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A Wink in the Clink: Another Scott Walker Aide Pleads Guilty To Crime

Last updated on March 8th, 2012 at 08:09 pm

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I have recently been informed on Twitter by an “ordained minster” that Republicans are right to disrespect the President because God tells them to call out those who “pervert” the Bible. Keep this in mind, then, as I tell you the story of Wisconsin today, because it seems like Republican God has mysterious values.

Today in Wisconsin, former Vice Chair of the Milwaukee County Republican Party Darlene Wink, wearing a rather hard to miss cross around her neck, skulked out of the courtroom after pleading guilty to misdemeanor charges for raising money and campaigning for Scott Walker’s 2010 gubernatorial run on the taxpayer’s dime during his County Executive term.

Ms Wink’s attorney assured us that she would rather not discuss all of this. He said she is “loyal.”

WisPolitics reported:

Darlene Wink, a former aide to Scott Walker when he was Milwaukee County exec, pleaded guilty Tuesday to charges she did campaign work on his gubernatorial campaign during from her government office.

Wink entered the plea to the two misdemeanor counts as part of a deal with prosecutors overseeing a John Doe probe into allegations former Walker aides did political work on county time. According to the outline of a plea deal prosecutors released after her arrest, Wink has agreed to testify about destroyed digital evidence and other issues related to the John Doe…

Wolff said he could not answer questions about the digital files that are missing.

“Miss Wink just wants to put this behind her,” Wolff said. “She doesn’t like being in the limelight, and she’s a very loyal person.”

Somehow, loyalty in Republican world means that you are willing to violate the law because you think you are right. There is no mention or thought that actually, as a public servant, Ms Wink owed her loyalty to us, the taxpayers, and to upholding the law. There is no thought about using taxpayer money for partisan purposes and abusing the public trust. No, all of that is justified as being “loyal.” Loyal to whom?

Now, think about this because it’s important.

Republicans justify disrespect by saying God sanctions, nay, demands that they do it. They sanction illegal activity by saying it’s loyalty to the Party, implying it was a good thing for the right cause. So, there are no laws for the Party and since the Party has the favor of God, they do not need to show courtesy or respect to anyone.

Scott Walker ran as the family values conservative, the good Christian, and yet he has attracted far more corruption around him than Blagojevich, whom Republicans love to hold up as proof of “Chicago Politics”. One wonders what would they call a network of crime that infiltrated an entire state political party, with convictions dropping left and right on Republicans who deeply abused public trust and this is all the preview to the Big Show. Will systemic corruption come to be referred to as Wisconsin Politics?

We still don’t know who or what John Doe is. We just know it centers on the very disingenuous Scott Walker, whose history of city, illegal campaign tacticsis nothing new. I wrote about Walker’s history in February of 2011, before we knew about the John Doe investigation. Oddly, conservatives were proud of his history at that time; proud that Walker was a cheater. Somehow this makes him more conservative in their eyes, which makes me wonder what they think the word conservative is supposed to mean.

Might makes right in the GOP; all that matters is the win. Cheaters and people who are willing to violate the law to win are obviously drawn to and encouraged by the Wisconsin Republican Party.

How do you trust people like this? It’s as if they have made their own little world, where there aren’t any rules for them and they are God and God rules the Kindgom. God cheats and lies whenever he pleases, because God wants to.

The people have no say, because the spoiled little despots of the GOP kindergarten have taken over. They expect you to fund their campaigns whether you like it or not. They expect you, me, and the President of the United States to sit here and take their potty mouth temper tantrums because they feel entitled and superior.

They expect their employees (taxpayer employees) to be loyal to them and the Party over the people and the country. And who will take the fall when these “loyal” patsies break the law for their higher calling — Do we see Scott Walker pleading guilty to misdemeanor charges? Speaking of which, Kelly Rindfleisch, Deputy Chief of Staff to Walker in 2010, is facing four felony counts of misconduct under the same John Doe investigation. I hope he also has a big cross. We know if you lie, cheat and steal for God it’s acceptable and in fact, a great résumé builder in the GOP.

The utter lack of concern over serious breaches of public trust (and this is just the beginning of the John Doe case) should shock citizens. Had the Republican Party an ounce of shame, they would denounce this behavior. But instead, they cheer it and justify it because it seems to them that they are doing it for God.

So, here’s a hint for the Republican Party aides and other patsies: when God asks you to violate the law for His cause, it’s not God’s voice you’re hearing. Just sayin’.

And just because I can’t resist: Wink turns fink to avoid clink. Although technically, the judge could refuse her plea bargain. Expect more “Wisconsin Politics” soon from the GOP, and that means more charges, more felonies, more misdemeanors, and more convictions on the ride to the big fish. We recall her plea deal, “Wink has agreed to testify about destroyed digital evidence and other issues related to the John Doe.”

Apparently, Republican God thinks none too highly of our laws or public trust.

Image: Reality Based Bob (cropped)

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