Over 85% of Alabama and Mississippi Republicans Think Obama Is or Could Be A Muslim

A new PPP poll of Alabama and Mississippi found that between 86% and 88% of each state’s Republicans believe that President Obama is, or could be, a Muslim.

In Alabama, 45% of the state’s Republicans thought that President Obama is Muslim. Fourteen percent correctly identified the president as a Christian, and 41% said that they weren’t sure whether President Obama was a Muslim or a Christian. Forty nine percent of Alabama’s Republican women, and forty two percent of the state’s men thought that Obama is a Muslim. Fifty five percent of Alabama Republicans over the age of 65 also got President Obama’s faith wrong.

Republicans in Alabama looked completely enlightened on the issue of Obama’s faith compared to their counterparts in Mississippi, where 52% of the state’s Republicans thought that President Obama is a Muslim. Only 12% of Mississippi Republicans correctly identified Obama as a Christian, and 36% weren’t sure whether Obama is a Muslim or a Christian. Fifty three percent of Republican men in the state, and fifty one percent of women think that Obama is a Muslim. Fifty five percent of Mississippi Republicans over age 65 thought Obama is a Muslim. Only 4% of senior GOP voters in the state correctly identified Obama as a Christian.

The reason why the Republican presidential candidates and the conservative media continue to question President Obama’s faith is because there is a sizable portion of the Republican electorate holding on to the false belief that President Obama is not a Christian. In short, the Republican presidential candidates are echoing the beliefs of GOP voters and giving them what they want.

Where did Republican voter get these beliefs?

Most likely this incorrect belief came from Fox News, talk radio, and other right wing outlets. Older Republican voters in each state were most likely to think that President Obama is a Muslim, and this same demographic makes up the bulk of the audience for Fox News. (Remember, Fox News has the oldest viewers on all of television.) The conservative media, led by Fox, has fueled the Obama is a Muslim hysteria of the uninformed right for over four years now.

However, the numbers from the Alabama and Mississippi Republicans mean more than just that these people have been uninformed or misinformed. Even when presented with the facts, Republicans reject them. In the eyes of Obama hating Republicans, belief trumps fact. The facts are irrelevant. They know that Obama is a Muslim. They don’t need evidence. They just know it.

The problem that this presents for the Republican Party is that their base wants to nominate a presidential candidate who also believes that President Obama is a Muslim, but any person they nominate who expresses that false belief is a certain loser, because a majority of the country knows that President Obama is a Christian. The propaganda and lies about Obama’s faith will continue through the 2012 election because that’s what the base wants.

The culture of ignorance created by the placing of belief over fact and maintained by a media machine that services and maintains a protective and impermeable anti-intellectual bubble around the Republican Party is one of the biggest reasons why President Obama is in a good position to win reelection.

The Republican Party collectively suffered a psychotic break with the political mainstream after the 2008 election, and their ability to maintain beliefs like Obama is or might be a Muslim demonstrates that they are a long way from being cured.

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  1. It was actually trending on twitter!
    Low info voters or just inbreds?
    Oh yes homeschooled.
    Fox news is putting out this Bullshit. We have to hammer their advertisers also.
    Oh the “psychotic break” is Sarah Palin. Her political future should be destroyed as of last night.
    All the pundits are coming out and saying, Even the Dally Caller that Game change was factual.

  2. Where this lie originated… I’m pretty sure it was some dominionist preacher who was trying to raise the “MUSLIM!” bugaboo and scare his flock. (When I first heard it back early in Barack Obama’s campaign, my reaction was “I’d rather have a Muslim in the White House than a dominionist!”.)

    You probably could find some information about it on Talk2Action. If my memory serves me right, it was discussed – at length.

    I’m not surprised, however, at the numbers of Republicans who think that our President is a Muslim. They listen to lies and thought control so much that it’s hard for the truth to find a way in.

  3. CIA Jon probably because it would make Obama look like a jerk after the republicans got through with the spin. The truth isn’t always the best way to go when you’re fighting knuckle daggers.

  4. maher had a great piece this week done by nancy pelosi’s daughter…


    as someone who works and lives in so.cal. i have to work occasionally in n.c. the polar worlds we live in this country are real. but the bbq there is killer….

  5. Terrible thing what a steady intake of drop biscuits and cream gravy can do to your brain cells. At least in Florida, we have the sense to balance it with lots of ice cream.

  6. I’ll believe the terrorist ain’t no Muslim when he proves it by providing his REAL birth certificate!

  7. So what if he were a Muslim or a Buddhist, or a Hindu etc? No president should pass some kind of religious test.

  8. Want to live in a theocracy? Move to Iran? Want a US based on a theocracy? Watch the movie Escape from L.A., then go find the facts.

  9. You must be new to Conservative Heart. Please re-read the post above with your lampoon and sarcasm meter running.

  10. Is it any wonder why MS and AL are ranked 49th and 50th in education? This is the real Southern Strategy of the GOP. 15 of the lowest educated states in the nation are red states and of the top 15 most educated states, 13 of them are blue states.
    I am ashamed of the manipulation of these uneducated citizens. What we need to do is rebuild their education system.
    What is the old adage…the dumber the animal the easier the prey.

  11. I polled myself & discovered that 88% of people from the south are totally full of shit! The rest leave as soon as they can.

  12. God has Bless this Nation in so many ways. But the Heart of some of our White brothers and sisters as well as Black brothers and sisters in the south as we as all parts this Nation, Holds on to the most secular secularism Sunday Morning/Church worship. Segregation, this is a matter of the our hearts only God can change. The skin color go to the heart of Satan another way to divided. God’s Love go to the Heart of Love. We are one (1) in Christ Jesus in the Heart first.

  13. I once read that 50% of people think that the lunar landings were, in whole or part, fake… and that 90% of those same people believe in angels.

    If I tried to convince someone (who believes in angels) that I just saw one fly by, the percentage would be a lot different. I think that “belief” is not the simply binary thing it purports to be.

    Richard Joyce Montana Tech

  14. I watched a young woman from one of the deep South states on MSNBC. She freely admitted that her state and other deep South states are rooted in hatred and bigotry.

    This is also a perfect example of why the GOP wants education to stay in the church and to never reach out and touch reality. The people in these states who believe this type of stuff are nothing but tools. It’s my opinion of course that their chances of ever reaching their vision of heaven are absolutely nil to none.

    this is one of the saddest things about our country. Religious And racial bigotry alive and well in our southern states

  15. Guy goes to the same damned church for what, decades, and we’re still hearing this “Muslin” shit. Yawn. Grow up and deal with it, kids.

    While we’re discussing persistent stupidity, I want to see John McCain’s birth certificate (Panama) and George Romney’s too (Mexico).

  16. Could just have easily said over 85% of Alabama and Mississippi Republicans are delusional and lack functioning, rational brains. Just as accurate. Just saying.

  17. Tim: “Just this morning I saw a report saying he was from Muslim. We all know it’s true.”

    I apologize if you were being sarcastic…(it sounds like you are)

    Me: I don’t care what religion he is, I’d just want him to run this country…

  18. Crystalwolf says “oh yes, home schooled” I say how about no school? These two States have the least amount of high School grads. Is it any wonder they voted for Santorum? He,(I think) would like it very much if there were no School. His public statements lead one to believe that.

  19. I have a real problem believing this poll, which could have from polling guys in a bar after midnight. The people of Alabama and Mississippi are not as ignorant as these numbers indicate. This poll must be a FAKE, just like Fox News, fair and balanced!LOL

  20. If he does produce his Birth Certificate YET AGAIN how will someone like you know that is his REAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE. Rush limgaugh won’t be around to tell you how to think and it’s patently obvious that you are INCAPABLE OF THINKING FOR YOURSELF.

  21. What is even MORE incredible is that if you told one of the 90% who believe in angels that you had just spoke to one, then they would put you in a straight jacket and lock you up in an asylum.
    Go figure

  22. This makes me think of the story Bill Clinton told about that good old boy Senator from Arkansas, Dale Bumpers. During a meeting that he attended in Arkansas convened by the governor to discuss the state of education in Arkansas, senator Bumpers (know as a very witty guy) said “now look here we have to do something about the schools in this state it’s no longer enough to simply say thank god for MS and AL”.
    You see Arkansas is always 47th worst state in the Union and MS and AL are 49th and 50th.

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