Sarah Palin Opens The Door To Being The GOP’s 2012 Savior

Former Alaska Governor, Sarah Palin, gave a crowd pleasing speech at CPAC today in Washington, D.C. that brought the audience to their feet for numerous standing ovations – something that no other speaker had accomplished in the 3 days of the convention. She was intentional…in her lack of endorsement of any of the GOP candidates; in her lack of specifically throwing her wig in the race; and in her thorough rallying cry to the fringe conservative base…something she does so well. She is an expert at igniting and exciting that base.

Let’s start with the political Christian dogwhistles:

  • Shining City on a Hill
  • Constitutional Conservatives
  • Tipping Point
  • Open Door
  • Providentially crafted blueprint
  • A Servant’s Heart
  • We’ve been set aside, that’s why we are exceptional
  • God bless Israel

All the above were stated in Palin’s carefully crafted speech. I will give it to her, she did a stellar job. Her speech contained the appropriate colloquialisms that she is so known for and she did not disappoint us with her propensity for leaving the ‘g’ off of “ing” words. As much as I disagree with Palin, I am not going to diss the fact that she has an ability to raise the enthusiasm and emotion of a dedicated voting bloc that we would be remiss in ignoring. No other speaker at this convention whipped up the crowd like Sarah and she is well aware of that.

Today was Sarah’s birthday, and the adoration and chants of “Sarah! Sarah!” could not compete with any other gift that she received today.

I have said this for three years, do not count her out. Many have chastised me for taking this position, but today we saw the beginning of her “cat and mouse” game with conservative voters that can make or break the election of a nominee out of the four candidates in the running. She is well aware of this and lapping it up!

Out of the numerous dog whistles in her speech, none resonated more with my “Palin-is-going-to-run radar” than “the door is open”. Here is a clip from an interview she did with Greta Van Susteren last year where she tells us what the door opening means.

The only line that was missing was “fire in the belly”, but I predict she is saving that for her actual announcement. Here is a video I did after she announced on Greta Van Susteren’s FOX show that she has the “fire in her belly”.

Just sayin’…keep our eyes on the ball.

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78 Replies to “Sarah Palin Opens The Door To Being The GOP’s 2012 Savior”

  1. I know…it is not a joke…but it is a continuation of the clown show. All I have to add to that is look at the field and convince me that they are not looking for another.

  2. Sh*t. Fire in her belly… that means she’s raring to go. She’s definitely up to something, and it’s almost certain that she and her backers will try to use the dislike for the other candidates to get her into the candidacy.

    I’ll bet that the dominionists down here are in a tizzy right now. They think she walks on water. It got REALLY ugly and scary for a few days after the 2008 election. I thought we were going to have a rebellion right there… because she didn’t win (they didn’t care about McCain).

    There are also a lot of people who don’t know how bad she really is. The opinion I’ve heard from people was that she seemed “a little strange”. She’ll have the dominionists and fundamentalists all trying to knock down the door to get in and vote, and if we don’t get people out, we could be seeing her with her finger on the button in several months – imagine her with the nuclear football in her hands.

    Remember: many of the dominionists believe a nuclear war MUST happen, to get Jesus to return!!!

  3. This year’s CPAC shows that Conservatism is dead in America.

    It’s being replaced by “REACTIONARYISM”

    Pardon the word.

  4. Poor Sarah! CPAC visit upstaged by Whitney Houston’s death this afternoon in CA.

    Same thing happened a few months ago – Steve Jobs took the focus off her “announcement”!

  5. You are spot on. This is a bigger underground movement than most people who are not “walkaways” have a real grasp of. I am not discounting the growing understanding that is finally beginning to happen in America about this sect of Christianity, but I am emphasizing that we are not being alarmist to point out just how powerful this minority is.

    They appeal to and embrace huge financial supporters who do not necessarily share their religious views, but who do advance privatization for the increase of personal and corporate advancements.

  6. She hasn’t run yet. GOP, Romeny Obama they all know about Babygate and all her shenanigans.
    She can throw red meat to the base and then choke on it.

  7. He is voicing the very same rhetoric that is promoted by political Christians of ALL stripes. He is not an anomaly…sadly. I am not suggesting that they are a majority…but I am suggesting that unless we take them seriously, there will be a continuing infestation by these followers of a bible-based cult of Dominionism that could gain traction and bite us in the a**.

  8. She’s the 1/2 term governor of Alaska and it was a screech not a speech. Let her throw her witless wig in the race..she’s not winning anything.

  9. Faith is not part of her life in the least.
    She must be thinking to get in again with no vetting. Get in late, rush up and grab the nomination from Willard and run without debates. That would not surprise me at all. No way will she produce trigs (if he exists) birth certificate.

    She may have the words but I think most of them go right over the palinbots heads. Let her run, a great deal of the country cant stand her. She cant survive on the witty repartee that she uses on the others

  10. Don’t write her off so quickly. Those people are deadly dangerous, especially since they hide behind a deceptive veneer of being somewhat respectable. “She’s a CHRISTIAN, she can’t be THAT BAD!” There are people in this area who would vote for her JUST because she has that reputation – they’ve heard and believe that President Obama is a closet Muslim (yeah, I know it’s stupid but they buy it) and thus won’t vote for him (plus he’s Black and a Democrat – two strikes already against him in this bigoted area).

    We need to start thinking about getting the word out NOW about what she really stands for. We need to reinforce the bad connections they have, and push out the things she’s said. People need to be re-educated or reminded of just how goofy they sound, but also at the same time made aware that they’re dead serious.

    There are two people that give me the chills when I think about them winning the nomination as Republican candidate – Gingrich, and Palin. Gingrich because something about him sets off every alarm bell I’ve got in me (I get the cold shivers just seeing him on TV and have always had that reaction, even back when I was still brainwashed and conservative) – and Palin, because I know where she’s coming from and just how much pull she has.

    If we oppose her, we’re also going to be constantly attacked, and we need to be able to reply. We’ll be accused of being misogynistic, anti-Chistian, and worse. Some of us will probably be physically attacked and harmed – or worse (I hope not, but I “can see it coming”). I expect nasty shenanigans if any of the other contenders makes it to the candidacy, but if she wins it… we’ll be Deibolded, have our rights to vote questioned, you name it – far more so than if one of the others get in.

    Her returning to the fray is so bad that I will feel relief if anyone BUT Gingrich takes the candidacy.

  11. Of course, she lifted the “fire in her belly” line from “Working Girl” and oh yeah, she’s workin’ ’em! (wink wink)

  12. I’d love to see Snowtard Snooki swoop in and snag the nomination! She’d make Newt’s numbers against the Prez look good by comparison.

  13. That’s why she practically endorsed Gingrich (her husband actually did). These two have something in common, they are no more Christians than the man in the moon. They are rabid, frosting at the mouth, using religion to their benefit. Their religion is money and power and yes, people should be scared should they come even close to power. Too many people dismiss them as crazy, cooky, not to be taken seriously, but they should be taken seriously.

  14. Crystalwolf, sooo well said. Thank you. Yes, Willard’s camp, GOP, and Obama DO all know of her shenanigans. And the GOP’s puppet, Willard, above all, will use it against her, just in case.
    As the saying goes, You are only as sick as the secrets you keep.
    And the citizen from Alaska has a truckload.

  15. I am ashamed of this, but do you know I have no idea who snooki is or what she looks like? I have only heard her name. I guess I spend too much time watching Korean variety shows. Did I say I was ashamed? NOT

  16. If they’ve got the guts to go against her church, which I doubt.

    The dominionists aren’t nice people. Strange things happen to people who oppose them.

    They’re really good at hiding their tracks. And then sometimes claiming “It was the Hand of God!”. (If an investigation happens, it was usually something like a firebomb in the night, poison, partially cut brake lines, or something like that. God’s hand, yeah… right…)

    Santorum, on the other hand, is one of them. He might get the “back off!” order from his church and it’s unlikely he would disobey.

  17. Very VERY true. However, Palin at least shows some of the signs of being a “True Believer”. Yeah, deceptive, lying, etc. etc. etc., but I see them. Santorum as well.

    I’m concerned that people will think that this is all a put-on. Folks, it’s not. It’s not a scam, although it functions as one. It’s not for show. The things their church teaches – people DO literally believe all of that, and yes, even some of the leaders as well. Indeed I would be surprised if more than a handful did NOT. In Palin, her husband, and Santorum I see signs that they are serious about what they believe, it’s not money/power that they’re thinking about, and they’re actually convinced they’re doing it for God and to help Christ.

    And, please don’t forget – those people operate through emotions and not logic or thinking. Intelligence has nothing to do with being trapped by that cult. They’re masters of brainwashing and manipulating people – and even the most intelligent people have emotions and weaknesses that can be exploited. People whose sapience hasn’t been sapped see their stuff as crazy and unbelievable, but it makes sense to them. (Yeah, I bet the cognitive dissonance really wrecks havoc with their mind at times, but they often write that off as “attacks from Satan”.)

    I pity them, and at the same time I fear them. Their brainwashing leads them to do things that if their sapience wasn’t diminished, they’d refuse to do. (Remember how the Nazis got the German people to support the murder of so many, and the Milgram experiment.)

  18. I haer you walkaway. Not quite sure Sarah is into it that deeply, but if you believe God is telling you the door is open, the fire is in your belly, then, as Newt rationalized his affairs as reactions to his overwhelming patriotism, anything can happen.

    Babygate is a non-issue. Why? How could you prove it? You can’t. The types of people who demand a paternity test would never do it to one of their own. It would be highly dangerous for Mitt to demand such a thing – and to what end?

    Yup – Sarah is a real possibility. And while Paul is doing his damnedest to finagle votes into his delegate count from already voted caucuses, I could see the two of them collaborating NOT to have one run for president, but to make her VP again AND screw the presidential bidder to the wall with demands each would make of said candidate.

    Like it or not – she’s b-a-a-a-a-ck.

  19. You know, walkaway, that too many of us have experienced their violence first hand.

    Those who think Leah and walkaway and I are exaggerating the danger – sd NOT blow it off! Remember the murders that these people have already committed. This goes back decades and is global in nature with tentacles to the CIA and worse as well as powerful, deadly actions here in the US.

    Yes – they ARE that bad. They ARE that dangerous. And if Sarah is revving the base again, then they are moving for a large push. And if they don’t get what they want – and they won’t – you WILL see an upsurge of political violence like you’ve not seen since 1865.

  20. Don’t worry – Palin knows babygate is her undoing. There are people who will spill the beans for the money. It has happened before. And besides that – people are over her – even her Wasilla fans. I heard it with my own ears tonight as I trolled the bars. But they still hate Obama. Because he spends too much of our money and refuses to drill,baby drill. That’s all they have. I know Obama is going to win another term, but I want Alaska to go BLUE – to turn the screw as far as it will go.

  21. So…The Original clown wants to jump back in the clown car and take the wheel. Awesome! I truly welcome an Obama/Palin debate.

  22. The Dominionists might believe a nuclear Armageddon is a good thing. The Friedmanists don’t: money vaporizes even more thoroughly than human flesh, and just think of all those tangible assets up in smoke! Plus, once you’re dead, there are *two* places with no zip code you could wind up in, and I suspect Friedmanists are nothing as sure as Dominionists that they’ll get a better address. So if Sarah is the pick, they’ll give her a puppeteer, as they did W. Watch out for her Cheney.

  23. YES! YES! YES!!! Bring it, Caribou Barbie!!! She’s so effing stupid she can’t keep her mouth shut. Can’t. Wait!!

  24. Her and her (whatever) 23% of fools could never win. She’s more cooked than an Outhouse Steakhouse well done leather wrap. Babygate alone would sink her, and don’t think the Repub establishment, Obama and anybody with an IQ above 100 don’t know about it. And, ultimately, SHE IS A QUITTER. QUITTER. QUITTER.
    Stupid and an easily provable hypocrite won’t help her either.
    Run, Sarah, Run.

  25. People find it easier to mock than to grasp the money and power behind the likes of Palin, DeMint, Inhofe, McDonnell, Rubio…do I really need to go on and on? There is nothing funny about any of these zealots.

  26. The GOP is in a frenzy looking for a “savior,” and the mere consideration of her as one is a measure of their desperation. They are on a downward spiral of self-destruction that is their own doing. I don’t underestimate the win-at-any-cost mentality that would cause them to grasp at any straw within reach, which is why we cannot get complacent no matter which clown they eventually settle on as their “savior.”

  27. Palin’s speech was stacked with her cult. It was her birthday. How intimate. Where else would they be?

    All she did was repeat to them all the things they write about President Obama every day on their little blog. Why wouldn’t they scream and yell and jump up and down?

    Sarah Palin’s presidential exploratory (bus tour) was a failure in more ways than she’d imagined. Remember how nobody was interested in her except the media? Remember how all she did was stalk the real candidates to try and get some attention for herself, turning up like a bad penny everywhere? Remember the Paul Revere debacle? And now we find that from that time on folks stopped sending money to her PAC.

    I know she keeps talking herself up while trashing the real candidates. Sour grapes, if you ask me. I’m not afraid of her running, and I’d be surprised if she pointed her saggy bony ass at Obama for him to kick it.

  28. But as you rightly address…who are the “real” candidates in this GOP reality show? Pretty weak. I am not saying that I am advocating for a Palin…or a Jeb Bush…Steve Forbes…General Petraeus…etc., I am simply saying to watch out for this to turn into a new level of chaos.

  29. I got the “RED STATE BLUES” myself here in RVA 2012. A windswept conundrum of parish rights, skinny ankle horse, plantation owning, cult mentality, cousin fucking, interrogating, rude, political economicist, chicken eating, pork barrel spending, etc.. Well you get the idea. I got a Sarah Palin bobble head just for hurricanes and earthquakes to prevent a global disaster. I see Rednecks and Niggers living in unison like I’d never imagined before. Even my shrinks are trying to overdose me cause I’m from Wisco. If the apocolypse is going to happen I hope to high heaven I am atleast 1,000 miles in any rough northern direction before the shithouse goes down in flames or I will go to hell for sure just for being involved. I think it is called guilty by association or something like that. Don’t get me wrong… A FEW GOOD MEN are readily available, but when discovered the tides turn quickly and nobody suspects the sneak attack of human mentality. Self destruction has been imminent for years now. I made it this far. I’ve witnessed people I trust become more two faced than a Batman movie over night. Believe the hype!!! This conspiracy is very real!!!

  30. Sarah Palin is not running for ANYTHING.
    She can throw the bombs–but she can’t put them together.
    This her “job”. Angry, screaming, bully, talking points mistress.
    It is the political equivalence of the hot stripper. But then the glitter clumps
    and her high heels hurt her feet in the end—-then she has to go home,
    giggling at the fuse she lit.

    Then people send more money!

  31. “…I am simply saying to watch out for this to turn into a new level of chaos…”

    That’s the whole point.

    The entire GOP is on the ropes and the only “out” is to bring “the messiah” full-frontal, creating more chaos and spin…you folks really need to get a grip, read and, educate yourselves starting with the “Chaos Theory” in Conway and Siegelman’s “Snapping”.

    Chaos is the whole point of bringing “herself” to the mix once again.
    Palin nothing more than a political cult leader and THAT is the level of exposure on which she should be treated; giving her and her followers street creds is a big joke, as most all Americans despise her.

    The GOP is just bringing in the “visiting” evangelists to keep their “church” going. It is Pailn’s duty to give them the best show possible! She comes in and hit the crowd up as she’s their superstars. It’s the charisma of the evangelist-messiah that the audience believes in and comes to see.

    These people who are out there to “win” this election don’t see this entire show as entertainment that it actually is, in fact, what it is; entertainment. These people don’t go to movies, they don’t go to bars and drink, they don’t go to rock-and-roll concerts; this is their emotional release, their “ritual” where they engorges themselves on hate of “the other”. So, they come to the GOP Revival Tent and they dance around worshiping Sister Sara and talk in tongues. For them, this is just a socially approved “escape” where they feel “the power”. It is withing that context of entertainment that the GOP takes “pride” in their star, Sara, as their savior evangelist role model.

    Dangerous…yes and no. If you keep allowing the base the power of an “escape” mechanism, then yeah, their dangerous, but, if you expose them, they quickly disappear; Sara and company take the money and slink off until there’s another “open door”.

    And in reality, isn’t that what Sara has done over and over again? Don’t you see that people ARE smart enough to see her for what she is, as they do over and over again? Stop peeing in your pants; if you think she’s that “dangerous” go out there and do something about it! Educate yourself, educate your children and educate all others…scaring each other with the “Boogie Woman is back” or, the White Power People are Coming to get’cha is just as much of a dog whistle that paralyzes people with paranoia; ALL of our brains “react” to this stuff…so cut the drama; if you’re afraid do something! You think the folks in Selma, Al. circa 1960’s weren’t scared?

  32. The republicans will use her, they have to.
    I still say she will run. As a symbolic gesture, and to keep her name in the news and the money coming in.

    Unless of course, Newt picks her as a VP.

  33. Chaos is the “ceremony” that is proceeded by violence. It is a no-win game. The radical fundamentalist are being “lead” by a chain of command that is within the Republican Party; it is a “closed” institution. In all closed institutions, the “weak” (most imbalanced) personalities rise to the top, like the entire GOP field; they snowball in to certifiable psychopaths. They manipulate by creating a paranoid world-view and veer off into various paths of confrontation (Santorum’s rage about Obama, the French Revolution, guillotines…)They have an unquestioning population that is building-up not in size, but, more and more negativity and hate…

    They constantly manipulate via “coded” words that keep increasing in intensity, systematically as a demand for a confrontation. Keep in mind that the “the true believers”, not the leaders, will “fight” and get killed or arrested. The leadership, like Palin or Santorum, will skirt around the entire events they themselves caused like rats jumping a sinking ship.

    ….at this point, we have no real evidence of the next phase; Jone’s Town-esk or Koresh-style “dress rehearsals” Although, we wouldn’t know as the do so much of their “drilling” in secret, like the Wisconsin group arrested over a year ago. But, in all those cases, there were warnings to law enforcement agencies; relatives, concerned neighbors, former members who did there best to stop the pathological destructive leaders within the closed institution form carrying out their chaos.

    IMHO, we have the wrong “leadership” via Janet Napalitano for the upcoming “chaos” that can turn into violence. She’s the one that allowed Warren Jeffs to continue his little games after repeated warnings to her as AZ’s AG…she brushed aside the pending law suits so that she wouldn’t “offend” Mormons in order to get elected as Governor. ALL the indictments, arrest and action took place AFTER she left for DC.

    She’s a big problem, kiddies…she’ll put “persona” and her political career first. She needs to go.

  34. for the laughs and for Tina Fey’s sake, i hope she does get back in the clown car. The GOP “Cavalcade of Clowns” needs her to finish off the farce that has become the Repugnican’t party.

  35. I used your link. If there was anything in the article that linked him with Dominionists, it’s no longer there. If it’s important, we may need an article on it here.

  36. Two-facedness I know about, but your post could take a little elucidation. As for three-gaited Saddlebreds, I remember when they were popular trail horses in Florida, but big Americans rather did for their slim pasterns. I gather you’re in Virginia, but not sure.

  37. Worse, I have heard of Jersey SHore but never seen it. I cannot do network television, its far to horrid.

  38. Republican party string-pullers are very orderly in their mindset, really, they let their national leaders line up and take turns running for President. They got around to Bob Dole and John McCain rather too late in their careers, but don’t forget Ronnie R was also old when he got elected. Sarah’s still young, her turn will come, perhaps in 2016, perhaps in 2020. They are letting her bide her time, socking away $millions in book tours, speech fees, etc., and grooming her message while the public, which has the memory of a goldfish, forgets all the mistakes of her youth. This year is Rmoney’s turn, we have known that since 2008, and everything else going on is just so much eyewash to keep the press breathless with speculation. Will Rmoney beat Obama? Depends on how much Citizens United SuperPAC $ he can mobilize (which is a lot).

  39. the best thing that might happen is for caribou babbles to stick her victim mentality into the mix. she does nothing for the gop base except as a Rabble-rouser, and she makes a great way for the dems to raise money.
    and this is a great blog, one of the few places a progressive thinker can read other like minded, and not see the blowhards from the rightwing enter into ad hominem attacks…

  40. The very fact that ANYONE could see this illogical, stupid, nasty and sorry excuse for a human being as a candidate for anything except dum-dum of the year is beyond me.

  41. let her do it… she destroyed the republican party so bad they can’t even make up their mind on which candidate they like. Let her get into the race… it will be the downfall of the party altogether. I would enjoy seeing it.

  42. Dairygate, Troopergate, ACES, Bridge to nowhere, Alaska Fund Trust, Gas Pipelinegate, Lemonade Standgatep, Rapekitgate, Wasilla Sports Centergate, Who built my housegate,Library Censorshipgate, Alaska Film Taxcreditgate, Blah, blah, blahgate. Oh, and babygate. Oh, and Abundance Managementgate.

  43. You think Romney looked bad slow rolling out his tax returns…lol…Palin could NEVER withstand the scrutiny of a front running candidate….never mind the babygate, Todd and his sue of/involvement with prostitutes, that should have been discovered the first time around….Palin has had 4 years to create a whole NEW closet of skeletons…her fake married son….Bristols second child..oh yes she WAS pregnant on DWTS…and the plethora of financial shenanigans she has created with her PAC, LLC’s…. shuffling around PAC $$ to the newly created LLC’s in family members names….property….on and on…Palin would not last 5 minutes under the POTUS hopeful microscope….just as in the movies, she’d go up in flames like a vampire exposed to daylight.

  44. oh pleasepleasepleasepleasePLEEEEZE send Sarah to save the republicans! PLEASE Jesus! I’ll go to church every Sunday and be good forever and ever and EVER! I PROMISE! Just PLEASE let Sarah Run!!!

  45. one of the great things about Obama is that up to now he has taken no notice of her whatsoever.

  46. I remember when Alaska was a shade of lavender and we all got along even if we argued opposite sides of an issue. It is definitely a deep red now.

  47. Precisely…this is not about winning, it is about stirring the pot and keeping herself in the mix for self-interested reasons as well as her devout twisted beliefs. As far as a VP position…she will never settle for 2nd chair again.

  48. But just imagine the presidential debates if she actually wins the nomination. That is a debate I would actually pay to see.

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