Will CNN Suspend Erick Erickson For His Obama Hate Perversion?

We’ve all watched as the network formerly known as unbiased CNN inched its way to teabagging country until it was running interviews with 3 teabaggers while rallies of hundreds of thousands took place in Wisconsin. But now one of their contributors has gone too far.

Today, CNN contributor Eric Erickson of Red State wrote that the President of the United States “perverted the word of God.”

Here is what he wrote, courtesy of Media Matters:

The President this week chose to pervert God’s Word to make the case for a tax increase, but he also chose to ignore God’s word on life and is ordering Christians, while he claims to be one, to violate their Christian conscience on abortion — requiring Christian organizations to provide health insurance that will cover the cost of drugs that induce abortions.

He is trying to have it both ways. He is trying to use God’s Word to defend a tax policy that dissuades individuals from giving gladly and charitably to the poor as God instructs and is ignoring God’s Word in order to force fellow Christians into violating their Christian conscience — something about which God cares a great deal.
This cannot end well for him, particularly doing this claiming to be a Christian. And it might not end well for the rest of us either. Barack Obama has gone to war with Christians’ consciences and he is perverting God’s word in the process to get his way on public policy.

I am not going to bother to debunk Erickson’s fetid brand of religion where they cherry pick the parts they like and toss the rest overboard. After all, if they’re so worried about life, why are they so pro-war? I will however offer you the video of Michele Bachmann quoting the exact same Bible verse as President Obama did to earn Erickson’s damning condemnation of “perverting the word of God.” (h/t to commenter phlcstgan on Media Matters.) This only goes to prove that the real issue isn’t about the word of God at all; hence, it is irrelevant.

Courtesy of Think Progress:

No, my concern today is the rhetoric of hate coming from someone who works for CNN. CNN hired Erickson in 2010 because he is allegedly in touch with small town America. Really? This is how small town America thinks? Sorry, but no. I will not stand for America to be tarnished thusly. I have friends who live in very small towns and they do not run around accusing people of perverting God’s word like a crazy carnival con artist.

At the time he was hired, Erickson stated, “CNN made an offer I couldn’t refuse,” and added, “This is the path God put me on and it was totally unexpected, but I go where the good Lord leads.” I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that the good Lord did not lead Erickson to CNN so that he could spread hate. Nope. Sorry, fella, think you got the wrong guy.

This is the guy who tweeted this upon Supreme Court Justice David Souter’s retirement: “The nation loses the only goat f***ing child molester to ever serve on the Supreme Court in David Souter’s retirement.”

Erickson is known for his inflammatory personal attacks and he once told Howard Kurtz that he would grow up for CNN. Seems he failed in that mission.

The fact that Erickson uses religion to pile on hate, cherry picks his positions and uses abortion as the flamethrower to stop all questions is par for the course for Fox News and certainly expected from someone who ranked as the 67% most influential conservative in 2007 (you see how conservative has come to mean hate-monger? They lumped him in there with Rush Limbaugh et al. So sad.). But it’s not okay for civilized people.

And far more concerning is the fact that Erickson says the President “perverted the word of God.”

I was unaware, first of all, that God spoke directly to Erickson yet somehow he alone knows how God feels. I was also unaware that it was cool to suggest that someone is not a Christian (is, in fact, the demon, as we know from reading plenty of right wing religious and conservative political commentary).

Apparently, Jesus told Erick Erickson “Judge all Democrats for you are anointed!” Erickson must now think he is equal to God, capable of judging others and condemning them.

Did Jesus also tell Erick that the poor should suffer and taxes on the wealthy are against Jesus’ ideas?

As a Christian myself, I am deeply offended. How dare Erick Erickson?

It is people like Erick Erickson who drove me from the Christian church. As a mainstream Christian at one time, I find this sort of behavior repugnant. It’s obvious to me that Erickson operates from a base of fear and that conservatives are terrified that Obama’s message about taxing the rich being the right thing to do will resonate with people, and so they attack with venom – throwing abortion into the mix and ending with damning condemnation of perverting the word of God.

But just because we know Erickson comes from a place of weakness and an argument that cannot be defended and therefor requires flame throwing doesn’t excuse his behavior. He is behaving like a bully on the playground. Is CNN in the habit of hiring hate-mongers and letting them use CNN as a platform to legitimize their message of hate?

How dare he use God’s name as a weapon of hate, how dare he elevate himself to God’s level and determine that he is worthy of judging another’s Christianity and how dare he use his alleged religious beliefs as political weapons of destruction? How dare he divide this country and sow hatred against the President. And how dare CNN pretend it doesn’t hear the dog whistle of faux Christian hate.

This is utterly shameful. If any religious leader uses words like this in their sermon, you should consider walking out, because a true faith leader would never resort to hatred in what appears to be a ploy to get more donations and justify a specious position so far from Jesus’ teachings it requires bomb throwing to distract from this reality.

This is no different in my book than if he had used a blatantly racist term. Erick Erickson is a religious bigot who accused the President of the United States of “perverting” the word of God, and if that’s not an unforgivably inflammatory statement, I don’t know what is.

CNN would suspend Erickson for this if they had any scruples. MSNBC suspended Keith Olbermann for less.

Update: A petition has been created for CNN to fire Erick Erickson that you can sign here.

Image: Politico

32 Replies to “Will CNN Suspend Erick Erickson For His Obama Hate Perversion?”

  1. Seems everyone wants to be a fire breathing preacher these days. Its certainly one way to get attention. As the number of self identified xtians goes down in this country the rhetoric both from the media and our truly fake xtian politicians goes up.

    Someone is doing an excellent job of bringing back the spanish inquisition for our politics. I am really not interested thank you people, keep your god to your self and I will keep the wind blowing softly through the trees to myself.

    As for the catholic church and the murderous pope, (yes call me whatever that bald headed girls name is), let the people determine if they want birth control and stop trying to run their lives and make them have millions more babys then they need..

  2. As someone who works with a progressive faith organization, I find this incredibly offensive. President Obama quoted Luke 12:48 ” From everyone to whom much is given much will be required.” In NO way does that verse “pervert Christianity”; it is the foundation of it.

    Today’s Dominionists are the corruptors of real faith, drawing deeply from the Old Testament economic and social rules (so long as not one of them applies to them) and twisting them to make very political points that are distant from the scripture being cited. These folks are Christians ONLY insofar as Jesus is a “get out of jail free” card to whisk them into heaven. But they are actually Old Testamentarians, not Christians at all.

    Once again, to add apparent “truth” to his rant, he conceptualizes contraceptives as abortifacients. They are NOT since they prevent fertilization. Our health care laws are not directing coverage of emergency contraception but of preventive types, and this convenient oversight is sooooo handy to make his case. Except it’s a tissue of lies. He either knows and lies or he doesn’t know and should not be promulgating public statements. Churches and denominational organizations are exempt from the health care rule on provision of contraceptives, period. He is dead wrong that they are being forced to cover contraceptives.

    ONLY those aspects of faith organizations that accept public funds – our tax dollars – are required to hire equally, treat their employees equally, and provide full health care equally. Faith-grounded organizations doing social services with tax money have two options: obey the law. Don’t accept tax money. That would include Franklin Graham’s Samaritan’s Purse all the way to Catholic Charities. You have a clear choice. Live with inclusive rules since we ALL help fund you or don’t take our money.

    Christianity is on the cusp of massive division that will rival the Great Schism and the Reformation in its scope. It is the divide between false adherence to false orthodoxy that creates divisions among the Elect and the Damned vs. enlightened quests for truth and full inclusion of all people, no exceptions. The vast majority of mainline Protestant denominations are, slowly but surely, moving toward the second view. The Catholic church is riven internally with this debate as well, and only time will tell whether the power of love overwhelms, or the power of rigid and increasingly irrelevant rules.

    In the meantime doctrinaire amateurs such as Erickson need to stop being authorities for major or any form of public news. They are not qualified, and it is not their job. Put Erickson somewhere he has not public space to rant, take his Twitter account away, and remind him that CNN has no official theologian and even if they did – he ain’t it.

    CNN needs to have this man leave as a broadcaster. He has no authority to use his bully pulpit to impose his very heretical and wrong religious views on our national politics. CNN should be highly embarrassed to have such an ill-informed person speak such drivel in their name.

  3. (Sigh) From what I’ve observed, he’s not that much different from a lot of people, except that he is in an influential and public position. If I’m even a little unlucky, I get treated to this sort of stuff.

    The things that he’s spewed is standard Sunday fare in a lot of the more fundamentalist (especially the dominionist) churches.

    It’s standard Bumper-Sticker “Good Christian” religion. We followed someone like that this afternoon on the way home from our church – too fast to pass and too slow to ignore.

    (I might add that what he spewed is also what the kids are getting in the “Good Christian” schools, even the ones that are supposed to be more mainstream. I’ve encountered evidence of it on several occasions.)

  4. Yeah…I was down to maybe 2 hours of CNN on weekends, but I have to say I’m done with them now. I won’t tolerate this kind of crap anymore and no one else should either. We’re long past time in this country to stop tolerating this right wing crap.

  5. I always watch msnbc primarily to see morning joe bash the field of contestants on the presidential run

  6. I know, walkaway – you’ve had a belly full of this disgusting excuse for Christianity. Time to stop. It’s bad enough it goes on inside church pews. No public figure has the authority to shove it down our throats. CNN has to be called out on this.

  7. I hate to break it to you, good Sir, but this is exactly what small town America thinks like. Having grown up in a town of less than 5,000 in rural Minnesota, this guy’s comments reflect small town sentiment with pinpoint accuracy. Disagree all you want with his opinions, but to suggest that he doesn’t represent your typical small town community is flat out wrong.

  8. (Laugh!) It was a relief when learning I’d taught evolution pissed off my neighbors so much that they don’t speak to me.

    The reduction in ranting (preaching) over the fence was literally a relief (I’m not kidding here). Now I can do things in my yard without keeping a watchful eye open to try to avoid the rants. (A couple of acquaintances have related a similar problem. It seems to go with the area.)

    Erick Erickson is characteristic of the type, although from what I understand, he’s a bit more erudite than usual. His rant against our President reminded me instantly of the rants I’ve heard – in churches and out.

    The only thing I can say that he’s symptomatic and the hate and violence (and distortions of the Bible) is ramping up. Maybe people will start noticing and it will lead to the population waking up to what is happening right next to them – hopefully in time.

  9. Eric Erickson is a douchebag and corporate right propagandist. Since CNN hired that Fox News jerkwad to be in charge, I highly doubt they’ll do anything to this guy except give him a raise and his own show.

  10. I have avoided CNN for the last year, it has become a mini FOX. I watch MSNBC, Free Speech TV (Thom Hartman) and Current. If I watched CNN I would throw my shoe through the screen.

  11. The only folk perversing the word of God are his so called followers who miss all the major messages in the book they whorship. and pick and chose what gets followed, they have been doing it since they left Judaism and stole from all the pagans to make conversion easy.

  12. One thing is for certain,CNN is not what it was when Ted Turner ran it.It has veered sharply to the right. and can now be considered Fox lite.It’s a damn shame this happened.This is progress?We have enough hate mongers on our air waves as it is.

  13. Erickson is a vile pig – but that is not new – he has always been way over his own head (lack of intellect)since arriving on the CNN scene, but he gets worse daily.

    As a resident of a very small town (3,500) in rural Tennessee, the locals here have awakened to the “hate” of the Xtian right. Unfortunately, for this little burg, 30 miles north of Nashville, it took the suicide of a local high school boy who was bullied to death for being gay that FINALLY struck a chord with these haters. When it hits you square in the face and makes national news, it apparently wakes up some of those who sit in the pews while they listen to pastors make and pass judgments on others, very unXtianlike, on a weekly basis. The FACT that the school administration blew this off as well PROVED that church and state should not inter-mingle. Too many educators in this little burg spent a lot of time writing their Xtian messages for the local paper – suddenly, things have quieted down and perhaps awakened the true Christians in Cheatham County, Tennessee and shut the door on those Xtians who preach hate of your fellow mankind. We are hopeful.

  14. That is some of the best news I’ve heard in a long time. It really hurts that an innocent youth needs to die to wake people to the danger they face, but hearing that a town has woken up is very encouraging.

    Maybe there is hope after all.

  15. I don’t know what happened to my comment, but the main point I was trying to make is that my cable company (my only choice) only offers CNN and FOX as far as 24 hour news.

  16. Fox will be standing inline waiting to grab him up. He has passed the test to be work at Fox. They will welcome him hands wide open….

  17. Surprised to see this guy still get facetime..but it is cnn…

    Suspend him, doubtful..They are down to 1 or 2 repub haters…they will need to keep him for their ‘balanced’ coverage!

    Besides the more that people see the inane and pompous sanctimony and insanity from the demented right ..the less all. others except the willfully ignorant, will see they are neither ‘christian’ not honest!

    They are only scripted bigots!

  18. CNN’S failure to take this lunatic to task is typical of the media’s failure to call these folks out on their lies and fear-mongering. I can only wonder how many people have been driven from churches by just this kind of hateful and destructive rhetoric. His remarks are irresponsible and reckless ones that amount to sedition, and no reference to “freedom of speech” absolves him from responsiblity for his hateful remarks, especially since there are too many who take them to heart.

  19. I am support your comment 100%! I stopped watching CNN a couple of years ago as I saw the infection of political Christianity’s Dominionist rhetoric ooze into their “news”. As I say often, we no longer have news organizations – just infotainment – the only problem with that is that few realize it. All it takes to be an “authority” is to have a mic and camera…

  20. I am very familiar with Erickson’s lies, hypocrisy, self-serving, divisive and hateful behavior. He was on the City Council here in my city in Middle GA and could always be depended upon to spread hate of all kinds. Even many republicans here have little love for Erickson. I posted the info from MM on my FB page yesterday, telling my “friends,” most of whom are “conservatives,” exactly what EE is up to—he’s asking them to help protect him from having to pay just a little bit more in taxes, and they are meant to be his foot soldiers in a fight that will in no way have any impact on them. He’s an egotistical, smarmy little b*sturd who has been taking advantage of these types of people for years.

  21. Sarah,

    As an atheist, I’ve been saying for a while now that we need mainstream Christians to stand up to this kind of extremism every time it occurs, instead of merely remaining silent. Thank you for actually acting in a true “Christian” manner.

    PS: I’ll sign the petition, but I’m afraid if Erickson is fired, he’ll probably find a home among his fellow bozos on Fox Newz (spelled with a “z” to distinquish it from real news).

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