In Between PSAs For The United Negro College Fund Limbaugh Calls Obama Boy

So many advertisers have left Rush Limbaugh’s show that he is now airing public service announcements from the United Negro College Fund, but that didn’t stop him from calling President Obama boy.

Here is one of the United Negro College Fund PSAs during an ad break (via Media Matters):

Later in his show the Grand Wizard of Right Wing Radio had this to say about Obama:

Transcript via Rush Limbaugh:

So, the Politico story, the headline: “Obama’s New Hurdle: Jobs Report Optimism — President Barack Obama has a new challenge with the jobs report due out Friday: rising expectations.” Oh, the poor guy. What a real challenge. “Several months of improving numbers filtered through an election-year prism have bolstered Obama’s standing — but also have fueled anticipation that the employment outlook will continue to improve. If new jobs aren’t added at the same rate, Obama’s political opponents will attack him for not doing enough to sustain the economy.” This is the Politico writing for a third grade anti-bullying class. Obama’s political opponents will attack him for not doing enough. “If they go up, he’ll almost certainly be slammed for the economy not improving enough. And if they tick down — or the unemployment rate rises — expect searing attacks about a president leading the country into a double-dip recession.”

Poor Obama. Boohoo! He just can’t catch a break. Even the news media talking up the economy for him might backfire on him. Oh, yeah! It’s so fraught with danger out there for Obama. Why, even if his sycophant, slavish media talk up the economy, that might backfire. Remember how the media fretted about all the problems of perception that President Bush faced? Right. We don’t, either. So obviously this piece in The Politico from which I was just reading was written before this morning’s unemployment report came out, and it is clear that the news media and the rest of the Obama campaign were sweating bullets over this number.

You remember how the media fretted about all the problems of perception that Bush faced? Poor Obama! He can’t catch a break. These venal Republicans, they’re just waiting to pounce on any uptick in the jobless rate! Those bullies. You notice that everything Republicans do is venal? Everything is calculated for political advantage? Everything is done to try to harm our little boy president, Barack Obama? The Republicans never have the country’s interests at heart like Obama does. In fact, this article sounds like the Obama campaign was using The Politico to tell their lickspittle minions in the news media to dial back their boosterism a little bit.

It sounds to me like this whole story is the White House calling Politico saying, “Hey, dial it back. We don’t want to make it sound too good out there! I mean, there are gonna couple of dips between now and Election Day. It can’t be that because we got this poll from Greenberg, don’t forget.” Stanley Greenberg, James Carville’s partner, big-time Democrat pollster, last couple of weeks puts a pull out and says: Mr. President, don’t go to town on this big story of a reviving, roaring-back economy because it isn’t going to work. They’re not feeling it. The reason a story based on a virtual economic recovery won’t work is because people are living in the economy.

Before anyone gets mad at the United Negro College Fund, keep in mind that they don’t control when or where the PSAs run. The organization that manages the PSAs explained to Bloomberg that, “We cannot control or predict where they appear…We find out from reporting afterwards.”

The fact that the once mighty Rush Limbaugh now is reduced to running public service announcements because he doesn’t have enough advertisers to fill the ad slots is strongest evidence yet that the boycott is working. As we witnessed during Glenn Beck’s abrupt and epic collapse, ratings don’t matter as much as ad revenue. Limbaugh is assuring the world that his business behind his show is fine, which is the biggest red flag yet that things are most definitely not fine.

Rush Limbaugh’s retreat back into racism and the perpetuation of the myth of liberal media bias is not going to make this boycott go away. If anything, he is strengthening the resolve of those who are protesting his comments about Sandra Fluke. It took a disgusting level of personal attack and sexism before America woke up and took notice of his hate speech and conduct.

Rush Limbaugh and his words matter. It is nice to see him finally being taken seriously by liberals and progressives who ignored or dismissed his conduct for years. Now is the time to wake America up to Rush’s racist attacks. All Americans with a conscience need to work together to shut down Rush Limbaugh’s hate pollution machine.

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  1. You might consider updating the Rush pic accompanying this and other stories. He does look a bit older, fatter now. Starting to get as ugly on the outside as he is inside.

  2. You want to read something funny?

    There is an old law on the books in Florida, making it a crime to question a woman’s chastity. Since Limbaugh both lives and broadcasts from this state (surprise surprise!), the law can be applied to him!!!

    (Now watch as the Republicans scramble to have that law stricken from the books!)

  3. It is still an actionable tort in most jurisdictions, chiefly as defamation in se (especially calling a woman a prostitute).

  4. Just another fact about Limbaugh

    theGrio: Rush Limbaugh defended Lord’s Resistance Army leader Joseph Kony on radio show
    theGRIO REPORT – It has been discovered that Rush Limbaugh defended the internationally vilified Lord’s Resistance Army leader Joseph Kony on his radio show…

  5. Actually, he said “little boy president,” which might have been said (though it wasn’t, not by Limbaugh, at any rate) of President Obama’s predecessor.

    So… don’t make it a racial thing; sounds a lot more generic than that, and a false charge of racism in this instance will only dilute any impact the more pure racist remarks have.

    I’m more interested in the fact that Public Service Announcements are being aired during Mr. Limbaugh’s remarks – to fill in the dead-air – since most of the PSAs will reflect values and attitudes antithetical to Mr. Limbaugh’s viewpoint.

    It gives him a perfect opportunity to smear anything and everything in sight, and it looks as though he’s not wasting a single minute.

    I would argue that slotting these PSAs in Mr. Limbaugh’s program does no service to those organizations when he’s given an opportunity to debase their motives, question their effectiveness or professionalism, at the expense of his own pet peeves… and I would urge that the organizations request the stations NOT play their PSAs during a program under those conditions.

  6. Poor Rush.
    Soon he’ll be in a white strapped and tied down jacket
    trying to bite his lawyers and the Clear Channel people.

  7. Amazing. Rush referred to Obama as “LITTLE boy”, not a racial term, but one of power. He’s mocking the idea that a President of the United States, in any time, can expect to have universal bowing to his desires, or no opposition to his policies.
    (A latest New Yorker short piece about a Staten Island elementary school discussion of “Tom Sawyer” and “Huckleberry Finn”. As you might guess, it centered around the word “nigger”, which, in an instance of high decorum, or fear, does not even appear in the article as the symbolic “N-word”, apparently the thought being even that is too racially charged. It is in this atmosphere that you play up the out-of-context use of the word “boy”. Shame on you!”)

  8. @ tom pain if you repeat that lie often enough people will forget who rush’s audience is and that they don’t know what the word means in the south. NOT.

  9. i wish the CONS would understand that…”the media is only as liberal as the CONservative bizness’s that own them” ..freaking END OF STORY .now every one can shut up about there being a lib media..and if you dont believe its true,remember the david letterman/bill hicks feud???david only appoligised 10yrs later.cause they didnt show his comedy skit on tv ,cause he had a comment about ..ready??guess??prolifers..go figure.bills mom was on letterman last yr telling dave how stupid he was for cutting out her son’s comedy act on tv

  10. Because,sir, even though this is a Lefty-Liberal site that,shall we say,SPINS the facts, it is allowed because this country believes in free speech. And THAT’S why “this shit” is “allowed”, sir, and will always be allowed.

  11. RoughAcres, anytime a white man refers to any grown black man as a “boy” — in any context — it is most definitely racist!

  12. Of course Tom, the best thing about “free speech” is that it truly is not free. I’m sure Rush would agree with me. I’m happy to live in a country that even when the discourse is ugly, racist or misogynistic — we have a way to get rid of the pigs who practice the aforementioned idiocy.

    And aren’t we glad that this site let’s your kind of shit on?

    Also, Tom. I am an African American woman with a father, brothers, nephew and uncles. And when I tell you it is the HEIGHT of condescension and racism to call them “boy,” “little boy” or any version of a phrase containing “boy”–believe it.

    These nasty little word plays and dog whistles are offensive and have been going on for generations and have been particularly virulent since President Obama has been in office. Its bullshit and your being wide eyed and innocent looking isn’t going to change what it truly is.

  13. Some people lack empathy and knowledge of our nation’s race history, Tom 1. That’s why it’s so easy for them to dismiss what others perceive as slights against them. It’s the old, “Well, that’s never happened to me, so it doesn’t mean anything when it’s directed at “that” person over there.”

  14. Uh no. No it’s not. I have a racially mixed group of friends and the phrase “what’s goin’ on boys” or a variation thereof, is used by everyone in the group to address each other. It’s context… like most everything else.

    That being said, I can’t stand Limberger the hack and shameless button pusher that he is. These guys sit around every night looking for mountains to make out of mole hills, or issues to twist and lie about to get their troops riled up.

  15. You are correct sir. Anyone at least as old as Rush knows what boy means.You don’t have to say Hey you boy to know when someone is being called boy. Rush’s loyal minions pick up on boy in a second

  16. Thank you, dragonpuff, from a 60 something Irish woman. Bloviators like limbaugh like to bloat themselves up on racism to make them feel better about their inferiorities. Intelligent women make him feel really threatened so they’re another primal target.

    The limbaughs are running scared..why else would his brother, david, attribute a stupid tweet to MediaMatters that came from him?

  17. Dear Jason,the rest of the writers and the readers of Politicususa,
    I wish to personally apologize for comments I made about this new format.I will not make excuses for my whining but hope all is forgiven.Sorry about using this comment section to write this but could not bring up anything on the contact button.
    I am really happy that you are back up and are holding to the same high standards as before.

    respectfully yours,Tina

  18. I don’t know which suicide for him would be more humane… a handful of oxy or just let him keep talking.

  19. Of course they’d ignore this… but there are plenty of peer-reviewed research articles that shows the strong conservative (and racist) bias in the media, and that it’s been that way since the beginning.

    You have to have a rare news source DEDICATED to being liberal and speaking the truth to get even reasonably accurate news.

    Even the most accurate of the mainstream outlets, NPR, gets it wrong at times… and the error tends to be on the conservative side of things.

  20. Very accurate and observant response! It’s a common factor in America… racial comments, denigration towards the poor and disabled… you name it flows from the “It can’t/didn’t happen to me” attitude. The people infected with that attitude have had sheltered lives and don’t realize that just because it HADN’T happened to them, it still could (talking especially about poverty and disability).

    Another factor is that people have to be trained (or have experienced racism first-hand) to begin to recognize much of the racist statements and actions. What may be obvious to those of us who have experienced it (and more so to those who have had the training/education), may be ignored by others. The bigots count on being “under the radar” so to speak, and that’s how they get away with so much.

  21. Very true. I like this because it’s so ironic… the very sort of law they’d pass to protect their own wives/daughters/whatever is what is being used against Limbaugh… and that law dates to the 1800s, which is the era that the Republicans are trying to drag us back to.

  22. I’d be very uncomfortable hearing a white person using the term “boy” towards a black man, irregardless of the context. It’s a put-down even if used towards a man of the same race as the speaker, and in this context the usage is far more sinister. Limbaugh knew exactly what he was doing and saying… and it was clear dogwhistle, especially to someone who is in on the code (and to those who have experienced racism and/or been educated or trained to recognize it).

    I know that there are insult-words that have been claimed by the people who were targeted with those words… for instance, we sometimes use the words “Injun”, “Redskin”, “Chief” etc. when we’re joking with each other or encouraging each other. It’s a way to claim the language and to reinforce group identity. I’ve heard the same sort of thing with other minorities. At the same time, it is quite offensive and unpleasant for others to use those words to us, even in innocent contexts.

  23. You all need to stop attacking each other over something so petty as to ‘how’ the douche (I foresee feminists attacking my floral description. Note:sarcasm) used the word boy and hold him accountable for the bigger picture. You have begun undermining and belittling each other when we all ultimately agree that Limbaugh is an asshole. Stop throwing the race card around because frankly I’m a 24 year old half black half Hispanic female living in Texas, so if you want to talk discrimination and nievity let’s start with me. You can’t claim that just because you are black or purple or whatever that you must then know exactly how a word was meant and that those who don’t agree with you must be sheltered or white. Most of you are the older generation that should know better and should set the example for my generation and those after me. Target the approproiate badness before you target each other.

  24. Sorry Walkaway. As you know, I agree with you on most occasions. Not this time though. I gave you a clear cut example of why using “boy” in a certain context is not offensive to the black members of my group of friends ( we ALL greet each other with it from time to time in a certain context ). The reason for this is, unlike the “n” word, “boy” taken on its own is not a racial slur. I would never dream of calling my black pals the “n” word or any other offensive name… whether I thought I could get away with it or not.

    As to the claiming of an offensive term and using it among members of one’s ethnic group to reclaim power over it…sorry, that just doesn’t cut it. It is just a flat out rule of life that if you don’t like something done, you CANNOT do it YOURSELF. The late great Richard Pryor to his ever lasting credit, realized this, and swore to never use that offensive term again for the rest of his life. Let me just tell you, if another person of middle eastern extract called my mother or sister a “rag head” or “dune coon”, that person would be pickin’ their teeth up off the floor! As it is, sometimes a young Lebanese or Syrian guy will think they can use slurs on me. They get off with a warning the first time.

  25. The reason jazz musicians call each other “man” is to overcome the age old reference to black men being called “boy” by white people. Calling another “man” is a sign of respect in the jazz world. In fact, the word is even used when addressing women and is acceptable and not seen as sexist.

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