The Religious War On American Liberty Takes Another Disturbing Turn

As a moral and political principle, liberty is the condition in which human beings are able to govern themselves, and although there are different conceptions of liberty, it primarily relates to the active exercise of freedom and rights. Americans are under the impression that they are living examples of a people who enjoy freedoms and rights guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution, but their liberty is being eroded by religious and corporate fundamentalists who demand strict adherence to specific dogmata in combination with attacks on perceived threats to their dominance. America is under assault by Christian Fascists (Christofacist’s) who have, until recently, worked behind the scenes infiltrating the military, government, and education sectors to influence policy to impose evangelical ideology on every citizen in the country. They are working in conjunction with corporatists within the Republican Party who have, with assistance from the conservative Supreme Court, sold their legislative power to the highest bidder and are in the process of establishing a religious oligarchy that, if not stopped, will destroy the last vestiges of democracy and liberty.

The Republican war on contraception has caused gnashing of teeth and outrage from women who risk losing their right to choose their own reproductive health, and although it is egregious on myriad levels, it is only a symptom of the larger evangelical plan to dominate America. The evangelical plan integrates the Republican drive to privatize the government to reward corporations while eliminating secular education, scientific research, and separation of church and state. Republicans use religious fervor to impose a pseudo-moralism based on bigotry, patriarchy, racism, and intolerance that benefits the wealthy who take advantage of disenfranchised religious fanatics who support conservatives who promise to correct perceived inequities promoted by Democrats and especially President Obama and his socialist agenda.

The Republicans demonize programs that provide aid to children, the elderly, unemployed Americans, and minorities as a socialist agenda that is contrary to god’s plan and they succeed in provoking evangelical Christians to support policies that are not in their own self interests. However, they support Republicans because their policies are founded in the Christian bible. For example, evangelicals relate to denying food stamps to poverty level Americans because the bible says, “if anyone does not want to work, neither let him eat.” (2 Th.3:10) despite the fact that many food stamp recipients are children, elderly, and working poor citizens. Republicans claim social program cuts are necessary to control the budget, but they are not bothered giving the oil industry, corporations, and wealthiest 1% more tax breaks with budget savings.

The worst offense to the American people is Republicans using religious extremism to undermine legally enacted constitutional protections and legislation. Republicans deny equal rights protections in the Constitution by denying women equal pay and subverting abortion coverage as  well as access to health services such as contraception and cancer screenings. Gays are discriminated against in many states despite anti-discrimination laws that Christian fanatics oppose based on the bible, and health care providers are allowed to withhold services based on conscience objections. Liberty for non-religious Americans is being subverted to accommodate religion that is a violation of the separation of church and state and makes a mockery of the Constitution. There are hundreds of examples of religious fundamentalism subjugating democracy and individual liberty and it is leading to a theocracy that began in earnest with President Obama’s election in 2008.

David Barton, the revisionist historian claims that President Obama is the most “biblically hostile U.S. president in the nation’s history.” Barton says the President’s “unwillingness to accommodate America’s four-century long religious conscience protection,” and “his antipathy toward Catholics, Protestants, religious Jews, and the Jewish nation would be to characterize him as anti-Biblical.” Barton’s assertion is false, but it makes the point that in Christian fundamentalist’s view, the bible, and not the Constitution is the law in America and it is why they disregard the Constitution.

America is closer to a theocracy than many Americans believe, and democracy is in danger from Republicans using religion to deny Americans their liberty and ability to govern themselves. Regardless the Founding Fathers’ inclusion of a “wall of separation” of church and state, Republicans in Congress and states are imposing biblical laws without regard for the Constitution. The push by Dominionists and Christian Reconstructionists to impose the bible is aided by corporatists who stir up religious fervor in hopes of privatizing education and there is a need for a movement to halt the advancement of theocracy before it is too late. Religious groups are working within public education to proselytize the next generation of Americans with “after school programs” that are little more than indoctrination scams. In Florida last week, a bill allowing students to deliver “inspirational messages” at public school events passed and Governor Rick Scott signaled he supported the bill in direct violation of the Constitution.

This religious war is an assault on democracy and liberty of Americans who do not subscribe to the Christian religion. For whatever reason, Americans are frightened to speak out against Christians who are intent on replacing the Constitution with the Christian bible and the time for timidity is over. Christians who love freedom and democracy must make a decision to stand up for America or join the Dominionists and aid them in destroying democracy. Academics who are frightened of losing tenure also must speak out before they are rounded up and summarily executed like recalcitrant Gentiles from the Old Testament.

America is at a tipping point between theocracy and democracy, and there is a large army of onward Christian soldiers anxiously awaiting word to begin the Inquisition and Crusade. Their ultimate goal is ending democracy and eventually the United States of America so they can replace it with a United Christian Republic that is funded by corporatists and fully supported by the Republican Party.

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  1. Everyone, please, join and contribute to Americans United for Separation of Church and State. The above article gives you plenty of reason to do so. AU has been around for awhile and they’ve been very effective but they need YOUR help to stand up to the Christian and Corporate fascists.

  2. Thanks for tying it all together again. There is a big picture that people often miss… they look at the elephant and see misogynistic traits, or persecution of LGBT people, or persecution of racial (or other) minorities, or hatred for the poor, or… and yet there is an overarching theme which you’ve accurately captured.

    It ALL ties together.. the Koch bros, ALEC, the dominionists (of whatever flavor), the laws we see passed on a regular basis now, you name it. It’s not a pretty picture and the reality is terrifying.

    We NEED to keep these people from gaining power. We NEED to keep the White House and take back congress from the dominionists and their partners-in-crime. We NEED to also re-take the local and state seats (their primary focus).

    That is why I tell people that if they’re walkaways, they need to tell their story – so as people hear it from person after person, they start to wake up to the reality around them. That’s why I fuss so much about the laws being passed and the dirty tricks I see (or have heard about). That’s why I tell of the things they’ve done to us… hoping that others who have experienced the same will be encouraged to speak up too (and start resisting the dominionists).

    For a lot of us, our lives are very much at stake in this upcoming election… and maybe for many elections to come. As you know, we are not exaggerating the threat – getting others to see it is necessary.

  3. You might put quotation marks around Christian when you use it, because there ARE Christians who fight against that stuff and for separation of church and state.

    After all, I am one.

  4. I’ve stopped calling myself a Christian. All organized religion is false. Only Jesus saves. “I am the alpha and the omega. The first and the last. Man can only come to the Father but through me.” So I now refer to myself as a ‘follower of Christ’. I do not want to be associated with such hate and greed and lust for power… They go against all my Lord’s teachings.

    They believe that establishing their ‘7 mountains’ on earth will make Christ come back. Yeah, to save the rest of us from THEM!!

    Also, you cannot go to heaven by holding hands with the devil (corporations = the beast). Just you wait what they got in store for you…

  5. Right wing hate speech has done a lot to erode religious liberty in the United States. After 20+ years of appealing to the basest instincts of the greediest and most bigoted among us, it’s time to Crush Rush!

    A progressive, intelligent radio professional has said that going after advertisers is bad for radio because many advertisers will avoid sponsoring anyone controversial in the future, no matter which side of issues they may be on. He suggests we call individual radio station managers.


    Unofficial friend of Sandra Fluke and all who Rush has tried to crush with his right-wing hate-talk radio.

  6. Here’s what I don’t get – This ( ahem ) unholy union between the dominionists and the corporatists – WTF?!! I used to live and work in Las Vegas. I was a bellman at the MGM and my sister was a valet parker. It was no secret that a lot of republican politicians and CEO’S used to have some pretty wild times the duration of their stay. Let’s just say that this behavior was in complete contrast to what the Christo facists would have approved of.

    Now I understand the concept of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” and I know that these amoral corporatists are using and exploiting the ignorance of the blue collar/ religious right. However,as we all know they are setting up a lot of dominionist politicians that are powerful in their own right. As a result, won’t this end up biting these sociopathic and hedonistic corporatists in the proverbial behind, when the theocrats are in power?

  7. This is absolutely true and absolutely terrifying. I guess it’s true… no one expects the American Inquisition.

  8. Johnee the Republican bible is actually Ayn Rand books. And she was a atheist. It is the Republican who are not christian and not Obama. Following Ayn Rand IS LIKE BEING A ATHEIST YOURSELF. It is like do as I say and not as I do, philosophy. The corporations and 1% think it will be OK, as long as they control the message. So then their is no need to control religion, just buy them. Because they taught the Catholic religion to be a corporation as well.

  9. Not just Rush, Fox radio/TV has to be brought under control. Continually broadcasting lies, misrepresentations, and slanted stories has a huge effect on our country, Just look at those percentages who think Mr. Obama is a Muslim.

  10. I suspect that the steeplejackers have themselves been Randsacked, and their highest echelon are imposters.

  11. And what’s wrong with being an atheist? I’d much rather be around atheists than “Good Christians” (the dominionists and fundamentalists).

    They’re usually much more ethical and less likely to try to force their beliefs on others.

  12. “I like your Christ but not your christians” Ghandi
    At least I think it was Ghandi who said this,but whoever said it was right on.
    As a recovering catholic,I totally agree.

    If you are as pissed off as I am,go to the facebook site “United Against the War on Women” and sign up to march or rally in your state capitol or DC on April 28th.We need as many man and women as we can get to stand up against these “religious” nuts.It’s just not for women anymore,in my opinion.

  13. Good question, and one that’s been discussed at length.

    The dominionists get most of their big-money funding from the corporate moguls (the pew-warmers fund the preachers). The elites (the moguls and very rich) think they can control the dominionists, and the dominionist leadership is in cahoots with them (even though a great many are probably “True Believers”). It IS likely that if the dominionists get their way, the elites will wish they hadn’t gotten in bed with them, but for now, it’s a marriage of convenience. The dominionists keep their people submissive and willing to be cr*pped on (and thinking they’re being treated especially nice), the elites have a big pool of low-cost labor that can be exploited, and on and on and on.

    I might also add that it may be that some of the elites who are known to be big on dominionist funding are also “True Believers”. Ahmanson (sp?) and several others seem to fit that mold. That doesn’t mean they still are pursuing the elite goals… cognitive dissonance comes with the territory and I swear it seems like people get used to it (plus they denounce it as “Deh Devil attacking me!”).

  14. Its cult behavior. The head of the cult(s) can do stuff no body else can do. They will rationalize this in differing ways.
    Its ok for them.
    Its a total corp cult mentality!

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