The Right Freaks Out As GOP Poll Finds 20% Of Republicans May Vote For Obama

A major freak out is occurring on the right as a new poll released by a Republican polling company has found that 20% of Republicans are more likely to vote for Obama.

The poll done by Republican polling firm Wenzel Strategies for World Net Daily found something similar to my own recent analysis of state polling data that the 2012 election is beginning to look like a replay of 2008. The Wenzel/WND poll turned up the surprising statistic that no matter who the Republican nominee is, one fifth of the Republican voters surveyed are leaning towards voting for President Obama.

The only Republican candidate who doesn’t lose at least 20% of GOP voters to Obama is Ron Paul, and he loses 19%. The poll found that 54% of those surveyed believed that Obama had exceeded or lived up to their expectations, and 47% said that he had not. Sixty percent of Independents thought Obama has met or exceeded their expectations as did 52% of moderates. In the head to head match ups with all voters polled Obama leads Romney, 48%-41%, Gingrich, 50%-36%, and Santorum, 49%-34%. Ron Paul fares best against Obama and he trails the president, 44%-40%.

Needless to say the right wing is freaking out over this poll. They realize that if 20% of Republicans defect from their party to support Obama, they will not win in 2012. Some on the right are claiming that the improving economy is helping Obama. Others are blaming the ugliness of the Republican primary for making all of the GOP alternatives unelectable. Most of their blame is being directed at Mitt Romney, as they use this poll to call for more conservative non-Romney candidate.

We also can’t dismiss the wing nut theories that the 20% of Republicans are really Democrats who are being paid by George Soros, and that white guilt is motivating one fifth of Republicans to possibly support the president.

All of these theories range from the logical to the bizarre, but they all overlook something. The majority of the American people personally like Barack Obama, and the Republican candidates really suck. It isn’t just the candidates’ fault though, the root of the problem rests with the positions of the Republican Party.

The GOP has taken unpopular positions on raising taxes on the wealthy, killing Medicare, creating jobs, birth control, and just about every other issue (minus the deficit) that matters to the American people.

The years of Republicans taking positions that show that they don’t care about what the vast majority of Americans want has not only alienated Democrats and Independents, but also a portion of Republicans. Raising taxes on the wealthy is a popular position with a sizable percentage of Republicans. The GOP has ignored these members of their own party, while at the same trying to nominate a candidate who embodies the one percent. In contrast, Obama has taken the appealing position that taxes need to be raised on the wealthy. Raising taxes on the wealthy is the sort of issue that make some Republicans think twice about voting for Obama.

The truth is that the far right is freaking out because they don’t understand how so many of their fellow Republicans could consider voting for a president that they can only see through their Marxist/Socialist delusions about him. The reality is that the imaginary Obama they see isn’t the same as what the rest of America sees.

The right is melting down because they are realizing that not only that Obama may get reelected, but members of their own party may help him do it.

Yes, we can, indeed.


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  1. It boils down to the fact Obama got Bin Laden. That alone is going to convince some voters to vote for him. The only other thing I can say is look at the Republican field. They sure as hell don’t inspire confidence. I mean the guy who is eventually gonna win it is not even supported by a majority of his voters. He is basically the left over pizza from a drunken party from the night before (think Bush).

  2. “Most of their blame is being directed at Mitt Romney, as they use this poll to call for more conservative non-Romney candidate.”

    But why can’t they see that this is their problem to begin with? Really, why?

  3. Anybody taking WorldNet Daily as a legitimate source of anything but humor deserves to be freaked out by the results.

  4. I have received my $1 million check from George and I shall be voting Dem this year. He is coming with me to the polls to make sure.

    Beyond that, this is the worst imaginable field imaginable. Imagine it. These idiots have moved so far right and told so many poorly told lies, how could a republican with a modicum of self respect left vote for them? And you are right, they have ignored the non radical majority in their party and all tried to be tea thugs. The tea thugs are disappearing and so will these three.

    Palinbots demand Romney get out, the Grinch demands Romney and Frothy get out. These people are freaked out. The voting on Colorado was down 50% in the Rick Frothy win. The republican party is in ruin. The top blue suits know it. Prebus humpfuas or whatever his name is, is now under investigation with Walker. Its out of control

    And on top of it, they have white supremacists speaking at CPAC as well as that little ball of hate, Tony Perkins

  5. Prior Republican voters who are switching to Obama include Hispanics/Latins turned off by Republican xenophobes, aging people turned off by Republican insistance on abolishing Social Security and Medicare, and struggling people turned of by Republican poor-hating Randianism. I suspect there are also mainstream Christians becoming scared of Dominionism, formerly smug career women frightened of growing Republican misogyny, and quite a few young servicemen and women who realize another Republican presidency means probable war with Iran.

  6. Really? Obama got Bin Laden? That was him out there fighting and killing? He’s the one who took the shot? No, our MILITARY got Bin Laden. All Obama did is take credit for it, and he’s not the one who even started all this. Bush Sr. started it all! Remember? Back in the day of Desert Shield and Desert Storm? That was where it all started. The only thing Obama did for this country was pull the wool over our eyes. He has had the highest increase in unemployment in decades. He has had a higher deficit than Washing through Bush Sr. COMBINED, he has repeatedly lied about his religion (first he’s muslim, then he’s christian, then he’s muslim, then…who knows what?), he said he was born in Hawaii, but then called Kenya the “country of my birth”…How can anyone seriously consider voting for him again? If you don’t want republican, fine. But don’t vote in that lying sack of feces again. We can do MUCH better!

  7. LOL!

    I had to leave this so we see what kind of uneducated people are out there.

    I present you with TonyM

    BTW, your wrong about the deficit part. And the religion part, the where he was born part and the Desert Storm part

  8. It never fails, BIGOTRY controls any logical thinking pattern. Face it, anything that President Obama does would not be accepted by you. Your Bigotry is obvious, any Military action ordered by a
    President and carried out by the Military is credited to that President. George Bush could not get Bin Laden, but Obama did.
    Sometimes you have to suck it up and admit that you are a BIGOT.

  9. I guess he thinks those Navy Seals came up with their own orders. It wasn’t Obama calling the shots. Heh.

    And this elite navy seals special operation was joint with CIA, so not really correct to simply say “military,” but then this guy thinks Obama wasn’t born here so we should cut him some slack. Poor thing.

  10. I know damned well what the Bushes got us into: two wars of aggression against a country that was NOT OUR ENEMY, the second ending in that nation’s destruction while giving the perpetrator who WAS OUR ENEMY (though his family was strangely chummy with the Bush family) plenty ofd time to escape. Obama was provably born in the State of Hawaii. McCain was provably born in the Canal Zone. Who was photographed dancing and smooching with Saudi princes? W. Now take your stercus bovinus and shove it back where it came from, you lying bigot.

  11. To be fair to them, this is a legit polling company, but I highly doubt they ever got that far in their reasoning because — you know — the socialism!

  12. yo, life long dem. knew jerry rubin and was in chicago in 68. and i have never received my stipend from soros…. i want restitution!!!…

    the best part is the link from sludge to this story and the comment section… nuclear meltdown in conspiracy land…

  13. Why vote for a party who wants to eliminate lunch time in New Hampshire???

    BTW, Obama ran on his promise to hunt down Bin Laden. He kept it.

  14. Obama is the commander in chief and therefore, a part of our military. President Obama has always claimed to be a Christian, and I see nothing in his life to contradict that. When did he call Kenya the “country of my birth”? If Obama has a higher deficit than any other POTUS, it’s because he’s paying for W’s wars.

    I find it interesting that you don’t give President Obama any credit for getting Bin Laden, when he gave the order, yet give Obama all the blame for the deficit, most of which he inherited.

  15. Obama always gave credit to the SEALS. Always. Your facts by the way are totally wrong on everything else. Bush, the AWOL playboy, said, “I don’t think about him much” when referring to bin Laden. He let bin Laden GO when they had him pinned in Tora Bora. And two-thirds of the deficit was Bush’s and totally unproductive while one-third rebuilt many of this nation’s industries, not just autos, and reduced unemployment. Now if you’re a birther, go away. He did not say Kenya was his home but his roots. Mine are in Scotland. Same difference. Grow up and learn to analyze instead of just sputtering. You look so silly!

  16. Yes our military got Bin Laden BUT it was order by President Obama. They do not go out and do things like that without executive order. Which would be from the President. I agree with you Bush Sr started it all with desert shield and storm. To save his oil interests. Jr started it with Iraq because he felt his dad should have kept going after Hussien and finished him. It didn’t matter whether we had to or not. Instead of going after his family friend Osama Bin Laden the one who attacked this country.
    Unemployment has been going up since Clinton when NAFTA and FTA was signed. Do you really think this high unemployment happened in only 3 years? As for the deficit you need to check your information Bush Jr. spent more money in 8 years then his dad and Obama. The reason why the deficit is looking so bad is because of the cost being slammed onto Obama because of Bushes two wars is going onto this administration. As for his religious affiliation the only one I have heard changing that is those right wing columnists. I truly believe if you are going to state an opinion that you should get a little of that opinions information correct if you want people to believe in what you are saying.

  17. Aww, your blindness is almost cute. Bush abandoned Osama to fight in Iraq, and as a mater of history leaders always get the credit for wars, not the military.

  18. Most mainstream Christians already “get” Obama. But I see more conservative ones moving his way on social justice issues. THAT is very cool, IMHO.

  19. Take THAT vapid pointlessly partisan racists! Looks like it only took 57 years for the southern strategy to come back and bite ’em.

  20. LOL on your first sentence that was a good one.

    The one thing I love most about what is going on is for years we the people have sat back and unfortunately let them run our country to the ground. Now we the people are standing up and taking our country back and they have no clue on how to stop it. Which by all means they should not. They should go back to listening to us the ones who elect them into that office. Not the corporations that have been buying them off.
    Ever since our highest court decided that corporation were people so they could throw as much money into elections and buy our politicians was the straw that broke the camels back so to speak. It is time for us to continue this fight and TAKE AMERICA BACK from the corporate thugs and the banking industry.

  21. Hey tony,
    Didn’t have the dough to go to cpac with the rest of the ‘Tards?
    Muslim,christian, Muslim?
    Guess what? We don’t give a rat’s ass about religion. H isn’t a Muslim, but so what if he was? The country was founded on freedom to worship or not.
    He is honest, has integrity, a family man, a man of law.
    What does gop offer us?
    A man who does not care about the poor. Hides his money offshore so not to pay taxes.
    A man who is a serial adulterer.
    A crazy old coot…..

  22. I would like to start this comment by stating that this is only my opinion and if you do not agree with me it is ok and you are free to share your opinion as I am not an expert but am so disappointed in my own political party that there is no way I can support their racist and ridiculous mentality.

    As a registered republican I am extremely embarrassed by the racist and ridiculous joke the 2012 CPAC was. I have really never seen a more miserable representation of our government than the jack asses at work in the circus of CPAC today. I truly believe for the Republican Party to ever get back to what it used to be they need to totally change and get rid of most of the idiots they have in power and running for office today.

    Again I would like to restate that it is ok with me if you disagree with my statement and you certainly have the right to vote and support anyone you like. I just had to voice my opinion as I have never seen a worse representation of ignorance than I saw in this ridiculous CPAC 2012.

    I would like to say I am sorry to any of my fellow Republicans if my rant offends you but I am truly and terribly disappointed in what our Republican Party is becoming a racist organization that if we become more tea party like might as well invite the KKK to run for President.

  23. Obama promised “change,” i don’t see much change… and before anyone starts “blaming” the republicans remember his first two years should have been a presidents heaven (he owned the house and senate), anyway here is a video of from the much hated left winged “foxnews”

    numbers don’t lie… I guess he did bring change…

    now that all of you are mad at me, know i don’t like Romney either… yuck November is looking like a bad tasting month…

  24. for over 30 years.. we have heard the phrase “Reagan Democrats” cross overs, who bought the morning in America message… im looking forward to that phrase being replaced by a new one… the “Obama Republicans” may go down in history as the demographic insuring that the pedulum swings the other way..

  25. Obama ordered the SEAL team to get bin Laden–they weren’t operating under old orders from Bush Jr. Obama ordered the preparation for the operation, which involved creating a mockup of bin Laden’s compound, where the SEALs trained. By contrast, not long after the Iraq War, Bush Jr. said he didn’t really care about bin Laden any more. Your statements are at odd with the facts.

  26. The commander in chief gave the orders for the raid, and he deserves the credit. God knows he would have gotten the blame had the mission goes wrong. And he will win handily, so deal with it.

  27. Obama didn’t “own” the House and Senate for the first two years of his administration. Don’t you remember the constant reporting every single day, during that period, in which it was shown that the Democrats in Congress couldn’t get virtually anything passed because of Republican filibusters, and the votes of a few blue dog Democrats? The majority number of Democrats in Congress was still too slim to overcome the continuous blockade by the Republicans.

  28. This makes me wonder how well the Republicans’ attempts across the country, to gerrymander districts to funnel electoral votes to the Republicans, will work. Here’s an article from the website about an earlier poll last year, and how the Republicans are manipulating things to try to make the will of the majority irrelevant:

  29. I like it! Sounds good to me. You know, back in the day, Republicans would cross party lines to vote for the better candidate, and Democrats would do the same, to make sure that this beloved country would thrive.
    There is no viable Republican candidate, so things may have come full circle to where todays R’s will put country first.

  30. Exactly when did Obama claim to be Muslim? He’s always claimed to be Christian (Baptist I think but I’m not sure). I’ve never seen or heard anything that he claimed to be Muslim other than from the Glen Beck contingent.

    He ‘claims’ to be from Hawaii?? Really, you got to be kidding right?? Doesn’t the fact that he has a Birth Certificate from Hawaii sorta verify that fact, or are you still believing that his birth certificate is part of some massive muslim plot hatched 50 years ago to put one of their own in a political office?

  31. If the mission had failed who would have gotten the blame? Hint, remember the helo crash and Jimmy Carter?

  32. Oh, and the fact that the attack on bin Laden was made at the direct order of President Obama over the objections of many high-ranking members of his own administration.

  33. I had the privilege of hearing Noam Chomsky speak today. He said the Republicans have gotten themselves into a position where they’re playing Whack-A-Mole. Everytime they knock one of their crazy candidates out, another one pops up! LOL

  34. Tonym144 – First off, Obama gave the order.
    Bush never actually tried to catch him, he actually put NO resources towards actually capturing him.

    Fact of the matter is, Bush lied about the WMD’s, because he wanted to cause trouble in the middle east, for both Bin Ladins “hit” he put out on Bush Sr. and for “Oil” because it made prices skyrocket, and his company.. becomes rich.

    Also: Obama actually created more jobs, lowing the Unemployment to around 8. something, and its going lower.

    ALSO: Obama got us outta parts of the middle east, (Which we should have never gone there anyways) and hes aiming for more.

    ALSO!!! he was born in Hawaii, and never refered to Kenya as the county of his birth. NOR did he say he was Muslim, though he lived in Kenya after his birth.

    Though i cant believe there are still “Birthers”

    because of the British nationality act, he was born in Hawaii, while both his parents were there. He went to Kenya, and lived there. He lived under a duel-citizenship. When he became an adult, he did not make a pledge to Kenya, and did not agree to be a citizen fully of Kenya. So he moved to America, and became a FULL American citizen. There. THATS why he IS an American.

    ALSOOOooo: Religion does not matter in politics. If you bring up religion ANYWHERE in politics, i can honestly not respect it, because due to the first amendment, religion was never intended to be involved.

    I feel like i have said enough…. FOR NOW.

  35. tonym, not one single fact in your post. Do you always listen to those that want to manipulate you or do you ever check Cluster Fux’s talking points out before showing how gullible you are?

  36. Also… Sorry Clinton… But NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement)… Hell, Free Trade and Capitalism in GENERAL, is WHY we lost jobs. Businesses moving over seas. Why? LACK OF RESTRICTIONS, MAKES IT TO EASY FOR THEM TO MAKE MORE MONEY BY LEAVING!

  37. Tell me “Rononymous”: if that raid had failed and been an utter disaster, would you have said “Well damn, those Navy SEALs just suck. This was their fault, not Obama’s fault”?

    No, of course not. You would have blamed Obama, just as everyone blamed Jimmy Carter for the botched Iran hostage rescue.

    If he deserves the blame if the mission goes wrong, then he deserves the credit if the mission goes right.

  38. LMAO @ Tonym! Good gawd, that’s hilarious. In a different time and space, I could possibly feel sorry for tony and the other republicans, but nah….not *this* time and space. It has got to be the worst tasting crow they’re eating right now. His desperation…I can smell it thru the internetz!

  39. Gosh. . .could you pack in any more right-wing talking points?

    1. Obama never ‘owned’ the House or Senate, as John Sawyer stated. At best, he had a comfortable majority in the House and a deadlock in the Senate that was being crippled by disloyal Blue Dog Democrats. Basically, a reverse of what we’ve got right now.

    2. Anyone who takes Fox News seriously, should not be taken seriously. So. . .go peddle it somewhere else.

  40. Bush/Cheney didn’t want to get Bin Laden. That would have brought an early end to Halliburton’s war profits.

  41. I have just as much evidence on bin Laden’s death being from kidney failure in 2004, as I do that a SEAL team took him out. If you think you can believe the media, and the stories that pop out of Washington, than you are truly “sheeple”. Whether the message comes from the Republicans or the Democrats matters not a bit. They are both opposite sides of the same wooden nickel.

  42. The social priorities of the religious right and the financial needs of the 1% do not conflict. But the needs of middle class GOP moderates are being served by neither. They’re heading for the exits, and the leadership continues to paint itself into a corner. So many challenges. So little time.

  43. Tony “freakin” Perkins…now there’s a liar that can’t keep his lies straight nor his face from melting any longer when selling his con…

    Last night, Chris Matthews asked him the direct question on how Obama has declared war on religion, fundamentalist Christians. Perkins had nothin’ and just made chit up; he claimed that Obama created a policy to prevent bibles from entering Walter Reed Hospital…

    Mathews didn’t buy it, called him out on it and corrected him, but Perkins just kept coming back with that toxic little “puss” yelling out his rebel-based “ya’huh, ya’huh, nee’ner-nee’ner-nee-ner”, mantra while Mathews lost his temper and, basically, called him a liar over and over until he shut up…I guess Mathews has finally had enough of these types coming on the public airwaves and lying right into the camera.

  44. Well said, Wayne…

    Just relax, put on the old song, “Tell it Like it is…” and play it for your fellow Republicans; maybe they’ll mellow out.

  45. Apparently, you are unaware that on Wednesday, March 13, 2002, GW actually made a speech in which he basically dismissed the possibility of getting Bin Laden because he had better things to do. And I bet you didn’t know that the Bush and Bin Laden families are close, did you? That doesn’t fit into your skewed narrative. The president is Commander In Chief, regardless of party affiliation, so the orders to get Bin Laden came directly from President Obama. All your wishful thinking doesn’t alter the fact that he got Bin Laden and no Republican did. As for lies, the right is always lying about where this man was born. In spite of irrefutable proof that he was born in Hawaii, nutcakes like Orly Taitz keep trying to nail him only to end up with more and more egg in their faces. President Obama put the wars on the budget, unlike GW, and it looks like the deficit-increasing taxes for the wealthy under GW are slated to expire as they should. There were Republicans who voted for Obama in 2008, as quiet as its kept, because they were turned off by the hot-headed, impulsive McCain and the clueless, idiotic Palin. By now, as people have come to see the Congressional Republicans for what they are, there will most likely be Republicans also helping to vote them out of office, hopefully to be replaced by people who put country first. With Obama re-elected and a new Congress that actually puts America first, we can go forward instead of backward like the hard right wants.

  46. @Alexander Wensel:
    Barack Obama never lived in Kenya, though he did visit for a short time as a young adult. Perhaps you’re thinking of Indonesia, where he lived for a few years as a child? And the British Nationality Act doesn’t enter into anything here. He was born in 1961 in Hawai’i, which had become a state of the United States of America in 1959. His mother was American, his father Kenyan. He’s a natural-born American. End of dispute.

  47. You are far from being alone in feeling as you do. I know for a fact that there are other Republicans who share your dismay at what the party has degenerated into. As a Democrat, it’s not always about whether we agree, but how parties can disagree without being disagreeable and still be able to reach solutions to problems that benefit as many Americans as possible. The GOP in its present form has become rigid, ideologically driven, and intolerant of any differences. Hopefully, in the years to come, your party will drive out the nutty extremists. That’s the GOP’s only hope of ever being a viable political party again. I appreciate your thoughtful and well-written comments.

  48. This 20% will be declared RINOs, that is, heretics, deviants from the Taliban-like religious cult called the “base” of the Republican party.

  49. “I don’t know where bin Laden is. I have no idea and really don’t care. It’s not that important. It’s not our priority.”
    – G.W. Bush, 3/13/02 Birther DB STFU

  50. Tony forgot to take his meds it looks like. Obama gets credit because he gavethe go ahead for the mission. And since it was him that took the risk he gets the credit, because we all know if the mission would have failed Obama would be the one taking the blame and Tony would be commented about how bad Obama was for putting the troops at risk. He never said Kenya was the “country of my birth”. What a wak-o, but hey, don’t let pesky little things like facts get in your way.

  51. Has it really taken them this long to figure out that the Tea Party destructive rhetoric is NOT the only viable Republican platform?

    Thank the Foxagana Non-news Networth for distorting the truth so badly that the bubble eventually had to pop…

  52. Maybe some of that will rub off on the mainstream churches around here?

    The sort of language I’ve heard locally still suggests strong support for “Anyone but Obama” and acceptance of the Dominionists as “Just another Church”.

  53. Maybe you haven’t read or have forgotten – Faux News is not allowed to broadcast in Canada because they have a “Truth in Reporting” law on the books, and Faux LIES so much that they couldn’t get a license. All the people had to do is look at what Faux said and look at the source documents.

    I just wish we had that law down here… people would learn just how much the mainstream media has a RACIST AND CONSERVATIVE/BIG BUSINESS bias!!!

    (Well researched and demonstrated fact.)

  54. If that is so, it’s been a LONG time since that happened. I remember the “Anything but a Democrat” rhetoric from Republicans from when I was a kid… even when Goldwater was running!

    I was living in Texas at the time.

  55. I went over to the WND site where the poll was and the comments are hilarious. They think this poll is a lie and that the republican candidates are all polling more than President Obama. What are this people going to do if President Obama get reelected. Will they commit suicide? They have been so brainwashed by their right wing media that only they are telling the truth and that the country is a majority of righties I fear these people will lose their minds and get violent. But anyone with any sense can see right before them that the republican policies only benefit the 1% and screw over working class people which are the majority in this country. The payroll tax thing is another example of how out of touch the current republican leadership is in the house as they hold the extension of it hostage so they can get the dangerous Keystone pipeline. In my opinion the more people learn about the dangerous effects of the pipeline and how the gas that is produced will be shipped overseas and not used domestically they will reject it as a valid electoral wedge. And many people are suffering with the effects of fracking and oil extraction in their communities. Montana, Wyoming and the Dakotas have so pollution that was unheard of years ago. No the commenters on WND are wrong the people are waking up and seeing that the republicans are not representing their interests but the interests of corporate America and all that cash they bribe them with.

  56. Bush had all but given up looking for Bin Laden….he was only interested in one thing….Iraq. Obama stepped up the hunt for OBL on day one of his term. If you will read the different stories from those involved about the days leading up to the killing of OBL you will see that most of his advisors thought it was too risky and that it could possibly destroy Obama if the mission failed. GUess what….he took the chance and ordered the mission despite what he had been advised. Bush was responsible….huh, what the fook have YOU been smoking?

  57. You defend King George after he and his Knight Sir Richard, lied to the puplic, causing the life of almost 5,000 Americans over 1,000,000 Iraqis I surmise that the Iraq peoples civil war will escolate to a full blown war and involve Iran and Syria. King George and Sir Richard should be prosecuted for war crimes

  58. Perhaps you recall Bush saying he didn’t really think about OBL and closing down the unit dedicated to finding him after only 6-9 months?

    Perhaps you also recall Obama aking a campign promise to restart the search for OBL?

    Perhaps you further recall him doing exactly that on his first dayin office?

  59. You’re not alone. You need to check out “republicans for Obama” on Facebook. lots of elephants (with common sense) are there just like you, man!

  60. For the record, I’m a registered non-partisan, and i know smart republicans are out there and are NOT being heard above all the idiocy.

  61. President Obama did the strategic planning, and gave the orders. It was president Obama’s plan. and his orders that got Bin Laden.

  62. It was Obama’s call…Biden counseled against it. He took all of the political risk. Had that mission failed, think TonyM would be dissing the Special Forces or giving Obama the credit for the failure? I think we know the answer to that.

    These people crack me up…it’s precisely the delusional thinking of these types of people that are making sane Republicans leave for the exits….quickly.

  63. Don’t forget the Bush trillion dollar taxcut that Republicans rammed through Congress on a partisan vote – the one that created no jobs…but it did provide plenty of capital for investing in China’s economy.

  64. Hey Tony-

    Any more words of wisdom to share? Surprised you aren’t getting the ‘ditto’s’ like you do over at FR for such a ‘serious’ post ? LMAO!

  65. “I have received my $1 million check from George and I shall be voting Dem this year. He is coming with me to the polls to make sure.”

    This will be reported as fact by the RW noise machine. Expect to see Sean Hannity report it as evidence of the Great George Soros conspiracy to steal the 2012 election. LMAO

  66. If the military got Bin Laden and Obama deserves no credit, does that mean Carter deserves no blame for the bungled Iranian hostage rescue attempt?

  67. Most southern Republicans will not vote for Mr Obama but that might not be so in the Northeast or in the upper Midwest.
    But racism aside why should not Republicans vote for Obama — he is well to the right of Richard Nixon, or perhaps on many issues, of Ronald Reagan.

  68. Absolutely correct. I’m so old, I remember when progressive legislation got passed by a coalition of Republicans and Democrats against the regressive conservatives in both Parties. Then, starting in the 90’s, Republicans started applying conservative litmus tests for their candidates and ran on a strategy of slicing and dicing the electorate. They’ve run out of electorates to slice and dice, though. All they’ve got now is Citizen’s United, a fat bank account, and voters who are starting to wake up to the fact that voting Republican is bad for their own economic interests.

  69. Perhaps a Jim Jones “last cup of Kool-Aid” extravaganza?

    I’m hoping this is one of those watershed political moments were the typical Republican voter has a “aha” moment and finally breaks lose from the cocoon of the RW propaganda machine and starts getting educated on what’s really been happening in our politics over the past 20 years.

  70. if any news casting agency lied (continuously) about anything…. They would be laughed out of business… Fox, CNN or any of them. Fox takes a different viewpoint than do some of the other ones.

  71. That’s like saying those closest to the 9/11 bombing didn’t care that there family died… it is wrong and anyone should be ashamed to make such a joke.

  72. Why not just leave the corporate whore in. The adjustment time it would take for the next corporate whore, Romeny, Santorum, and/or Gingrich might just speed up the current downward spiral. At least with Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, and Citi group at the helm, Obama, it’s slow and steady.

    @tonym144- According to Micheal Scheuer ex 22 year CIA vet and head of the Bin Laden unit fro 96-99. His unit had 10 different occasion’s to apprehend and/or kill Bin Laden in those years. Clinton & Bush Jr never gave to okay.

  73. Wow. I’m so proud of Obama for being able to utter the word “Go” so that they could complete the mission. Such a great leader. You really think that Obama had anything to do with capturing Bin Laden then you are mistaken. Who started the hunt in the first place?

  74. Michael Wong, actually if the mission had gone wrong then we wouldn’t have known a thing about it. Not only would the liberal media had not covered it if it leaked out, Obama wouldn’t have appeared before the world parading around that fact that hey screwed up the mission. He would have kept quiet and only top officials would have known.

  75. First of all, McCain was never president, so why does that have anything to do with anything? Second, who bowed to Saudi Princes? And who is name calling? I’d say the pompous, liberal democrat.

  76. and I am betting that if they went for two years without government and their lives or business they would be begging for it back. How long before The population would complain about unregulated pollution? How long before workers in the workplace would be complaining about no lunch hours, no raises and 1 million different things. You can go on about the government being in your lives and business, but you wouldn’t go very long without them. Those are just Ron Paul talking points. Republican politicians are just as liable to be involved in your life and business as anyone.

  77. What are you even talking about? You mean the one that was already there that would have hurt businesses that Obama used as a political ploy to blame the Republicans?

  78. Nope. The mainstream media has been lying about things as a general rule (with a demonstrated Conservative/Big Business/1% bias).

    Fox News almost constantly deceives or lies. When they tell a truth, it’s often to promote a lie.

    Hannity, for instance, lied through his teeth about the Jena Six situation. I did a content analysis of the reporting on that situation, and found that the reporting was deceptive and highly in error – Hannity was so bad that just about EVERYTHING he said regarding it was the inverse of official documents – transcripts of testimony, statements from witnesses, court documents, testimony… when that all showed that Mychal Bell was really innocent and being railroaded because of color, Hannity proclaimed him guilty. Hannity made it out as if the white brats were being attacked by the Black community, when it was exactly the opposite (the boy who claimed he was knocked down by Bell had been taunting the Black youths in his class, calling them “N…..” and things like that). I could go on and on.

    If you think Faux news tells the truth, don’t buy any bridges or gold bricks!

  79. Bush was the one who ordered the hunt in the first place. And please enlighten me, where do you get your information that Bush ever said that he didn’t really care about Bin Laden anymore. I believe that you speak out of context. Bush was saying that he wasn’t worried about Bin Laden. But good job twisting words to prove your liberal point.

  80. One of our local Republican representatives has joined the Democrats in fighting against the crazy gerrymandering that has been going on in this state. They’re clearly trying to keep Republicans in power irregardless of the damage they may do (plus trying to eliminate minority participation).

    I was vastly surprised, but the representative doesn’t always act like a Republican anyway, and often goes against her own party.

    If it wasn’t for that, I’d still think that there is no such thing as a “Good” Republican, and that they all were out to micromanage our lives and even our thinking.

  81. From what they’ve done and are trying to do in Florida, the Republicans are far far more likely to have big government, but to micromanage people’s lives.

  82. Google. Youtube. GWB dropped the hunt for bin laden to fight in Iraq. Become informed before you start the liberal silliness

    Bush did not order the hunt that finally got bin laden. Obama took that hunt up when new info became available on his watch. Bush can get no credit for what Obama did.

  83. Obama may have inherited the debt but he has done NOTHING to correct. Spending money when you’re trillions in the hole is not fixing the debt. In fact, he’s increased the debt more than most presidents combined. He didn’t call Kenya his country of birth, but he has no written proof that he was born in Hawaii, just a computer generated certificate of birth (different than a birth certificate.) He’s not paying for W’s wars, they were already budgeted for. He’s paying for the dozens of Czar’s and cronies that he’s appointed as well as the increasingly bloated government. Let’s not forget the healthcare bill that he’s paying for. And yes I don’t give him credit for being able to utter the word “Go”. He didn’t do a thing but tell them to go ahead with the mission. Is that really so hard? He didn’t plan it, he didn’t execute it. All he did was say go, watch it on a really big TV, then parade around in front of the camera like some big hero. And yes, I do blame him for failed stimulus and a horribly written healthcare law that will cost billions. Don’t forget bailing out GM and others that couldn’t stand on their own when the market started to fall.

  84. “. In fact, he’s increased the debt more than most presidents combined. ”


    First, the wars were not budgeted but paid for on emergency Allocations. You lie. Obama took the wars out of allocation and budgeted them.

    The stimulus didn’t fail. Unemployment is now less than it was when Obama took office. You lie.

    The healthcare bill lowers the deficit kid. Its not a vast thing to be paid for

    You are full of the worst talking point lies that ever hit here.

  85. “Don’t forget bailing out GM and others that couldn’t stand on their own when the market started to fall.”

    And saving over a million jobs. Yep, that’s a good example to use to bash Obama LOL.

    You have to be the most gullible person I have seen

  86. Those closest to the bombings, if by that you mean next of kin of the victims, did care, of course. But for Dick Cheney, it was the “new Pearl Harbor” he said the country needed to get the citizens behind his designs on Iraq. Serendipity much?

  87. When Republicans say “small government”, they mean total control over just the “little people”.

  88. Small government is simply a talking point to separate themselves from the Dems. It has never had any basis in reality for the GOP. The closest they have come is deregulating things to keep the prices high on us

  89. “No, our MILITARY got Bin Laden” And Reagan had nothing to do with bringing down the Berlin wall. It was all young Germans.

    “Obama got bin Laden” is a figure of speech that everybody understands, while some with severe butthurt pretend they don’t.

  90. Ummm… looks like one little lady needs to go back to school, leave the Kool Aid alone, and re-educate herself. I’ll give it a “wash” on the religion thing, but as far as unemployment and deficit, Tony is dead-on. A liitle research on your part will show you the way. I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin’.

  91. Already did the research. You are as gullible as Tony. Unemployment is lower now than it was when Obama took office. Bush raised the debt more than Obama has. Obamas debt is partly due to the wars

    I wont even bother with the religion part. Pure beckian Fox news garbage

  92. It is very important to understand that the decline in the GOPer party is inversley related to the control exercised over it by the John Birch Society. The GOPers are extreme, but their extremism is the result of the adoption of Birch poositions. HuffPost had this article in September http://www.huffin­gtonpost.c­om/andrew-­reinbach/j­ohn-birch-­society_b_­958207.htm­l

    It shows the parallel. The President is not responding to the GOPers, or even being attacked by them, he is responding to the John Birch Society

  93. Chris obviously thinks that being in command is a piece of cake. Do you know that Bush called it off on the very same day that he had him cornered. Oh and Bush took the team apart and President Obama put the back together and overseered further training. Yes and he put intelligence work together to find Osama Bin Laden. I would say that was more then just saying the word “GO”

  94. I find nothing strange in 20% of republicans voting for Obama , those would be the few intelligent enough to have noticed that he’s way to the right of his cousin Dick Cheney

  95. I have come to the conclusion, because of messages on my Facebook, that the Republican Right who are White are very afraid. They are afraid that being ‘White’ will no longer have it’s advantages. They are afraid that being ‘Strait” will no longer have advantages. They are even afraid that being ‘Republican’ will no longer get them anywhere. If they are male, they are even afraid that even being male will be advantages. They have never thought of themselves as prejudice but now see people point at them and call them so. They don’t understand it so consider it must be mad slinging time. But we know they are. For if you think your standing is above everyone else you must consider everyone else as less then you are. We are beginning to call this closet prejudice. Which means Republicans you must give up all you think you are and stand on even ground. Don’t worry you wont fall into some deep dark hole. Don’t worry the USA is not going to turn into a dictatorship. Don’t worry Russia or China, wont think we are communist, like they are. Don’t worry we are still a respected country. Don’t worry it wont be the end of the world for you, but the beginning of a better one. God Bless You.

  96. Why don’t the pachyderm party get the names of their 20% RINOs and boot their butts out of the Party. Let them vote with the Socialist Dumbac-rat jack asses and live in their Obama-nation like the rest of the commies.
    Republicans need to clean the weeds out of their yards as well as cleaning up the Halls of government.

  97. Chris..sounds like sour grapes to me…you just can’t seem to give President Obama credit where it is due.

  98. I support Obama, and while I’m glad he got Osama bin Laden, that’s not in my top 10 reasons for supporting him. Mainly, I just think he’s a very competent centrist, whose administration has been fairly scandal-free. Let’s face it, when Gingrich is rampaging over the fact that Obama bowed to the Saudi king and said, “never again!”, it shows that they don’t have much to work with.

    Bush had quite a few really substantial scandals: torture, Abu Grahib, secret prisons, unilateral war based upon false premises, Halliburton’s no-bid contracts, a totally bungled war effort (remember “we’ll be greeted as heroes?” and Mission Accomplished?), outed CIA agents, and a rather dramatic shift from surplus to deficit.

    To contrast that, what is the worst people can say about Obama? Does anything come CLOSE to Bush’s utter incompetence? For the record, branding a fairly-sensible piece of legislation with the sinister moniker “Obamacare” doesn’t make it bad legislation.

  99. A surprise but not a surprise- why wouldn’t Republicans vote for Obama? If they were alive today, Nixon and Reagan couldn’t have gotten jobs in his White House because they’re both far to the left of him; Nixon for doing things like talking to China, which Obama wouldn’t have done in a million years, and Reagan for raising taxes, which Obama opposes in principle.

    Why not vote for the man who continued all of George W. Bush’s policies, including his tax cuts?

    The question is really, given this Republican who’s got the Democratic nomination, who are Democrats left to vote for?

  100. if they loose big this cycle.. i would expect to see the tea party, and some dominionists go back to their militia roots.. while a “jonestown” scenario may reuslt… my thinking is that an Oklahoma city type event is even more probable..

  101. His father was Kenyan, and it’s possible his mother didn’t live in the U.S. long enough at the time of his birth for him to be considered a natural-born citizen. The jury might still be out on that, but it is interesting reading.

    Whether he was born in Hawaii or not doesn’t even really matter. What matters is, since his dad was clearly not an American citizen, that means his mother needed to live in the states long enough by the time of his birth.

    People interested in this can look up what the guy who wrote the 14th Amendment said in front of Congress about the difference between a citizen and a natural-born citizen.

  102. Basically, people can either vote for the status-quo, more elite government, more NDAA, more Patriot Act, more TSA, more walking all over the Constitution, or they can vote for Ron Paul.

    Obama supports all that stuff I mentioned, so don’t think I was leaving him out.

    Here’s a pretty good litmus test for the current crop of politicians: if they support the NDAA, kick ’em out.

  103. Soon all the Republican Party will have left will be the Tea Party secessionist nuts and the religious fundamentalist dominionist nuts.

  104. You mean vote for letting the poor starve, fundamentalists rule the schools, higher education gets slashed and trashed, and every person for themself and to hell with anyone with even the slightest bit of bad luck.

  105. You must be one of those people who conveniently “forgot” that President Bush determined Bin Laden was “no longer a threat” to the U.S. and was not concerned with him! And although you suggest “our military” ( which btw our current President is Commander and Chief of! ) got Bin Laden, you have no problem suggesting Bush was responsible in part because he “started all this”. Ronald Reagan had the honor of the highest unemployment rate, reaching 10.8 in December of 1982. AND much of the unemployment rate that seem so willing to attribute to President Obama can FACTUALLY be attributed to President BUSH, since the recession started in December of 2007, almost an entire YEAR before President Obama even took office! President Obama has never flip-flopped as to his religion. He has stated from day one that he is a “Christian”; period! He was born in Hawaii. Facts support that. Your “claims” are just more of the same misinformational bullcrap! Try doing some serious research for a change, and stop simply believing all the LIES that are being spun without ever questioning them. You will be surprised to find the REAL TRUTH is a far cry from the stuff you are spreading.

  106. I have done a tremendous amount of research on the subject of Bin Laden and his “kidney failure theory” and have not found ONE SINGLE PIECE OF SUBSTANTIATED EVIDENCE to support it! I would LOVE to see your “evidence”! All I have found is people suggesting “conspiracy theories” and NOTHING MORE! Please show us your PROOF! I’d LOVE to see it. :)

  107. And the GOP/RNC have the answer to Pres. Obama in the GOP candidate Buddy Roemer.
    Never heard of him you say? The republicans have chosen to censor the voice of the only republican candidate who can make a real diifference in changing America in part because he does not share some of the extremist views that the party is now beholden to and all the other candidates pander to.
    More importantly, however, is the fact that Buddy Roemer is speaking LOUDLY about cleaning up the system and that is the last thing that either party wants to see done even if it means Pres. Obama is re-elected.

    Gov. Buddy Roemer who is a 4 term congressman, past Gov. of LA , highly successful small bank entrepreneur, and graduate of the Harvard Businees school is the only candidate that has the integrity to take action against Special Interests NOW!
    He proves it by putting the money where his mouth is and currently runs his campaign with self imposed limits of $100 max. contribution No PAC or Super PAC.

    Roemer is the only candidate who has been granted Matching Funds from the FEC because of widespread small donation donors and yet he is not permitted to debate and most polling organizations do not even include his name.

    As Gov. Roemer says: “We need to wake up America! They Have Stolen Our Govt.”

  108. I will admit that I have mixed feelings about Obama. I think he has been an exceptionally good President and, for the most part I have agreed with most of his decisions and, although I did not vote for him in the last election, I will vote for him this year. My mixed feelings about him does stem, mostly, on the birther issue.

    I am not particularly proud of my personal past. In my younger years I was a a major lawbreaking renegade of the first order. I know, from experience, how easy it is to manufacture a phony birth certificate. I did it several times, successfully obtaining driver licenses, in more than one State. And I did that without political power, friends or influence.

    There is one fact about this issue that never gets any play anymore. That fact is that the Birth Certificate he has revealed has one very serious, and for anyone else fatal, flaw. The hospital named as his place of birth DIDN’T even exist at the time of his birth!

    The physical building did exist and it was a hospital, however it did not yet bear the name shown on the certificate. It wasn’t until some time after his birth that this hospital joined in a merger and the names of the two corporations were combined to produce the name of the hospital. I REPEAT: this happened sometime after Obama’s birth. So how does this birth certificate list a name that didn’t even exist yet?

  109. Nice try tea bagger. On the certificate of live birth Obama produced, there is NO hospital noted

    You have been found to be a fraud., Please move along

  110. Your next to last sentence convinces me that you are a racist and a hater. It would benefit you and the rest of us as well if you attended to those two character flaws.
    Also, we would probably all benefit from Jonathan Haidt’s book, THE RICHTEOUS MIND, which explores the causes of the extreme polarization in America at this time. From what I’ve read, we might begin to find ways to heal this wound that is damaging our country in serious ways. I think this extremeism is a kind of self-indulgence and I hope to slow it down in myself.

  111. Actually, the Bush family is reported to have had friendly business relations with bin Laden and it was President Clinton who first went after bin Laden, and came close to getting him. Baby Boy Bush never actually did anything effective to find bin Laden (old family ties?), but instead ordered an invasion of Iraq on fraudalent causes.

  112. Obama’s job is to ensure the political environment exists for operations like the one that killed bin Laden. Obama not only did his job, he did it well.

  113. Eventually the shit filters down to the lowest member of the Republican Party and they realize that they are being dumped on. The Middle Income and the Poor Class also exist in the Republican Party and they have been “Brain Washed” for the past 40 years.

    Now that all of the Deregulation and Repeal of Labor Laws has really taken effect along with the Income Tax Law Loop-Holes for the Rich and Powerful those Middle Class Republicans have entered the Class of POOR and unemployed, and they do not like it.

  114. You might want to remind the bush worshipers that after bush shut down the airspace for flights one flight was still allowed. The flight that carried Osama’s family out of the U.S. to the safety of their own country. The bush family has a long history of dealing with the Bin Laden family. In every murder case the police want to talk to the suspects family. Bush used the office of the President of The United States to protect the Bin Laden family, long-time associates of the bush family. Legally he gave aid and comfort to the enemy. That is the only crime defined in the Constitution — Treason!

    Like I’ve always said, the repub/wingers/baggers have no clue what happened before Jan 20, 2009. They think there was 100% employment, no debt, no deficit, and babies were delivered by storks. I’ve never seen a country with so many people suffering from willful amnesia. Some folks in foreign countries refer the us as The United States of Amnesia. So do I.

  115. Fox takes a different viewpoint? How is that lame hannity claiming that President Obama didn’t really want to get Osama Bin Laden and claiming he has video to prove it a “different viewpoint”?

    It’s not a different viewpoint. It’s a LIE. Plain and simple.

  116. A few points:
    – Obama IS paying for the Bush Wars. Whether they were budgeted for or not is completely irrelevant- it’s still paid for with borrowed money. If you decide that you are going to budget for a car by putting all of the payments on a few credit cards, that is still borrowing.
    -To say that Obama has done nothing to eliminate dept is totally asinine- he has accelerated us getting out of Iraq.
    -The stimulus was not perfect but it did keep us out of a depression.
    Basically bush took us from surpluses to huge deficits and got us involved in the Iraq war under totally false pretenses, was incompetent in managing it, let the Afghanistan war fester. Both wars will cost us a fortune. Obama came into office under the worst conditions for an incoming prez since 1932. He has handled things pretty well and deserves to be reelected.

  117. If George Bush had managed to get Bin Ladin, the republicans would have credited him. Not giving Obama credit for taking leadership in the effort to hunt down Bin Ladin and then taking the risk at nailing him is pure politics by the republican establishment. They come up with this crap because, after failing to regulate banks, failing to provide the American public with valid justification for entering wars, failing to manage wars effectively, failing to grasp that gov has and should continue to have a role in American society they may become irrelevant. Which is too bad because the right/ conservative/ republican viewpoint does have some valid perspectives. They should just grow up, give President Obama credit where he deserves it and work with the Democrats.

  118. The President gets credit for killing Bin Laden, why? BECAUSE HE GAVE THE ORDER TO DO SO!! If the mission would have failed and Seals would have been killed, would the Seals taken the heat for failing? NO. The blame would have gone to the President. Just think Jimmy Carter and the fail Iranian hostage rescue. I can’t believe I’m even arguing this, but for people like you, your hatred for the President is so intense that reason, and common sense go out the window.

  119. What did Desert Storm and Desert Shield have to do with Bin Laden?
    Nothing. For chrissake, the Bush Family and the Bin Laden family were business partners. Saddam Hussein was a problem for the Bush Family Business, thats why we had Desert Storm and thats why we had to conquer Iraq. Oil and Money. Bush Jr. had 8 years to “get” Bin Laden. And he said “I am not concerned with Bin Laden” The Delta Force Commander at Tora Bora said on 60 minutes that they were forced to watch Bin Laden go over the pass into Pakistan because their command (Bush,Cheney) would not give them what they needed to catch them. And as for the rest, you baggers are delusional.

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