Republicans Have Awoken A Sleeping Giant And She Is Furious

The true motivation for a war is not always clear in spite of proclamations by a nation or its leaders. The war in Iraq’s purpose is still a mystery to many Americans because of the ever-changing goals proffered by the Bush administration and there are parallels with the current conservative war on women. On the surface, it appears that evangelicals are on a tear to restrict women’s right to choose their reproductive health, and although that is one of their primary goals, there is another pernicious motivation many Americans ignore even though it is obvious to women. Over the past couple of weeks, there have been important clues to what the conservative’s endgame is and although contraception, abortion rights, and women’s health issues are at the forefront, it is male dominance that drives the assaults.

When evangelicals targeted the Girl Scouts for not being aligned with the message of the church and for a perceived, but fallacious alliance between World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) and Planned Parenthood, they were not just assailing contraception. One Republican from Indiana claimed Girl Scouts “promoted homosexual lifestyles” and although there is no truth to the Planned Parenthood connection or promoting homosexuality, it is stunning that the claims were made in the first place. It is sad, but an accusation from a male Republican carries weight with pathetic evangelicals and the effect was evident when a 10-year-old Girl Scout in Virginia experienced a woman who told her, “We don’t support Girl Scouts because they support abortion, which kills babies.” The young scout told her mother “Mommy, something creepy happened to me” and true to her age, had no knowledge of abortion and was upset to be associated with baby killers.

The assault on Girl Scouts shows the level extremist evangelicals and conservatives are willing to go to in their push to impose the church’s edicts on women regardless of their age. The false accusation against Girl Scouts started a movement among evangelicals to remove their daughters from Girl Scouts and enroll them in the American Heritage Girls Christian organization whose goal is the dedication of the adult leadership to Christian ministry through this organization with these girls. The group’s mission statement is character development for young women that embraces Christian values and encourages family involvement. Christian values is code for obedient women subservient to the male-dominant patriarchy that controls this country, and Republican’s record of restricting women’s role in society falls in line with Christian values. It is not coincidence that the assault on women starts with poor women and in the case of Girl Scouts, very, very young women.

The Republicans fighting to restrict access to contraception regardless of President Obama’s compromise giving religious organizations an exemption is aimed at lower-income women, but no woman is safe. This ridiculous movement to ban contraception for all women is more about control than imposing the Catholic ban on birth control. It is noteworthy that Rick Santorum promises that if elected president, he will embark on a preaching campaign to ban contraception to force all women to stay home, slave for their man, and produce more little evangelical extremists. It is bad enough evangelicals are promoting this Dark Ages philosophy, but the Republicans in Congress have allowed evangelical religious leaders to affect legislation controlling women.

When Republicans refused to allow women to testify on behalf of contraceptive coverage in the House, one glance at the all-male panel proves the controversy is not solely about contraceptives.  The men on the panel were all male religious leaders or professors, including a Catholic bishop, and their goal was not protecting religious freedom or banning contraception even though creating a nation of subservient birth machines is one of their goals. It is about male religious leaders and their perception of American social order, controlling women’s private lives, and dictating what they do with their bodies as well as putting them in their proper place in society. It is why Rick Santorum yearns to return to a “Leave It To Beaver” era where women knew their place was in the kitchen, producing babies, and adhering to strict obedience to their men.

The male-dominated evangelicals’ goal is controlling all American women as written in the bible despite the rhetoric about abortion, contraception, Planned Parenthood, or Girl Scouts. This war is the result of women making advances in every field, their educational dominance, and independence that threatens the perceived superiority of male religious leaders and their lackeys in the Republican Party. The idea that males are dominant causes evangelical extremists in congress to presume authority to tell women how to be and what to do, and their beliefs are based on scripture, entitlement, and arrogance. Unfortunately for them, women do not subscribe to their perceived sense of dominance and Republicans will pay dearly for their complicit involvement.

Republicans miscalculate women and although their drive to deny women from receiving low-cost cancer screenings, maternity care, and contraception coverage is aimed at a specific demographic, most women understand that all that stands between their enslavement and independence is voting against Republicans and their religious backers. The U.S. Census Bureau reports that in 2010, there are 157 million women and only 151.8 million men and yet Republicans have done everything in their bible-backed power to alienate and dominate women in America. Attacking women’s healthcare, sexuality, Girl Scouts, and gender equality in pay has women angry that over 50 years after the Woman’s Movement of the 1960s, Republicans in Congress are expanding their war on women with their evangelical extremist allies.

There is one thing for certain; it is not just women who are furious at Republicans. The assault on women affects every man with a wife, mother, sister, and daughter and there are few willing to stand by passively while their women are assaulted. In an age where most families require two incomes to survive, it assaults decent men’s senses to think a few members of clergy and Republicans are intent on forcing all woman back into the kitchen giving birth every  ten months. There are conservative women who support the idea that their sole purpose in life is birthing and serving men, but their stupidity is not epidemic in the entire population. Republicans have awoken a sleeping giant and she is furious, driven, educated and certain to put the evangelical male supremacists where they belong; out of power and out of their misery. They are not alone because for every woman who opposes the GOP’s religious war on women, there are sons, husbands, brothers, and fathers eager to exact revenge.


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  1. You’re damned right we want extract revenge in the GOP/Teanderthals.Being a father,uncle,brother and possible grandfather,I’ll be damned if I will let the GOP(Guild Of Perverts) get away with their war on women

  2. Furious may not be the right word. Apoplectic may be more descriptive. These men and some women are going after our very lives and are a direct threat that must be removed – from offices and all positions of power. The GOP has turned those of us who were quiet citizens just living our lives and letting others live theirs, into vengeful Medusa’s who will not stand there willing and let our lives be turned into The Handmaid’s Tale.

  3. …”It is why Rick Santorum yearns to return to a “Leave It To Beaver” era where women knew their place was in the kitchen, producing babies, and adhering to strict obedience to their men…”

    But, really women didn’t know their place; it’s a myth. By 1963, most women laughed at June Cleaver (the series only ran from 1957-63), and called her her house-cleaning pearls “subversive”. Yes, women knew the “meaning” of that word subversive because they were journalist, writers, secretaries, business women, teachers…in other words, educated in school or real world experience. And the ones that were not, of all socioeconomic backgrounds/races, wanted nothing more than to see their daughters (and sons) go to college and better themselves. These were women were once “Rosie the Riveter”!

    Most women of that era did not overtly articulate their desires for their daughters in that way lest they get caught openly biting the hand that fed and clothed them…these mothers were no different, regardless of social status, to carefully craft a life for their daughters out in the real world…the old expression was, “You can grow up to be an astronaut, dear, but make sure and marry a doctor or a lawyer”…the family “get”.

    The rub was many of the “fathers” or “Pop” who didn’t want to part with his “daddy’s little girl” or “father knows best” role…that is the real fantasy for these modern-day Neanderthal cretins reliving the past! That is the real rage on the part of fundamentalist evangelical/Catholic patriarchy. The want control over children (girls) who can’t fight back…hence, if you remove daddy’s little girls from an “enterprising” opportunity to learn a business via the Girl Scout cookie program, they won’t get a taste for independence from daddy’s wallet…

  4. Thank you for noticing the attack on the Girl Scouts. This isn’t the first time it has happened, either.

    Joe McCarthy, sixty years back, targeted the Girl Scouts as a “subversive” organization, ostensibly because the Handbook’s civics chapter had a section that explained the United Nations and because it taught international/ interethnic understanding. At that time, no one would publicly accuse such an organization of turning little girls into “hypersexualized, stomping, baby-killing Lesbians” for fear of getting their mouths soaped, and I don’t doubt that calling little girls Communists was what started McCarthy’s downhill slide in the public view. Nonetheless, the sentiment is still there among viciously misogynist males and their Stepford twunts. Little girls being taught self-esteem, skills, character, and tolerance? Fie! I just hope that the public at large is as disgusted by this attack as the earlier one.

  5. I just hope this is true.

    I’ve heard the term “Beaver Cleaver household” used as a sign of how far women “had fallen” and “how great it was for them in the past, where their main responsibility was to raise the children and take care of the house”.

    Never mind that didn’t match reality, it was the reality that was pushed. It seems to be almost a byword for women who grew up in the 50s around here. I’ve heard rants about how far women have fallen since the advent of women’s liberation (from women!). They’d bought into the cult of domesticity so deeply and so thoroughly that it was considered shameful if a woman had to work outside the home – and that attitude was quite prevalent in the churches we USED to attend.

    Worse was the attitude that a man’s income was to be spent by the woman on all of the bills and so on, while her income was her “spending money”. That attitude denigrated the poor where women HAD to work in order to make ends meet.

    I’ve heard of divorces and threats of divorce that came from men in the 1960s and even 1970s… if their wives talked about working or finishing their education. It was also considered shameful for the man for his wife to be working – it meant he wasn’t working hard enough to support his family.

    I really hope that women are being riled up by all the Republicans are doing, but I see NONE of that here. Sad to say, I just got an alert email from an organization I support (politically, no money)… Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi has just joined a lawsuit to fight against the new requirement that health insurance companies provide coverage for birth control.

    I wonder what the “Good Christian” women I’ve heard this sort of stuff from really think about what one of their own is doing. I wonder what is wrong with them. Can’t they see the denigration that is being done to them?

  6. Apoplectic is an excellent word. As you say, this is Handmaid’s Tale unfolding. I have a young teen daughter, and I’m going to do whatever I can to make damned certain she does not end up living in these men’s fantasy world.

  7. Excellent post! I have to thank the GOP for revealing their true colors in time for them to be voted out in the 2012 election. Just think of the horror if people bought into their deficit rhetoric and reelected more extremists to unleash their horrible plans on American law abiding tax paying citizens. Those who were ushered in with the 2010 midterms have reeked havoc on America’s AAA credit rating, unions, voting rights, immigration, employment and unemployment, and women and children.

    This economy is requiring in most cases to have two heading the household just to merely survive. And if they’re lucky, they’re working multiple jobs as well. And then there are those who have lost their jobs, healthcare and pensions and in some cases their unemployment insurance. So if they don’t have the resources to make ends meet, how in the hell are they going to have multiple children to add to that burden when they can’t control and manage future births?

    The GOP including the Tea Party has been screaming that President Obama is forcing big government on the US citizens with his Healthcare mandate. The GOP is the political party forcing over the top dark ages mandates on our lives. If it wasn’t coming out of the mouths of leading GOP presidential candidates and other GOP state heads and congressmen, it would seem like a nightmare that we need to wake up from and then it’s over. But this is real. They really are passing and trying to pass laws that actually go into our ever most private lives and civil rights. To mandate a transvaginal probe that is actually inserted into the vagina of a female just because they say it must be so is a form of rape if it is against her will. To deny contraceptives to those who suffer from ovarian cysts is criminal and barbaric. What the hell is going on? Why are we using these terms in government?

    The level headed, intelligent and average hard working American left, please wake up and be aware of the rhetoric, the lies, the attacks, the lack of justice, the dishonesty, and the laws that the so called Conservatives on forcing upon America. Other countries are even concerned. Santorum has offended the Dutch with his extreme rhetoric. We’ve got to get these extremely destructive politicians out of power and off our airwaves.
    And we have to prevent anymore from coming into power. You may have been disappointed with the progress of President Obama up against the GOP who were bound and determined to create failure for the US so they could regain the power that brought us to the brink in the first place, but this extremism is truly ruining the progress this country has fought hard for and died for.

    We need to stand with President Obama and stand against the GOP who support religious fanaticism and the wealthy, and who insist on the US staying in war zones spending all our resources while making sure the oil barons make all the profits.

  8. Epic Post. One needn’t be a rocket scientist to see how deeply entrenched this effort is, if they are willing to blatantly lie when going after the girl scouts in order to get them into a christian group they will do anything.

    These people are deep in our culture and our lives. True christians will be easy targets for these people under the guise of furthering christianity. But they are not going to like the religion they get and it will be far too late when they do. You wont be able to vote them out of office.

    All of us including women who are copnservative cannot let this go by.

  9. BTW… I’ve only heard the name “American Heritage Girls” in recent years – it sounds like they may have re-branded the “Missionettes”. For most of the last 33 years or so, the names I heard were “Royal Rangers” for boys and “Missionettes” for the girls. The Pentecostals tried HARD to portray them as alternatives to the scouts (and even tried to sell them to some of the other churches), but the sort of stuff I heard them teach was pure bullcr*p (including racist stereotypes back when I was a dominionist).

    As I remember hearing, the young members of both groups were supposed to have their priorities in this order: God, Parents, Church, Country, and they stressed obedience to authority and one’s “proper place” in hierarchy.

    The Assemblies of God (that I attended) were quite nasty towards the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, and insisted that they taught the kids bad things (like being hedonistic and hostility to Christ, and I do remember “socialism” being mentioned). That caused me a lot of cognitive dissonance, as I’d been a boy scout as a kid.

  10. American Heritage Girls is a fairly recent (1995?) development. What is telling is the name’s “coincidental” similarity to the American Heritage Foundation. It is basically a “Jesus Camp” cult with weekly meetings and ChristoFacist (yes, I said it) indoctrination techniques. Fulfills every requirement for cult designation and its goal is creating the next generation of extremist Christians and sycophants.

  11. I was read on a blog that a poll was taken of republican women and that the support for holy Rick was up like 72%. Unbelievable that women would allow men to run over their daughters or granddaughters. They should realize there is a big world out there that they are not prepared for when the leave home. You can’t shelter your kids forever. When they do get out there they will find that they feel different than others around them. Unless they live in the closed religious community. You don’t have to look any farther then the Duggar family. All the children look like good little lemmings. I wonder if they decided to step out of that box what would their parents do.

  12. The Republicans are morally and intellectually bankrupt. Their alignment with organized Christianity has made them not a party of limited government, but a party of tyranny. It is time to eradicate the Republican party by any nonviolent means necessary. And if the Christian God dares to object, then we’ll show him what we do to illegal aliens.

  13. @j. You hit it. Sharia law = Bad White Evangelical law = Good. It’s the same old hypocrisy from the Repubs that they have used for years. There’s no difference between those evil idiots and the extremists of the Muslim world. They both want to control their women!

  14. Just asked a friend of mine… she said that AHG is a fairly new organization, and from what she says they’re connected with the Southern Baptists (long been steeplejacked) and some steeplejacked mainstream churches.

  15. Yes, one can only hope your analysis is correct. Also, the stupidity of Republicans to limit the choices of 1/2 the population is beyond belief. If America is to compete in the world, we need everyone at their best and shoving women to the back of the line, criticizing the college bound, and shunning science creates a smaller pool of talent from which to draw. America has only 1/10 of the world’s population yet is one of the richest countries in the world. If we want to stay that way we cannot sit on our laurels and duplicate an imagined past. We must agress in using all people and raising them to be the best they can be.

  16. @Greek Hillbilly

    You said what I intended to say, but you said it better.

    Based upon this article alone I am now a reader of this site. Bravo Rmuse-well done and well said.

    Will their be an app for this?

  17. Is it time for the women of this country to do a ‘Lysistrata’ and go on strike until the crazies come to their senses?

  18. Republicans have already ostracized gays, Latinos, Muslims and other non-Christians, senior citizens, and now women.

    No wonder they have been working so hard to restrict voting eligibility with new discriminatory state laws.

  19. Years ago a study of women’s self-esteem in the USA counted white, Protestant women as having the very lowest.

  20. Nice post PoliticsUSA. You are spot on. Yes, we are pissed and we’ll do whatever it takes to stop the Republican War on Women.

    But in a sense, I am glad the Republicans have revealed their true colors. They started the re-awakening of the Women’s Liberation Movement. Come on ladies, let’s rise!

  21. As long as it doesn’t start with my wife I’m cool with it men would have done it a long time ago, it’s time.

  22. And, they’ve ostracized genuine Christians, too. gops are nothing but a bunch of pathological liars..tell me what is “Christian” about that?

  23. The GOP & their band of nutters have fell off the crazy cliff..also, ignited a FEMINIST FIRE in MY uterus..

  24. But I’ll bet the number of women identifying as Republican is a lot smaller than it used to be.

  25. Women in this country fought tooth and nail, were imprisoned and beaten, fasted until starving, and sometimes met death in order for us to have our rights. Before the weekend is out, I’ll have a blog out about this history–for I’ll be damned if I’ll be silent or if I’ll go backward and I’m sure that I’m a member of the majority! The GOP is trampling on over 100 years of struggle and they WILL face a reckoning.

  26. A bit disappointing that after all the rabble rousing there was no instruction given on what to do. What vote Democrat as the solution to patriachial domination of the US political process?

    Two groups that are specifically pro woman in the political sense are Emily’s List and the White House Project.

    Emily’s List funds woman political candidates who take constructive and feminist positions.

    The White House List gives information on progressive women running for political office with the aim that one of them rises and reaches the White House.

    This is by no means an extensive list of such organizations. Instead, I am calling upon the readers of this article to get out and demand that the political parties take them seriously and clean up their acts.

    It is not only a matter of immense under-representation of women in political life, it is also a matter of the unpunished and almost unchallenged demonization of women’s issues in American political life.

  27. What republican women think this election doesn’t matter, it is the independents that matter, and more independent women are pro-choice, than not and almost all support contraceptive use.

  28. I may be right,
    I may be wrong:
    I can’t be quiet!-

    From Vladimir Mayakovsky’s “Cloud in Trousers”
    (Translation mine)

  29. When you start your blog, give us co-ordinates. It needs to be accessible to those who don’t have Facebook accounts.

  30. There are more single mothers out there than ever, but does anyone conclude from this that maybe men need to be brought up to speed to be better and more responsible husbands and fathers? No, the first thought is to get women back under men’s thumbs. Way to go, Grumpy Old People’s party.

    I was in a Christian (non-denominational) girls’ group as a teenager in the 1970s and 1980s. We talked generally about being good wives and daughters, but we talked specifically about the colleges we were attending and the careers we would have. I recall just one girl who said that her greatest desire was to stay home and raise a family; the other girls urged her to dream bigger.

    As with so much coming out of Christian culture these days, there is nothing truly Christian about this agenda.

  31. Just read t6hat one of th4e big donor republican superpacs is about to unleash millions of dollars worth of negative ads on Obama in the swing states, these republican billionaires are dangerous and awash with money and intent on buying the election, now we must pray that they can be overcome with the truth.

  32. As Mr Moyers said, we cant wait for divine intervention. Lets hope instead the ads are as stupid as the candidates are

  33. The Handmaid’s Tale reference is so correct. I refuse to bend to these men’s will, and I refuse to have my granddaughters relegated to their world view. I am fighting mad, and I VOTE!

  34. Rmuse,
    Congratulation! You are a master of the written word. Now if you could only get your message out to the country and enlighten us — call NOW, press office 202-628-8669, punch 3. SHCCC

  35. There is a word for the kind of women who would. They’re called “Kapos.” As in, prisoners in concentration camps who controlled the other prisoners for their own survival.

  36. Or the internalized misogyny displayed by nuns in Magdalene laundries. People like Santorum won’t stop until this treatement of women is standard.

  37. There are already reports coming out of the R party that they’re bleeding women voters badly. Gee, I wonder why?

    This is a very well written article. I’m going to save it and post it periodically from now until election day, on my FB page. I don’t want anyone forgetting what they’ve done and are doing to us.

  38. Another measure of how insular these fanatics are is the fact that there never was a Leave it to Beaver period for black women. Black women have always had to work. Whether as teachers, housekeepers, whatever, women in the black community did not stay at home. These GOP fanatics also want to return to a world where people of color were so invisible that the US seemed to be a white country.

  39. Having run out of huge segments of the population to alienate, denigrate and piss off the evangelical, fascist, reactionary far right has now turned it’s sights on women. Brilliant!

    The supreme irony is that while dumb, rank and file evangelical Wal-Mart Republicans bleat like outraged sheep calling for a return to the supposedly “good old days” of the 1950’s…

    Their representatives in Congress and State government work relentlessly to enact economic legislation using every strong arm tactic and dirty trick in the book that would PREVENT poor and especially middle class American families from ever doing just that, i.e., going back to the days of a single paycheck family, with the woman at home keeping house and raising children.

    These morons are too brainwashed to realize that the present day GOP isn’t interested in going back the 1950’s, they won’t be satisfied until America goes back the 1890’s… The Guilded Age. And we aren’t really that far away now.

    These fools fail to see that there is a Club…

    …and they aren’t in it.

    And they never will be, they’re just being used.

  40. It’s funny, the evangelical right screams their first amendment rights are being stepped on, but there the first ones to step on everyones elses.
    I bet they wouldn’t like it if some religious groups like Mormons or Muslims want plural marriage and started screaming that their first amendment rights are being stepped on by the defense of marriage act.

  41. I’ve been terribly frustrated that the issues we thought were decided… Contraception, freedom of choice, women in the work place, are again rearing their heads, either directly or indirectly. It’s amazing and disturbing.

  42. I hadn’t thought about the Handmaid’s Tale for years… until the last few weeks. I thought were were over that, done with that fear after Reagan left office. And now, again. All of us who are older who have daughters, nieces, granddaughters, well, sons and nephews for that matter, need to suggest that they read (or read about) The Handmaid’s Tale. It’s a hellish story.. but I now believe that there are many out there that would actually believe in it.

  43. The Republican party has so brainwashed the religious far right that I doubt anything can get through to the women who don’t see any of this as a war on women. Their belief is that Christianity is being attacked by liberal atheists and that the world as they know it is falling apart. I for one am tired of trying to explain to my mother that I am not an atheist because I don’t fit her mold of what a Christian is supposed to be (my lack of church attendance & lack of constant Bible reading apparently shows my true character). I am tired of putting up with her hateful actions, as well as others, because I have different opinions. I am tired of them acting as the persecuted when in fact they are the persecutors. And, most of all, I am tired of the GOP using religion and religious organizations, and women’s healthcare, for nothing but political votes and power. Oh, last but not least, I am tired of churches using the House of God to preach politics and hatred.

  44. Turning back women’s rights would have a very harmful impact on the economy as well. How would families survive on one (the man’s) salary? Is the plutocracy prepared to raise the wages for men? Probably not. Then what happens to families? They slide from the middle class into poverty.
    So this is tied to the continued destruction of the middle class as well.
    It must be stopped.

  45. I repeat. The final war will be between men and women over control. Religion is the primary offender and must be dealt with as soon as possible. I don’t care a whit if you believe in some superannuated nincompoop in the sky, but to use it to force women to do your dirty work, to alter their bodies to suit you and force children to perform your barbaric rituals, you are my enemy.
    It is time to fence off the animals. Zanzibar would do nicely; and surround it with mines, sharks and anything else that’ll keep the clodhoppers put.
    It is the 21st century. This foolishness might have been impressive and quaint a couple of millennia ago, but we now need to focus on world survival and acting like a bunch of ants on a log on a river, arguing about which way we’re going to steer the log while far greater problems accumulate is sheer and unadulterated lunacy.

  46. This is EXACTLY what I have done this past two weeks! Hosting my first meet & greet for the democrat (David Hunsicker) running against Eric Cantor! The best thing we can do is get involved and encourage other women of like mind to get involved. I am ALL IN and willing to put in the work to ensure politicians promoting this garbage are defeated.

  47. Better gear up before the next “controversy” moves from questioning contraception–which seemed to most to have been a settled, almost universally accepted fact for the last half-century–to questioning wisdom of the Nineteenth Amendment (women’s suffrage).

    It will probably accompanied by rants based on some strange mixture of selected bits of the Old Testament and Ayn Rand, flag waving, and talk of how we shouldn’t mess with the original intent of the founders when they wrote the Constitution. Come to think of it, “The Nineteenth Amendment” may not be a bad name for a political group…

    I was shocked when contraception hit the headlines; I don’t think it wise to make assumptions about how low these nutjobs will go.

  48. Exactly. To borrow a bumper sticker phrase: WWJD

    The audience at the GOP debates have cheered torture, child labor, letting someone die for “exercising their right to not buy insurance”, and blaming the poor for not having jobs. I have a really difficult time imagining anyone’s reasonable interpretation of Jesus Christ cheering along with those audiences (never mind approving of the message).

    More generally, where exactly in the New Testament is the bit about honoring the noble rich and protecting them from the grasping poor anyway? That seems to be the core GOP economic platform these days. (They do tend to put it in terms of, “kick them while they are down and they will be stronger for it.”)

    It’s sickening that there are so many damaged people that lack any real empathy for their fellows. Is it really so easy to brainwash people into hating everyone that isn’t exactly like them and hold their exact political and religious views?

    Sometimes I wonder if the underlying reasoning for their deep seated misogyny runs as simple as:

    1. Women have and care for children.

    2. To “care” is socialism.

    3. Socialism is in any part of the functioning of the nation evil. After all, “USSR” stood for “Union of Soviet Socialist Republics”, which has the word “Socialist” in it.

    4. Therefore: women are evil and must be “guided” by their so-called betters (which would be knuckle-dragging mouth-breathing evangelical white males, of course–hey, guys, put the clubs down; I fall into the “white male” category, but I don’t meet the other criteria, nor–would I hope–do most of you).

    (Could someone explain to me why the same nutjobs have no problem with their local, government supported, and hence socialist roads, police force, and so on?)

  49. I fully expect that santorum’s plan to help unemployment will be retricting women’s rights in the workplace.
    If he gets his way with contraception, then having women stay out of the workplace into the home, then men can have the jobs.
    Problem solved.

    It is interesting to note that Karen santorum was a nurse who went to law school. She has never practiced law, she’s been at home with their children.
    Which is fine with me. But, it is easy to see how santorum likes this scenario for the rest of US

  50. Very well said!

    As an equalitarian, I stand beside my fellow humans, be them man, woman, or all genders in between. We all have the right to decide what to do with our bodies; If a woman decides she does not want a baby, that is her right. She will or will not take part in the process of creation of another human, on her own terms, and in her discretion.

    And as a man, I’m sick of being told what I’m supposed to be or do. I like cooking. I like doing laundry. I like doing the dishes. And when I get lucky enough to have children, I will enjoy changing their diapers, feeding them, and getting up for them in the middle of the night. That is NOT a job reserved for Women! We men can do it just as well!

    It’s about time the people on this planet get a brain and realize how religious extremists are holding us back as a species!

  51. I believe if there’s a god there’s a Goddess, no doubt as oppressed as modern woman, but when I think about most religions and the condemnation of the feminine spirit and listen to people like Santorum they’re scared little boys unable to recognize and accept women as not only being equal, by birth, but potentially superior given the chance. I very much like the image a wonderful modern twist on Rosie the Riveter and the time when we as a nation acknowledged the will, abilities, determination, and strengths of our socieites better halves. Unfortunately, many of the Rep. women seem like Stepford Wife mommies protecting their little boys at the very expense of their own gender. It appears we are qucikly moving towards enslaving women or perhaps given existing laws and fear of the feminine influence, wisdom, and reason I should say the total enslavement of our better selves…, but as a nation we could bring about changes if we would unite against the tyranny. I don’t have a website so Dan Nash on Facebook San Diego no picture

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