Georgia Attempts To Restart The Civil War With Bill To Nullify Federal Laws


Intelligent human beings tend to learn from disastrous errors in judgment, and despite inducement and determination, resist the urge to repeat catastrophic events. There are cases though, where a country’s leaders failed to learn from their predecessors’ mistakes and regardless the consequences, embarked on a path that resulted in another catastrophe. Germans failed to learn the lessons of World War I and within thirty years they plunged the world into the Second World War with devastating results to the entire globe. Americans suffered through a bloody Civil War and conventional wisdom dictated the country would never again experience the near destruction of the Union over any issue. There are Americans who dearly want to repeat the Civil War experience and in Georgia, Republican legislators took the first step on the path slave owners took over 182 years ago that plunged America into the bloodiest war in its history.

Since Barack Obama has been President, there have been numerous instances of leaders threatening to disobey federal laws on the basis of state’s rights and in some cases, Republicans insinuated they would secede from the Union or take up arms to protect their right to reject legally passed legislation they objected to. In Georgia, five state senators including Majority Leader Chip Rogers (R) and senate President Pro Tempore Tommie Williams (R) introduced legislation that allows Georgia and its citizens to ignore any federal law Republicans do not want not follow. The legislation ignores the Constitution’s Supremacy Clause that clearly states, “The Laws of the United States which shall be made under the authority of the United States shall be the supreme law of the land,” and it is the reason states do not have the right to ignore federal laws.

The Georgia legislators introduced the nullification bill that is summed up with the words, “In the event the General Assembly votes by a constitutional majority to nullify any federal statute, mandate, or executive order on the grounds of constitutionality, neither the state nor its citizens shall recognize or be obligated to live under such statute, mandate, or executive order.” The similarities to pre-Civil War sensibilities of Southern states is remarkable and reflect opposition to, among other things, the Affordable Care Act and the right of women to choose their own reproductive health. However, the impetus of nullification is rejection of Barack Obama as President of the United States and not any one particular law.


In Texas, legislators recently passed a law nullifying federal law regulating light bulbs and several states passed unconstitutional laws nullifying the Affordable Care Act. In April 2009, Texas Governor Rick Perry suggested that Texas might secede if the federal government did not change its fiscal policies. Perry also told an audience in March of 2009 that, “When we came into the nation in 1845, we were a republic, we were a stand-alone nation. And one of the deals was, we can leave anytime we want. So we’re kind of thinking about that again.” The notion of rejecting legally passed legislation is not just a Southern state phenomenon. Michele Bachmann urged her supporters to become “armed and dangerous” and fight a revolution against cap and trade legislation. Failed Nevada senatorial candidate Sharon Angle floated the possibility of armed insurrection if “this Congress keeps going the way it is,” and that if “Congress keeps it up, people may find themselves resorting to Second Amendment remedies.” Angle defended her comments by referring to the Founding Fathers’ intent for including the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution saying, “they put that Second Amendment in there for a good reason and that was for the people to protect themselves against a tyrannical government.”

This crazy claim that there is a “tyrannical regime” in control of the country is code for an “African American man sitting in the Oval Office.”  The opposition to the Affordable Care Act, contraception coverage, and light bulbs is not because they were edicts or illegal; it is because racists cannot stand the thought of an alleged “interloper” occupying a place reserved for white Christian males. The current pack of lunatics competing to win the Republican nomination for the presidency have all campaigned on the premise that “getting rid of Barack Obama” will bring America back from the brink of collapse and restore America to greatness if a white man is president. The Republicans and their pundits parrot the flimsy proposition that any law passed under the Obama Administration is illegal and being shoved down Americans’ throats and it is based on the erroneous principle that the President himself is illegal and certainly not an American. In lieu of “ridding” America of its illegal President, states like Georgia will simply nullify any federal laws enacted under President Obama.

The unconstitutional idea that a state can nullify federal law was invoked during the 1830’s by slave owners in southern states nearly caused a civil war at the time, and was the motivation of secessionists who did start America’s bloodiest conflict. Except for segregated southern states using nullification to maintain Jim Crow laws, the concept has been the purview of “constitutional radicalism” until January 2009. Its resurgence during President Obama’s administration increased with conservatives who are inspired by a neo-Confederate hate-group founder, Thomas Woods, who authored a book, “Nullification,” that argues “states have the final say” on a variety of issues.  Woods once published an article declaring the Confederacy was “Christendom’s Last Stand,” and endorses the view that the Civil War was a “battle between atheists, socialists, and communists” on one side and “friends of order” on the other. His words are eerily similar to conservative accusations against President Obama.

There are several states that attempted to pass nullification laws since President Obama took office, and they are all states with Republican majorities and governors. Virginia governor Bob McDonnell signed an obviously unconstitutional law that purports to nullify portions of the Affordable Care Act, and several states have followed suit with many considering so-called “sovereignty resolutions” which claim states have the power to ignore federal laws that conservatives oppose. In New Hampshire in 2009, four state legislators introduced a resolution which would invalidate the entire Constitution if Congress passed any law conflicting with the right-wing view of federal power. There is only one connection between all of these nullification attempts and it is they all occurred during President Obama’s term with many coming before the ACA was passed and signed into law.

The similarities between Georgia and other Republican controlled states nullification efforts and pre-Civil War attempts are glaringly obvious; they are based on white supremacy and racism. It is not the health law, light bulbs, or fiscal policy that riles conservatives; it is an African American president. Southern states are not unique in attempting to nullify laws passed under the Obama Administration because racism and white supremacy is epidemic in Republican-controlled state legislatures and governor’s mansions. It is especially disgusting that the incredibly unconstitutional nullification laws are being introduced by Republicans who claim to love America and the Constitution and took an oath to protect them, but that is irrelevant to white supremacists whose goal in serving in Congress, state legislatures, and governors’ mansions is nullifying the achievements of the first African American President.

America is being broken up, but it is not because of armed conflict between North and South, it is being torn asunder by vile racism and plutocracy.  Republicans are so filled with racist hatred of an African American President that they will go to any length to subvert, sabotage, and obstruct America and its people and there is nothing this President can ever do that the GOP will not attempt to nullify whether past, the present, or in the future. History will not be kind to Republicans because the record will mark the President’s time in office as the era that Republicans sought to tear the country apart to protest his race. It is obvious that Republicans never learned the lessons from the Civil War because they are repeating the same mistakes that drove Americans to slaughter each other over African Americans. The only difference between the pre-Civil War era and today is that bigots nullified federal laws over all African Americans in the 1800s, and today it is over one African American sitting in the Oval Office. The similarity between then and now is that the Constitution will survive and Americans will suffer unless voters nullify Republicans at the ballot box for attempting to tear apart the United States of America.


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  1. Curious how the parties have reversed poles. I wonder what Lincoln would think of the party he founded becoming a plutonomic hate group.

  2. as far as I’m concerned those clowns in Georgia are welcome to the country they think they want.

  3. actually I think this is a great idea on their part – especially if it means that the Fed can stop sending their state Federal monies to help underwrite infrastructure, education, clean water regulation and the rest of it. Then Georgia can just turn back into the shit-hole it was in the 1930s.

  4. I said Georgia, Georgia… Some things never change. Ala what Sick Rantorum said, “I don’t want to make blaaahhhk people’s lives better by giving them other people’s money.”

  5. The first thing the president should do is order Leon Penetta to shut down all military bases in Georgia and move the Kings Bay nuclear submarine base to a northern state to keep these and future crackers in line.

    Make those moves and I will hear the Georgia rebels yelping all they up in Yankee territory, Maine.

  6. The implication is that he’s quite willing to make (rich, white) people’s lives better by giving them other people’s (the 99%’s) money.

  7. After being browbeaten into closing the office researching RW domestic threats to the US, Homeland Security and the FBI are finally looking at these types of groups. Sovereign Citizens think they have found ways to avoid being part of the US or accountable in ANY way to it. No taxes, no obeying the law, nothing. They have been active as self-designated militias (to “conform” with the Second Amendment’s first part),as purveyors of ecclesiatical laws they mostly got wrong (to create a “close” into which “the king” shall not enter) and on and on. This isn’t a bunch of Rambo wannabes – Regent University Law School, Pat Robertson’s baby – teaches jury nullification as part of their curriculum. They believe juries have the right to refuse the LAW, not just rule on FACT. That’s to permit people to murder abortion providers without consequence.

    Southern Poverty Law Center is one of the few groups willing to challenge even high level personnel with perpetrating hate crimes, anti-government extremism, and other actions inimical to a democracy. Now, finally, Homeland Security cannot ignore the murders of law enforcement people and others who have come into the crosshairs of these extremists.

    When an entire state decides it no longer needs to obey Article VI and the supremacy standards, it’s dangerous. When Obama wins a second term, it may well lead to more Tim McVeigh-type actions. His sister, into the bombing up to her neck per the FBI, is still loose upon the land, and who knows who else? Even those who had nothing to do with McVeigh in 1995 think he’s a hero – as those who murdered police, abortion doctors, and others whom they hate are elevated to folk hero status.

    This is not isolated anymore. We are a nation not just highly divided. We are a highly divided nation repleat with armed and dangerous people. They have lost sight of how free they are (ask them what freedoms they’ve lost and they cannot tell you) or how little their lives are circumscribed by the feds. They see what Molly Ivins rightly called inconveniences – registering your car and having a driver’s license – as major oppression. When you get that narcissistic and deluded, the sky’s the limit on what you think you need to do about it. Just ask the folks who died in the Murrah bombing. Their families understand this all too well.

  8. I think the other reason it is being broken up is corporate ownership. I think that is above all reasons. And I think the states are acting just like the tea thugs, in that they have no idea what the real goal is

  9. Amen to churchlady! The people of Ok City can’t get over the Murrah situation. They still experience nightmares & jump if you say the name Murrah Federal Bldg. Now they’ve lost a great son, Anthony Shadid! A Lebanese, do the white supremacy cry over this great lose? I’m not sure if any Republican has a heart of God anymore. I’m sick of the racists views towards, African-Americans, Asian Americans, Native Americans & Latinos. I’m sick of their poison arrows of vitreous comments towards the gay/transgendered community. I long for the hope of the younger generations to come forward and sequel this horrendous direction! Just speaking from an old generation that demonstrated in late ’50’s & 60’s. Best Wishes for a great path for this beloved nation of ours!

  10. It
    ll be popular with “constitutionalists,” which is to say “people who don’t know shit about the Constitution but like to say the word a lot”

  11. Sadly, the 1950s is exactly where they want us all to be! It was one decade that had lots of bad things happen in it, and the only good stuff might have been the TV shows. We can’t go back to the 50s, but if they can find a working Tardis, they can all go back there without us.

  12. I see this as an attempt to return to the “Good Ole Days” where people “knew their places” – minorities as little more than slaves or grunt labor and a ready target for the bigots, and non-Christians (and practicing Native Americans) an openly persecuted (and hiding) minority. So I pray they fail… minorities have suffered enough in the southern states. Plus, I could imagine what traveling through Georgia would be like if they got their way. NOT PRETTY!!! (Knowing the bigots, you would probably be required to attend church before you left the state – and got the usual hate preaching plus a demand for “tithes, offerings, and love gifts” to the tune of over half of your money. The churches would probably even demand conversion and some sort of legal document that you would continue going to that denomination after you left the state. If you were Black or Native American, you would face confiscation of everything you own, jail time, and even a form of enslavement.)

    Otherwise, I’d agree… it would be nice not to have to support those bigots.

  13. Georgia can take Texas with it too. Ship all the GOP to Texas and drop all money flow to them and let that 1% support their asses.

  14. Now you know why these redneck crackers are so freaked out by the NDAA.
    Because they face imprisonment if they keep it up.

  15. What is important to this conversation is that the “Good Christians” have been calling for secession for several years now. They tried to get South Carolina to secede from the US and form a “Christian Nation” – form a theocracy. I’ve been hearing and reading secession from the “Good Christian” leadership for years… and remember rumblings of it from before (HOW DARE the US government tell us we can’t punish Gays/Jews/Liberals! How dare the US government make any rules that regulate how we treat others! How dare the US government tell us we have to treat Black/Indian/Mexican/whatever people equally!).

    Secession also means that their attempts to overthrow separation of church and state would suddenly grow teeth. Those of us who resist their tyrannical impulses would be in dire jeopardy. Even if you just didn’t go along, you’d find yourself being persecuted and punished.

    We’re looking at a big picture thing here… there is more to it than race, money, or religion – they’re all tied up together. The most common thread is support of the status quo and return to a mythical (as in false) “better years” with greater perks for the elites (whether racial, financial, or religious).

  16. The 1950s were thirty years previous to my people (American Indians) gaining the right to exist AND freedom of religion in the Southeast, especially in Georgia (exception – Seminole and Miccosukki reservations in Florida). Georgia Law Enforcement were supposed to round up any Native Americans they identified, throw them (including children) in prison at hard labor “until they paid their debt to society”, and then expel them out of the state. During and previous to the 50s, according to elders, some branches of our families were destroyed – we have a saying regarding the Klan “In black yards they burn crosses, in Indian yards they burn FAMILIES” and that is what happened (never investigated or even documented according to their surviving relatives who told me about it). We didn’t have legal standing to testify in any case involving whites or blacks (thus no legal standing at all). One elderly couple I used to know said that their house and property were taken from them by a rich white man, and because they were Indian they couldn’t do a thing about it (in the 60s) – that law was applied against them. It was even specifically legal to shoot us after dark!

    I have somewhere in my files copies of all of the Georgia laws that were finally repealed in the early 80s… including the original Trail of Tears law which was enforced up into the 40s (one-way bus tickets to Oklahoma) and which was used to threaten some of my friends/kinfolk in the early 70s. Copies were given to me by our principle chief back in the 90s.

    We didn’t know it at the time, but every time my family came to Florida to visit my grandmother, we risked prison time just for driving through Georgia (and possibly even Alabama and Florida – I haven’t found the laws yet). We didn’t have the right to just exist!

    Georgia was not a nice place, and still isn’t – and it’s sometimes hard to get people to understand just how not-nice Georgia and the Southeast really are. I can point out stores (in Georgia) where we’re not permitted to enter if we wear anything of our heritage, and know of others that will not do business with us (happened to me in Florida). Still others will serve us, but with obvious reluctance and hate (also sometimes experienced).

  17. to say that i am not saddened by what is happening to our country would be a lie i can only hope that with more and more people posting and commenting that gradually we will be able to educate more and more fox news junkies and help them to see the truth

  18. These are the American Taliban, they are rooted in the era of race haters and their chosen race to hate is Black, Yellow, Red, Jew, Catholic and gay. They are the states were cars on the lawn is a sign of prosperity. But deeper is the insecure feeling that they are no longer in control of their lives. They are dangerous and if the feds don’t track and stop them they will kill, hurt and destroy because they are soverigns of their Lord. Not the Christ I know and believe in but some mutaed Christ that welcomes hate and racism. They are twisted and need to be stopped before they violate others for their cause. Perry, Newt Rick and Ron Paul are all on the same page. Thus their popularity with the car on lawn crowd. I guess you can tell I am not very fond of this trash. It is true.

  19. I remember back in the ’08 campaign, there were a disturbing number of antis circulating the meme “Once you go black, you never go back.” Ugly, naked racism. Why are they so anxious to bring back America’s darkest era, that of the Civil War? More Americans died at Gettysburg than in Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan together.

  20. Rmuse,
    You knocked this one out of the park! The ball went into the upper atmosphere and cannot be recovered!! I’m a black female who has witnessed quite a bit of our nation’s history over a span of 50+ years. I knew PBO would have strong opposition from the republicans the day after the November 2008 election. I went to work that day, and it was as if God had died. My white colleagues and other whites at the school where I worked were on the verge of having total nervous breakdowns. A woman whom I had befriended in our school cafeteria looked at me, narrowed her eyes, screwed up her face, and turned her head–an expression that revealed to me that even though I was a teacher and even though I thought we were on friendly terms, in her eyes I became less of a person because Barack Obama had become America’s 44th POTUS. I took it in stride and stopped going through her lunch line. I had seen this all before. In fact, I’ve spent my life dealing with this type of behavior from some whites here in GA. When President Carter noted that some of the opposition to PBO was based on racism, the RW and their MSM cohorts made a lot of noise about it, and the reason they did was to divert from the truth he was trying to bring to the forefront to explain why the GOPers were doing the things they were doing. Few wanted to hear it, but it needed to be said. Racism and bigotry from some in this society have always been reasons to oppose others. Not that the “others” don’t have good ideas, it’s just that because the ideas come from a member of “that” group, they’re to be rejected immediately. The GOPers have to realize that a good idea can come from anyone. POC created the traffic light, shoe lasting, granulated sugar, the brillo pad, the ironing board, the mailbox they put their letters into, and the technique by which blood products are stored, among other things. None of the GOPers who use these things while rejecting POC would ever think about doing without them. That they’re so narrow-minded doesn’t enhance this nation, it degrades it.

  21. The rhetoric on secession started right after 2008 election…the morning after as I recall. Jeb Bush opened his clumsy maw and called for secession right out of the gate (I wish I could find the links to the news articles where he made this statement)! I clearly remember reading his “dog whistle” to the base because republicans lost.

    Others have followed…Rick Perry stoking the secession flame, as well as a couple of other R-governors, such as Walker, Synder, and I think Jan Brewer’s peeps have also made remarks because of the border issues…

    Just how do they perceive this idea as “smart” politics? It’s “bomb throwing”, yelling fire in a theater, and, they are going to be held responsible if anything does occur on their watch. Georgia is Gingrich’s turf and I wouldn’t put it past him to be the master-mind…it smells like something grandiose he’d cook up…

  22. To be permanently tid of southern teabag states would be a kiss from God and make us that much closer to Canada–if only!!!!!!

  23. Majii,

    Thank you. This is naked racism and nothing else. President Obama has been as Centrist, hard on terrorism, and friendly to business as any previous president if not more so. Still, just look at the comment above regarding “a good article until you made the focus about race.” The focus must be about race because that is the underlying motivation for the vicious attacks on President Obama. For those who have been recipients of racist hate, or are not blind certainly understand this prescient point.

    America’s shame is bigotry regardless if it is African Americans, Muslims, gays, or Latinos who are targeted for exclusion and degradation. As a Secular Humanist, it offends my senses to hear, time and time again, that bringing up the racist element of President Obama’s critics is wrong and makes the accuser racist. But, as you and any decent American knows, the truth hurts and exposing one’s racism must be painful.

  24. finally we can get those darkies back in leg irons , chains and use whips to get them back in the cotton fields where they belong, hey wasen’t that the civil war? burn Atlanta!

  25. They can secede if they want to, But ALL Federal property remains Federal property. The military bases close immediately and they pay whatever WE decide is fair to drive on any interstate highway.

  26. To Rmuse, Outstanding piece of work! Yes, the real truth is visceral & painful. To walkaway, my great grandmother came down the Trail of Tears & her parents died on the way. I’m also Irish & have jewish roots both on my father’s side. To majii, my sister-in-law is President Obama’s cousin. Yes, people are exactly as you called it!

    Before the 1960’s few people owned their own homes, the oil companies made a ton of money on investors even when they drilled dry holes! My parents lived through the Depression & the Fat Cats who.came out of that is their progeny!

    Keep the discourse going! Who the hell would want to go back to the ’50’s or back to the 18th & 19th centuries! That’s definitely the.direction the GOP wants to go!

    To.Clive Baker: What all WHITE state of mind do you LIVE IN?

  27. If only Lincoln had just let the Confederacy go. We might not have had Carter or Clinton, but we would not had George W. Bush, either. By the way, Jim Gardner is considered a hallowed name in Philadelphia, as he is the dean of television news in that city.

  28. Interestingly, the light bulb law was passed in 2007 and signed by George W. Bush. But then, they also blame Obama for TARP, which was passed in September 2008, before the 2008 election. They also blame him for NCLB, which was initiated by Bush.

  29. You’d have the Bushes. They’re pure New England. W is an Andover preppy who had a dialect coach so he could pretend to be a Texan. All he does on that “ranch” is cut brush, because horses scare him.

  30. this should have been done a long time ago..Personaly, I think the problem with the south is… way too much intermarriage.

  31. There are some good Texans that have no choice but to live here. Please don’t punish us all. If I had the money and means to leave I would, but I don’t. I’m just thankful for the internet so I can do most of my socializing online.

  32. This just sickens me. If I ever have the money to travel I’ll know to avoid Georgia, and even Florida and Alabama. I’m not Native American but I have no use for people like that. I know this probably means very little, if anything, but I sincerely apologize for the actions of people like this and for the atrocities done to all Native Americans.

    I don’t understand people. I really don’t. I sometimes feel like I’m on the wrong planet.

  33. I will give those perplexed Americans a simple explaination as to why white racsim against African Americans (they still call us Negroes) continues to exist in all of its senseless ignorant indiscriminate fury. If you break God’s commandments by enslaving YOUR BROTHER you have committed yourself to damnation in this life. Therefore in order to justify your participation in the enslavement of another human being, you must hold that slave forever in your mind as being LESS THAN HUMAN, for if you allow the slave’s humanity to breakthrough into your conscious perception even for a brief instance, it will bring you immediately face to face with your own personal damnation for breaking God’s most Divine law. Note: this theological problem was the most divisive question that continuously occupied the attention of the Massachusetts Bay Colony from the day of its founding.) The statement above also explains why many racists instintively use images of monkeys in their drawings to slur American Negroes, because the use of monkeys and apes deny the God given gift of humanity given to American Negroes.

    American racialists recognition that constant vigilence is required to prevent the acceptance of any sense of humanity on behalf of the American Negro breaking through into the mainstream of America’s social consciousness. The way that this was accomplished was to configure white society to maintain the same racilist phobias exclusively based on skin color which the American slaveowners have used to protect themselves psychologically for centuries.

    Whereas slavery in America did not stop in America with the issuance of the Emancipation Proclamation, slaveowners continued to exist; and as such they continued to pollute American society with demands to accept their racialist views and discriminatory practices up to the present day. All of this racialist pressure is maintained for one singular purpose and that is to force the white population to deny the God given HUMANITY of every African American citizen of this country.

  34. I’m a white female. I grew up in a small town with no blacks at all, and only a few hispanics. And those hispanics were very “Americanized”. They didn’t speak spanish, have their own culture, or anything of the sort. I didn’t witness racism per say, because there was no one to be racist against. But somehow I grew up being very aware of all of this and being very anti-racism. To this day I just can’t understand racism or bigotry. And every time I read about it I become sad and/or angry. What is wrong with people? I’ll never understand.

  35. Thank you for your commentary! Why can’t more people be exposed to these historical facts! I fully believe that all are my brothers & sisters!. No matter what color, religion or sexual preference! As an artist,.I love the beauty of colours in the various skins! Colour is what this world & universe is made up of! I would be ill if all I saw was just white! Thank you again my dear relative!

  36. and Mississippi. It’s hard enough being liberal here while were still part of the union. Being separated from it scares the hell out of me.

  37. I just wanna add to this by pasting from my forum something I wrote in 2008…it’s sort of scary to watch the progress they’ve made and comparing some of their plans–here goes:

    ‘…the Christian Exodus movement is about fundamentalist moving in a mass exodus to an area of South Carolina and eventually taking over the state for “themselves”. Oh sure, they have about 1500 people there so far…but, this is the basis for a cult compound mentality. It is also known that many in this camp see the election [2008] as a mandate to let the civil or holy war begin. There are those who rumor that the Republican Party did not swing far enough right and are more than happy to see a split or break of of ideologies; that is where the constitution party comes in. They are hoping to gain momentum and lure the evan-fundie crowd to their platform swelling the numbers their 3rd party [tea party anyone?].

    What bothers me is how they have organized, appear to never sleep and are constantly battle ready for “god” to take over with their help. Their success depends on an “Us V Them” game plan, disruption of government process via constant referendums, infiltrating and recruiting any/all organization that has guns (like the military, police), home schooling so that their young never see the light of day…

    Plus, a global prayer network that is sort of like a phone tree that functions to ignite prayer warriors. I also understand that gossip is the juice that makes their communication flow. I think you all remember how vital gossip was (probably still is!) to a cult’s daily functioning. Instead of the core “beliefs” in daily activities(prayer circles, street proselyting) there was endless chit chat on who was there (attended) or not there; THAT was what was most important!

    The daily attendance in the group-think is what set up people for power, alliances, back-stabbing, scapegoating, “Us V Them” circles of influence…it also keeps people from thinking independently of group-think or opting out for lazy pettiness that gossip perpetuates.

    When I first came up with the idea of doing a forum for former members, there were former members that contacted me and said, “We don’t care about that others stuff–all we care about is the dirt!!! We want the scoop on who’s doing what since we’ve left”…which meant they were still very much addicted to the loop of mindless group think as their form of socialization. These folk had no intent on “healing”; “what-ev-verrr” was on their lips when asked “don’t you want to move beyond the gossip aspect of the group?…this is powerful stuff; it is brain-glue that keeps a follower hooked to cult! Imagine, daily gossip
    keeps the tribe “sharp” as a tack.

    One cult is just like the other; these people really do believe that god is only and exclusively on their side and are out to prove it.
    And my point is…they have more guns and mental illness than the rest of us.’

  38. And he rides “mountain bikes”…whut’kinda’cowboy ryyydes a’bike? Oh yeah, the kind that brags about getting his heart rate up to 200 on a ride and never falls or gets hurt! Bwahhahaahaahhaaa!

  39. I appreciate it. We often call ourselves the “forgotten minority” because we exist in every state and make up a tiny fraction of the population, but we’re almost never mentioned when minority issues are talked about. If they included the statistics for our ethnicity/”race” in with those of other races, the incidences of poverty and poverty-caused health issues would increase dramatically.

    People don’t realize just how vicious the southern states can be (and especially the “Good Christian” churches). In fact, if a family couldn’t pass as white (very common), they would attempt to pass as “Mulatto” or Black… because it was so much better and safer than being American Indian.

  40. Very true. Some of the thoughts and habits they install in you persist for a long time, and sometimes have to be knowingly rooted out – once you finally become aware of them.

    I think we are very close to theocracy, and if we don’t clean house this election, we may be in it by a couple of presidential elections. If our President doesn’t win, we may not even SEE another election.

  41. Don’t forget that Native Americans were sold into slavery throughout the history of this continent.

    The “Cash Crop” for early New England ship masters was Native American slaves until the African slave trade started, and American Indian slaves were being sold in California up until around the first world war (connected to the mission system).

    The more I learn, the more I find we have in common.

  42. Was this a peonage system, or more on the order of serfdom (the serf belongs to the land; the land belongs to whoever buys, inherits, or conquers it)?

  43. I am a grandmother (white from England) I cannot understand the racism that still exists in this country, I find that it is more common amongst the poorly educated although there are richer people, especially republicans who seem to feed it to keep it going. The constant name calling and insults to our president make me sick every time I hear it. I for one am very proud of President Obama and feel he is one of the greatest presidents we have had. I am terrified that the hateful rhetoric we hear on a daily basis will cause an attempt on his life.

  44. Not as the people from California that I talked with and listened to related it. It was pretty much ball-and-chain type, but there was also a religious “obedience to God through obeying your masters” component as well.

    I’ve read about it a few times since then, but would have difficulty finding the historical references – as it’s been about seven years since I last looked at it. (I wrote a paper for a class on the forced sterilization of Native American women that continued into the 70s… it’s estimated that more than a quarter of our women were sterilized and maybe as much as half – those that used the Indian Health Service. I also tied that to the slavery and the laws in Georgia. There weren’t many references to it because it probably was considered too shameful to admit.)

  45. Quick correction – it’s estimated that more than a quarter of our women were sterilized and maybe as much as half – OF those that used the Indian Health Service.

  46. To: J Thank you for your diligent observation through the eyes of both a grandmother & a transplant from the UK! I studied at the Royal College of Art in London with lots of extra art historical investigations throughout Europe. I only heard a few remarks made by Londoners about the Pakistani groups that were derogatory. Otherwise, no one was rebuked by people of other cultures, gays or the distinguishable artisan in the street! This country has become laughable to many across.the pond! Oh how I wish that our populace would have as much respect for the office of Presidency & President Obama as I have observed over there! P.S. I’m a grandmother too now & it makes me ill to see what my next generation has to put up with!

  47. Wow, you would fit right in with the rest of the bigots down here, especially the repugs in the GA government. I live here and am ashamed of those fellow citizens who think as you apparently do. Get the hate out of your life, it makes you old any angry. Who someone else marries doesn’t effect you, why do you care? A flyer was passed out in a GA city yesterday looking to recruit new KKK members, maybe you should come on down and apply, they would love your ignorance.

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