“Purity Pledge” for South Carolina GOP Reeks of Dominionism

Laurens County Republicans of South Carolina are so steeped in Dominionist Tea that they boldly put their extremism in writing detailing their 28 Points of Republicanism. Even though this signed pledge has been deemed illegal that will not deter them from using this as a litmus test for potential political candidates. After all, why not? Everyone else is doing it.

GOP pledge requirements are commonplace across the country. A couple of quick examples would be Ralph Reed’s Faith & Freedom Coalition, who are well-acquainted with the pledge tool; the gathering in Iowa where the current 2012 GOP candidates were required to sign a pledge at the National Presidential Pro-Life Forum, hosted by Personhood USA and several of the nation’s top pro-life organizations; the pro-Israel pledge to the Republican Jewish Coalition; and then there is the most famous pledge by power-broker, Grover Norquist, who blatantly holds the puppet strings to the current GOP Congress where most overwhelmingly complied to his business-backed pledge to never, ever, ever, increase taxes – period. So, pledges are not unusual in politics, but the political Christians in Dominionist politics and their plutocratic friends certainly like their candidates sworn to a blood oath these days.

I have taken the liberty to insert subtitles of the 7 Mountains Mandate that is promoted by political Christians in the Dominionist movement and unsurprisingly, they fit neatly into their own mountains. To understand more clearly what I mean by this, please take a few moments to watch this video produced and promoted by those behind the creation of the 7 Mountains politics:


Now, let’s take a look at the breakdown of the South Carolina pledge categories with the 7 Mountains in mind. All the items are directly from the full document, I have simply inserted the 7 Mountains titles and categorized them:

Mountain of Government/Military/Politics

Constitutional adherence to States’ Rights The Party encourages its elected leaders to continue its efforts to devolve responsibilities from Washington back to the states[…]

Strict adherence to Ethics in Government  The Party expects our public officials to live within the confines of principle, virtue, and law. Our state and nation cannot long  survive without such standards […] We have staked the future of all of our political institutions upon the capacity of mankind for self-government, upon the capacity of each and all of us to govern  ourselves, to control ourselves, to sustain ourselves according to the Ten Commandments of God.”

Governmental protection of Constitutional Property Rights Any attempt to encumber or weaken the guaranteed protection of private property should be opposed.

Ensure the Integrity of the Election Process We believe political parties have the right to choose their nominees; therefore, we support primaries that are open only to registered voters of that political party.

A swift, sure, and true Criminal Justice system  The Party recognizes the vital public safety[…]It deplores coddling of criminals and applauds swift, sure justice at all times. The Party supports the death penalty as a deterrent to crime and deplores the fact that its effectiveness as a deterrent is diluted by appeals processes that can last many years.

A commitment to Peace Through Strength in Foreign Policy  The South Carolina Republican Party makes known our unwavering support for the United States Armed Forces […]

A constitutional view of the Right to Bear Arms  The South Carolina Republican Party supports the 200+ year-old Constitutional right of the people to keep and bear arms […]

A high regard for United States Sovereignty  […]

Mountain of Family

Legal recognition of the Right to Life We acknowledge that all human life, born and unborn, has intrinsic worth. We believe that the unborn and the newborn child have a fundamental right to life which must not be infringed. […] We support the reversal of Roe v. Wade through judicial action or through passage of a Constitutional Human Life Amendment. The Party is totally opposed to chemical, surgical, or any method of abortion on demand and the use of public revenues to pay for abortions or to fund organizations which advocate abortion.

High regard for the institutions of Marriage & Family  The South Carolina Republican Party considers the sacred institution of marriage as fundamental to the stability, betterment and perpetuation of our society. Many economic, emotional, and physical ills in our culture could be avoided if abstinence before and faithfulness in marriage were the standard of behavior. We oppose efforts to redefine the marriage unit to accommodate proponents of homosexual “marriages” and oppose any legislation which legally recognizes same-sex marriage, civil unions, or allows such couples to adopt children or provide foster care.

A compassionate and moral approach to Teen Pregnancy  The party also understands that children often follow the model of their parents with regard to sexual behavior. We therefore call upon the adult population of this state to act with moral integrity on this critical issue.

Mountain of Education

Increased educational options and a return to academic excellence in Education  We support the concept of “school choice” and affirm the right and responsibility of parents to make the best education decisions for their children, whether they home-school their children or send them to private or parochial schools of their choice.

Mountain of Business/Banking

Freedom in the job market through The Right to Work  While we call upon our government to protect the Right to Work, we call upon our citizens to rise up, equip themselves to meet their potential […]

An effective and sensible policy on the Environment  The South Carolina Republican Party recognizes stewardship of the earth to be one of the chief responsibilities of mankind and therefore holds the preservation and protection of our natural resources as a sacred trust.

Consumer Driven Health Care The South Carolina Republican Party believes Health Care should remain in the hands of citizens, not government bureaucrats.

Highway Transportation and Safety  We support the continued use of privatization for transportation related projects. Private enterprise should also be encouraged to put its expertise and experience to work […]

Tougher efforts to stop Substance Abuse  The Party supports firm enforcement of existing laws against the abuse and distribution of controlled substances  […] We particularly support vigorous prosecution of all drug traffickers as adults and oppose any effort to legalize the use of controlled substances.

An agenda to empower Senior Citizens  The Party urges the government and the private sector to continue to use the increasing productivity of our senior citizens not yet ready for retirement. […]

Incentives to make the Economy grow South Carolina’s major industries  Agriculture, Manufacturing, and Tourism must be nurtured and provided the necessary support and incentives to remain strong players in the employment of our people.

Mountain of Arts & Entertainment

Opposition to state-sponsored Gambling  While South Carolina has unwisely adopted a state lottery, the South Carolina Republican Party is opposed to state-owned and operated video lottery terminals to include video poker, keno, and other highly addictive state- run and unregulated gambling; internet and offshore gambling; casinos; and gambling technologies yet to be developed.

The abolition of Pornography in our society  The South Carolina Republican Party condemns […], as a major contributor to moral decay and a fundamental threat to our domestic tranquility. We favor legislation to prohibit the distribution of obscenity and pornography by print, telephone, television, video, computer, the Internet, or any other means.

Mountain of Religion

The valid role of Religion in our culture   The South Carolina Republican Party recognizes the importance of religion throughout the history of our state and nation and opposes any attempts to regulate religious institutions, or impinge upon personal religious freedoms.

This final Mountain category is the foundation for all the other Mountains. Most of the reporting on this discussion focused on the interpretation of the Marriage & Family item essentially making it known that they require fidelity in their candidates so it became known as the “Purity Pledge”, but as we can see, it is chock full of line item agenda issues that align with the Dominionist mandate.

What they mean when they use terms like “State’s Rights”, “religion”, “Senior Citizens…increasing productivity”, “Health Care”, “”stewardship of the earth” and so many more are actual dog whistles - words and phrases that have specific meanings understood by Dominionists and their congregations. This is intentional and is a continuation of the sought after redefining of America as a strictly Christian Nation.

You can access the the full SC GOP PDF document here without my breakdown.  

About the Author, Leah L. Burton.

16 Replies to ““Purity Pledge” for South Carolina GOP Reeks of Dominionism”

  1. This is absolutely terrifying! We are going back to Puritan times — in a hurry — if this is allowed to continue!

  2. These people are getting more and more blatant. Somehow the election of 2010 unleashed the Hounds of Hell on this nation in the guise of ‘conservative Christians,’ We all need to help get the word out and get people to speak out against this attempt to take over our nation.

  3. Religion believing in the right to bear arms? Why? Oh yeah, the southern baptists.

    These people should have asked us if we want them taking us back to the 3rd century

    Religion believing in citizens being without healthcare? Of course. They need money.

    Is this the constitutional party or a religious movement? Exactly WHO do they refer to when they say religion?

    This is all wrong.

  4. This whole idea of “pledges,” like any sorority, is necessary for the GOP, it’s the only way they can keep a portion of their voter base.

    Every day, some GOP cracker just HAS to outdo the previous day’s outrageous assault on women, the poor minority or love. Who’s the most fundamentalist – or is it just ‘mental’?

    Given that they are working as hard as their Fox-addled pea-brains can to distance themselves from the electorate, I do not see how they can vaguely hope to garner enough votes to win ANY open slot, even their own mothers would shy away from this pack – the Pervert, the Vulture, the Cheater and the Bigot.

    Whatever happened to real candidates?

    Oh well, see you in November – for the LAST time…

  5. Leah…like, how many years have you been writing about this, warning people that it’s “all true”, documenting their infiltration via stealth “steeple-jacking”…sigh…and people just kinda’ shrugged it off as “oh those people are just crazy and spinning their wheels” while nobody paid attention to the facts. No one believed that fundamentalist never sleep; they plot. [sidebar: no one ever conceived/believed that the FLDS cult of Warren Jeffs would stay up all night tearing down their entire ranch, plumbing and all, and shipped it off to Texas by dawn the next morning].

    When are we going to see Eric Holder, the FBI, Homeland Security start arresting this radical, subversive, militant movement leaders? We are in danger…

  6. Another good expose, Leah. This is just another example of how close we are to loosing our freedom to the dominionists… and that unlike what some people say, they’re WINNING.

    (For anyone who reads this, and has walked away from those churches… your story and information is vital in the fight for freedom. Every one of us walkaways who opens up about what we were put through and learned under dominionism reinforces the fact that this is a movement that must NOT be underestimated or ignored – or dismissed as crazy. Please – share your story with the public!)

  7. This is what the American Revolution was all about, fleeing from religious persecution like this. We’ve gone to war over less than this pledge.

  8. I love it!! Big business can do WHATEVER they want. They can poison our waterways, pollute the air, set up sweatshops, deny people’s health insurance claims for some insane loophole reason, etc. because they ( dominionists ) don’t want “big gub’ment” interference…EXCEPT when it comes to that dirty nasty sex, gettin’ nekked thing that some heathens like to enjoy. Hell, let’s get all the state, local, and federal government we can to stop that stuff!!

  9. While I’m strongly opposed to gun control (as you know), at the same time you might be interested in knowing that one of the churches I pass every time when I go to school regularly advertises their concealed carry permit classes, and I’ve also seen rather scary dominionist messages on the same sign (electronic).

    You are right in that they’re Southern Baptists, but the Assemblies of God are worse… much worse. At least the sign was tastefully done and not TOO intrusive (kind of glares at night). The Assemblies have what a friend of mine describes as “Jesus Camps with Guns”, and if you read some of the past things they’ve done (such as in the archives at Talk2Action), it’s a lot scarier than the Southern Baptists and them supporting the right to bear arms.

    I will admit that I find that a bit scary too, by the way. It’s one thing for someone to want the ability to defend themselves (or go hunting or target shooting or “plinking”), it’s another to want to have the ability to force their religion on others.

  10. I have no history with the Assemblies of God, but I do live among the southern Baptist. But from what I have heard, your words are true.

    Very little of that stuff sounds like a religion to me

  11. this sounds like 27 points of insanity/stupidity/extremism to me. A longer version of “God, guns and gays”. I’m surprised they don’t require you to join a local militia, too.

  12. (Sigh) it’s worse… far worse than just limiting sex. They also want to micromanage your entire life, and destroy what little self-esteem you might have. They want to turn you into an obedient little slave-machine whose thoughts are even controlled. They get these crazy ideas (like I was supposed to only be good for manual grunt labor) and then do their damnedest to make it happen – yes, they’re doing that right now and have been doing so for decades. They want to eliminate all happiness or fun from life, unless it’s “Deh Joy of deh LOOORRRD!” (artificially hyped religious hysteria).

  13. (Laughs) You are correct sir! What I don’t get is why do so many Liberals, independents, and moderates let them (dominionists) get away with this “we’re against big government stuff”? The automatic reaction of some Liberals is to get defensive and start talking about the virtues of good government, instead of dealing with the complete and utter hypocrisy of the steaming pile of B.S. that just came out of said dominionist’ mouth.

    C’mon I have yet to see a reporter check Santorum and say ” Mr. Santorum, how can you say that you are for small government on one hand and want the sex police running around on the other?” ( He is on record many times saying that certain acts between adults in the bedroom shouldn’t be private ).

  14. “…For anyone who reads this, and has walked away from those churches… your story and information is vital in the fight for freedom… Please, share your story with the public!…”

    The very BEST way to share your story and/or educate the public is through THE clearing house that specializes in the Mt Shasta of aberrant, destructive groups; that would be Rick Ross


    Please read his definition of a cult and what the site is about as not all groups are considered “cults”, but are defined as groups who are out of the mainstream and have been persecuted BY destructive cults, such as Pagans, Heathens, etc. The site also directs you to former member’s blogs, where to get help, self-help books, on and on…

    Also, do yourself a favor for a good laugh and type search “Hall of Flames” where you can read all attack letters sent to Rick denying all the former members, media coverage, books, etc. that describe what’s actually going on inside these groups…the language and the hate from these “holy” people is astounding!!

    Cult groups are very, very afraid of him and have been for years! My ex-in-laws went to Rickross.com about 10 years ago to gather information on another group their church “hated” and found all kinds of articles by former members of the church they attended
    …soon after, they quit their church realizing they too were duped and in a cult! And they thanked Rick Ross for exposing them to the truth.

    Do it for maximum exposure; go to Rickross.com and submit your story (there are requirements so be sure and know his terms/requirements) or go to his open forum and chat with other former members.

  15. Good work Leah. Once again we see that the real agenda has nothing to do with Love, Forgiveness or Democracy, and everything to do with the quest for absolute Power and Control.

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