The Media Turns A Blind Eye As The GOP Rigs Maine For Mitt Romney

The mainstream media has chosen to ignore it, but Mitt Romney’s win in Maine demonstrated again that there is something shady going on with the Republican primaries and caucuses.

Despite the facts that not all of the state had caucused yet and the margin separating Mitt Romney and Ron Paul was less than 200 votes, state GOP Chairman Charie Webster told Washington County, who had to postpone their caucus today because of an expected snowstorm, and anyone else who didn’t caucus today that their votes will not count.

Only in a Republican caucus/primary is candidate able to be handed the victory without all of the results being counted.

The Paul campaign had been expecting something like this because the Romney campaign has been involved in dirty tricks,including getting the caucus in Washington County where Ron Paul was expected to do extremely well was canceled. In a statement the Paul campaign said, “Paul performed well throughout the state, although his campaign’s stronghold of Washington County did not report today for inexplicable reasons. Congressman Paul was barely bested by Gov. Romney by about 194 votes, a margin the campaign is confident it will make up with the 200 plus votes expected to come out of Washington County’s caucus.”

Here’s Ron Paul addressing his supporters via CNN:

Paul said, “I wish all the caucus had met today, because I was disappointed. There was one caucus that I think we would have done very, very well. But we won, we lost by I guess almost two hundred votes, a hundred and ninety votes. It’s almost like we could call it a tie, but anyway, the votes will be counted. All the caucuses will meet, but I do want to make a prediction. If I were a betting man, and I do not have ten thousand dollars to bet. If I were a betting man, I would bet that we will control the Maine caucus when we go to Tampa.”

The mainstream media has chosen to ignore it, but there is something really wrong going on in the Republican nominating process.

If this whole situation is reminding anyone of Mitt Romney’s caucus night “win” in Iowa, it should. Just as Rick Santorum won Iowa, it is very possible that Ron Paul won Maine. The Republican establishment is so desperate to get Mitt Romney nominated as soon as possible that they have no qualms about rigging their own elections.

The GOP establishment wanted Mitt Romney to win Maine. They needed Romney to win Maine, so they made sure that Mitt Romney won Maine.

The Republican establishment is rigging their own primary process to get the nominee that they want.

None of this would be necessary if Mitt Romney was a better candidate, or if they listened to their own party’s rank and file. The vast majority of Republican primary voters don’t want Mitt Romney as their nominee. The 2012 fight between the GOP base and establishment is an extension of the battle that began during the 2010 elections. After the base nominated candidates like Christine O’Donnell, Sharron Angle, and Joe Miller, the establishment decided that they were not going to allow that to happen again.

The mainstream media doesn’t talk much about it, but there is something fishy going on in these Republicans primaries and caucuses. Ron Paul is running a campaign for delegates, so the victory or loss doesn’t matter to him, but the narrative is everything for Mitt Romney.

The establishment wanted Mitt Romney to look like a winner again, so they closed the voting and called the caucus over when he was ahead. If a party would steal the presidency (Bush 2000), I guess rigging caucuses is small potatoes.

Shouldn’t the Party wait until all the votes are counted before they declare a winner?

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  1. The Rethuglicans have long maintained that legitimate democracy doesn’t require votes actually being counted – I first saw them float this notion after Ferdinand Marcos tried to steal the 1986 presidential election in the Philippines, and then they brought it stateside in 2000.

    On the other hand, it’s hard to feel too much sympathy for the Paulbearers and their wizened gray messiah, who pine for the US of 200 years ago, where only white guys with property could vote (and that property often included other people).

    This page continues to auto-refresh to “update results”.
    “502 of 600 Precincts Reporting”
    Yet the banner above says “Special Report Mitt Romney wins Maine Caucuses”
    I will be interested to see what they do when the other 98 precincts report in. I realize the state GOP decided to call it a win and count no more precincts, but the precinct chairman in Washington Co. said no one told him that their votes wouldn’t count when they were told to postpone for bad weather. Although a Romney supporter, his reaction still seemed perturbed, as if he genuinely wanted to see the real results.

    Special Report indeed… The Maine GOP state leadership is so special, they left in the short bus.

  3. CW – yet another clueless establishment loving lemming that is so ignorant about what Ron Paul wants for this country. Its called Liberty and following the Constitution — whats so ‘200 years ago’ about that? Pretty simple if you ask me. If you think Ron Paul is advocating slave ownership then you need to remove the tin foil hat and take off your sweater vest. Not you or any of your status quonies can stop THIS revolution….

  4. When Bain Capital owns so many media outlets I guess he can pretty much dictate what gets ignored and what does not get ignored. The AP obviously has a MAJOR BIAS towards Ron Paul as their coverage of his is blatantly obvious. Like the day that Tom Davis endorsed Ron Paul they ran the story about Ron Paul buy full priced fares for his airline tickets. What a joke the media has turned out to be. This is the problem when media is own by a handful of people in the world.

  5. Who is the idiot who has aligned himself with the Republican Party? Ron Paul. What does he think is going to happen? Does he actually believe that he would be allowed to win the party nomination under ANY circumstance? If he does, then he is a fool who has been wasting his time and that of his supporters for far too many years. Even if he had won all of the primaries and caucuses to date, he would NEVER be allowed to win the nomination and represent the Republican Party on its Presidential ticket.

    The so-called Ron Paul revolution is the biggest farce in the history of American politics. Even if Paul ran as an independent and somehow won the Presidency, he would be doomed. Democrats and Republicans would refuse to work with him, and he would be powerless. If he refused to sign a federal budget and insisted on pushing for the massive cuts and dissolution of government that he supports, he would be drummed out of office. He could try to hold Congress and the American people hostage and force a government shutdown, but it would last only long enough for Congress to impeach him.

  6. There is something weird going on. At the CPAC everyone was crazy for Palin, yet Romney won the straw poll. WTF?

  7. I for one strongly suggest you look beyond what you think Ron paul wants for America. Do it in an unbiased way, then pray he doesn’t sell you to a corporation who will give you no benefits, pollute your neighborhood and take the right of citizenship away from your next child.

    Are you referring to the constitution that Paul wants to tear quite a few amendments out? The 14th, the 16th etc? Keep Ron Paul where he is, so people can keep his chain on

  8. WatchTheVote2012, a groups that monitors elections results on the ground, had Ron Paul with a ten point lead against Romney this afternoon. They received their results from caucus goers who saw the tallies. Some even secretly recoded it with camera phones. Ron Paul was winning, 43-33 over Romney, with just a few counties left to report.

    Someone need to go to jail for this and it will all stop. They needed Ron Paul to lose, more than they needed Romney to win. They can’t stop Paul, because he can’t be bought or sold like those other globalist puppets.

  9. Here’s the thing, Paulbearer: Jon Stewart ask the old coot in an interview if his libertarian ideals had ever actually been tried. And Paul said the the US in its earliest period came closest to that ideal. So what was the US like in that time?

    I favor following the constitution INCLUDING all the amendments. Dear Leader Paul and his adoring followers sound like they want to get rid of some of the really good ones.

  10. I was watching the results and Paul was up on Romney. The next thing I know they declared Romney the winner and the lights went out

  11. BTW, THIS revolution reminds me of the earthquake groundswell that was supposed to win Palin the Iowa primary. She got no votes. And neither is Paul

  12. I firmly believe that rigging is probably the only way Willard can win many primaries or caucuses. Since his unfavorability rating increases in direct proportion to the amount of public exposure he receives, and most Republicans are not sold on him, it’s not surprising that a lot of dirty tricks have to occur for him to be the nominee. I don’t care about Ron Paul either, because many of his positions are even more regressive than those of most of his rivals. He is a relic from another time, and would be a poor choice as a leader in the 21st century. Just as in Iowa, where votes from 8 precincts were not counted in the GOP caucus, the same thing has happened in Maine to REPUBLICAN voters. If any GOP voter thinks that Republican dirty tricks are directed only at Democratic voters, they need to wake up and smell the coffee.

  13. Ron Paul will sell you to the first corporation to make an offer. His brand of “liberty” amounts to corporate fascism.

  14. Much as I would never vote for ANY of the GOP contenders,it STILL reeks to high heaven with corruption,&if ANY of the sick shennanigans they have pulled were being done by Democrats,there would be such an uproar,we’d ALL be deaf for Life.The GOP can’t even be trusted with each other&will do,sayANYTHING&buy their way,whatever it takes to throw things their direction.And they expect The American People to even remotely trust these guys with the ultimate responsibility of Presiding over our Nation&carrying The Nuclear Football?Yeah,RIGHT.I will at least give Paul this much,while the rest of them are making complete boorish,idiotic prostitutes to the Highest Bidder of themselves,Paul does remain a steadfast,more classy Act than the rest.Steadfastly crazy,but gets credit for not completely selling out yet.We’ll see how that turns out when the SuperPAC that’s now backing him starts to twist his arm to get him to do what they want,let’s just hope he keeps it classy like he has so far.The GOP these days is without a doubt,the scariest,most violent,hate&fear mongering psychotic group of Lying,cheating,morally bankrupt Bigots this Country has EVER seen,and as with all Violent,Unstable Mental Patients,should be locked up immediately&for good before they can hurt others or themselves&end up destroying millions of lives.

  15. Romney is the Corporate Servant made up of Super Pacs, and Corporations are people unlimited funding who owns the media..
    remember mid terms, when fear was more important to media than the Health of America ?

  16. Impeachment requires a crime, not Congressional disapproval of your Presidency. If disapproval would be the bar, we’d have had as many governments as post-war Italy.

    In Maine, Angus King was an Independent – and very successful Governor. Republican Gary Johnson of New Mexico, elected with many of the same ideals as Paul, was nick-named Governor Veto, and was re-elected by a wide margin in a rather Blue State. So it can be done.

    Third point – the three branches are supposed to be working at odds. The President isn’t owned by Congress and somehow duty-bound to rubber-stamp their legislation. The SCOTUS isn’t owned by either the President or Congress (look at the scary conservatives appointed by Reagan – who proved to be progressive or centrist), their job is to review legislation and answer matters on a Constitutional basis.
    Not a political basis, not based on a campaign contribution or K-Street whisper.

  17. JFK really tried to warn ALL OF US.
    “All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.” -Galileo
    JFK “The President and the Press,” before the American Newspaper Publishers Association, 27 April 1961
    Ron Paul 2012

  18. What corporation do you speak of? Many will finally be allowed to go broke under a Paul presidency as he will enforce the rule of law. The power of the corporation will be diminished…at least until they have him assassinated.

  19. The power of the corp will not be diminished. Paul will give them a free rein to do as they please. Any regulations for workers and the environment gone. Taxes gone, no military. The right of your childrens to citizenship, the right of court trials. Paul talks big liberty, but he doesn’t really want it. If he did he wouldn’t want to dismantle the amendments to the constitution. His voting record is very much in line with the 1%.

    I have no interest to Paul giving most of the power to the states either. Which was NOT the intent of the consitution. Look at stes like Wisconsin that have been bought by the Koch brothers and ask yourself if that’s who you want handing your money, roads, taxes, schools and morality laws. Michigan, Florida, Ohio and Arizona are among the others. Not me Borther, no way.

  20. He doesn’t want america from slave days idiot. He wants thee principles of old america to be applied. Calling him names only shows your lack of substance. Hes incredible in the way he opposes everything the government has done to ruin us. Sound money, personal liberty, avoiding illegal undeclared wars? Yeah he is s o nutz! Oh and the way he has accurately warned and warned about our economic practices eroding our dollar. Do America a favor and start bashing the real idiots, obama and romney… Both guys corporate backed and notorious liars! they also like to talk out of thier ass, yall would get along.

  21. No, that is correct. Ron Paul is a self described anarcho-capitalist: no regulations, no rules, blind capitalists, privatized police force, private schools only, privatized military…etc…. These goons think that “markets” and only markets should determine the structure of society. CORPORATE FASCISM

  22. No, that is correct. Ron Paul is a self described anarcho-capitalist: no regulations, no rules, blind capitalists, privatized police force, private schools only, privatized military…etc…. These goons think that “markets” and only markets should determine the structure of society. CORPORATE FASCISM

  23. Yeah, I think he ‘accurately’ described the erosion of the Dollar. In those newsletters. The ones he didn’t write and ‘never read’.

    Except the way ‘he’ described it, the Dollar would have completely collapsed by now.

  24. This of course is fiction,
    Submitted by doctor011 and RonPaulWins2012

    This of course is fiction, any similarity to anyone or thing is purely coincidence.

    The fraud was planed out better but because of a leak the original plan was scrapped. The plan was released on Friday but got discovered. It then made the rounds on the internet making it impossible to follow thru with [… ] So a plan B was put into play. Sloppy but if they wanted to stop Paul this would have to do.

    Plan B to begin with Ron Paul strong hold of Washington county with it’s college voters is postponed in lieu of a expected snow fall [… ] (February in Maine REALLY?!) Then promises that the vote will be taken next Saturday 2-18-12 and all will be right with the world.

    The vote on Saturday 2-11-12. Leading in counted votes by 9%, 3 counties all ready complete and he is the clear winner. Leading in 83% of the remaining counties in Maine. To prevent the world from seeing a Ron Paul blow out ,The GOP stops showing the vote and say’s Mitt won… ] Then to increase the percentages but leave the vote alone: [… ] [… ]

    With the WANTED RESULT In hand now to clean up the mess created by the caucuses that did not get to vote:… ] GOP party Executive Director Michael Quatrano said county officials had been told the results of that caucus would not count toward the total. But Washington County GOP Chairman Chris Gardner objected, saying he had known his county’s tally wouldn’t be included in Saturday’s announcement but didn’t realize it wouldn’t be counted at all. He said he had called state party leaders and “expressed my complete and utter dismay.”Gardner claims a misunderstanding and acts as though he is disappointed.

    *Webster and Gardner are both Romney supporters, so how convincing are the following claims?:

    a) Gardner’s real reason for postponing his county’s Caucus, which would have gone strongly for Paul, was snow (keep in mind there wasn’t much snow, and the Girl Scouts didn’t even cancel their event in the same county).
    b) Webster and Gardner weren’t in clear communication regarding the fact that Washington County’s votes, if postponed, wouldn’t count.
    c) Webster decided to disenfranchise Washington’s County for any reason other than to harm Paul’s candidacy.

    One more thing: Webster’s longstanding efforts to discourage the college vote:

    [… ] *Thanks to (Alliance With None)
    One last link, How they got the total and how many they disfranchised to do it so 250 precincts zeroed or not counted!Only around 58% of the vote was counted!

  25. Your concept of fascism is completely wrong. Fascists despised free-market capitalism and classical liberal laissez faire economics. Fascism is an extreme form of corporatism, which requires a collusion of big government and big business. One need look no further than Obama to see an example of this. The banks, Wall Street and other Fortune 500 companies become too big to fail and get bailed out. And if you think we don’t have enough regulations, try reading through the Federal Register, which lists any and every Federal Regulations on various aspects of American business, and see how long it takes you. The problem is that in a Corporatist state, only big business with access to lawyers and lobbyists can have loopholes passed that exempt them from regulation. In a Paul society, no one is exempt. Obama is much more a corporate candidate than Paul, why do you think some of his top contributors are Goldman Sachs, Citigroup and JP Morgan? They fear Paul much more than the Corporatist Obama, who’ll bail them out in return for a political donation.

  26. We must not allow the disastrous results of corporatism to be ascribed incorrectly to free market capitalism or used as a justification for more government expansion. Most importantly, we must learn what freedom really is and educate others on how infringements on our economic liberties caused our economic woes in the first place. Government is the problem; it cannot be the solution. Ron Paul

    Individual rights and corporate rights, at the very least conflict, and
    often are in downright opposition to one another.

    Corporate facism in no way describes Ron Paul’s platform – rather it matches quite nicely with what we have had in recent years, including the present administration (considering both parties are virtually one and the same).

    Educate yourself:

  27. I do not agree with anything Ron Paul says or does but the fact is that he had a lot of support in Maine and probably won that state, the dirty tricks that are being used should make us all very worried about November.

  28. Corporations are the ones they get to write those “regulations” you put so much faith in. Have you not noticed yet, that they continue abusing those who lack their money and political connections? And when they do get caught doing something that is illegal for the rest of us, it is extremely rare that anyone goes to jail…or is even fired…or loses their million+ dollar bonus! Same goes for our elected officials.

    “Regulations” create loopholes for corporations. i.e. They don’t force them to stop polluting altogether, instead they LEGALIZE a certain amount of pollution, determined by corporate insiders. aka “regulators”. This does not protect your rights, it protects the corporations.

    If corporations were instead made responsible for the actual damage they inflict on the property of others, they would have a legal obligation to make restitution to the actual persons they harm. As it is now, they can just hide behind carefully worded regulations that have been crafted on their behalf by business insiders.

    You claim Ron Paul is in line with the 1%, yet the 1% don’t support him, and in fact hate him! (That includes Koch bros) Think about that! Corporate lobbyists don’t even bother to contact him. Perhaps you are the one that needs to “look beyond what you THINK Ron Paul wants for America”, “in an unbiased way”.

  29. Well, isn’t that RICH? You said “He doesn’t want america from slave days idiot. He wants thee principles of old america to be applied. Calling him names only shows your lack of substance.”

    You actually called someone an idiot, and in the same paragraph, you criticize name-calling, saying it shows lack of substance. Then you go right on a little bit farther down and call Obama and Romney idiots.

    Do you actually think before you write? Do you engage brain? You just made a complete fool of yourself and your argument…which by the way I didn’t bother reading after that first paragraph.

  30. Palin had a groundswell of media attention attracting doting supporters and haters alike, but she never any substance.

  31. I don’t know why anyone is blaming the media for this, if indeed shenanigans were happening at the Maine caucus. Sure, the media doesn’t cover Ron Paul, because he’s a fruitcake, but that has nothing to do with the Maine caucus. If something unethical happened there, look to your GOP for the cause and blame, and stop trying to blame media for everything. You republicans had best come to terms with the fact that your own party will screw you to the wall if you don’t do as they want.

  32. If you look at who Paul votes for more than anyone, he would side with the 1%. But then again, and I don’t mean this in a mean way, the chances of Paul ever becoming the nominee are extremely close to never. They will not support him for that reason and they know that the people are smart enough not to support him.

  33. You are right, she did. But nationally she has a lower rating than the tea party does. Just slightly above congress.

    She gave her stock in trade speech and that’s it

  34. Ron Paul is the only candidate with no billionaires backers.

    By the way:

    It’s incorrect to say Ron Paul is against all regulations. He knows that some regulations are necessary.

    Income tax is only about 30% of revenue collected to run this country. There’s also money from excise taxes, tariffs, and other fees. Without pointless wars that are not a matter of this county’s own security, we could take care of everybody while devising more sustainable solutions.

    Ron Paul is the only pro-peace candidate.

  35. Lying, cheating, and stealing an election are required to be demonstrated of all GOP presidential candidates.

  36. You will get no argument from me about no wars. However under paul there will not be enough income to fund a defensive war and that eliminates him immediately in my book.

    I suspect you are hoping paul knows regulations are required. he will eliminate every single entity that protects you from the corporations in all categories calling it the free market. He relies on corporations being nice enough to know where they should give regulations. I wont go that route, 2008 proved they cannot be trusted for anything

  37. You cannot claim that Ron Paul sides with the 1% when he votes against all bailouts and special privileges for them. I’m pretty familiar with his voting record. All his votes side with the American citizen, as laid out in the US Constitution.

    You seem to be unaware of Paul’s work dealing with the Federal Reserve – this is something the 1%, on both sides of the aisle, strongly despise him for. They know that Paul’s policies would put an end to the “business as usual” politics that have made these hypocrites so wealthy and powerful. THIS is why they won’t ever support him.

  38. Finally someone understands the definition of fascism! It drives me crazy to listen to ignorant people that throw that word around in the wrong context. Thank you for SCRebel for telling it like it is.

  39. Except that he was totally wrong. All the big banks are bankrolling Romney and I gave the links to prove it. But I am not surprised you fell for what he said

  40. I dont know why other Democrats arent voting for Paul. Hes the only one running who isnt a corrupt shill. He also advocates liberty and common sense foreign policy. Hes also the only one acknowledging the debt and monetary system. I was fooled by Obama in 08 but not this time. You cant say Paul isnt consistent and genuine

  41. You could have at least corrected my spelling!

    I mean I like the constitution the way it is without Ron Paul taking amendments out of it. (14th and 16th to start with)

  42. Shiva…so sad. You seem like a smart person yet so misinformed. Ron Paul is the only possible candidate for president who even speaks of protecting the constitution. Obama signed an extension of the Patriot act in May 2011 and the NDAA in December 2011. Read up on them because they strip you of your constitutional rights. As far as funding from corporations Obama is way ahead of everyone with Mitt in second. A vote for either one of them is a vote for big business. Our constitution is already torn. Ron Paul wants to fix it.

  43. Sorry, but you havent read up on Paul. You are flying on other peoples rhetoric.

    Ron paul will not afford you the freedoms he says he will. He will however give the corporations freedom to put you in poor working environments and now pay you a working wage.

    Ron paul will or would do away with the amendments that give you freedoms. He will start with the citizenship of your yet to be born children

    Fortunately while he is a nice man for a racist, he has no chance of ever getting into the whitehouse

  44. Shiva you have much to learn, the Military is not going anywhere under Ron Paul. He would strengthen it here at home while moving away from the spread out ways of current. I am not sure where you get your facts from but you have no clue what you are talking about.

  45. Here is proof that Romney is run by the CFR – an NGO that has no business telling us what to do but is an arm of the Rockefeller crime syndicate. They are all a bunch of communists for the one world order. Why do people think this is ‘conservative’?

    This makes Romney look even worse! He’s erased his membership of these groups on all their websites so he’s aware of how it is a detriment to his candidacy.

  46. No you have a lot to learn. There are times to deploy and times not to. All I said was there would be no military that could deploy under paul. What you are saying is Paul would lay down for any threat. And you would vote for him?


    It is about time that the so-called experts who promote overly complex or overly simplistic pre and post election models started to apply the scientific method. They need to do a robust probability and statistical analysis which includes the election fraud factor variable in their historical regression factor analyses or polling models.

    Conventional media pundit post-election analysis is based on a faulty premise: that it is a perfectly acceptable practice to force the exit polls to match the recorded vote. It is Standard Operating Procedure. It is also unscientific. And it is faith-based.

    Election forecasters and political scientists implicitly assume that the recorded vote is equal to the True Vote and that there is no such thing as Election Fraud. But the recorded vote has never been equal to the True Vote because of uncounted votes. And now, since HAVA was enacted in 2002, massive State and National UNADJUSTED exit poll discrepancies have been caused by proprietary, unverifiable voting machines and central tabulators programmed to miscount votes.

    It is often stated that exit polls were very accurate in elections prior to 2004, but have deviated sharply from the recorded vote since 2004. That’s comparing apples and oranges. FINAL exit polls in elections prior to 2004 are compared to UNADJUSTED exit polls since.

    It is not generally known that ALL state and national FINAL exit polls published in the media have ALWAYS been FORCED to match the RECORDED vote. That’s why they APPEAR to have been accurate. But the RECORDED vote has deviated sharply from UNADJUSTED exit polls and the TRUE VOTE in EVERY election since 1968.

    The UNADJUSTED exit polls have ALWAYS been accurate. They closely matched the True Vote in 2000, 2004, 2006, 2008 and 2010. The FINAL state and national exit polls have exactly matched the fraudulent RECORDED vote because they have been forced to do so.

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