Another ALEC Law Bites the Dust: DOJ Kills Texas Voter ID Law

9 Replies to “Another ALEC Law Bites the Dust: DOJ Kills Texas Voter ID Law”

  1. You also shouldn’t be required to show an ID before purchasing a firearm. After all, the right to bear arms is a specifically enumerated right in the constitution. We need to make sure that access to a government issued ID doesn’t disenfranchise a certain segment of the population.

  2. You are of course being sarcastic? Just because its a law doesn’t mean it cant be regulated. You scare me, especially when you advocate people coming here from Canada, Mexico, China and other places to buy weapons. Jesus, that’s downright scary

  3. Winston I own a gun but you’re damned high if you think the second amendment implied we should be armed to the nines and not have to register the weapons. The second amendment was for the right to make a militia which is now handled by the national guard, so hang that argument up. It’s a fail.

  4. The national guard does handle those matters, but the rights guaranteed in the constitution are not for the government to form a militia, but the people. We still hold that right and the right to bare arms for individuals does fall under the that amendment. For, in order to protect ourselves not only from one another but from the government, it goes without saying that we should and are legally obliged to own and carry weapons.

  5. Men have always had the right to bare arms. Women, more recently. Short sleeve shirts are freely available to be worn by one and all.

  6. bare:
    [bair] bar·er, bar·est, verb, bared, bar·ing.
    1. without covering or clothing; naked; nude: bare legs.
    2. without the usual furnishings, contents, etc.: bare walls.
    3. open to view; unconcealed; undisguised: his bare dislike of neckties.
    4. unadorned; bald; plain: the bare facts.
    5. (of cloth) napless or threadbare.

    verb (used with object)
    to open to view; reveal or divulge: to bare one’s arms; to bare damaging new facts.

    Yeah so what the word has multiple meanings you ignorant imp.

  7. ALEC is bad news for many Americans. Paint by government should not be allowed! The GOP are devious smart in that they know the more people they can dissuade from voting, they can continue (the GOP that is) to win, because otherwise, more people would vote for liberals and Independents. Such a shame. Luckily, the GOP is getting old, and finding it harder to elicit young people to bite their bitter hook of injustice. Great story, thanks for sharing!

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