Sarah Palin Speaks For Free And CPAC Still Gets Ripped Off

Sarah Palin finally hit rock bottom and accepted an invitation to speak for free at CPAC, and her address was a combination of lies about Obama and bitterness over 2008.

The CPAC crowd was hot for Sarah Palin, but what they got were canned lines about Obama wanting to raise taxes and redistribute wealth, and the whining of faded failed vice-presidential candidate.

Palin claimed that Obama’s jobs plan was losing America, and she touted the Republican jobs plan, which I kid you not is, “the free market.”

Palin also spoke out against regulations for Wall Street, and claimed that Obama caused the financial crisis. Sister Sarah flashed back to 2008 to revive Obama’s comment about bitter people and their guns. The uneducated Palin claimed that Obama has forgotten the Bill Of Rights, but she is going to defend it.

She also spouted off against Planned Parenthood, and whipped the crowd into a frenzy over her usual anti-choice jibber jabber. Sarah Palin revived the right wing’s lies about health care reform and Obama banning light bulbs. (Once again, it was George W. Bush who “banned” light bulbs). Sarah Palin went back to the standard red meat that Obama apologizes to America. Palin claimed that Obama isn’t protecting America, and on and on and on she went.

Sister Sarah referred to Obama as an international community organizer, and it seemed the whole purpose of her keynote address was to throw a temper tantrum over losing the 2008 election. If you have heard Sarah Palin speak once in the last few years, then you’ve already heard this speech. Palin mocked Obama as the messiah who promised to lower the tides and sea levels.

This address was the final coda of Sarah Palin. She had nothing to offer. Her address was stuck in the past. She is still trying to run her 2008 campaign strategy of lies and personal attacks against President Obama.

Palin’s bitterness over her irrelevance was palpable. She pulled out all of her greatest hits. She attacked the EPA. She tried to play the Washington outsider. Palin worked in crony capitalism.

Just to show how completely out of touch she is, Sarah told the Occupy Wall Street protesters that they were protesting the wrong place and thing. It is obvious that Palin doesn’t pay attention to the news.

She doesn’t follow current events and she has no idea what is going on, or maybe she is just the typical Fox News viewer. (However, Palin did tie Obama’s singing of Al Green to Chicago style politics and corruption). Palin also worked in complaints about the media and the left destroying her and attacking her family. (More standard Sarah Palin bitterness).

Palin had declined to speak at CPAC, because they don’t pay their speakers. Each of the last three years, Palin would either blow off CPAC or she would commit and cancel on them. Now that she has finally hit rock bottom, Sarah Palin agreed to speak at CPAC.

The activists at CPAC were drunk on the vapors of Palin’s past celebrity, but the truth is that CPAC organizers should be happy they didn’t pay her. Because even at a cost of nothing, CPAC got ripped off by Sarah Palin.

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  1. CPAC is nothing but a self-congratulatory, regressive group of folks who are still licking their wounds at having lost the 2008 presidential election. That’s why Simple Sarah fits in so well. I’ve always said that her hatred of the president stems largely from her and McCain’s defeat and partly from racism. Her speech, if it can be called that, is nothing but an illustration that since 2008, she has not grown politically, and the GOP itself has sunk to her level.

  2. Sick and tired of hearing these Repug wingnuts spewing their lies about President Obama “apologizing for America”. When has he ever done this? Of course, the Repugs don’t mean for their comments to be taken as factual statements. Really wish they could form their own stupid country.

  3. Al Green lives a few hours away from me and on Saturday mornings I can hear him singing at my house. I cant quite see Nashville from my house however.

    I am eager to hear the GOP’s version of her rendition of rendition.
    From Twitter. These people need help

    RT @PioneersBlog: @SarahPalinUSA made reference to “our pioneers” and a “pioneering spirit” three times in that speech. Thats why we are Pioneers of Politics.

    RT @CoolChange80: @SarahPalinUSA ‘s speech is the greatest speech ever given at #CPAC .There nobody that comes even close. #RunSarahRun

    @MonicaCrowley @SarahPalinUSA Seems nobody can destroy Sarah,her courage is what I admire so much.She is one honorable woman…

    RT @MonicaCrowley: The Left has relentlessly tried to destroy @SarahPalinUSA & she has never backed down. Ever. #Guts

    RT @JedediahBila: @sarahpalinusa: “…community organizer reorganizing the deck chairs while singing Let’s Stay Together” :) #tbrs

    I could certainly appreciate a Gingrich/Palin ticket… #tcot #cpac @newtgingrich @SarahPalinUSA

    RT @bdomenech: RT @JedediahBila: I am 100% certain that @sarahpalinusa would’ve destroyed this GOP field. This woman knows how to get it done.
    RT @PW4SP: @SarahPalinUSA has all the characteristics of a True American Patriot and Leader that makes a positive difference in the USA. God bless her.

    RT @Tresidential: @SarahPalinUSA #CPAC speech was truly one for the history books!!

  4. for the history books. I assume that that would be the history books being rewritten in Texas? Because nowhere else would CPAC even get a mention. What have they done that is positive for America? What did Palin say that was an affirmation of anything but hatred of our government, our system, our elected leaders, our media? Not one thing she said was positive. Not one. She had the chance, but she could not keep herself from whinging about everything that is wrong, and nothing that is right. Bye bye Sarah, and not a moment too soon. Go help Bristol give away those things she thinks are books.

  5. She probably got the billet by promising the mean old white male organizers they could lick her used pantiliners (Sorry, but there’s something so filthy about her I can’t restrain myself).

  6. C’mon give Sarah a break. She loaned her stripper pole out–she had to do something.
    AND she wants a brokered convention so she can somehow make more money
    on the GOP chaos.

    Win, win.. . . .

  7. The hate and the bitterness she oozes will come back to haunt her. CPAC is nothing but a big, sick, hate fest. It’s hard to believe that no one in the GOP can see they are in a self-destructive pattern. They obstruct the POTUS, they blame the POTUS, they distract from the fact that they have no solutions. Rinse and repeat. I can only endure this because I believe it is the slow death march of the Republican party. And I keep reminding myself that nothing worth having comes easily. Obama 2012.

  8. Is she ever going to go away? And what is it that so many GOPers go absolutely ‘ga-ga’ over her. Read at Huff post that they had to open more rooms to hold all the people who came to watch her and apparently they shouted down OWS.

  9. The ultra Palinites confuse Sarah’s yelling (screeching) with passion for positions, yet this passion isn’t sufficient for her to put herself out there as a candidate.

    What I heard during her speech (oops, sorry, screech) was that she was dying to be the nominee but didn’t want to do any of the work or set up any of the organization, or develop any of the plans or strategy to get there.

    She wants the other candidates to fail (the _real_ reason behind her urging everyone to keep ‘vetting’ the current crop), so that come convention time, she can ride to the nomination on a wave of (imagined) popular acclaim: “Who else is as rabid, err steadfast, as I am about rill (sic) conservative principles of Reagan and free-dumb!??”

    She and Breitbart belong in an institution. Mental-health type.

  10. You nailed it perfectly! Maybe the Miss Big Ooze will be subconducted underneath the tectonic plate up there as she waves goodbye to Russia! The earth will do the ”Rinse & Repeat”! I think Sister? Sarah, the GOP (Golly Old Puke) group will disappear like dial telephones & Betamax! Yea! GO OBAMA 2012!

  11. This whole country is getting ripped off by Obama. And we’re handing over good old American taxpayers’ money to pay this joker! Real Americans don’t want their tax dollars going to the president or the government.

    Our tax money should only be put to good use, for true American organizations like Blackwater and Halliburton, and for decent causes real Americans care about, like bombing the F out of Iran and finally building that humane, electrified fence along the Amero-Mexicanadian border.

  12. Um, most annoying. I only read this for an explanation of the claim that La Palin somehow “ripped off” CPAC, and so am very disappointed to find none. Um, you’re supposedly reporters. Could you please report an event that supports your claim? Thanks awfully.

  13. I know, I know we shouldn’t feed the animals at the zoo but enough is enough. Why in the world do you come here to bash our President? You really are getting tiresome. So, shoo, go away.

  14. I think Sarah hatred stems from that dinner where Joe Liberman intervened, and stopped her from talking to the President, he didn’t even look around while this was going on. Rejected female with an over bloated ego.A spurned woman:-)

  15. I think you have to read the article, maybe take some comprehension classes. The entire article tells you how she ripped CPAC off

  16. C’mon everybody ! You know Conservative Heart is writing parady. It’s funny and the words are correctly spelled, so it’s not a real conservative. Besides, do you really think Sarah Palin or any other GOP member would be president if there weren’t money involved ? Man please !!!

  17. She was born to scam and that’s what she’d doing. The 1/2 term gov of Alaska couldn’t hack it and there was money to mine as a big blabber mouth selling her assholeness.

  18. Add in fake boobs, tight short skirt, 5in.hooker heels, skanky wig, & sexy posing w/legs spread wide. They had to post wet floor signs from all the bagger drool. The Party of the Damned at it’s very best.

  19. Great article, as usual….

    I still say the one thing that Snowbilly Grifter is after is the one thing she will never get….

    Snowbilly Grifter has the “hots” for POTUS so badly she cannot think – she wants him to “notice her” and mention her by name………which will never happen.

    Go Away Snowbilly…nobody cares and CPAC is the representation of everything that is wrong with the RePiggery Team of Destroying America.

  20. Caribou Barbie is pathetic,trying to get back in the public eye,knowing that conservaturds will pay dearly to hear her.SPAC got her to speak for free and the idiots still got ripped off.

  21. Sarah’s little speech meshed perfectly with the tone of the other speakers at CPAC — long on derision, short on depth. All snark, no substance.

  22. This is the inevitable result of the GOP’s war on anything remotely intellectual. The GOP has embraced stupidity and ignorance as a core[upt] tenet in their quest to do their master’s bidding and assume the role of overloads. They have driven off everyone in their own party with a brain, since these people kept pointing out the inconsistencies between conservatism they espoused and the fascism they practice. The GOP is a soul-less, undead zombie that avoids brains and seeks power and cash.

  23. You know, something I’ve still never heard a single Conservative, tea person or Libertarian comment on is the fact that the last time we had “free markets”, we ended up with carpetbaggers, robber barons, 18 hour days, unlivable wages and maimed/dead laborers, child and otherwise.

    How ignorant do you have to be to believe that what “capitalists” really want is free and open markets promoting “healthy competition”? Capitalism’s goal isn’t free markets, it’s CORNERED markets. I guess history also has a “liberal” bias?

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