Republicans Set A World Record For Lies Told At CNN Arizona Debate

A special Politicus Radio post Republican debate program focuses on the 2012 Republican presidential candidates, and their love of lying about America, their own records, and President Obama.

Jason Easley, Sarah Jones and George Sirios take on the CNN Republican debate, listen here:

As Jason wrote for PoliticusUSA last night, the CNN Republican Debate was a surreal exercise in a false fantasy reality wherein President Obama, not Republicans, has the worst record on foreign policy, taxes will be lowered while we go to war with Iran but the deficit won’t be impacted, and birth control is a threat to families.

The most offensive part of last night’s debate was Republicans doubling down on their cynical politics of fear, think George W Bush on steroids. For example, Republicans warned us that if we don’t vote for them, we’re all going to be nuked.

The panel discussed the implications of Republicans utilizing the same fear tactics they did post 9-11, with Jason pointing out that these tactics didn’t work in 2006 or 2008 with Sarah and George adding that they work on a certain segment of the population and thus create division in the country.

What do you think? Are the Republican politics of fear going to work this time, and if not, are there dangerous or moral implications for their fear-mongering rhetoric?


11 Replies to “Republicans Set A World Record For Lies Told At CNN Arizona Debate”

  1. Though I don’t think these tactics will win them a *fair* election, they will have an inflammatory effect on their following, and another Giffords episode, another Murrah bombing, or worse, are all possible outcomes.

  2. Still listening but I wanted to say that there are definitely dangers see giffords. Really enjoyed hearing you guys. You should be mainstream but then i guess you wouldnt be honest anymore lol. Wish I could have called in but Sarah put the wrong time on her fb page. Next week!

  3. There is going to be so much coming down in the coming months that the GOP Primary will be like a speck of dust in a whirlwind as it will become that insignificant. Otherwise, I would be afraid, very afraid!

  4. Republicans lie. They don’t believe in history. How could they? To them, everything bad about the country happened in the last three years as Republicans worked to obstruct jobs and block economic progress under Obama. Nothing bad happened before that, during the eight years of Bush. There was no previous history before Obama. Whatever Bush did wrong, it wasn’t wrong, or it didn’t happen. The American people, who gave Bush a 19 percent approval rating, knew better.

    Republicans use the same crowd mentality the Nazis in Germany did. You repeat a bald-face lie over and over. For example, Obama was born on Mars. You repeat it again and again in spite of proof to the contrary. Some people will believe it. Republicans believe in throwing figurative spaghetti on the wall. Some of the slime will stick.

    Republicans love the fable they are for small government, despite the record-setting debt they piled up when they were in power, from conquering and nation building small impoverished countries at a cost of billions, wasteful over-kill weapons systems, loop-hole advantages for ruthless corporations, and farming American jobs overseas to take advantage of cheap labor. It’s pretty simple. If it’s a program to help poor Americans (health insurance) it’s traitorous socialism. If it’s a new bomb to help conquer and subdue and exploit a poor country, it’s great. Both cost money.

  5. I think that the right wing rhetoric is getting so ridiculous that it’s alienating everyone except the hardcore nutjobs. I don’t believe that Republicans stand much of a chance nationally or even within the states come November, unless of course they somehow game the system, which I am very much afraid of.

  6. Plus most states have been gerrymandered since 1980. Every time there is a census, seems there are lots of repugs there to do damage
    to dems and ensure their own jobs for the next ten years. Couple that with voter ID laws, and election fraud, and I have fears this year, as well. If they get the Senate (probably) and the WH,this country is done for the next fifty years, short of a revolution.

  7. The Tennessee Tea Party along with their counterparts in Texas are trying to rewrite history so that it no longer reflects that the founding fathers were slave owners. They want to remove racial mention, including slavery, but also native american history with colonists, because it might make U.S. history look bad to children. So……there solution is to simply omit anything for which someone could be criticized. That would include any mention of slavery in the causation of the civil war, and the rehabilitation of the confederacy through revisionist history.

    The right is comfortable lying, any lies, rather than admit the truth.

    The same old Bush bunch are back as advisors, directing everything from public policy to foreign policy to tax and economic policy. They are repeating EXACTLY the same mistakes, putting fresh lipstick on the same tired, old diseased pig, and then asking the rest of us to kiss it.

    I can only hope the occupy / 99% movement is as effective as the smaller, but nastier tea party was last time around. Thank god the tea party has dwindled down to the hard core dregs, but still……..

    Nice post Sarah!

  8. the only good part of that is that when the kids go to college or get out of the world and learned that there was slavery and it was in their state they will understand how poorly educated they were. There is nothing you can hide from kids that they want find out sooner or later. And maybe some of those kids will go back and try to change the education system in Tennessee. Because it is truly pathetic

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