entirely different matter — and it’s factually incorrect.”

    Read the military shrinking statements again. You skipped over the entire thing.

  7. You don’t understand… if President Obama said “8%” anytime in his life the GOP/Tea Baggers are allowed to put it into any context they wish. Didn’t you read the rules??

  8. 1) The President did not promise 8% unemployment to pass the stimulus. Conservatives always make this lie to take away the fact that GDP has grown for 10 quarters and there has been private sector job growth for 23 consecutive months and the Dow is back to record highs.
    2) If you want to be honest about the CBO scoring of the healthcare bill you would give the fact that they said people would retire because of lower cost and would not have to work longer to cover their medical insurance.
    3) The president did not apologize for America, but that is not the argument, would it be wrong to apologize for slavery, the imprisonment of Japanese citizens during WW ii, the death walk of native Americans into Canada, the oppressive Jim crow laws of the 20th century. Apologizing doesn’t make our country weak it’s people who can’t say when our country is wrong that makes it weak.
    4) Thanks for acknowledging Mitt lied.
    5) The military is moving toward a different strategy which the generals agree with, a smaller tactical teams such as the ones that have been successful killing Bin Laden instead of the horrid policy that have kept us at war for 10 years in Iraq and Afghanistan, I find it hilarious that Republicans try to make arguments against the success of this President after the failures of this last administration and what is more amazing is that they want America to return to those failed policies.

  9. This article is a filthy lie. Romney does not lie. Romney is a Republican and Republicans do not lie. That’s why Romney does not lie.

  10. I wish President Obama HAD apologized. It’s a major sign of weakness NOT to apologize… it means that the person cannot admit to making mistakes or error, in other words, elevating him-or-herself to Godhood or denying their own humanity. It’s a major sign of an abusive situation (especially when said individual/country constantly blames others for the misdeeds committed, especially the victims). God knows this country has done enough evil for 10 countries, including passing itself off as being so great and equal and good, when it is NOT (talk to any who have been persecuted in this country… Native Americans, Latinos, African Americans/Blacks, LGBT people for instance).

    I would rather live in a nation where the leaders DID officially and formally apologize and try to correct the damage caused by their actions, as compared to a nation which is, as a famous person described of people who pass themselves off as spiritual leaders and “good people” while hurting others (especially the poor): a “whitewashed sepulcher”.

  11. Perhaps you should have quoted the four biggest lies and not five. My reading of the last one is that Obama really is shrinking the military because an increase of $36 billion in five years doesn’t allow enough for inflation. The US would have to increase military spending by $100 billion to keep pace with inflation. I’m all for exposing lies but your case is diminished significantly if it isn’t actually a lie.

  12. Did we read:
    “Yes, Mitt Romney claimed that Obama is shrinking the military. In fact, the military will be shrinking, but not because Obama is endangering national security. ”

    The question is not is he shrinking the military, but putting us at risK while doing it. Its obvious that we wil not carry a fill sized military once troops are out of Iraq and Afghanistan

    You must read. Mitts claim is that Obama is putting us at risk when he isn’t

  13. For anyone who watched and listened to his first foreign policy speech right after his inauguration, it was a well-articulated and nuanced one.
    He admitted that the United States has made its own errors, but he was also careful to chide some other countries for what he called “reflexive anti-Americanism.” A lot of foolish people have misread this for being apologetic, but that’s because they are blinded by their own jingoism. That jingoism embodies the idea that military might always makes right and that no one should ever criticize the actions of this country toward others. It’s a sign of maturity, both on a personal level and as a nation, to be able to admit when we are wrong. The lie about the stimulus is ironic, seeing that the very GOP Congressional members who condemned had no problem showing up at ribbon-cutting ceremonies for projects funded by the stimulus. There were GOP governors who even begged for more stimulus money,like Rick Perry. As for ObamaCare, the current GOP frontrunner introduced health care reform in Massachusetts while he was governor there, and it has done a lot of good. But Willard’s morally bankrupt ambitions to become president have prompted him to pander to ignorant people who have this demented idea that health care reform is bad. I know people in other countries are probably either shaking their heads in disbelief or laughing their heads off at this staggering example of stupidity. They make the USA look like we are all a bunch of yokels.

  14. I think they must believe that lying about everything unconnected to the religion’s doctrines is fine, and even lying about your faith in those doctrines to the public is a-ok. At least that is what one has to suspect from Mitt’s ludicrous mendacity.

  15. Romney and Gingrich both have said that Obama is not only shrinking the military, he’s SLASHING the military budget. More violent imagery from the predator-feeders at the Republican zoo.

    The symbol for the Republicans shouldn’t be an elephant, it should be a hyena.

  16. US defense spending in 2010 accounted for 43% of the total amount for the entire planet. The next biggest spender is China, accounting for 7% of the world total.

    From what I gather, the proposed cuts will be rather minimal, and paltry when you compare them to cuts made after America’s wars in the past.

    If cutting over half a trillion dollars by a single-digit percentage point is “hollowing out” our national defense, then what are we exactly spending that money on?

  17. I thought that Mormons were supposed to be honest and do good to all men. Romney’s attack ads and his lies do not conform to his Mormon beliefs.

  18. Actually, “Lying for the Lord” is encouraged by the Mormon hierarchy.

    And in the convoluted maze that passes for the intellect of the average right-winger, I’m sure Romney and every other Mormon (which includes Harry Reid, who’s no saint when it comes to telling the truth) have concluded that lying in their political life is “for the Lord”, too.

  19. One thing that bugs me is that the press and the net, including you, pick up and repeat the Obama Care invention which was invented by the right as a condemning name for the health care bill. STOP IT! It plays into the haters’ hands.

  20. Well that’s like all liberals are supposed to be tolerant, all conservatives are blood thirsty cannibals etc. Back in my drinking days I used to drink with the same people I went to church with. Churcxh people except for southern baptists are only church people on sunday. The difference with baptists is that they go to church on Wednesdays too. The problem with all of them is leadership.

  21. That’s been my big burning question, galactus. Why is it okay for this representative of the Mormon Church to get up there every single day and lie his damn pathological head off? What does that say about the Mormon Church?

  22. I agree with everything you say, Obama is not putting the US at risk by shrinking the military. But politicususa didn’t say that that was the lie.

    In the video at 7:59, Mitt Romney says, “President Obama is shrinking our military and hollowing out our national defense.” We both agree that the second part of that statement is incorrect. But that is not what politicususa says is the lie. Politicususa says that “President Obama is shrinking our military” is the lie. And we both agree that that is not an incorrect statement.

    I am not nitpicking. Politicususa got the lie wrong. They quoted the wrong lie. Such shoddy reporting doesn’t do any good. It inflames Democrat passions and leaves Republicans thinking Democrats are idiots.

  23. From the recent New Yorker article: “Before he even entered office, he had to deal with an economic cataclysm. The initial debate was framed by a fifty-seven-page memo to the President-elect, dated December 15, 2008, written by Larry Summers, his incoming director of the National Economic Council. Marked “Sensitive and Confidential,” the document, which has never been made public, presents Obama with the scale of the crisis. “The economic outlook is grim and deteriorating rapidly,” it said. The U.S. economy had lost two million jobs that year; without a government response, it would lose four million more in the next year. Unemployment would rise above nine per cent unless a significant stimulus plan was passed. The estimates were getting worse by the day”

    Actually 4.4 million jobs were gone BEFORE Obama took the oath of office. Neither Summers nor Romer and Bernstein had up-to-date figures when they wrote. Since they didn’t know how many jobs had ALREADY been lost, it would have been folly to guarantee any particular unemployment rate. And Romer and Bernstein did not guarantee any unemployment rate. Their ESTIMATES were based on a loss at the time of 2,600,000 jobs, which is what the BLS Employment Situation report for December 2008 (issued early January 2009) showed. But subsequent revisions have shown that 3,600,000 jobs had already been lost by early January, and another 800,000 jobs were lost in January, as of the 12th of January, before the President took office. So the worst case scenario of a 5 million job loss had almost already been reached at the very time Romer and Bernstein issued their report, though they had no way of knowing that.

  24. Romney doesn’t have a cohesive plan, he just doesn’t have a clue. What else can he do but hurl lies at the wall and hope they stick.

  25. I wish Obama would shrink the military. I wish Obamacare was taking the jobs of insurance industry away. I wish the Democrats had enough spine to be significantly different than Republicans.

    While Republicans have begun scraping the barrel for troglodytes, Obama is to the right of Richard Nixon on most issues. Corporations are running our country and the major parties are just a divide and conquer strategy.

    I’m voting for the Green Party.

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