Mr. and Mrs. Washington Insider: Mitch McConnell and His Wife

Ditch Mitch McConnell
Ditch Mitch McConnell

I don’t dislike many people. I hate a few – the boss who fired me with 4 kids at home; Limbaugh; people like that. But I generally don’t dislike most fellow earthlings. There is one crepey-necked creep however, who stands out in the dislike department. I dislike what he says. I dislike what he stands for and I especially dislike the way he looks. It’s not because he’s ugly. I like a lot of ugly people. Hell, I’m getting more repulsive by the year. I don’t dislike him because of his age either; he just turned 70 and I’m in no position to make age an issue.

The guy is a United States Senator. He’s been fouling up the chamber’s air for 27 years. He’s married to Elaine Chao, a reasonably bright and attractive Taiwanese immigrant (most likely Han Chinese) with a heavyweight CV that includes an 8-year stint as U.S. Secretary of Labor where she spent considerable time leaning on unions. She was also the Director of the Peace Corps and CEO of United Way. She earlier had been a VP of two huge banks. Before her labor gig, she was with the Heritage Foundation; she returned to Heritage in January 2009.

One might ask what a gal like her sees in Mr. Crepey. It seems the attraction is in their mutual sleaze compatibility.

Heritage opened an office in Hong Kong in 1996 and hired Chao to supposedly serve as Heritage’s academic liaison, passing on valuable cultural and scholarly matter for a better understanding of China and the region. In truth, Chao’s apparent lone responsibility was to grease the skids for U.S. manufacturers to cut deals to bring American jobs to non-union cheap labor plants in China. WorldNetDaily reported that she was also a director of an Alabama-based Insurance Company that partnered with the Chinese government. I’m sure she received a handsome stipend for her connections with a U.S. Senator – her husband. And this union-hating, American job exporter becomes U.S. Labor Secretary?

Any thoughtful Republican would consider most of the above to be a conflict of interest, not to mention her board membership of the National Association of Security Dealers. As Church Lady would say – “Isn’t that special.” For Republicans, it’s just another day at the office. Just like Clarence and his Tea Party wife, Virginia (Ginni).

The Senator married this accomplished lady after getting rid of the woman who helped him through law school. Don’t they all?

If you haven’t guessed by now, the object of my disaffection is Kentucky’s Mitch McConnell. He’s my human equivalent of fingernails on a blackboard. While the media concentrates on the madman menagerie that is the U.S. House of Representatives, almost no attention is focused on the equally whacked out Republicans in the senate; every bit as Tea Party-possessed and Obama-hating as their house-bound colleagues.

McConnell is their Minority Leader. You’d never know it, but Democrats are in the majority in the Senate though the filibuster ploy has rendered them impotent. Citizens for Responsibility in Washington named McConnell as one of the half-dozen most corrupt members of the Senate. He’s also in the top ten in the wealth department. He’s worth somewhere between 10 and 44 million. That’s quite a range as reporting requirements are anything but exact. Elaine is worth $5 million or so and her daddy, a shipping magnate, gifted the pair with (here we go again) somewhere between 5 – 25 million.

Predictably, McConnell votes for big oil interests 100% of the time. In a 7 year stretch, his campaign coffers have been enriched by a half-million oily dollars for his loyalty. While his party goes ape-shit over those horrible earmarks, McConnell has managed to direct 25 million dollars worth to just one recipient, a British Defense Contractor. At the same time of this puzzling largess, his corporate BFF was under investigation by the Justice Department. They threw a quick 50 grand at his campaign for his generosity. Whatever else this ‘friend with benefits’ sent McConnell’s way, we’ll never know.

Not surprisingly, McConnell has fought any and all efforts for campaign finance reform. He’s big on warrantless monitoring of U.S. Citizens he suspects of terrorism. Hell, he could be targeting some of the more aggressive contributors to this very site. We at Politicususa certainly know the lengths enemies will go to silence progressives.

So there you have a quick thumb-nail of Mitch McConnell. Selfish, greedy and untrustworthy.  A politician in the worst sense of the word.

In closing, McConnell’s words to live by in describing his goal as Senate Minority Leader – “The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.”

God forbid the ‘most important’ thing would be serving the people of America.

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10 Replies to “Mr. and Mrs. Washington Insider: Mitch McConnell and His Wife”

  1. Well, the only good thing one can say about this, this tentacled “creature’ of pure greed is, he’s very old and will croak soon…

    Statistically, even though most counties in Kentucky have turned “red” during his last 2 terms, his winning numbers were not that hot…most were in the 43-46& ranges, like most of his old fart cronies (McCain and Kyl come to mind)…the sleaze factor is over-whelming just knowing he was involved with Abrahoff! His stench is growing tiresome and he’s growing weaker by the minute; the only thing keeping him alive is the daily snort of fumes from dollar bills…sort of like methamphetamine kept Hitler alive toward the end…(sorry for the cheap shot, but, the guys bunker mentality tied to his poor decision process lends itself).

  2. Another Kentuckian weighs in: How does this man get elected repeatedly? Besides big money supporting his campaigns, he uses smear tactics and lies to subjugate his opponents. Kentucky is a traditionally conservative (Republican) state, and the problems locally are just as pronounced as our representation in Washington. Perhaps McConnell’s political lust will have abated by 2014 and he will choose not to run for a 5th term, but don’t count on it. Most of his actions and beliefs defy the principles of the Commonwealth and its citizens. It’s time we realized that and replace him with a worthy candidate for the office.

  3. The most amazing thing to me about McTurtle is that the man has held ONLY government jobs – state judge – Senate and is WORTH $32,000,000. Crooked? You betcha.

  4. I stopped buying bourbon because of the industry’s campaign contributions to McConnell. Jim Bean had been a favorite of mine.

  5. I have nothing against ‘southerners’ But it seems they all vote for republicans, yet all have a high percentage of poor people and get the most federal aid. I have to say, the republicans intentionally keep their people uneducated and ill informed and the people have given up the political process, they think they can do nothing to change things.

  6. “The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.”

    When this statement was made I headed for my copy of the constitution and read the responsibility’s for senators and representative’s.

    Once again I am deeply discouraged by the Democrats and the public that no one called for this man to be sanctioned if not impeached for this very statement.

    Just exactly how bizarre does it have to get? This man leads the republicans in the senate. The speaker of the house is a known drunk and was still voted in as third in line to the presidency, and the man in charge of oversight is a known criminal thug and the wealthiest person in office.

  7. Please look up vote 162 on june 29,2005.It was the 9th congress. You will see what messed up minds like mcconnel,santorum and 35 others have. They are the people the tea party feels are the great Christians. The only woman of either party that voted with themwas Elizabeth dole. If you read this maybe you will wonder why it isn’t being mentioned against them right now.

  8. there is only one thing nice I can say about Mitch McConnell. His wife is absolutely stunning. He must be worth a pile of money

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