The War On Religion Taken To Its Most Logical And Absurd Extremes

10 Commandments

With polls indicating that as many as 90% of practicing Catholics use birth control, it’s clear that the Republican effort to fight the compromise that allows insurance companies, not Catholic institutions, to pay for birth control coverage is not about fighting for what the people want.

The fight is about being generally disruptive, trying to nail down that tiny portion of the electorate who thinks that Rick Santorum would make a good President, or setting the precedent that we legislate based on the religious beliefs of some.

Let’s assume it’s the latter–that Republicans want to toss out the concept of the separation of church and state and make laws based on personal religious beliefs. That’s what it comes down to. No one is being forced to use contraceptives against his or her choice even if they are made available to all of us, but by allowing restrictions on contraceptive coverage because the Catholic church doesn’t want to provide such coverage, you’re ensuring that some people will be denied a certain type of coverage because of someone’s religious beliefs.

That’s religious legislation.

If that’s the way we want to run this country, I say do it right: Only cover health-related matters that do not violate the 10 Commandments.

  • If thou has ever disobeyed thou mother or thou father, then thou shall not be covered for any health-related problems caused by not wearing a jacket outside when it’s cold, running with scissors, smoking, or drinking. Thou parents know best, so thou had better respect them or die with no health coverage.
  • If thou puts another god before God, such as money or power, thou shall be exempt from health coverage. Look for the Republican elite to try to get this commandment stricken from the bill.
  • If thou commits adultery, thou shall not be eligible for health coverage. Thee is looking at you, Newt.
  • If thou bears false witness, thou shall be witness to no health care. False witness includes flip-flopping, Mitt.
  • Thou must remember the sabbath, so if thou goes on Sunday morning political programs, thou better go to religious services later in the day. I know that the sabbath is Saturday if you’re Jewish, but let’s face it: We’re legislating for Christians in this country. By the way, since Sunday morning talk shows favor Republican guests to Democratic guests by a two-to-one margin, this is also going to hit the Republican legislators especially hard.

I could go on, but being an anti-religious liberal, I can’t remember any more of the commandments.

I hope I don’t get sick.

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14 Replies to “The War On Religion Taken To Its Most Logical And Absurd Extremes”

  1. Thou must remember the Black Sabbath, and not support any Black Sabbath without original drummer Bill Ward!!

  2. Agree! Whiteman came from east & have stolen, abused the land & people to fulfill their greed! Imposed their religion while keeping natives as third rate citizens! Now playing with inevitable rights, they are listening to a leader of a church in Rome who has more gold and money than most countries with so many dangerous church leaders involved with child molestation! How more screwed up can these visitors bring to this great land? At least with the Democratic Party and President Obama, the least of these are all the same! We do have some sort of voice! Let us all speak! May the Winds blow away these dangerous seeds!

  3. Paul, there is always the 1th commandment from Santorum

    Fear ye contraception for it is evil, but in no way will ye use anything to stop contraception. YE SHALL HAVE NO SEX!

  4. My wife and I didn’t want any more kids. We had two and figured that was enough. WE decided that we didn’t want any more kids! Not the Church. Not Judge Roberts or Scalia. Not Congress. I had to pay for my own Vasectomy because my company does not pay for such things and I didn’t want my wife to have to go through the surgery to get her tubes tied. I could afford it but many cannot without insurance help. For these jerks to remove this option for people because they just don’t agree with it is criminal. My wife couldn’t have done another pregnancy. The last one about killed her and our daughter. People need to mind their own business. One set of rules cannot cover all circumstances and situations. When will they learn!?

  5. The answer my friend, is a blowin in the wind, and may it blow right to the polling precincts this November when we let these Roman throwbacks know what losers they are! Look to your local races, and bring back the logic and compassion of the New Deal through alternative and independent choices.

    Also, why is it that when we vote for Miss America we have to choose from 50 candidates, and when it comes to the White House, we choose from 2? As Chris Rock said, “That ain’t right!”

    Yeah, I’m a Green Pagan hippie, so what!

  6. That means you, too, Rick! 7 billion people on the planet, nature gave us the means to slow down… maybe we should listen to her.

  7. What happened to the comments taking the author to task for his lazy lack of research and gross misuse of King James English?

    Don’t tell me we’ve got another Scott “I’ll delete any comments I don’t like and cry persecution when challenged” Rose on our hands.

  8. I thought those comments were more than fair. If a writer wants to be lazy, not do research, and write what amounts to a half-ass blogpost, s/he should go write for Addicting Info.

  9. I suggest you handle that type of situation through the contact us form where it will go directly to the site owner.

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