Bill O’Reilly Disrespects President Obama By Lecturing Him On Humility

On his Fox News program, Bill O’Reilly claimed that President Obama had nothing to do with saving the auto industry and he needs to be much more humble about success.

Here is the video from Media Matters:

While talking about the Clint Eastwood Super Bowl ad and the saving of the auto industry, O’Reilly said, “Talking Points also believes that Presidents Bush and Obama did the right thing by propping up some major American corporations that were about to go under. That saved thousands of jobs and if the TARP program had not been authorized, worldwide panic would have been substantial. However, now, now it should be mandatory that all private companies that received taxpayer dollars pay them back. Chrysler should not be strutting around celebrating its recent success, while still owing the taxpayers more than a billion dollars. That’s simply wrong. Also President Obama should be much more humble in touting the success of an economic comeback because it was born on the backs of the working folks. He just ordered the checks sent out. American workers saved the economy, not Mr. Obama and Congress.”

Obama is responsible for saving thousands of jobs, but according to Bill O’Reilly, he doesn’t actually deserve any of the credit because it was the American workers who really saved the economy. But if the auto industry would have been allowed to fail, those workers wouldn’t have had jobs and thus not been able to save the economy.

Bill O’Reilly was twisting himself in knots trying to figure out a way not to give Obama any credit for saving the auto industry. Since facts weren’t on his side, Bill-O went with the most convenient all-purpose Obama smear on the Fox News shelf, the claim that President Obama is arrogant. President Obama was criticized up and down by Republicans like Mitt Romney for the bailout, but since it worked, they now have to find a way not to give the president any the credit for it.

It is the height of arrogance for TV talking head Bill O’Reilly to lecture the President Of The United States that he needs to be more humble, but this is what Obama has been dealing with from the right since he became the Democratic nominee in 2008. White Republicans consistently have placed themselves above the president and have demeaned and lectured him at every turn.

The idea that Obama lacks humbleness is another bit of racial code put out there by Fox News. (Translation: Don’t vote for the arrogant black man). Could you picture Bill-O lecturing a white Republican president that way? Yeah, me neither, but in the world of Fox News this level of disrespect is how they and their viewers commonly address America’s first African-American president.

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35 Replies to “Bill O’Reilly Disrespects President Obama By Lecturing Him On Humility”

  1. President Obama most certainly did save the Auto Industry. It was President Obama’s idea to bail them out, and the Auto Industry paid back the government all the money. So yes, President Obama saved the Auto Industry. O’Reilly can lie to Fox lemmings all he wants, but he cannot change the truth.

  2. Now wait a minute. 99.9% of the wannabe cons complain about the pres bailing them out and .1% says it never happened? Is O’Leily that stupid? Did I have to ask that?

  3. Bill “I have the highest rated show on cable” O’Reilly talking about humility?! I bet if the auto industry bail out had been a total disaster, Mr. O’Reilly would want President Obama, “to own it.”

  4. Oh c’mon. You had me agreeing with everything until the white Republican president remark. If it was a black Republican president (say Herman Cain ) Billy boy WOULDN’T have disrespected him. Same thing on the flip side… Bill-O definitely WOULD have disrespected a white Democrat president. Surf the net for some old O’Reilly Factor clips during the Clinton administration. You’ll see what I mean.

    Bill-O’s always been a phony “independent.” He is such an obvious partisan and butt-kisser of social/religious right conservatives, that even most righties chuckle at his denials.

  5. Bill is a POS.
    Actually, President Obama should swagger more. I don’t think he knows how to do it, personally.
    Or maybe W used up all the swagger points. Ya know, swaggering without a cause or a clue.

  6. Obama did more for “us.” in 3 then Bush did in 8. If you can’t see that Big Corporations are running the GOP you people are just brainwashed from Fox News. See, I really don’t understand it. You follow white haired conservatives who want the poor and homeless dead. Who want to hunt illegal citizens like animals. Most of you would not be here in our beautiful country had it not opened its heart for you or your parents/grandparents. I’m 2nd generation USA born to Italian immigrants. Now you want to close the door because the way it is right now doesn’t appease you. President Obama is working on that. Maybe not the way that Governor Brewer wants to. That was so disrespectful. But then again so is Fox News. What am I saying? All the Republicans are disrespectful. You don’t even call Obama, President. I’ve heard a few like, monkey. That’s disgusting. What year is this? 1900?

    Don’t you women want equal rights as men? President Obama just today signed it into law. Women don’t you want the right to your own bodies? I know us men would never give up our penis right. How about your public hanging for abortionist? I can go on and on.

    Sooner or later you’ll see that Democrat or Republican is just a name. We are all for human rights throughout the world, conservation and nature, for world peace with no more armies. Capitalism, we’re saying “go out and make a fortune” in fact we’ll help you. But you must at least pay your share if not more. We helped you with grants, loans, roads, schools, on and on. You want to practice your religion fine but you have to pay your share too. Religion is just a business like any other. Have your God, I have mine but don’t push it on everyone. That’s not a republic. God does not belong in public. He is personal to you. Do you think God would kill illegal’s, the poor and homeless? Come on, get real here. Have you ever dealt with the homeless? You think God wants homeless people? Most are very mentally ill. They use alcohol and drugs for self-treatment. I’m sorry but the Republican, Conservative, GOP whatever you want to call the other side is inhuman.

  7. ‘Arrogant black man’?! I don’t think jumped-up shanty Mick O’Reilly’s evil little mind goes even THAT far! No, in his mind the President is an ‘uppity n****r’!! As seen by this post, he, his pals Hannity and Buchanan rouse up the residual anti-Irish feeling in this Sasenach. I feel like going on to their shows and singing ‘Lilliburlero’ right in their faces to give them a horse-doctor’s dose of their own filthy toxin!!!!!!!!!

  8. If the auto bailout hadn’t worked, would O’Reilly blame President Obama? Of course he would! Which means that President Obama gets the credit for taking the chance on the auto industry. He put his reputation on the line and backed the American auto workers. They came through and President Obama is the first one to give the workers all the credit they deserve. However, I see that Ford is congratulating its CEO for the job that he’s done in keeping Ford going w/o any gov’t assistance, despite the fact that they have received help with the Cash for Clunkers program. Ford sold over 90k vehicles due to the program. That’s gov’t assistance no matter how you spin it. They also received over $15B from the Dept of Energy to retool their equipment to promote more energy efficient vehicles. Anyway you look at it, the gov’t helped to save the auto industry and President Obama gets a great deal of credit for doing so. Suck it up, O’Reilly. I never heard you tell Bush to be humble!

  9. Being lectured by Bill O’Reilly on humility is like being lectured on early childhood development by Jerry Sandusky.

  10. This was not one of the worse clips of O’Reilly. One commentor above said “Obama did more for ‘us’ in 3 [years] than Bush did in 8.” Agreed. No, O’Reilly won’t acknowledge this. Another commentor above said “If the auto bailout hadn’t worked, would O’Reilly blame President Obama? Of course he would! Which means that President Obama gets the credit for taking the chance on the auto industry.” But the title of this clip: “Bill O’Reilly Disrespects President Obama By Lecturing Him On Humility” made me think this clip would be extraordinarily disrespectful. This is just–more O’Reilly. Is media matters going to put “Bill O’Reilly Disrespects President Obama–” in the title of every clip of him?

  11. CONs have been droning on and on sarcastically with the term “Government Motors” (GM) and bashing Obama for “bailing them out”.

    Now this narrative?

    They can’t make up their minds.

  12. The kooks over at Faux News don’t want the President touting any of his accomplishments because they know if the American people actually use their brains, they’ll remember that most of the crap that were digging out of was Bushs fault. That the collapse happened under Bushes watch, and that while the recovery has been painful, it has been orchestrated by President Obama. If Faux lets this fact take hold, the American people may actually start to believe in the country again. They can’t have that.

  13. …but, he’s too stupid to realize the fact! Remember the “little boy who cried wolf”, and remember what Pavlov found out about “blowing the dog whistle” too many times/over a prolonged period?

    As my 2 year old nephew says “He ‘tuupid” as he puts his finger on his intendeds nose…

  14. I don’t care for Bill as a reporter, but on these points I have to agree with him. Obamass is an arrogant, egotistical piece of work, who sees nothing wrong with acting his way through this presidency. He has NOT saved or created any jobs. That’s what the American private sector has done. He has only plunged us deeper into debt with his inept, irresponsible tactics and advice from the likes of Soros and Ayers. His agenda has been purely about control and socialism.

    And while we’re on the subject of the arrogant little king… he has NEVER shown a legit birth certif. He’s shown 3… which one is supposed to be the legit one? While he was campagning for office, I did some deep digging on him. There were no records found in the Hawaiian Clerks office for the year before, during or after his year of birth. NONE. The first fake bc he showed was an obvious photoshop fake. Then he showed another with a Hawaiian hospital. ALL the info on it was fake.
    1. no signing by resident doctor
    2. race was listed as black – that was not a term used in the 60’s.
    3. name of the hospital was inaccurate according to Hawaiian records.
    4. the registry number was off
    5. no stamped/embossed seal
    6. no footprint
    … plus other inconsistencies, IF you pay attention to it.
    He’s a fraud. Why else would he pay millions to have his medical, school, personal records sealed up? Who does that?

  15. Oh give me a break. All he did was invest money to what’s now referred to as Governement Motors. GM was bought out as a little deal to prove something.

  16. Den Vecc, as a fellow American/Italian, you disgrace and embarass me.
    How do you come to any logical conclusion that this joke in office has done anything for you or anyone else?? His agenda doesn’t make room for anyone else but to benefit himself. Do me and everyone else a favor and get educated about his background and socialist agenda before you vote next time. Think more as an independent and stop being brainwashed with all this libtard/dem rhetoric.

  17. While I agree with most of your statements (I don’t agree that “Democrat or Republican is just a name”), your statement about the homeless is incorrect.

    The majority of people who are homeless are families. The mentally ill homeless person is actually a minority, although they are not a tiny minority. The primary cause of homelessness is income loss or income reduction, combined with high housing costs, NOT mental illness, drug use, “Laziness”, or “Want to live that way”. Again I point to sources such as the Low Income Housing Coalition and National Coalition for the Homeless. If I had more time, I could provide links to the facts about the makeup of the population of people who find themselves homeless – dig it out of my thesis, for instance.

    You are correct in saying that people often are self-medicating when they use drugs, but it’s also for things like physical pain. Self-medication is not the norm for drug use, however (except possibly among the homeless). Quite often homeless individuals start drinking or using drugs to help cope with the hellish situation they find themselves in (this is very common). If the homelessness is dealt with, often they stop using because they don’t need it any more.

    The Republicans and their treatment of the very poor and homeless… about as inhumane as you can get. On that I totally agree with you. The very thing that works – HELPING the homeless instead of trying to fix or punish them, is the very thing they refuse to do. Otherwise, we’d be seeing a lot more “Housing First” programs around the country (very effective) and hear less of the “Get a Job!” Historically, conservatives and businesses have been shown to literally WANT a managed homeless population, so they can be used as an example and a threat to employees to help keep wages suppressed. Indeed, in years past, homelessness was subtly encouraged by businessmen (back in the days when it was almost unthinkable for a woman to own a business).

    Again, if I have more time, I could cite sources for this information and possibly even good links.

    To get back on topic… O’Reilly is showing the usual attitude of the Republicans/conservatives and it’s one that I am quite familiar with. If they’re this dismissive and demeaning towards someone like President Obama, you can easily imagine how they act towards minorities who are NOT powerful – like minority individuals who find themselves homeless. That’s when you get the “let them starve!” and “it’s all their fault!” language.

  18. LOL! Freaking hilarious post by someone that just repeats what he is told.

    I will address one point. A birth certificate printed out by the state does not contain a footprint! I cant help but laugh my ass off at you

  19. LOL! Almost as funny as your last post! He saved over a million jobs and you call it just proving something? Too rich! You cant make this stuff up. Well you cant but someone did for ytou

  20. You’re an Italian-American, *paisano*? You yourself would make the captain of the Costa Concordia blush. Evidently, you supported a leader for eight years who wrecked the ship, causing the maximum loss of life and cargo possible, for the power and profit of himself and his cronies, with nothing but approbation, and now you dare impugn his successor because of race. I’d say La Piovra has a place for you, but evidently they won’t trust anyone of your intelligence with anything but dispatching mean little form letters.

  21. So he is brilliant and connected enough to “steal” the Presidency by running a huge,ground-breaking campaign and somehow fooling everyone (including the Clintons who would have loved to have your knowledge of his “foreign” birth, btw) into thinking he was actually an American, therefore winning in a landslide, yet he’s just too dumb to get hold of some decent fake documents that would fool you birthers? Do you people ever think before you type this crap?

  22. (Laugh!) Oh my God, a BIRTHER!!! Haven’t you nutcases gone extinct yet?

    Take a bit of advice: Don’t buy any bridges or gold bricks. Try to grow a brain.

  23. O’Reilly’s arrogance is exceeded only by his ignorance, so he is in no position to lecture anyone on humility. Whether he actually says the words publicly or not, it’s obvious that he thinks the president is an
    uppity black man.

  24. OMG-We have a birther amongst our midst! Go peddle your lies to the right wing blogs where they eat these lies up.

  25. You need to do your research before you post. Regurgitating brainwashed fox crap isn’t going to fly around here.

  26. Jesus Hussein are so fucking stupid, mea.

    If you pay attention to anything beside getting your little brain washed you would know exactly what PObama has accomplished.

    Birthers have to be the most stupid assholes on the Planet.

  27. Two newspapers REPORTED the birth. Two Governors, one Republican and one Democratic made it plain that the document is legit. How many times that stuff like this must be recycled????

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