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In Between PSAs For The United Negro College Fund Limbaugh Calls Obama Boy

So many advertisers have left Rush Limbaugh’s show that he is now airing public service announcements from the United Negro College Fund, but that didn’t stop him from calling President Obama boy.

Here is one of the United Negro College Fund PSAs during an ad break (via Media Matters):

Later in his show the Grand Wizard of Right Wing Radio had this to say about Obama:

Transcript via Rush Limbaugh:

So, the Politico story, the headline: “Obama’s New Hurdle: Jobs Report Optimism — President Barack Obama has a new challenge with the jobs report due out Friday: rising expectations.” Oh, the poor guy. What a real challenge. “Several months of improving numbers filtered through an election-year prism have bolstered Obama’s standing — but also have fueled anticipation that the employment outlook will continue to improve. If new jobs aren’t added at the same rate, Obama’s political opponents will attack him for not doing enough to sustain the economy.” This is the Politico writing for a third grade anti-bullying class. Obama’s political opponents will attack him for not doing enough. “If they go up, he’ll almost certainly be slammed for the economy not improving enough. And if they tick down — or the unemployment rate rises — expect searing attacks about a president leading the country into a double-dip recession.”

Poor Obama. Boohoo! He just can’t catch a break. Even the news media talking up the economy for him might backfire on him. Oh, yeah! It’s so fraught with danger out there for Obama. Why, even if his sycophant, slavish media talk up the economy, that might backfire. Remember how the media fretted about all the problems of perception that President Bush faced? Right. We don’t, either. So obviously this piece in The Politico from which I was just reading was written before this morning’s unemployment report came out, and it is clear that the news media and the rest of the Obama campaign were sweating bullets over this number.

You remember how the media fretted about all the problems of perception that Bush faced? Poor Obama! He can’t catch a break. These venal Republicans, they’re just waiting to pounce on any uptick in the jobless rate! Those bullies. You notice that everything Republicans do is venal? Everything is calculated for political advantage? Everything is done to try to harm our little boy president, Barack Obama? The Republicans never have the country’s interests at heart like Obama does. In fact, this article sounds like the Obama campaign was using The Politico to tell their lickspittle minions in the news media to dial back their boosterism a little bit.

It sounds to me like this whole story is the White House calling Politico saying, “Hey, dial it back. We don’t want to make it sound too good out there! I mean, there are gonna couple of dips between now and Election Day. It can’t be that because we got this poll from Greenberg, don’t forget.” Stanley Greenberg, James Carville’s partner, big-time Democrat pollster, last couple of weeks puts a pull out and says: Mr. President, don’t go to town on this big story of a reviving, roaring-back economy because it isn’t going to work. They’re not feeling it. The reason a story based on a virtual economic recovery won’t work is because people are living in the economy.

Before anyone gets mad at the United Negro College Fund, keep in mind that they don’t control when or where the PSAs run. The organization that manages the PSAs explained to Bloomberg that, “We cannot control or predict where they appear…We find out from reporting afterwards.”

The fact that the once mighty Rush Limbaugh now is reduced to running public service announcements because he doesn’t have enough advertisers to fill the ad slots is strongest evidence yet that the boycott is working. As we witnessed during Glenn Beck’s abrupt and epic collapse, ratings don’t matter as much as ad revenue. Limbaugh is assuring the world that his business behind his show is fine, which is the biggest red flag yet that things are most definitely not fine.

Rush Limbaugh’s retreat back into racism and the perpetuation of the myth of liberal media bias is not going to make this boycott go away. If anything, he is strengthening the resolve of those who are protesting his comments about Sandra Fluke. It took a disgusting level of personal attack and sexism before America woke up and took notice of his hate speech and conduct.

Rush Limbaugh and his words matter. It is nice to see him finally being taken seriously by liberals and progressives who ignored or dismissed his conduct for years. Now is the time to wake America up to Rush’s racist attacks. All Americans with a conscience need to work together to shut down Rush Limbaugh’s hate pollution machine.

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