Obama’s Higher Education Plan Is A Death Sentence For The GOP

Obama in Cap and Gown

One characteristic that distinguishes human beings from single-celled organisms is the ability to think critically. Critical thinking is the process of thinking that questions assumptions that lack factual information, and it is a way of deciding whether a claim is true or false, or sometimes true or partly true. Ideally, a country’s population that thinks critically sifts through mountains of propaganda and misinformation politicians emit during campaigns to decide, based on facts, which candidate will best serve the country and its populace. One indisputable way to build a population that thinks critically is through comprehensive education that gives the public the necessary tools to assess the veracity of campaign rhetoric, buzz-words, and catch-phrases that permeate candidates’ statements.

Republicans’ worst nightmare is an educated population because armed with facts and data, most intelligent Americans would avoid any GOP candidate like plague. In the past few weeks, Republican presidential hopefuls have provided ample evidence they are appealing to voters who lack critical thinking skills, and how terrified they are of an educated populace.

Last week at a Koch brothers’ Americans For Prosperity rally, Rick Santorum thrilled teabaggers by assailing President Obama’s plan to make college more accessible to all Americans. He said, “President Obama wants everybody in America to go to college, what a snob.” He explained why he thinks the President is snobbish in hoping all Americans can be competitive with countries that have a higher ratio of college-educated citizens. According to Santorum, “good and decent men and women who work hard every day aren’t taught by some liberal college professor. That’s why he wants you to go to college. He wants to remake you in his image.” The prescient point of Santorum’s statement is not President Obama’s plan to create a nation of intelligent people, but the oft-repeated meme that “liberal college professors” are dangerous communists, and that universities are basically socialism factories. Audience members agreed with Santorum and a common theme was “they try and disguise it with, you know, ‘equal opportunity,’ it’s communism the professors are all teaching the kids. Where does the social engineering stop?”  Social engineering is conservative-speak for critical thinking Americans who will not fall for Republican fact-less rhetoric like Newt Gingrich used while campaigning in Georgia.

Gingrich told a group of supporters that “the forces of the secular left believe passionately and deeply in their world view, because their version of the truth is to have a totally neutral government that has no meaning.” Gingrich was referring to what he claimed was a “50-year assault by those trying to alienate people of faith,” and although there is no truth to his assertion, it plays well to ignorant Americans who have been fed a steady diet of anti-secular rhetoric and lack critical thinking skills to discriminate between truth and fiction. Republicans have been casting aspersion on the left since Ronald Reagan maligned liberals as Socialists on the 1961 vinyl recording demeaning what he called “socialized medicine.” The so-called socialized medicine Reagan opposed at the behest of the American Medical Association was Medicare that was created four years later and has been the only source of healthcare for millions of retired Americans since its inception. Republicans have not changed their liberal bashing strategy in fifty years, and they are only successful because they appeal to citizens who are ignorant of what Socialism means.

The problem inherent with ignorance is that without knowledge and information, people make choices based on fear and anger at a perceived threat. Santorum’s claim that a college education changes good conservatives into nasty liberals sounds frightening to Americans clinging to their perception of what liberal college professors teach their students, and perpetuates ignorance in the malleable segment of the population ripe for fear-mongering and nationalistic fervor. All three Republican candidates counted on ignorance and single-minded nationalism when they criticized President Obama for apologizing to Afghanistan over Quran burnings that resulted in four American soldier’s deaths. If their supporters stopped and considered their outrage if Muslims burned a stack of bibles, they may not have derided the President, but after hearing for three years that Obama is a Muslim Socialist dictator who hates America, they have little doubt the Republicans were right.

The real reason Republicans oppose Americans having access to a college education is knowledge and not social engineering, communist indoctrination, or liberal ideology. They are mortified at the prospect of a populace that understands what Socialism means because their criticism of the President’s alleged liberal socialist agenda would be exposed as lies. They are also afraid of voters who understand science is not the work of the devil and that the Founding Fathers did not intend America to be governed by theocracy. Americans who are able to think beyond Fox News’ propaganda and  Republican lies may not be hardcore Liberal Democrats, but they certainly will not take the conservative’s word as gospel truth.

Republicans thrive when the population is ignorant because it is easy to convince them through fear-mongering and misinformation that Liberal ideology is Satanic, and that the left is destroying America. Santorum, Romney, and Gingrich’s biggest fear is a populace that figures out that all the great things like women and African American’s right to vote, Civil Rights, Social Security, Medicare, and environmental protections that conservatives opposed came from Liberals. Conservatives, by contrast, nearly destroyed the economy, waged unnecessary and unfunded wars, and give the wealthiest Americans, corporations, and the oil industry entitlements for no apparent reason with unwavering support from ignorant Americans.

Republicans want an uneducated population that lives in constant fear that all that stands between a liberal socialist plot to destroy America and freedom is the Republican Party. Americans who think for themselves, whether college educated or not, understand that President Obama’s plan to make college accessible to all Americans is because, unlike Republicans, he wants a better life for the American people and that irks Republicans. One thing is clear; if the President’s college accessibility plan creates more intelligent and compassionate Americans like him, this country would be far better off than it is today.



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  1. even a couple of Republican governors have come out and slammed Santorum’s speeches on education. It’s hard to understand how anyone could buy into the fact that all college professors are communists and socialists, but I don’t expect conservatives to think that deeply. What about all the engineering degrees, the doctorate degrees and all of the various subjects that have absolutely nothing to do with any type of liberalism or conservatism?

    I would add a second reason conservatives would hate education besides the public understanding what they’re saying being BS, and that is just like they are pushing religious charter schools the same thing applies for religious colleges.

  2. Well, the GO Pee needs to die. It is a worthless, selfish piece of shit party. I hope it inbreeds and develops two assholes and no mouth and cannot feed itself and shits itself to death.

  3. Hard-core conservatives are a scary breed. One of my children is a conservative. He has an MBA from a elite university but his critical thinking is more in line with Libertarian than republican. Despises government and the President. Don’t understand that line of thinking. Free market with no rules/restraints is insane. This is the modern day conservatives. Need an Eisenhower but he would never make it.

  4. In a sense, they’re right in that an education does tend to make one more liberal. Once faced with the hard facts (easily checked at that) and taught how to analyze and think for themselves, college students either reject it all and drop out because it doesn’t feed their prejudices and stereotypes, or they become more liberal. A few remain staunchly conservative… but that’s not the norm (actually kind of rare). (In my case, I already was escaping the conservative thought controls and heading for liberalism, but school put the move into warp drive and exposed all of the lies the churches – and Republicans – had taught me.)

    That is why they’ve been trying for decades to destroy tenure… even going back into the 1800s. The elites don’t want their shenanigans exposed, and research does just that. They want to control what is taught in the universities, and academic freedom stands in their way.

    The problem we’ve been having (social scientists) is that our research shows how much of a failure the conservative meme is. We show that their programs based upon conservative/religious right stereotypes are failures and identify why (in most cases because their basic premises are erroneous). That’s why Scott was so denigrating towards my own discipline – we show that his plans are really meant to increase misery and stratification, while making the 1% richer and the rest poorer (while also putting up further barriers to economic mobility). They don’t want people to learn the things we teach, because as this article says, it causes people to see through them.

    This also exposes the “Polytechnic” push by the Republicans… they want to control what is taught and limit exposure to anything that spotlights their lies and deception. They want people to only learn enough to be good employees (nicely submissive and obedient) without them learning that they actually have rights in the workplace. Then they want to destroy public education (except for the tightly-controlled Polytechnics) and limit people’s ability to have a future.

    This is clearly expressed by a big business owner I did some work for one time… who was hiring some new students from college. He said that the first thing he had to do was “knock that liberal nonsense out of their heads” and then he’d re-teach them to do their jobs. It made me wonder why he hired college graduates in the first place. Another comment I heard in another setting suggests that they hire college graduates because getting a degree demonstrates that one can learn – but not necessarily what the corporations want you to know.

    Oh… and most of the corporations I did business with had as official policy not to hire anyone with an advanced degree unless it was absolutely necessary for the job, because of the heightened risk that such a person would see through the lies and support unions.

  5. I call things like that the “MBA attitude”, and have always thought that an MBA meant you were learning how to screw people and get away with it. I’ve seen more companies wrecked by hiring someone with an MBA… even ones I considered decent because they recognized that the better their employees were treated, the better the business did (especially over the long run). In every case, the first thing the new MBA hire did was start attacking the employees and trying to make their lives miserable. Gotta keep all the money for management, after all!

    When someone mentioned a “Business Ethics” course at school, my immediate reaction was that the class taught people how to rip off the people and make them think they’d been helped.

    Another characteristic I’ve noticed regarding MBAs is that they’re strictly focused on the bottom line and only in the short term. They don’t consider that making $100,000 a year profits for 20 years is much better than $250,000 profit in a single year and then the company goes bankrupt (and all of the people loose their jobs).

    Social scientists generally have a rather dim view of that degree. I certainly do – and not because of my education either. I worked around those types and if a single “good” employer or boss had an MBA, I never knew it – but the bad ones always made sure that people knew.

    Maybe that’s why the local dominionist preachers “encourage” the kids in their churches to go for a degree in business with the hopes to get an MBA.

  6. …”That’s why he wants you to go to college. He wants to remake you in his image…”

    This is beautiful; does Santorum think humans go through a metamorphosis like an insect…we are birthed/hatched/stork delivery, then, we run around like grubs and, magically, by the hand of a mysterious gawd, we go into a cocoon and come out as a different creature, born-again as “educated”, perhaps…it could happen, yeah, that’s the ticket!

    Oh, but being “born-again” isn’t remaking a human into an “image” or a persona, is it? Oh, I get it–Little Ricky only wants his version of a politically correct magical thinking image-making personification layered on two slabs of himself topped with little sprinkles shaped like the cross…

  7. Remaking Americans in god’s image = OKEY DOKEY (As long as it’s the christian version)

    Remaking Americans in any other image = Social engineering.

    As far as I’m concerned Obama’s kind of “social engineering” needs to kick into high gear. It might even already be too late. American society today mostly just SUCKS! The fact that ANY of these GOP clowns are even able to come this close to being in the white house is a HUGE red flag as far as I’m concerned.

  8. Oh I am laughing so hard at your wonderful comment. Should be more of this. I loathe republicans more than I loathe cockroaches, in fact cockroaches are sublime in comparison.

  9. Is it just me, or is Santorum trying to create a future that’s one part Red State [Kevin Smith film], and one part Idiocracy [Mike Judge film].

    Let’s dumb down everyone and force them to be subserviant idiots who don’t know any better, and that go to church and give up their tithe’s every Sunday b/c they don’t know any better and it’s what their supposed to do…

    That made me sick just thinking of it, let alone writing it. Protecting those with the most assets at the top is incessantly foolish for GOP voters, as those they vote for do nothing for them, and only care about those that gave them the most money. It’s a never-ending cycle that they are caught in:

    Thinking their vote means they will get something in return, but only if they gave enough money to said candidate. If not, your worthless.

    I could be here for hours writing out the wrongs of voting for the right if you aren’t already in the 1%, but I’m already too angry to continue…

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