Slam Dunk: U.S. Employment Numbers Explode

The long awaited job numbers came out today and exceeded expectations! Total non-farm employment increased by 227,000, which is big, but the biggest kicker is the upward revisions of December and January.

The original report for December was 203,000 and that was revised up to 223,000. January was originally reported as 243,000 and that has been revised up to 284,000. This is really great. The only downside is the unemployment didn’t tick down. It is holding steady at 8.3%

Here is the break down per sector:

Health care and social assistance employment rose by 61,000 over the month. Within health care, ambulatory care services added 28,000 jobs, and hospital employment increased by 15,000. Over the past 12 months, health care employment has risen by 360,000.

Ok, as always, I say to our conservative friends who told us ObamaCare was too much regulation: How is it that 360,000 jobs were created in an industry directly impacted and regulated by this law?

Manufacturing employment rose by 31,000 in February. All of the increase occurred in durable goods manufacturing, with job gains in fabricated metal products (+11,000), transportation equipment (+8,000), machinery (+5,000), and furniture and related
products (+3,000). Durable goods manufacturing has added 444,000 jobs since a recent trough in January 2010.

This is making the GOP’s head explode, which is why they are reverting to social issues like abortion and birtherism. If they focused on the economy, well, it would shed light on its improvement.

Source: United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics

7 Replies to “Slam Dunk: U.S. Employment Numbers Explode”

  1. The GOP’s thesis is that the economic recovery has been insignificant. Their evidence?

    It has happened while a Democrat is in the White House.

  2. The GOP Scourge on America is sad because in spite of all their blockage for Progress under a Democratic President..America is Rebounding from the bush-cheney years of abandonment.

    Thank you for this report, Ray Medeiros.

  3. But, but abortion! The gays! Talk about what matters to Americans like getting women off of birth control!

  4. They thought they could run on the economy, but all the GOP has left to offer is continued nonsense on social issues.

  5. This is all well and good, and it is great that there are many manufacturing jobs open, but how do people train for all these openings? According to stats, 68% of jobs require college degrees now, in fields that didn’t require them when Bush/Cheney came into office.

    How do we get those people who want to work back to work without having to send them back to school first? Where is the on the job training or the apprenticeships?

    Once we can lose the piece of paper that gives no indication of how skilled a craftsman might be, then we will really see a rise in those numbers so fast, the GOP will be choking on its own venom.

  6. your question is a good one. Answer is in the president economic recovery plan, by connecting the Businesses communities w/training sch., community colleges, high school seniors, colleges students, businesses advancement training partnering w/ local training facilities…

    For more info. you can go to they are very informative of what happening in your state and how you can get involves

  7. Imagine how much better these numbers could be if the republicans had cooperated with the president instead of obstructing him at every turn. And they’re STILL only interested in obstructionism.

    May the republicans get what they deserve.

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