The Republican War On Reproductive Rights Has Women Fleeing The GOP

With the GOP Presidential primary candidates, this current reproductive rights flap started with Planned Parenthood, took a turn to a woman’s right to choose and now has gone full circle with their unanimous opposition to contraception whether its through the candidates statements or the stand up comedy of their ancient surrogates, one of whom advises women to keep their legs together by pressing an aspirin between their knees. WOW! No doubt about it.  It’s the boy’s War On Women.

So ladies, gear up for a 50’s redux…18 years of chasing 10 kids around the house while papa flees the scene for the comfort of his workplace.

I want no misunderstanding here. Pregnancy is a hard slog, but women are of such courage and love, that, in the end, it’s all more than worth it for a beautiful baby girl or boy. But should the life-altering circumstance of pregnancy be a constant in the life of a woman who may not want 10 kids; who may only want two children, or maybe none?

Here’s a wonderful solution that wise pundits have offered up for decades to educate men about the dynamics of women’s reproductive choices. Let the man have the baby. Then revisit all of the idiocy they so steadfastly defend.

Physiologically, it will never be possible for a male to deliver a baby, but in the alternative, let’s gauge how much pain a women goes through in a delivery and develop a procedure to replicate that pain for men. Maybe modern medicine could duplicate the birth experience for men with the passing of a kidney stone in combination with threading a pencil through the urethra. Now, we’re getting somewhere. And let’s do it every year or so for 7 or 8 years or more. For a really authentic male reality show, add 9 months of nausea and other annoying, painful and sometimes life-threatening side effects such as hemorrhaging and preeclampsia, plus excessive weight gain in some cases. Even after the baby is born and taken home there remains the possibility of postpartum depression and problems reversing that weight gain.

That’s what Republican Presidential Primary candidate, Santorum wants women to do. Not just his wife, but all women. Because Rick knows best and his faith informs all of his secular reproductive decisions no matter that 99% of women have used contraceptives at some point in their lives. Apparently, depending on his mood, Mitt Romney agrees with Santorum on reproductive issues. On other occasions he shows a glimmer of common sense and respect for women.

We already know that Newt Gingrich sees women solely as objets d’sex so he has nothing to offer on the subject. As for Ron Paul, you may add his hatred of the federal government to death and taxes as the only things certain in life. Paul would hand all contraception decisions over to the states, overriding the definitive 1965 Supreme Court ruling on the issue, Griswold v. Connecticut. The court ruled the state’s ban on contraceptives to be an unconstitutional infringement on the right to marital privacy. In large measure the same right of privacy that locks Roe v. Wade into place, along with a half-dozen other constitutional guarantees.

I can’t imagine how four men can be so highly educated and experienced in life and still be so insensitive to the issues of true importance to women. I would counsel political caution. Simply put, there are more of them (women) than there are of you (men). The latest census counted 157 million ladies as compared to 153 million men in the United States.

There are also a higher percentage of women in college; 55% of students are women.  Individual women are giving birth to about a third fewer babies than 35 years ago, the rate declining from 3.1 to 1.9. What should be most worrisome to politicians of all stripes is the fact that in the last presidential election, more women voted (66%) than men (62%).

So the numbers for the eventual Republican presidential nominee are getting increasingly unfriendlier. Minorities won’t vote Republican. Those poor people who manage to escape Republican attempts to keep them from the polls won’t vote Republican; Independents and the middle-class are likely to give Obama the edge and now with the emerging Republican War on Women, the group that really matters is running, not walking, to the Obama side of the equation.

Wise choice.

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  1. “The Republican War On Reproductive Rights Has Women Fleeing The GOP”

    The men who love them are fleeing too.

  2. Yes, and Rick also wants women who get pregnant through rape to look at it as God’s gift to her. There is a good word for men like Rick Santorum. It’s called Misogyny.

  3. Yet these same men are against maternity coverage, WIC, earning equality, day care…or, lest we think they are concerned solely with restraining all those immoral unmarried libbers from having either sex or babies, against anything that would enable a sole male breadwinner to support a wife and family at even a fraction of the standard they could have had in 1955. As far as I can see, their current stance comes from misogyny, a desire to increase stratification, and cruelty in general.

  4. 1voice1vote is so right! I don’t know a man who supports the Republican war on women! I am a lawyer and see people from all walks of life. Not one, NOT ONE man supports this outrageous behavior. Women, we are with you! Vote for people who support our rights to control our bodies. Keep these creeps out of our bedrooms!

  5. I can believe that men (married or single) are also taking a sharp left away from the GOP since the Santourm rule will impact their life, too.

    Would they mentally plan for a pregnancy & birth
    with each sexual intercourse with their spouse,
    girlfriend, pick-up or prostitute? (Pro-creation only)

    Do men want to raise & support 7-8-9 plus children?
    A third don’t even support the children they have now!

  6. …”can’t imagine how four men can be so highly educated and experienced in life and still be so insensitive to the issues of true importance to women.”

    I wouldn’t call it “insensitivity”; I’d call it primal instinct insecurities driven by incentives. These shrewd, greedy “educated men” wouldn’t even bother with the issue if they weren’t given an incentive to pull it out and show it to the public…ewww gross but, that’s exactly what they are doing. These men are showing that they have ‘nads to bully all “the other” as a form of GOP tribal leadership. Why? Because they are getting funds from radical fundamentalist religious leaders who want white male privilege and patriarchy to stay in place forever, and ever and ever…

    …and these neanderthals don’t care if they get burned or their reputation are ruined in the process…they’ve got plenty of $$$ to leave in the night like a carpet bagger hi-tailing it out of Mississippi on a riverboat. They can just “re-appear”, like Sister Sara, elsewhere when everything blows over.

  7. Yeah, and they definitely like rape. A lot. Think about it all-l-l-l the time.

    Here’s a good assessment of Virginia-Style Rape, courtesy of Crooked Timber:

    “During IVF, women have frequent trans-vaginal ultrasounds to see how their ovarian follicles are developing and to measure the lining of the uterus. I have them two or three times a week. It was a big deal for me when I started as it’s basically a dildo with a camera in it, wrapped in a condom, smeared with very cold lubricant, pushing quite hard against the cervix. Towards the end of the cycle it’s quite painful. At any point along, it’s awkward.

    I believe this invasive scan being forced on pregnant women seeking an abortion would be a violation of their bodies. … I also wonder how there can possibly be consent, when the women are forced to submit in order to be allowed medical care.”

  8. What we need to also be concerned about is the fact that these four, chronologically-advanced males have people who have voted and will vote for them. Hopefully, those numbers will decline but we still need to be very, very aware of how many of our fellow citizens actually believe what comes out of the mouths of these so-called candidates for the presidency.

  9. Good grief, I am old enough to remember the republicans trying to kill Kennedy’s presidency because he was a catholic. Santorum is a catholic on steroids, in the ilk of Franco or Mussolini – it’s really bad.

    So glad you are back!!!!!

  10. Ok, I can see this clearly now.

    Men will be paying a condom credit fee. Just like buying carbon credits, if you want sex and want condoms you will pay a cap it and trade credit

    other wise plan on marrying the lucky girl

    Or, after being appointed president Santorum will name himself His Most Holy Condom See Pope Too Pius Urban in the Hood

  11. Lets remember that While Ron Paul hates the Fed, he doesn’t care much for the state either. Under Paul corporations will be running states. Imagine Gerbers calling to see if you have had your baby yet and what is the schedule

  12. The GOP just hates women.

    I will NEVER understand how any woman can be a Republican…..or vote for a Republican. Kind of like Jewish people supporting the Nazis or African-Americans supporting the KKK.

  13. Ron Paul believes only rich, White, Christian males should be entitled to civil liberties and rights of any kind.

  14. I have NEVER considered MYSELF inferior to ANY man.

    Rick Santorum and his ilk can go piss up a rope.

  15. Or those who through no fault of their own, cannot have children.

    Oh, that’s right, they’ve already covered that. If a man’s wife is unable to bear children, he’s supposed to divorce her and marry one that will.

    It kind of turns women into a walking uterus, doesn’t it.

  16. There was an article this morning about corporations and data mining. They can already tell that from the information they gather on people.

    (Hint: NEVER shop at Red Target.)

  17. Thank you, Michael. I would, as a man supportive of anyone’s civil rights, prefer not to be grouped with these clueless misogynists.

  18. VERY glad to see this subject brought up. News coverage, except on MSNBC and Rachel Maddow in particular, has been nonexistent. Insertion of an object into someone’s body cavity, against their will, is rape with an object. Call it what it is, loudly and widely. These people should be ridden out of town on the proverbial rails, and yet the silence in the media remains profound.

  19. I order seeds, plants, fruit trees, and occasional vet supplies, which I use in my little orchard/grove of 1/4 acre, or, as they call it in the UK, 1 rood. I opened my mailbox Saturday, and what fell out of it?? A FARM CATALOGUE!!

  20. Actually, it’s because there are many women who hate women. They accepted that they were inferior, serviceable receptacles, destined to either pleasurelessly pop out children and wait on husbands or live humble, celibate, impoverished lives, and when they see other women living more exciting, nourishing lives, they can’t stand it and they have to “cut them down to size”.

  21. Lots of women hate other women too. For example Kathleen Parker, Ann Coulter and every mindless ninny in Concerned Women for America.

  22. Perhaps I missed it, but nowhere did I see any citations to statistics demonstrating a mass exodus of women from the GOP. It’s not like the pro-life movement is a sudden or shocking element of their platform. Women in the GOP choose to call that party their political home because they agree that life is sacred from conception. Those who don’t agree with that assessment either don’t vote Republican, or have found other compelling reasons to stay with the party. Your headline is the proclamation of your wish, not the announcement of demonstrable truth.

  23. I didn’t see any statistics or articles linking to anything that showed that women were leaving the GOP… just an opinion piece on the actions of the GOP in combating women’s rights over their own reproductive systems. How is the title related to the editorial?

  24. Wow. Unfettered hyperbole and uninformed verbal panic attacks pass for political discourse today? No wonder our country is in such a mess. Stop making decisions based upon sound bites and newsflashes. Read the entirety of a speech to learn what the GOP candidates–or anyone else–really stand for.

  25. Actually we have read what these loons are up to. There is no “Unfettered hyperbole and uninformed verbal panic” except by those who see their candidates falling to pieces in front of their eyes

    Santorums statements speak for themselves

  26. Damn, now that they found out how much fun it is to troll us on the backup site, they just can’t get enough, can they? Though some of them sound curiously like the same person.

  27. I HOPE women will be sensible enough to leave the GOP after all this “woman hating” vote grabbing on the part of the candidates. A Republican woman does sound a lot like an oxymoron now-a-days!

  28. I am the oldest of six. My mom insisted on using Rhythm because she was a devout Catholic. My dad called Rhythm “Vatican roulette”!

  29. It’s not trolling when one sees a headline, becomes curious, reads the article attached, finds it has nothing to do with the headline and asks for data to support the headline’s claims. That’s just common curiosity.

  30. What you are evincing is called selective stupidity, dear. It’s a favorite trick of all dark triad personalities.

  31. Santorum may technically be a Catholic, but his approach is far more akin to that of a right wing evangelical, right down to his constant references to the Bible and his very personalized discussion of Satan and his works. Real Catholics don’t talk like that.

  32. Well, believe it or not, Cat, Dominionists are actually trying to steeplejack the Catholic Church, and this may be an example.

  33. In other words, you don’t believe in the 1st amendment of our U.S. Constitution, which separates your belief about “life” from your pragmatic choice of representative to decide taxes, social services, and foreign policy. It also separates YOUR belief from others’ beliefs, which is the way life in the United States should be.

    The mingling and intrusion of beliefs and attitudes about theology into the way we live here in the United States is resembling the zealotry of Middle Eastern fanatic mullahs and the Taliban.

  34. Agreed…and I’ve never met a Catholic family that didn’t send their children to the local parish school; they don’t home school! No Catholic family would “buck” that system and tell the church thanks but, no thanks, we’ll just home school…

    There is something is awfully fishy about the Santorum’s brand of Catholicism…the whole klan is strange…

    I still say they’re some kind of a “Helter Skelter” family meaning they believe in vision of an apocalyptic war, a race war to end all wars.

  35. As I said before, Sanitarium makes a point of saying dominion over the earth. I think he about as much catholic as I am

  36. I call a woman that uses the rhythm method and “natural” family planning a gambler. First, the cervical mucosal lining isn’t a reliable way to determine ovulation. Many things can affect it’s consistency such as hydration, allergies, allergy meds, other meds such as non-steroidal and steroidal anti-inflammatories; exercising, going on a diet, illness such as colds, fevers, and autoimmune problems. The above list can also be used for body temperature, another barometer that is used to gauge ovulation. Plus, women don’t all have regular cycles. Some women can have cycles from 18 to 40 days long. Sperm have also been known to exist 10 days in the body. Not all women can afford ovulation kits and you’d pay a pretty penny for more than a few to try to catch the exact date if you’re not regular. Plus, only 1-2% of women use the method because of the time and tedium that it takes to do it. It’s proponents say it’s effective if used “correctly.” Well, tell it to their bodies. Their particular anatomy might say, “Drink more water or I’ll make your bodily fluids, including your cervical mucous, dehydrate and get thicker. And if you drink too much, I’ll make it more watery, nutjob.”

  37. I’m confused as to why Santorum doesnt just call it a day and run as the first openly gay candidate. Any man thinking about other men in bed with each other and hates vagina that much should just be honest with himself.

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