Republicans Hide The Fact That Keystone XL Will Raise The Price Of Gas For Americans

Americans who follow politics understand that Republicans have no conviction except enriching the wealthy and their favorite special interest group, the oil industry. For the past few months, Republicans have pushed the Keystone XL pipeline with outrageous claims of hundreds-of-thousands of jobs, unlimited oil for American consumers, and a perfectly safe pipeline running from Canada to the Gulf Coast. Last week in the Senate, Republicans attempted to amend the MAP-21 transportation bill by mandating immediate construction of the pipeline despite President Obama’s refusal to grant a permit after the GOP attached a 60-day demand for a decision to December’s payroll tax cut extension. The Republican outrage at the President’s refusal to grant a Keystone XL permit was predictable in January, and after the Senate blocked the Keystone amendment on Thursday, Speaker John Boehner absolutely went ballistic.

Boehner and Republicans are using the Keystone XL pipeline debate to assail the President’s energy policy with misinformation and blatant lies about the number of jobs it will create, and the amount of oil Americans will lose if the pipeline is not built. Republicans claim the pipeline’s construction will create 20,000 American jobs, but that is much less than Boehner’s previous claim of hundreds-of-thousands, but even 20,000 is a stretch according to TransCanada, the pipeline’s owner. A complaint sent to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in January accused TransCanada of using “false or misleading statements about the proposed Keystone XL pipeline,” and “consistently used public statements and information it knows are false in a concerted effort to secure permitting approval of Keystone XL from the U.S. government” with claims the pipeline will create American jobs “at a rate that is 67 times higher than job creation totals given by the company to Canadian officials for the Canadian portion of the pipeline.” TransCanada admits the pipeline’s construction will create at best, a few thousand temporary jobs, and that the Canadian oil will be sold to China and Europe on the foreign market.

TransCanada also reported that instead of reducing fuel prices for Americans, it will increase them because the pipeline will drain off oil reserves as it passes over the Ogallala Aquifer that supplies drinking water to 2 million Americans and is the primary source of groundwater for 20% of America’s agriculture. The potential for environmental disaster is immense because another TransCanada pipeline spilled 12 times in one year, and two years ago in Michigan the Lakehead pipeline system ruptured; crews are still cleaning up the mess because instead of floating, tar sand oil sinks. Those are indisputable facts about the proposed Keystone XL pipeline, and still, Boehner continues assailing the President for not granting an immediate permit.

On Friday Boehner accused the President of “personally lobbying against the Keystone pipeline,” and “it means the president of the United States is lobbying for sending North American energy to China and lobbying against American jobs.” Boehner’s remarks are a smokescreen to fool the American people, because he is aware that none of TransCanada’s oil will reach American consumers. One might think that Speaker Boehner has a personal stake in the pipeline the way he assailed the President, because he does. Boehner said he was disappointed in the President and that “if we’re going to have bipartisan action on energy, the Keystone pipeline is an obvious place to start, the White House owes the American people an explanation.” Wrong Mr. Boehner; you owe the American people an explanation.

It was reported here, here, and here that Boehner owns stock in seven Canadian tar sand companies and stands to make financial gains if the pipeline is built. Boehner’s financial disclosure shows he purchased stock in Canada’s tar sand companies in 2010, so it is no stretch of the imagination to assume he bought stock in time to profit from the pipeline’s construction, and it explains his rabid push to get it started.

The pipeline is nearly half-way completed in the Southwestern United States and last week, trucks carrying Keystone XL pipeline equipment illegally entered sovereign Lakota Indian territory to hasten the Northern portion without approval from the President and before environmental and State Department studies are completed. When Lakota Indians blocked the Keystone XL pipeline trucks from passing over reservation land, the trucks refused to turn around claiming they had “corporate rights that supersede any other law” and five protestors were arrested.  According to papers from Keystone truck drivers, the corporate office in Alberta made a deal with South Dakota to save the oil company $50,000 per truck and they were allowed to trespass without incident. The oil industry is allowed to have influence that “supersedes any other law” because they have powerful allies in the United States Congress, and Boehner needs to explain to the American people how much cash the oil industry is funneling to Republicans in exchange for circumventing the State Department, Environmental Protection Agency, and Native American sovereign territory.

John Boehner and Republicans pushing the pipeline must admit they are lying and cheating to enrich big oil and for personal financial gain. Boehner’s claim that the President is sending North American oil to China is the Keystone XL pipeline’s purpose and Boehner knows it. There is a petition calling for Boehner to resign immediately and confess he is a liar to save his family the embarrassment of the SEC investigation that will surely expose his alleged share manipulation scheme. Boehner has a history of untoward special interest activities that he promised he would never do again.

It is not just Boehner who must be held accountable for lying to the American people. Senate Republicans who voted to mandate the pipeline’s construction knew the refined oil is destined for China and when Democrats attempted to pass an amendment that prohibited sending the refined tar sand oil out of the country, Republicans successfully blocked the measure. Republicans are not concerned about high gas prices or a comprehensive energy policy, but with enriching their oil industry donors at the expense of the environment and higher fuel costs for American consumers.  Since Boehner or his Republican cohorts will never admit to lying or their oil industry malfeasance, President Obama needs to address the nation and report the truth about the Keystone XL pipeline and Boehner’s involvement in the sordid affair. The people would respect the truth and join other Americans in demanding that Keystone XL proponents are evicted from Congress, and the place to start is signing this petition against John Boehner.

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  1. The keystone pipeline is dangerous for Americans, wake up and quit thinking about yourself and the money you want to hoarde.

  2. When Mr. Obama came to office, price of gasoline was approximately $1.85 per gallon. Now it is $3.65 per gallon. Why?

  3. Wall street speculators.

    We now sell more gas overseas than we bring in. We are pumping 18% more than we were in the Bush era

  4. Oil from the oil sands is cheaper than foreign imported oil. None of the oil will be used in the US, really ? Canada is becoming the most important source of new oil, US imports of oil are going down but Canadian oil is constantly going up, 8.9% over even though total oil imports went down. If the US shows more interest in WCS (like Colombia’s castilla blend crude) likely to happen given that Canadian oil will have more widespread use, then TransCanada oil will end up in US markets. The only reason oil sands oil isn’t making its way around the US today is because of limitations in infrastructure (a major pipeline like Keystone, is needed); Canadian oil producers will sell wherever there is demand for it, if the US wants to keep the oil that’s a plus because shipping costs of transporting the oil overseas, will be avoided. Canadian oil companies are now interested in selling the oil to Eastern Canada why? because of their refining capacity. According to TransCanada “Even though we (Canada) have a huge reservoir of oil of our own, we’re still importing more than half a million more barrels a day of foreign oil, which are coming in at a much higher price today than the oil that’s being extracted from the oilsands in Alberta”. Part of the selling point to Eastern Canada is that it will be free to use some of the oil domestically (gives them ENERGY SECURITY by increasing their crude oil inventories. Exporting the refined gas doesn’t have to happen, if circumstances change the US can access it easily. 10 years down the road when Mexico runs out of oil how is that supply going to be replaced?). The Seaway Pipeline reversal gave Texas greater access to cheaper Canadian oil and that affected oil prices.
    Obama wants to reduce US reliance on Middle East oil by 75% by 2020 and he doesn’t want Canadian oil. How do you think that’s to affect gas prices? Having a pipeline bring 700,000 bpd to Texas gives the entire area access to more oil. Marcelles gas reserves declined 65% in January 2012.
    Area of concern regarding inventories is distillate heating oil. Inventories are 10.1% lower at 139.5 million barrels.

  5. Oil from Canada is vastly more expensive to refine than Arabian oils. It also increases the environmental impact up to 45% more than regular oil. Far more resources have to be used to refine it

    TransCanada has already admitted that the oil that’s going to Texas will be sold on the open market. There is a current pipeline that goes into the Midwest where their oil is further refined and used in the Midwest. Much of that oil will be diverted to the Keystone pipeline taking oil supplies away from the Midwest section of our country which will raise prices

    while Canada is our largest oil importer, any increases in imports from that country will not be used here but sold overseas

  6. I remember paying $4.00 a gallon at one time under Bush as well. Oil goes up, oil goes down, has nothing to do with Obama or Bush.

  7. His figure of 1.85 on the day Obama took over is correct.

    However prior to that both McCain and Obama had threatened to pull the plug on the speculators And the price of gas dropped like a rock. Of course both men would’ve had to have a majority in the house in order to do that. We have seen where Obama has tried to put regulations on the speculators so that the price of gas will not go this high, we have also seen the Republican House of Representatives say no. Mr. Keller should walk over to the House of Representatives and asked them why the speculators are allowed to screw with us in any way they want

  8. Lack of regulation, speculation, greed, and oil company profits.

    With reported gross sales around 20 billion per quarter, and profits reported as being around 8 billion for the same quarter – do the math. Over a third of your gas is pure corporate profits.

    At the same time they’re making out like bandits, they’re refusing to pay the royalties they promised to the original inhabitants of the land they’ve raped. They’re getting huge government subsidies. They’re having regulation and protections for the environment reduced.

    In a very real sense, it goes back to regulation and the present day lack of it. The Republicans have gutted all government regulation, and we’re paying the price.

  9. We need to reduce oil consumption… and there are many ways we can do it. I liked it that President Obama set a goal for reducing mideast oil consumption by 75% and I believe it is achievable with minimal pain for the ordinary people.

    First, slow down and drive no faster than 60mph. That’s based on proven science… once you go above about 55 mph, air resistance becomes a huge factor in gas consumption. For most trips, all you’d save by going faster is a few minutes… and the risk of injury in an accident also skyrockets.

    Second, we need to develop alternate renewable fuel sources, and there are many good alternatives already developed (and I expect more to follow). For instance, biodiesel and biocrude are now viable alternatives (my school’s buses run on biodiesel).

    Third, less “zoom-zoom” and MUCH more fuel economy for vehicles. If a car will get you up to highway speed (and granted, run the A/C), that’s sufficient.

    Forth, transitioning to LED light bulbs. They’re on the market now… and they only use a small fraction of the electricity consumed by the old-fashioned bulbs for the same amount of light (plus if they’re made right, they would last decades if not longer).

    Houses could be made more common-sense and efficient. The present (nearly) square wooden box with a roof isn’t that efficient in the south (where keeping cool is harder and more of a problem than keeping warm).

    I could name several other things that could be changed. We could reduce the consumption of oil significantly with only minor changes in lifestyle (those of us that haven’t already done what we could) and with alternatives developed, maybe do away with pumping crude altogether!

  10. Personally, I’m still waiting for the price of gas to get back to the $4.50 I was paying July of 2008. Who was president then?

  11. You sound like you are from Canada. Just a couple of things for you, then. Whys is Canada destroying the world’s largest wetland? And the cost of shipping oil overseas is paid for by who ever buys it, not the producer. And, yes, Canada can sell it’s tar sands sludge to the US, it will be at world market prices, whereas now, the US gets a 20-30% discount because Canada can not get this stuff to the world market. This will increase fuel prices in the mid west by as much as 20-30 cents a gallon. Won’t be too popular.

  12. Boehner has around 50,000 invested in 7 companys that work on the pipeline

    There is an article on here about what you are questioning, when I get a chance I will find it.

  13. There is a petition going around now calling for Boehner’s resignation or removal.

    I hope it’s successful (and in time).

  14. All of the articles related to Boehner’s stock in Canadian tar sand are included in this particular article.

  15. its nice to see some americans that will not be fooled by these republican right wing greed capitalists,investors from the us have been buying stock in albertas oil patch at an unprecedented rate , and our infrastructure companies… construction ,retail ,man the greedy keep chugging along dont they……. and dont let them tell you they will sell oil to china , that pipeline is not even close to being approved

  16. The right is the only ones trying to save this country from the liberal misguided jokes in office. I fought for my country and I’ll fight whoever I need to to keep it.

    Wake up, Liberals! You’re ruining our nation!

  17. Hey Hack, I fought for my country too, and I’ll fight you dingy conservatives for it if I have to. You Cons aren’t the only ones with guns and training.

    Hack, you need to read the article and understand, it’s not liberals who are spitting on you, it is Boehner and the conservatives who are raping the land and screwing the American People and this great nation. If you really want to help the country you fought for, inform yourself and quit shooting off at the mouth about things you don’t understand.

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