Georgia Rep. Compares Women to Cows, Pigs and Chickens

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  1. In case you’re inclined, here are Rep. England’s phone numbers:

    404.463.2247 – Atlanta Office
    770.867.1601 – Office
    770.867.8096 – Home
    770.867.2160 – Fax

  2. Would you please explain what you meant by “when women stop killing babies, you can have the chickens I’ve got”. This sounded a little disturbing to me. Please explain.
    Thank you,
    Cathleen Brnicevic

  3. I am NOT a barnyard animal! The complexities of a woman’s pregnancy, prenatal care and health decisions are between her and her doctor, not a legislator and his veterinarian! GA state legislature can go secede from the USA. We might be better off without them.

  4. I certainly do not think it is appropriate to equate women with farm animals. I think the story about the fighting chickens does evoke a point worth considering. That is that animal rights are being taken more seriously than human rights at times. For example I recently heard of legislation making it illegal to leave a dog outside even with a doghouse. At a time when we have over 3 million homeless people and 6 empty houses for every one of them it seems absurd that is ok to leave people to live outdoors but not dogs. I of course do not want people to be unkind to dogs or other animals. There is a real priority problem among legislators who seem to think poor people who are less likely to have access to birth control, and therefore have higher risks of unwanted pregnancy, are less worthy of legal protection than animals.

  5. Well, it kind of goes hand-in-hand with the historic view of women held in Europe and some other places… that in most cases, women were held to be worth less than a money-making cow, sheep, or whatever.

    The Republican party just makes no sense to anyone with half a brain (and whose brain hasn’t been turned off by religious ideology). The “Tea Party”… even less sense. It’s funny that the American Public hasn’t caught on… I suspect their minds have been so numbed by “reality TV” and crap like that, that what the Republicans are saying just doesn’t catch their attention.

  6. As a Moderate Female Voter living in the state of Georgia my response to ALL the Religious conservative rhetoric is:

    Human Chattel law was Abolished in the United States with the passage of the Thirteenth Amendment in 1865.

    Separation of Church and State: Do Not impose on my Natural Right to Liberty of Conscience by legislating what medical options are available for my healthcare based on your religious views.

    By continuing to keep these conservative religious issues on the table and in front of the media instead of focusing on the fiscal responsibility that you campaigned under in 2010 you are sacrificing the 2012 election.

    Which I predict will be a landslide for the Democratic Party nationwide.

  7. Perhaps some women of Georgia need to run for office. It looks to me like the competition is uninformed, incompetent and incapable. A shoe in for a smart women?

  8. “my Natural Right to Liberty of Conscience by legislating ”

    And that is 1000% of the issue. For people who rant and rave about personal responsibility they are certainly ready to determine what your personal responsibility will be. I have never seen the phrase natural right to liberty of conscience, but I think it is the perfect phrase that describes your liberties. In fact it should be at the base of every discussion. Under all of the acts that you perform, you’re right or liberty of conscience is what is at stake. And that right or liberty is being removed from you. And in some cases has been removed from all of us. Another instance of this would be gay rights or gay marriage. If a person who is gay has a clear conscience or even doesn’t have a clear conscience it’s still their right and liberty to have their own acts on their own conscience.

  9. One of the saddest things about all this is that his was the last of the speeches that night, and the Speaker called for the vote on the bill afterward. Of course, the House passed the “fetal pain” bill, sponsored by ex-dem and former supporter of choice, Rep. Doug McKillip of Athens. I guess you could say his colleagues were “inspired.”

  10. Lookslike someone is from the monkey family. Yah know the ones that sits all day jacking off? If this guy and people like keeps talking. That’s exactly what they will get.


  12. I keep thinking of those billboard all over Georgia with the cows promoting chickens…

    But, seriously. If Rep. England’s remarks were the exception, I probably would not have posted this, but it is the attitude his remarks reflect that is controlling legislation in Georgia other “red” states. This year, the legislature is poised to strip coverage for abortion from state employee’s health plans – even in the case of rape or incest. Seriously – these bozos do not want a state employee’s insurance to pay for an abortion for their child who is pregnant as a result of incest, prompting this walk out by all eight (right, just 8) Democratic women senators:

  13. I don’t see much point in getting cross with these people (if indeed they are people). They are scared by their failures, stupidity, inability to do anything of value and therefore try their best to belittle those they are most scared of, women. We are better than men in everything we do. We’ve been proven it for millenniums and men have tried to shut us down and out every since. Just take a look at what women have accomplished in the past when they were even more ostracized than we are now and men response was simply to blank us out and ignore our achievements. I know my value and it is so much much more than a man’s!

  14. Are you sure any of you actually listened to what he said? (I’d be surprised;I fell asleep twice partway through it,myself) But what he seems to be saying is that if he,and others who grew up on farms,could feel sadness about animals dying before they had a chance to be born, why shouldn’t he,and others, feel the same for human babies?
    Eloquent he is not,but “comparing women to cows,pigs,etc.” it is not.

  15. Agreed about the landslide. They have alienated just about everyone but old white men, except I am an old white man and I hate the republicans too.

  16. Men who are in power positions want to control and legislate women’s bodies and minds. There is really no respect being given when this discourse is happening. It should not even be an issue in legislature. An analogy would be legislating whether men should hold their penises with their left hand or their right hand as a condition for medical coverage of prostate health.

  17. I listened to what he said: He said its heartbreaking when animals are born dead, but people who enjoy watching live animals tear each other to bloody shreds are the salt of the earth.

  18. Cows promoting chickens (laugh!)… very apt, especially since the company plows the profits into dominionist goals and for proselytizing.

  19. Mr. England’s experience with animals is appreciated. I also saw animals be born and die on our farm. The benefits of veterinary medicine were extended to them even sixty years ago, and I do not remember anyone advocating interference between the animal and its doctor in euthanizing or inseminating or vaccinating or any other procedures to promote their well being or relieve suffering. Mr. England Please extend AT LEAST the same decency to women of the human species as we do to animals!!

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