A Paranoid Mitt Romney Claims The White House Is Trying To Kill Him

After losing all three contests last night, the Mitt Romney campaign developed a new Nixon like strain of paranoia with their claim today that the White House has adopted a kill Mitt Romney strategy.

Here is the video from Time:

White House Press Sec. Jay Carney made the point today that Mitt Romney was an odd choice to carry the Republicans’ “Obama war on religion flag,” because he is a big freaking hypocrite on the issue, “This is, I think, ironic that Mitt Romney is criticizing the President for pursuing a policy that’s virtually identical to the one that was in place when he was governor of Massachusetts.”

This statement of fact caused the Romney campaign to flip out and respond that the Obama campaign has adopted a kill Mitt Romney strategy, “Given the Obama campaign’s obsessive fixation on Mitt Romney and their ‘kill Romney’ strategy, it comes as no surprise that they would continue to try to distort Mitt Romney’s record to distract from President Obama’s failures. Governor Romney stands with the Catholic Bishops and all religious organizations in their strenuous objection to this liberty- and conscience-stifling regulation. He is committed to repealing Obamacare entirely. On his first day in office, Mitt Romney will eliminate the Obama administration rule that compels religious institutions to violate the tenets of their own faith.”

I guess this is what happens when your inevitable nominee candidate proceeds to go 0 for 3 on primary/caucus night. The Romney campaign was obviously trying to spin the White House’s factual point into part of a vast conspiracy to knockdown what they feel is a huge threat to the Obama presidency. It is ironic that the Romney camp would whine about lying when Mitt Romney peppered his Nevada victory speech with blatant lies about Obama.

The Romney campaign was trying to rev up the paranoia of GOP primary voters, but it is hard to believe that they would care if Obama was literally trying to kill Mitt Romney himself. All Mitt Romney has inspired in Republican primary voters is dispassionate indifference.

When the Romney campaign discusses Obama’s “failures” they are apparently talking about a successful foreign policy, a growing economy, and saving an automobile industry that is now profitable. Team Romney trying to play the war on religion card is ridiculous because Romney enforced the exact same policy in 1995 when he was governor of Massachusetts.

Team Romney doesn’t seem to get the fact that they are no longer the inevitable nominee. The White House doesn’t have to ‘kill’ Romney. Republican primary voters are already doing it for them.

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  1. I have to wonder if the candidates get too vociferous about their opposition to the Obama policies to point that Obama sees it as a threat to national security can he enact indefinate detention and have them rounded up and killed. According to the new law no one has to know about it. If President Obama then what about the next president?

  2. i’m waiting for willard to proclaim ‘you wont have willard to kick around anymore.”… is there any GOP spokeshole who doesnt play the victim card? thats all they seem to have. it aint ideas…

  3. The last person killed by a house was the wicked witch of the east. It’s not too hard to picture Romney’s fancy slippers sticking out from under the white house, either. Be afraid, Mitt. Be very afraid.

  4. Yes, Mitt – you DID that, and you have to take ownership of it. No one is trying to “kill” you – you are doing that all by yourself.

    And what, I ask, about the religious rights of NON Catholics working in taxpayer funded public service agencies or colleges and universities, or hospitals? Why do OUR religious rights never matter to anyone? Protestants, Jews, Seventh Day Adventists, and non-believers all have the same rights as those who run organizations under the rubric of a particular religion but that are already mandated to equal hiring and equal protection.

  5. He reminds me of Sarah Palin more and more each day. Wonder how much he had to pay her to get down off that cross so he could climb up for his turn at playing the victim. Jeez, Man up Mitt you are one sad ugly little man.

  6. What distortion? Mittens ya record speaks for itself. Remember saying that you were 100% for women’s rights on birth control and that abortion should be available?

    The guy is going to get burnt big time. Right now Axel is adding up all the facts.

  7. NOT true. Ask any high profile GOPer–PBO is the thin-skinned one. This claim coming from a bunch who has their knickers in a twist because Clint Eastwood did a Super Bowl ad saying that the U.S. automobile industry is on its way back is ludicrous. LOL

  8. Wasn’t this the same mook who wanted to give Obama a bloody nose?!! Geez, man. Methinks that Mitts has his Magog tighty whites on a little too tight. If he is so concerned about his personal safety, why in Goddesses’ name would he be running with self deluded nativists with high powered weapons and personal ‘performance’ issues. Mitts, you want to see who is gonna do you, go look in a mirror. ‘Nuff said.

  9. This paranoid nonsense proves that Willard is every bit as certifiable as his opponents for his party’s nomination. We have learned much more about him in 2012 than we knew back in 2008, and everything we’ve learned only solidifies why he should never occupy the White House. The hatred of President Obama that he shares with most members of his party causes him to lie outrageously about the man’s record and his inclinations. But this goofy conspiracy theory takes his lying to a whole new low.

  10. Have said for months that Willard = Milhous…
    Have not seen such blind unfounded ambition since that time…

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