Sarah Palin Throws Brokered Convention Threat at Mitt Romney

Oh boy. Sarah Palin is at it again.  Yes, she’s flirting with the disaffected Tea Party base and brokered conventions while baring her mama grizzly teeth at poor Mitt Romney.  She’s not closing any doors, no matter how much the Republican Party wishes she would.

Ms Palin told CNN yesterday that she isn’t ruling out a run in 2012, “Anything is possible. I don’t close any doors that perhaps would be open out there, so no, I wouldn’t close that door. My plan is to be at that convention.”

Rubbing it in, Palin said, “I want to see the process continue, more debate about who it is, who can bust through the Orwellian Obama rhetoric and pandering that we see in the incumbent, who can bust through that with facts, history and logic and common sense, in order for American voters to understand we do have a choice. There is a contrast between the incumbent Barack Obama, and any of the four on the GOP ticket.”

This is actually a good, off-the-cuff interview for Palin, though riddled with her usual inaccuracies and outright factual errors. For example, it’s disingenuous for Republicans to claim that the Obama administration is “weakening the military” (note how they never address the fact that their own behavior forced them into a situation where cuts were necessary and they couldn’t agree on cuts in the Super Committee, so automatic cuts kicked in for defense spending), but heck, given that every single Republican candidate has resorted to the Fox version of reality, Palin doesn’t seem so odd anymore.

Compared to Rick Santorum, Sarah Palin looks daffy instead of dangerous; but we realize looks can be deceiving. Still, she pales in comparison on the fear chart for domestic issues; but on national security, the mere notion of Sarah Palin in the White House is enough to…. Oh, God.

Palin is keeping her determined little feet in that door, dangling her naughty monkey from her bedazzled toes, taunting the Republican Party with all she’s got.

Meanwhile, the Republican Party is doing all it can to stop the whispers of a possible  “brokered convention.” You’ll hear Republican strategists refer often to the Barack Obama versus Hillary Clinton primary, as if the same result can be expected for the Republican Party. But the situations are far from similar.

While the 2008 Democratic primary was vicious and left a bitter taste in its aftermath (comment boards weren’t safe), what sets the Democratic primary apart from the 2012 Republican primary is the fact that both candidates in the Democratic primary generated wild, unbreakable support, whereas the Republican Party can’t stand behind any of its candidates for longer than a few months. They come and they go, and no one seems to mind.

Mitt Romney doesn’t galvanize the base and he never will. He is simply the guy they think has the best chance of beating Obama. He’s not going to inspire people who wouldn’t normally vote to get out and vote. He’s not going to fire the base up to vote down the ticket.  Mitt Romney is the establishment’s pick, and even among the establishment, he’s not a favored son.

Poor Mitt can’t stop looking behind him. There’s Rick and Newt and now, Sarah Palin calling him a weak candidate. Fox Business kept asking Palin what she would do if the Party begged her to run. Begged. She was coy and good spirited, in what can only be seen as a bad news, until he asked what she would do if asked to run for VP. For some reason, Palin was outraged at the idea and said it would take a lot of presumption for any of the candidates to dare ask her to do that given what she suffered in 2008. I guess in Sarah’s mind, running for President is so much easier than running for VP.

And that little mind burp lands us right back to where we started. Sarah Palin is playing games again and she’s not making any sense. Of course, that isn’t news. But what is news is that Sarah Palin is going to mess with Mitt Romney up until the bitter end.

The Republican Party is reaping what it sowed.

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  1. “There is a contrast between the incumbent, Barack Obama, and any of the four on the GOP ticket.”

    Only thing she ever said that I agreed with. There is a big contrast between the President and the GOP’s rogue gallery of weirdos.

  2. “the mere notion of Sarah Palin in the White House is enough to…. Oh, God.”

    my sentiments exactly…and it’s actually my sentiments about all of the GOP clownshow.

  3. Wow, Sarah’s narcissism is way out of bounds.
    She reminds me of a girl I knew in high school who thought she was a runner because she looked good in track gear. Palin would be lapped in any run for the presidency just as the girl was . . . .

  4. Sarah Palin has to keep making news in order to keep making money, and I think that’s the whole story.

  5. As long as the economy continues to improve, the fear and hate people will talk to an ever smaller audience. After the elections, they will slowly crawl bck under their rock. Palin will always find a way to appeal to the extreme right fringe people, although by 2016, she’ll no longer talk politics as if she has any clout. She’ll get on the religion talk circuit and with any kind of luck, fade into obscurity.

  6. This woman is way delusional if she thinks she’s going to appear at the convention without having done any work and get the GOP nomination. The GOP old boys network will have none of it, so she should take Barbara Bush’s advice and stay in Wasilly.

  7. I continue to be baffled as to why anyone pays any attention to what this babbling psycho has to say. Considering how swiftly Mitt took Newt down I can’t help but wonder when he will tire of this know nothing’s nonsense and smack her down in the dirt. A nation turns its lonely eyes to you Mitt…

  8. My mind started wandering not long into her ramblings! Whoever described her as a narssisis is dead on. I’ve often thought the same thing.

  9. While the 2008 Democratic primary was vicious and left a bitter taste in its aftermath (comment boards weren’t safe), what sets the Democratic primary apart from the 2012 Republican Primary is the fact that both candidates in the Democratic Primary generated wild, unbreakable support, whereas the Republican Party can’t stand behind any of its candidates for longer than a few months. They come and they go, and no one seems to mind.


  10. OT..but, I finally found who posted this is piece in little tiny letters. I like seeing who writes these articles like you had on your old site. You all have a right to be proud of what you BIG LETTERS. :)

    Thanks Sarah Jones~ Glad politicusUSA is evolving and back on the net.

  11. Just the usual Palin grifting to keep the money rolling in from her brain-dead sycophants.

    Since she fired herself for incompetence from politics this is her day job now.

  12. Hi Cha,

    Thank you for the kind words, they are wonderful to hear after all we’ve been through.

    We are still tinkering with the new layout, we weren’t planning on doing a redesign as you probably know but the evil doers forces us into it. Our tech wizard fixed the names, and now you can click to read more from each author right next to their names. Hope that helps.

    We’re glad to be back and glad to see our readers here with us again:-)


    palin has to make money, she’s been trying to shill her latest opus, doesn’t look like it’s doing that well, not even in the top 100. She’s been selling autographed copies of her book at $400 a pop, Newsmax has been giving away copies with subscriptions.
    Publicity-even bad publicity as the publicist once noted-is priceless for an entertainer.

  14. When CNN interviewed her in Alaska, wasn’t she also leaving the door open to run for president in 2016?

    Will she ever go away?

  15. Shark eyes! Is how she was described tonight, lol. Meaning pupils BLOWN!
    Anyone in the medical field will get that.
    Well. She talks about dirty Money.
    Tonight on InSanity.
    Maybe she would know a thing or two about “Dirty Money”
    First dude trolling for “tutes” the day after she got sworn in for gov.
    Lots of johns…CEO’s of
    GCI or Alaska, BP, FBI or Alaska and Anchorage Police.
    Oh yes, and Shaily Tripp was coerced to go across the country to turn tricks.
    Dirty Money Sarah?
    Everyone read “Boys will be boys” inspired by Sarah herself when she described Herman Cain.

  16. Sarah Palin is now and always has been all rhetoric and no substance. This “common sense” line has been her stock and trade but never once has she fleshed out what exactly she means. This is not surprising, of course, since she seems to have no common sense. Wishful thinking, perhaps?

  17. I really hope they do have a brokered convention and Sarah is their candidate! That should be quite mmm…interesting…

  18. the really funny part is, some conservatives are now raving over the latest film about her. I am rather shocked at this film did not show up just prior to the convention when it would’ve had a great deal more impact. But obviously the movie is very complementary towards her even though she has already slammed it without even seeing it.

    I say let her run when she brings out trig’s birth certificate. The one the hospital always automatically sends to you that they never got.

  19. If CNN gets anymore right wing they might as well join forces with Fox. Anything for a dime.

    The only reason this poor thing is still in the spotlight are folks like CNN giving her a voice.

  20. Exactly it is all about the money with her. She doesn’t care about working Americans. She is a pure service to self me myself and I person.

  21. Well, on the one hand, she says she is available to the Republican party. On the other hand, she says they need someone with “facts, history and logic and common sense…” which would seem to rule her out.

    So, confusing.

  22. Boys Will Be Boys reveals among other things that Todd Palin has a peculiar physical characteristic. A characteristic that Shailey Tripp would have no way of knowing about had she not been seen Todd nude.

    The Palins silence about this revelation speaks volumes.

    If Shailey were lying about this physical trait of Todd’s it would be quite easy for him to prove that she was not being truthful. But Shailey isn’t lying, is she Todd? Sarah?

    That’s why all of you are being so quiet in regards to the book, isn’t it? Hoping if you ignore it then it will go away.

    It’s not going away. More and more people are going to read it and learn the truth about teeny weenie two-toned Todd.

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