The Christian Right Embraces Truly Immoral and Unethical Presidential Candidates

I was ruminating about the myriad contractions that flourish on the political landscape of the Christian right. For a collection of supposedly deeply religious church-goers that demand a pulpit on the steps of the nation’s capital and whose every move in life is strictly reflective of the tenets of the bible, they sure have a highly flexible moral compass.

In South Carolina, that compass of enthusiastic approval pointed in the direction of Newt Gingrich, a man who would commit adultery against not one, but two wives; the first battling cancer, the second, MS. The apostle Paul does not take such behavior lightly, portraying adultery as a “work of the flesh”. Paul has said that adulterers would not inherit the kingdom of God (Galatians 5:19-21 & Corinthians:6 9,10).

Newt’s third wife, the truly odd looking, Callista, would be equally culpable since at the very least she was a fornicator, having rolled around in the hay for years with a married man. Such licentious activity is also frowned on by the good book.

Nonetheless, Palmetto state ‘Christians’ screamed themselves hoarse over not only an adulterer, but a man who has the ethics of an alley cat as described in numerous submissions to this fine site and in hundreds of thousands of stories on the Internet. Not to worry. Alls fair in love and politics.

How about the Sunshine State’s outpouring of love for Mitt Romney, who turned the tables on Gingrich and won Florida by about the same margin that Gingrich won South Carolina? In this instance the deep tanned, sun worshiping (good practice for the after life) ‘Christians’ embraced a man who has made his life’s work the evading of taxes that all the little people pay. He set up enough tax dodges overseas to keep auditors busy for the next decade. Listen up bible thumpers! Peruse Matthew, Mark and Luke during those few spare moments when you’re not locking eyes with Bill O’Reilly or bending your ear to another jillionaire propagandist, Rush Limbaugh. See what Jesus had to say about paying taxes.

Romney would have wandered all over ancient Israel in Christ’s time. He would have searched the plateaus of Zebulun and Naphtali in search of an unscrupulous moneychanger willing to stash Mitt’s Greek and Roman coinage. He might even park some of his loot in Sepphoris, a city that carpenter Joseph was thought to have helped build. Always smart to stay in the good graces of somebody close to the boss.

Bible Smyble. When it comes to getting rid of that ‘Kenyan father/American mother resident of the White House, right-wing Christians park all their goodly biblical intentions and hop aboard the seven deadly sins bandwagon that might carry them to the political promised land, no matter how sexually charged or unethical. Both Romney and Gingrich are chock-full of most or all the big seven. Lust? Are you kidding me Newt? Greed? Romney’s the template. Sloth? Ever done a day’s manual labor in your adult lives, boys? Pride? Puleeze! Envy?  That’s what us peons are accused of by Romney. He says repeatedly that his critics just “envied his wealth.” This pair has to envy someone with more wealth and power as they relentlessly pursue even more of both.

Anger? Watch both of them over time and you could certainly apply that memorable Reagan line, “There you go again” every time one of them starts to redden up. Finally, there’s gluttony. In truth Mitt looks pretty trim so I’ll give him a pass on that one. Five or six (I’m not sure about the lust thing) out of seven aren’t bad. On the other hand, Gingrich admitted to ABC News late last year that he should lose some weight. How do you gain weight? Eating. How do you gain a lot of weight? Gluttony! Congratulations, Newt. Seven out of seven; you win the Seven Deadly Sins Certificate of Merit.

Rick Santorum makes the thumpers most comfortable. After all the bible has no use for homosexuals either. As for Ron Paul, the Christian Right gave unbridled huzzahs to the old doc when he was asked by Wolf Blitzer during a September, 2011 CNN debate whether a 30-year-old man with six months to live should simply be left to die. To audience cries of “Yeah”, Paul said churches should take care of their own. Great response. I’m sure those bloodlust ‘let him die’ Christian audience members would be eager to take care of the ailing young man. Maybe if he was a member of the Tea Party. Maybe. In other venues, I’ve heard Paul coldly say that people should ‘take responsibility’ for themselves without government health care intervention.

That reminds me of a line out of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet when Romeo reacted to Mercutis making light of his brief love for osaline…”He jests at scars that never felt a wound.”

That’s pretty much what the faux Christians do. But, what the hell?  As long as they confess and repent before taking that final gulp of air, they’ll be fine. Let’s hope (A) that all they’ve read is true; as in there really IS a God and (B) If so, let’s hope the malady that carries them to their grave leaves them with the physical capacity to manifest that imperative of confession and repentance at the last second. Otherwise, they’re libel to spend eternity with certain Republican Presidential Primary candidates and, horror of horrors – HOMOSEXUALS.

Oh my…I’m getting the vapors!

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  1. One big moral failing they all share is that they lie with impunity. Therefore, they violate the Commandment about not bearing false witness against their fellow man, namely President Obama. They are wealthy folks who want to further enrich the already wealthy at the expense of everyone else, so it’s obvious that their god is money. That’s a violation of the Commandment of having no other gods before God. Their willingness to inflict even more economic misery on the middle class and the poor goes completely against JC’s saying that as they do to the least among us they do to him. Of course, Gingrich has repeatedly violated the Commandment against committing adultery. The folks who have embraced these deeply flawed human beings in the name of religious piety have apparently decided that defeating President Obama is worth cutting these fools some slack for. I can’t imagine any other reason for the “highly flexible moral compass.”

  2. And what this proves is that the so-called christian right is all about chritianizing hate and greed rather than bearing any authentic witness to Gospel values.

    In other words, it’s the same ol’ shit carrying a bible and wrapped in the flag. They’ve always been a part of American religion and American politics and will continue to be as long as our religious institutions breed hate.

  3. In addition to Mitt Romney his religion refused to recognize blacks and allow them into the church till way later in life. The mormons viewed them as a cursed and ungodly people. Newt gingirch is like rick sanatorium he hates the poor in poverty and said he would like to be invited to the NAACP to show blacks how to earn a paycheck rather than foodstamp check. This implys that all blacks including micheal jordon and bill cosby are on government aide, when in truth studies show 51% of the population are whites on the system. Was it not Jesus who once said ” when you are thirsty come to me and drink lifes water free, when you are hungary come to me and eat for you shall be filled” he never turned away the poor and starving instead he took pity for them and helped them. His heavenly father administered to us to have the christ like personality

  4. Excellent observation! All these people who rant & rave over the airwaves make me ill. I have a relative who is President Obama’s cousin. This whole family is full of midwest values, Christian, compassionate, empathetic & ethical. Their are interracial marriages in the family. All are mentality heathy! So some people need to get over all this knit picking! Accept people for the hearts! Gays I have known raised their children mentality healthy & they have grown up to be fine compassionate people who marry into heterosexual relationships! If you don’t like any ethnic, religious or sexual oriented groups, then don’t buy anything & live in the forest naked because you don’t know who had the brains, hands & heart in,making everything you desire or buy!

  5. “How do you gain weight? Eating. How do you gain a lot of weight? Gluttony!”

    BULLSHIT!!! BULLSHIT!!! I suggest you study a bit more about diet and health before you open your mouth again and spew stupidity and stereotyping crap like that.

    How do you gain weight? How about wrecked autonomous nervous system? Trashed thyroid? Screwed up body? How about those? I’ve heard CRAP like yours all my life. Well get this straight: When the GOD DAMNED doctors finally got off their asses and listened to me, and one (long story) finally listened to me, I was given medication. I lost over 150 pounds in about a year and a half WITHOUT CHANGING DIET OR EXERCISING MORE. When I can’t afford or get the medication, my weight goes up (it’s hard to see a doctor or buy expensive meds when you’re poor – and fall through all of the damned cracks put in the system by the Republicans to “catch cheats”). If I can afford a decent diet AND get medical care, my weight drifts down. I’m still overweight, and hope to loose another 50 pounds or so (get down to the so-called “ideal weight”) and hope that we don’t loose the little underfunded health care program we’re on. BTW… don’t bother hitting me with the goddamned “Diet” crap… all “traditional” dieting does (with the exception of Atkins/South Beach) is they give me a splitting headache that only grows worse, plus complete loss of energy and concentration, plus all sorts of weird and unpleasant symptoms. There are now research articles that demonstrate that the stupid “reduce calories” diets are a complete failure, while the ones based more upon biochemistry (Atkins, South Beach) WORK.

    Let me clue in on something else. The poor are often very much overweight because they can’t afford decent diets. Veggies and meat are NOT CHEAP. Grains, the killer (carbohydrates) are cheap AND PROFITABLE for big business… and when you’re poor you eat a high carbohydrate diet. Without going into too much detail, carbohydrates used to be a very rare part of the human diet… and very seasonal. We humans evolved on a diet of meat, veggies of all types, and fruits. Grains were a rare treat – and humans have been eating them as a large part of the diet for only around 8,000 to 10,000 years. Oh, and when humans went to agriculture (especially raising grains), their average lifespan decreased by about 20% and their skeletons started showing a lot more signs of dietary stress. If you take the time to do the research, you’ll find the peer-reviewed articles stating this.

    I regularly experience prejudice from all directions, and the form I experience most from people who should know better (liberals/progressives) is against obese people. Well, I can’t help being overweight. I hate it, but it’s purely medical – and I would argue (and I think I’m also backed in this opinion by research) that anyone who is “morbidly obese” is actually someone with medical problems behind the obesity, even if they don’t know it.

    So think about that before you spew out the usual American stereotype against those who are overweight.

  6. Other than my above comment, you’re right about the candidates. It’s just like the dominionists/fundamentalists and their preachers/priests… never do any wrong, even when it’s proved that they did (or they give us lectures about forgiveness). That also goes for the rich or powerful people in their congregation.

    Yet if it’s a poor or low-status member and they just make a mistake: “Stone him!”

    I think you’re seeing the fundamentalist (which includes dominionist) tendency towards the leadership/rich writ large.

  7. OK, largely true, but this particular post seems a bit wordy and loose. The part about Romney in ancient Israel is odd and obscure, and distracts from the point. Comments on the physical appearance of Gingrich’s wife are below the belt. Yes, it’s a target rich environment – but take a deep breath and make every word count. Politicus puts out an article like this maybe one in five, that could use more review and editing before posting. And the tiny font print is not a plus. Love you guys, just polish it up – this is the big leagues !

  8. Refined grains are the actual culprit. Where whole grains, either boiled or coarsely ground before baking, are the only source of grain food, you don’t see this kind of problem. Furthermore, obesity, shapelessness, and a lack of secondary sex characteristics have increased markedly since the advent of steroid-hyped, synthetically fed livestock, GM foods, the spillage of hormone-like chemicals into the water supply, and the replacement of glass or cardboard containers for dairy products and fruit juices with plastic and vinyl. Pancreatic cancer has also ballooned in frequency. Sorry, Walkaway, but corn or sorghum plants will always give me a peculiar thrill, and the scent of corn tassel is better than honey…whoops, time to water!

  9. Yes, I agree that the part of the article on gluttony was simplistic and insensitive. Gluttony is really about grabbing more than you need, and more especially grabbing it away from those who don’t have enough. So I would say that Mitt, Rick, and Newt all qualify without a doubt. If Rick’s conning a cash-strapped rural PA school district into paying for his kids’ cyber-schooling after the whole family moved to Virginia doesn’t count as gluttony, I don’t know what would.

  10. (Laugh) Now that we’re both fully diabetic (something really changed when I had the TIA stroke two months ago), we can’t have much corn either – and you know how us crazy Creeks love corn! I used to have grits every morning for breakfast – and boy, do I miss that! (I’m also partial to other grains.) The coarse-ground grains… yeah, they’re better for you than finely ground, but we still have to be very careful with them.

    They need to chop the profit motive out of the equation for things like food, medical care, and energy/transportation (and strictly regulate it elsewhere). Then the push for so much nonsense (like giving hogs antibiotics just to fatten them up a bit more) will strongly decrease.

  11. That’s an interesting take on Gluttony, and one I’ve never heard before (and the part about taking resources from others – I LIKE that). I’ve always heard it as “eating too much”, and even used against people who enjoy a good meal now and then (eating more than you “need”). I’ve even heard it against people who ate food that they liked… I guess in that case (an ex-RC priest), enjoyment of ANYTHING was sin.

    I have a big problem with the whole “7 Deadly Sins” thing anyway, because they were derived long after the church had become very hierarchal and power-centered. IMO, only a few of them have any real basis in the Bible… for instance, I think “Sloth” was meant to push people to work more for their masters (or for their “betters”) and I can think of no scriptures that back it up. As I remember, about the same time the idea started up that a good Christian should work until one is too tired at the end of the day to do any more than shove some human-fuel in their mouth (and maybe attending church so they can listen to someone rant at them about working harder), and then crashing only to do it all over again. In other words, dedicate their entire lives to serving their “betters” and eschewing anything relaxing, pleasurable, or fun. It was preached as “Idle hands are the Devil’s tools”, which I call BS.

  12. The real disconnect is between the Bible and the brain. Any literal interpretation will give a person permission to engage in all sorts of licentious and violent behavior…thus, the Christian right.

  13. It won’t continue of we demand a few things “legally” (remove church related IRS status/require property tax, enforce the RICO laws on the Catholic Church moving pedophiles around the country in order to hide them)…

    …but, in the meantime, civilized human beings and society just needs to stop giving them the mic, air time, and, basically ignore them as social pariahs. As soon as we stop allowing them to push their moral bullshit into the public sector, make their behavior “unpopular” they will cease to be heard. Everybody will go back to work to make a better world, something that is “popular” with everyone (but them…)!

    After all…all they’ve ever wanted, deep down inside, is to be “popular” ….Bhawwaahahahaaa!

  14. Naturally, “christians” borrowed the entire concept from the Eastern religions…ask any Hindu, Jain, Sikh, (et al) child of India to name the seven deadly sins of wrath, envy, pride, covetousness, gluttony, sloth, and lechery; “Kama, khrod, Maya, Moho”…I can only remember 4, sorry.

  15. OK… another thing taken from other religions. This is the first I’ve heard that, and it doesn’t surprise me. I appreciate you telling me about that.

    I still don’t accept the list as really bad – possibly only 2.

    Wrath… well, what do you expect when someone unjustly harms you – and gets away with it? The dominionists are REALLY careful about this one – they want people to meekly submit to anything they decide to do and don’t want anyone to rebel against their “authority” (especially kids and young women, and the poor in general).

    Envy – could be used to browbeat the poor, as in “Don’t envy the Rich, even though they’re taking it from your pockets”. I’ve heard sermons against envying the rich or the leadership.

    Pride – IMO a GOOD thing. The churches were big against “pride”, and the upshot was that they wanted you to hate yourself. (I might agree to a difference between self-esteem and “I’m better than you!”).

    Covetousness – I might go along with this one, except that I’ve heard it used against the poor, just as envy was. It fell under the “Be satisfied with what you have” abuse.

    gluttony – already covered.

    Sloth – ditto.

    Lechery… if they’re saying what I think they’re saying, I would agree to this one.
    The real sins IMO:

    “I’m better than you and deserve more than you because I’m better”. The Holier-than-thou attitude. False piety.

    Greed. “I want it all, and you can starve for all I care.”

    Legalism (e.g.) “The Bible says that homosexuals are going to hell… so you have to change or you’re going to hell.” (Retch. Puke.) Rules before people.

    Obedience to authority (Obey your betters and don’t question them!)

    Hard-heartedness “Get a Job”, “Why should I give any of my money to help the poor?” “Who cares if you’re hurting and sick, get back to work!” “If they can’t afford it, well let them DIE!”

    Anti-education/Anti-scholarship. “The Bible is literally true, and evolution is a lie!” You know what I mean here.

    Dishonesty. Nothing needs to be said here. We all know too many examples already.

    Slander – knowingly telling lies about people, even when those lies are disproved. Again, nothing more needs to be said.

    Lust for power. That and greed are what drives the Republicans and the Religious Right. They want to micromanage people’s lives, even if their targets don’t want it.

    That’s my list of 9 deadly sins, and all of them are based on the 10th which is a killer: Selfishness.

  16. The slothful are those who live on the labor of others or who, being comfortable themselves, will not lift a finger for their fellow human beings. Gluttons include the kind of people who take bearing lands from those who need them for crops or divert foodstuffs from the hungry to…say, make ethanol. As for pride, it is the kind that makes you think you are so much better than your fellow beings that you can use, abuse, humiliate and destroy them. As for lust…well, ask some poor altar boys.

  17. Yes, a whole chunk of Proverbs was derived from Egyptian “wisdom literature.” Similar folk sayings, lists, etc. seem to have been floating around the ancient Middle East (including as far east as India) for thousands of years. There’s nothing particularly Christian, or even Jewish, about them.

    I do have a fond memory of the Seven Deadly Sins and a college party game … but we won’t get into that.

  18. Most devices, including Androids, allow you to zoom the font one way or another. If yours won’t, something might be haywire.

  19. Which of the mainline churches confused you into thinking that they welcomed any of the non-whites with open arms? The Methodists, arguably one of the most “liberal” of denominations, formally segregated the blacks into their own freaking Central Conference, from 1939-1968. And that’s just the example I know of from decades in the United Methodist Church.

  20. Boy… that’s different than the definitions I’ve heard/read. Of course, I didn’t research the meanings, the definitions I gave were what the churches (both dominionist and mainstream) taught (and I made an assumption that those meanings were generic).

    I much prefer those that you gave, and yes, I do agree with them. I take it that is what the meanings mean in the other religions?

  21. I remember being very young and not understanding what was wrong about covetousnous. I thought, and still do, that it was good for motivating me to reach a goal. When competed in horse shows years ago, I would envy someone their poise and riding ability. That drove me to work harder to accomplish that too.

  22. I agree with this post, almost entirely. But not this bit: “…what the faux Christians do.Faux Christians? Who gets to arbitrate inclusion as a “real” Christian? This is bogus.

    Christians who are embarrassed by the more thuggish of their brethren don’t get to draw a magic line separating their own version of unverifiable fiction from the closely related variation followed by insane right-wing types. Yes, these guys are insane. But not because they are faux Christians.

  23. “Faux Christians” in this case points to dominionists and bigots who are using christians probably such as your self and your church to gain recognition to their cause. This does not refer to the every day christian but to a very eleite set of people such as Bachmann, Santorum, and the various groups describes on these pages in the past. Their interest is more in gaining power to run your morality than it is in the teachings of the religion

  24. “This implys that all blacks including micheal jordon and bill cosby are on government aide, when in truth studies show 51% of the population are whites on the system.

    You forgot one. This also implies Oprah is on the dole too.

  25. Ohh hypocrisy…I truly hope that these men will hit that blunt, and stop to really THINK about what the hell they are doing. Greed really is a terrible sin; I cannot imagine how it eats at their soul. Embrace God in all that is living, enjoy the earth. Stop raping it of resources, and quit having more children that you need, fellow countrymen. Let us all work together.

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