Republicans Morph ‘Obama’s War On Religion’ Into Their War On Women

Santorum war on women
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Throughout mankind’s recorded history, women have been relegated to subservient roles by men who use any means necessary to maintain their supremacy. Despite the feminist movement that earned women the right to vote and gender equality in every aspect of life, women are still treated as second-rate citizens. For the past year, Republicans have ramped up their assaults on women in what is arguably a war on women, and it has as its basis religious dogmata found in the Christian bible. Republicans have assailed President Obama for allegedly waging a war on religion, but it is Republicans who are waging a religious war against women. Recent statements and rhetoric from Republicans regarding contraception should be a clarion call to women that if they want to preserve their quickly vanishing rights, they would be wise to avoid supporting any Republican.

The GOP’s newest frontrunner, Rick Santorum, is leading the religious war on women with the assistance of fundamentalists and the United States Council of Catholic Bishops (USCCB). In particular, Santorum’s crusade to ban contraception reveals his belief that women are incapable of deciding for themselves the important facets of personal reproductive health. For the record, all of the anti-contraception campaign has its basis the Catholic prohibition on birth control and lunatic fringe evangelicals who intend on overwhelming the population with Christian fundamentalist voters. Interestingly, although the great majority of women in America use and support contraceptives, the patriarchal misogynists who control all aspects of government have decided that they, and not women, get to make decisions about women’s health.

Santorum has made some comments that should concern every woman in America. He promised that if elected president, he will launch a campaign to preach the dangers of contraception, and signaled that states have the right to outlaw birth control. Santorum is a practicing Catholic and his crusade against contraception mimics the USCCB and Vatican ban on contraceptives. Regarding contraceptive use, Santorum said, “It’s not okay. It’s a license to do things in a sexual realm that is counter to how things are supposed to be.” What Santorum did not mention was that his position on contraception is an extension of the Catholic dogma and nothing else. Santorum also said that women do not need insurance coverage for contraceptives because they are inexpensive, and that inclusion of contraception coverage is a burden on the insurance industry. A House Republican leader, Tom Price (R-GA) claimed “that “not one” woman doesn’t have access to contraception in the United States.” That is a bald-faced lie according to a Hart Research survey that said “one in three women voters struggle to afford prescription birth control, including 55 percent of young women aged 18 to 34.” Many women need birth control for necessary medical treatment and even at $55 per month, it is prohibitively expensive for many American women.  The USCCB agrees with Republicans that women do not need insurance coverage for birth control and they intend on expanding their opposition to private sector employers.

Despite President Obama’s compromise in relaxing the mandate for religious institutions to include contraception coverage, the USCCB drew a line in that sand that reflects their true motives. Now the USCCB asserts that even private businesses have the right to deny insurance coverage for birth control. The GOP and USCCB’s opposition to birth control is not about religious freedom, but is an ideological religious and political issue to exempt all business from providing contraception for their female employees. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) said, “It is sad that we have to stand here yet again to fight back against another overreach and intrusion into women’s lives,” and that “the power to decide whether or not each individual woman uses contraception should be with that woman – not her boss,” and certainly not Catholic bishops.

Republicans are not only assailing women over contraception, Santorum claimed women are not capable of serving in combat roles because of their emotions. He said, “I think that could be a very compromising situation where people naturally may do things that may not be in the interest of the mission because of other types of emotions that are involved.”  Santorum also said that abortion is never acceptable even in cases of violent rape, and that women “have to make the best out of a bad situation by accepting the gift of human life that god has given.” Spoken like a man who will never have to experience the most violent intrusion into a woman’s life and then be connected to the violence for the rest of their life. Violence against women is something Republicans are not concerned about and they are against reauthorizing “The Violence Against Women Act” of 1994.

The act was up for reauthorization recently and not one Republican voted to renew it unless provisions in the bill are eliminated. Republicans want to throw out provisions “protecting victims who are LGBT or undocumented,” and “slash funding for enforcement, and eliminate entirely the Justice Department office devoted to administering the law and coordinating the nation’s response to domestic violence and sexual assaults. The Violence Against Women Act was reauthorized by unanimous consent in the Senate in 2005 and it demonstrates the escalation of the  war on women in the recent year.

It is astounding that in 2012 there is any controversy over contraception use. The ascendance of evangelicals and USCCB coincides with Republicans’ lurching to the right to take the country into the Dark Ages and Inquisition-era where women were little more than birth machines. The Senate Republicans opposing reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act reinforces a patriarchal belief that men have the right to mistreat women with impunity, and it sheds light on their true conviction that women are not worthy of equal rights. Santorum’s push to outlaw contraception is connected to his Catholic faith and one just needs to compare the USCCB’s anti-contraceptive rhetoric with his to see there is no difference in their positions on women’s rights. It still remains a mystery why the USCCB is against contraception because there is no scriptural basis for their position and it begs the question; why are bishops against contraception when little boys are incapable of getting pregnant?


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24 Replies to “Republicans Morph ‘Obama’s War On Religion’ Into Their War On Women”

  1. The selective outrage of both the Republican Party and the Catholic hierarchy is absolutely disgusting. The “religous freedom” they whine about pertains to the freedom to deny the right of women to have access to birth control. I try to be as tolerant and open-minded as I’m able to, but the ban on birth control is an insanely stupid and destructive one. It has resulted in tragedies like deaths from AIDS, sufferings from other STD’s, and pregnancies for families who can least afford them. While it’s said that the Church helps the poor, their policies on birth control actually increase poverty. The GOP, which is predictable in its opposition to anything the president proposes, gladly seizes on the Catholic opposition because it dovetails with their own assaults on women’s reproductive rights.

  2. So unbelievably ethnocentric and ignorant of other cultures – yet this guy is a potential candidate for the Presidency?

    He needs to return to school – and to study something besides “Deh BIBLE!!!”.

  3. Interesting point – that the churches actually increase poverty. While I agree more with Weber regarding religion, this DOES bring to mind what Marx said.

    I guess it boils down to how dedicated the leaders are to following Jesus’ words, or how centered they are on gaining and maintaining personal power and wealth – and from what I’ve been reading, that sums up the dominionists (which IMO includes the RC top hierarchy).

  4. Wow…just wow… it is all I can do to withhold my outrage right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You sick, twisted liberals are at it AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How dare you guys attack Rick Santorum, the man hand picked by God to lead this country as President? It’s God’s will you heathens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Like I said, to openly challenge God like this…you guys truly are sick and twisted.

    Frankly, I don’t see any flaws or issues with what Rick Santorum has said. Women who are raped SHOULD just THANK THE ALMIGHTY for his kindness. Clearly, God has a plan for them and that plan is to have them have their rapists’ baby.

    Please stop perverting this into your typical anti-God, yet-another-liberal-war-on-religion hate fest. Just accept the miracle of life that God has so benevolently bestowed upon you, even if it’s via rape.

    God has a plan for you. It’s not too late for you hateful sinners to repent and accept all of his compassion and philanthropy.

  5. Thing is, once the Catholic high hats decided that abortion was evil, they had to condemn contraception as well. Reason being, to make exceptions for rape, incest, life of the mother, or anything other than an absolute, under no circumstances NO!–all the way down to a fertilized egg–would subject said decision to the slippery slope of logic. That is, if it is okay to abort a zygote, fetus, embryo under certain conditions, then why not under other conditions? And who gets to decide?

    Much easier to defend an absolute position than to allow exceptions.

    As for the rights of women to have control over their own bodies? I seriously doubt that celibate old men, clad in long dresses and living in gilded luxury, gave a dman about that.

  6. Conservative Heart, that WAS snark, wasn’t it? (Lately it’s getting so hard to tell that I have to ask.)

  7. Women are NOT a minority in this country. According to the Census Bureau, we make up 50.8% of the population. How do these guys not get that? And what are we women going to do about it?

  8. Yeah sure Rick. Your body is dirty. Actually ENJOYING sex is downright shameful. So it follows that using contraceptives to prevent an unwanted pregnancy from an absolutely enjoyable romp with your lover, HAS to be sinful! For centuries these Prudes have tried to control people’s sex lives through extremist religious garbage. Particularly women and their reproductive rights.

    I would say that overall, western civilization has been very good to women the last couple of generations. That doesn’t stop these idiots from constantly trying to roll back the clock. Sorry, it’s not gonna happen. There are always hold outs and die hards to progress. Try as they might though, there are just certain enlightened and progressive ideas that the vast majority of the civilized world has signed onto, and these fundies and domimionists are trying to build a fence in front of a veritable tsunami of rationality that will sweep away their filth.

  9. Through a series of links I can’t remember, I stumbled on a trailer to “The Handmaid’s Tale”. It’s harsh, it’s startling, and it could happen here. Indeed, but for the plane that came down in Pennsylvania instead of clocxking out Congress, it almost did: the novel attributed the Fundamentalist takeover to a faked Islamic terrorist attack that took out the elected government, and there was, in reality, a shadow government of hand-picked Neocons ready to take over. Think about it.

  10. Man, your still young. I come from from a family that is extremely long lived ( they basically operate on high speed until their 90’s – then they have to slow down. ) On my Mom’s side of the family, Paul my youngest uncle, is 66. My mom had a conversation with my her oldest brother (who is 88 ) about him, and wondered if he was ever going to stop living the good life and “settle down” with someone. My eldest uncle replied “Aw Paul’s a kid he’s got his whole life ahead of him.” He was serious!

  11. …”He said, “I think that could be a very compromising situation where people naturally may do things that may not be in the interest of the mission because of other types of emotions that are involved.”…

    I know this was taken in the vein of military service, but…what about the Christian Reich religious zealots being “interviewed” by the Hannity-Napkin who asked “men on a mission from gawd” if they were willing to go to jail on the issue of women having contraceptive rights…all but 3 of the 12 present said they would. One of these gawdly types said he would “die”, lay down his life for this cause.

    “Father Jonathan Morris, a Fox News contributor and Catholic priest in New York City, one upped Land, saying he was ready to put his life on the line. “It’s very clear, people have died for those things that are absolutely essential for their faith. It’s not a question of are you willing to go to jail, it’s if I’m asked to do something that goes against my conscious, I’d better be willing to die for that.” He continued, “If I’m not willing to die for that, what am I standing up for?”

    A bit overtly emotional about the mission I’d say…so here we go, another dog whistle blown extremely loud so that the pre-chaos types get riled up and start practicing their David Koresh-style “dress-rehersal”on behalf of Father “Jim Jones”, a Fox “contributor”.

    Bunch of freakin’ drama queens who’s patriarchal dominance has been left in the dust…as if the last 40 plus years have actually ill-affected them or their personal “lifestyles”.

  12. Bravo, Comrade Con…you stuck the landing!

    The liberal judges give you a 9.5, a 9.8, 9.9 …Awwoooh, shucky-darn, the God judge gave you a 7.0…that guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about; who is he to judge, huh? Oh…he didn’t like the part about “philanthropy”; a touch too intellectual for the base…um, well, leave that off the routine next time after the double-tongued “accept the miracle of life”…perhaps make the “miracle” into a Katherine Kullman crazy-eyed of “I believe in Mirrr-e-kuls”…that outta’ push you over the top.

  13. Well Rick, I think all men and women stop in the middle of a firefight to get a quickie behind the burning bush.

    And how do you say contraception is bad and try to stop birth control that would stop contraception? Do you know your church is made up of a history of cash, bribery and usury? Your church supports those who donate no matter who they are. And the church is a life time behind the universe.

    I hope you are the nominee so you can stand up and proudly tell Americans, KEEP IN YOUR KNICKERS GUYS! Boy will they run to vote for you

  14. Actually, as the male of the goose species is properly a gander, the male of the drama queen species is properly a crisis king.

  15. Nonetheless, the visual of women being crammed into cattle cars marked, “Livestock- ♀” had an impact the written word doesn’t convey.

  16. You are so right Conservative Heart ! How dare us liberals try to reduce the joy that will come to a 10, 11, or 12 year old girl as she gives birth to her own father’s or uncle’s baby. Shame on us. But shame also on insurance companies that pay for Viagra. That’s going against god’s plan for terminating a man’s sex life.

  17. “It still remains a mystery why the USCCB is against contraception because there is no scriptural basis for their position and it begs the question; why are bishops against contraception when little boys are incapable of getting pregnant?”

    Seriously folks, this is 2012, not 1212, but the Catholic Church desperately needed this contraception controversy as a sleight of hand to distract from all the attention about the pedophile priests they have protected. Why are Catholics ‘outraged’ about providing health insurance coverage for contraception when 98% of American Catholics use birth control? They should be outraged that their donations to the Catholic Church was used by the Church to pay for lawsuits caused by their pedophile priests raping little boys, over and over and over again, and the Church simply shuffled these pedophiles to new locations for fresh meat.

  18. War on women = war on US = Treason Article III Section 3. [1]. Removal from office is commanded in Article II Section 4.

  19. The CC is intent on taking over this country and ruining our lives as it has so many others with its dogma. I vote we treat it as a hostile force and act accordingly.

  20. This man is an anachronism and needs to be sent back to the middle ages where he belongs. Between these views on birth control and his laughable explanation of why women shouldn’t be in combat makes it painfully obvious that he better enjoy his 15 minutes of fame because he will never be president.

    As for the Catholic Church….well, that is an institution that answers questions with the policy “It’s forbidden to talk about it.” (That is how they are dealing with the women as priests debate–a very anti-Catholic intellectual tradition stance.) It is closed system, horribly out of date, and woefully out of touch with its own flock.

    There are rogue priests doing more good than any of the bishops (forget about Mr. Church above who is serving only himself), following in the steps of Gutierrez’s liberation theology, truly focusing on the poor and not arguing against birth control because they understand the correlation between too many children and abject poverty and destitution.

    Santorum is misguided at best.

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