This is TeaNN: Exploring The Dark Art Of Conservative Media Bias

Jason Easley and Sarah Jones discuss the dirty little secret that fuels the American corporate media’s profits, conservative media bias.

In the past week we have seen the consequences of the media’s sellout to the far right. First came CNN contributor Eric Erickson’s attack on the President of the United States with the claim that Obama had perverted the word of God by using the Bible to justify a tax increase on the wealthiest Americans, and this was followed by CNN contributor Dana Loesch’s attack on pro-choice women who she called “ageist bigots.”

CNN didn’t just feel the urge to sow its radical right wing oats when it hired Erickson and Loesch. The network hired the right wing contributors in a calculated move to pander to the right, but the few extra dollars the network might squeeze out of these hires is offset by the news organization’s loss of credibility.

As Jason and Sarah discussed, CNN didn’t just sell themselves out. They have betrayed the American people while chasing the the success of Fox News. Sarah Jones noted that the corporate media is always behind the times. By the time CNN realizes the mistake that they have made, it will be too late.

CNN has made it all too clear that liberal, progressive, and independent points of view are not welcome on their network. They have never said this, but they don’t have to. Their tolerance and continued employment of Loesch and Erickson says everything for them. CNN never announced that they were moving to the right. They subtly made the transition by hiring people who hold a specific point of view.

The corporate media knows that they can’t announce their conservative bias to the American people, so they have perfected a sort of dark art of shifting their coverage through their hiring and editorial decisions. CNN has decided that liberal protests and progressive issues aren’t stories, but the tea party deserves treatment as a separate political entity who is worthy of cosponsoring Republican debates with.

This is TeaNN. A former news organization that has become a fine example of conservative media bias.

Want to do more? Tell CNN to suspend or fire Erick Ericson

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14 Replies to “This is TeaNN: Exploring The Dark Art Of Conservative Media Bias”

  1. GO! GO! GO! Keep up the great work, Sarah and Jason! The gradual takeover of CNN by the right wing extremists has been developed so incrementally that few have noticed. This despicable plan desperately needs more exposure. Thank you.

  2. Gradual takeover of CNN? What was so gradual about it? Do you not realize that, in 2006, Chuck Roberts called the Democratic members of Congress “al Qaedacrats”? I haven’t watched CNN since then…there was nothing gradual about CNN turning into wingnut shill….and it didn’t just happen

  3. Thank you for bringing CNN’s increasing pandering on the Tea Party to light. Fox “News” and now CNN must to be told, “People are entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts.”

  4. I think “We the People” need to reassert our OWNERSHIP of the airwaves that these companies use and instruct the FCC to reinstate the Fairness Doctrine.

  5. Haven’t watched CNN in years; their co-sponsorship of a GOP presidential debate with the TEA PARTY should disqualify them forever from being considered the least bit unbiased.

  6. I have noticed this and brought it to some people’s attentions, but they all told me I was nuts. I gave up watching them, I could not tolerate the questions and information they were with-holding.

  7. I haven’t watched cnn or any corporate propaganda “news” since November 2002. I saw how they drummed up business for The March To WAR and influenced the Midterm elections for bushit.

    Freaking Candy Crowley is still there at tnn. Yeah, I see from the net that it’s only gotten more facist. I’m surprised msnbc allows Rachel, Rev Al, and Martin Bashir(gotta love the vid clips on the net.)

    I signed the petition to fire this as my reason..

    “Because Erick Erickson is a hateful hack and cnn needs to stop picking their pundits from the gutter.”

  8. You are not nuts, Emma. That’s how the corporate mediawhores stay in business..there’s too big of an audience willing to be suckers. Look at all those brainwashed idiots who fox sucks in. cnn made a business decision to betray their country.

  9. Is it Confirmation Bias when my deepest darkest suspicions are shared by so many? Thank you Mr. Easle and Ms. Jones.

  10. EmmaLib, you are NOT nuts! The “people” you refer to need to wake up and smell the roses before we end up with President Sarah Palin and Vice President Bachman, Liz Chaney, or Santorum. Please don’t give up trying to make people see what is REALLY going on.

  11. I don’t even go to their website any more, and I quit posting or reading comments a year before that. Their moderators don’t allow any posts with the words “Constitution” or “tectonic” in them, but when whackwingewrs post ethnic slurs, aggressive obscenities, or death threats against eevul libruls, said moderators always seem to be off somewhere performing biological activities.

  12. How important are the MSM? Does anyone really watch them? People under 30 aren’t willing to wait for the news, or just look at one source.

    Like the Tea Party, cable and broadcast television caters to an old, white audience. They are fighting for a tiny audience, so they hire the same types.

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