Sarah Palin Speaks For Free And CPAC Still Gets Ripped Off

Sarah Palin finally hit rock bottom and accepted an invitation to speak for free at CPAC, and her address was a combination of lies about Obama and bitterness over 2008.

The CPAC crowd was hot for Sarah Palin, but what they got were canned lines about Obama wanting to raise taxes and redistribute wealth, and the whining of faded failed vice-presidential candidate.

Palin claimed that Obama’s jobs plan was losing America, and she touted the Republican jobs plan, which I kid you not is, “the free market.”

Palin also spoke out against regulations for Wall Street, and claimed that Obama caused the financial crisis. Sister Sarah flashed back to 2008 to revive Obama’s comment about bitter people and their guns. The uneducated Palin claimed that Obama has forgotten the Bill Of Rights, but she is going to defend it.

She also spouted off against Planned Parenthood, and whipped the crowd into a frenzy over her usual anti-choice jibber jabber. Sarah Palin revived the right wing’s lies about health care reform and Obama banning light bulbs. (Once again, it was George W. Bush who “banned” light bulbs). Sarah Palin went back to the standard red meat that Obama apologizes to America. Palin claimed that Obama isn’t protecting America, and on and on and on she went.

Sister Sarah referred to Obama as an international community organizer, and it seemed the whole purpose of her keynote address was to throw a temper tantrum over losing the 2008 election. If you have heard Sarah Palin speak once in the last few years, then you’ve already heard this speech. Palin mocked Obama as the messiah who promised to lower the tides and sea levels.

This address was the final coda of Sarah Palin. She had nothing to offer. Her address was stuck in the past. She is still trying to run her 2008 campaign strategy of lies and personal attacks against President Obama.

Palin’s bitterness over her irrelevance was palpable. She pulled out all of her greatest hits. She attacked the EPA. She tried to play the Washington outsider. Palin worked in crony capitalism.

Just to show how completely out of touch she is, Sarah told the Occupy Wall Street protesters that they were protesting the wrong place and thing. It is obvious that Palin doesn’t pay attention to the news.

She doesn’t follow current events and she has no idea what is going on, or maybe she is just the typical Fox News viewer. (However, Palin did tie Obama’s singing of Al Green to Chicago style politics and corruption). Palin also worked in complaints about the media and the left destroying her and attacking her family. (More standard Sarah Palin bitterness).

Palin had declined to speak at CPAC, because they don’t pay their speakers. Each of the last three years, Palin would either blow off CPAC or she would commit and cancel on them. Now that she has finally hit rock bottom, Sarah Palin agreed to speak at CPAC.

The activists at CPAC were drunk on the vapors of Palin’s past celebrity, but the truth is that CPAC organizers should be happy they didn’t pay her. Because even at a cost of nothing, CPAC got ripped off by Sarah Palin.

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