Sarah Palin’s Debate Challenge to President Obama Falls on Deaf Ears

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  1. Let’s see . . .
    She tried to get to the President at the 2009 Alfalfa Dinner,( Lieberman stopped her). She tried to get the POTUS to call her after the BP spill ’cause she thought she had good ideas to share. She says mean things about Michelle Obama. She complained that President Obama never called her after Bill Maher called her a bad name. Now she wants to debate him?

    I think someone needs a little attention from the President WHICH SHE WILL NEVER GET. I also think someone from Alaska with five kids, and a husband named Todd is VERY creepy and a bit of a stalker.

  2. Just because a bunch of pundits went to lunch with a pretty lady does not mean she was “vetted”,by John McCains team.In fact,it shows exactly how this bunch of horny grown men were fooled by her looks and personality into not doing their due diligence.

  3. President Obama debates Private Citizen it on pay per view and make it a fund raiser for Obama. No teleprompters, no notes, head to head-one on one. She’d never except the challenge, she’s a coward, a fraud.

  4. It was extremely insulting that the GOP would assume simply because she was a woman, she would get MY vote. Ironically, if there ever was a Republican who WOULD get my vote, it was McCain!! Just goes to show how idiotic some MEN can be when they go gaga over the female sex. Palin MIGHT win a debate with a pig.

  5. My understanding is that she, like G. W. Bush before her, was vetted by the CNP, and the revival of McCain’s campaign occurred when he agreed to take her. Lieberman, too conceited and vindictive to apprise of this development before the convention, was left in the dark until the last possible moment. I surmise that the choice was made on the premise that McCain would die soon after assuming office, and that Palin would then be a marionette for a powerful veep or other high-ranking puppeteer, such as John Bolton. Unfortunately, she has proven to be too conceited and self-willed to be a reliable puppet; watch, in this campaign, who the veep selection is.

  6. As soon as she wraps up the Republican nomination, the Palin will have earned the right to debate President Obama.

    Wanna debate me, Mrs. Palin? Betcha I could beatcha. Also, too, you’re out of your league, dearie. hahahahahahahaaaaaaaa

  7. no one, including the media and her own followers are willing to admit that she has been involved with Dominionists and did everything she could to put her tight little butt out there were her name would be known for VP. Let’s not forget a long time ago she told someone that she was going to be president, I believe that was when she was the mayor.

    She was involved with groups that wanted to secede from the United States and she was the tool of religious leaders.

    There are no patriots in the Republican Party. None of the 3 1/2 candidates are patriots. They are fraudulent Americans who lie at every turn. They follow a rule or a method called palinology

  8. Actually, I think Palin said she wanted to debate “a llama.” That way she’d have an even chance of winning–but only if the llama’s mouth were taped shut.

  9. Someone needs to take this woman and put her in the quiet corner, place a mirror in front of her and tell her “go debate THAT, and leave the grownups alone, m’kay”

  10. To learn more about the Palin dynamics and the roll Todd Palin plays, you need to read “Boys Will Be Boys” by Shailey Tripp ( Shailey was Todd’s personal prostitute. Todd ran/runs a prostitution ring out of Alaska, transporting girls across state lines to service GOP/CEO’s in the lower 48 too. He also did most of Sarah’s work in the Governors office. Their daughter Bristol named her son Tripp. How odd to name your child after your father’s prostitute. The First Dude was a Jack of all Trades…Pimp, Assistant Governor, AIP member, snowmobile racer, fish picker, oil worker, bully…just what we need in the White House. We dodged the bullet on this one. Sarah is a pathological liar, ignorant, lazy and pulled off the biggest hoax of faking a baby with Down Syndrome while never looking pregnant. Just to get the Fundie vote and pro-life vote. She never mentions her abortion(s). The GOP puppet masters were looking for another puppet like GWB that could hold a pen and sign their bills. Unfortunately, Sarah didn’t like to be told what to do. She was too ignorant to play their game and went rogue on them or totally shut down. Catatonic. Narcisist. Makes you wonder what kind of vetting they have done on the 4 clowns who are running right now. Do we want a Theocracy?

  11. Thanks, Leah!

    How can it be, Mike Allen’s article on 09-03-08 at Politico quoted Schmidt’s statement that Palin had been vetted for six months. That would go back to a day or two before McCain became the republican presidential candidate and a couple of days before Palin announced she was seven months pregnant.

    Furthermore, Kristol wrote 41 articles after he went to Juneau in favor of Palin. And, he said on False News that he predicted McCain would pick Palin as VP, on 06-30-08.

    Thanks for all you do, keep up the good work!

  12. It also shows that her looks were all that those men thought of. It never occurred to them that the intelligence, viewpoints, attitudes, experience, education, etc., of this person mattered. After all, she was a just a woman. How were her looks?

  13. She’s such an idiot. Maybe she should start by debating Steve Schmidt. It seems he’s pretty good at putting the brainless wonder in her place. They can debate as to whose recollection of the 2008 campaign is more accurate. Everyone knows she has no business on the national stage. Quite frankly after hearing how she knows less than most fifth graders being mayor of wasilly was way above her paygrade.

  14. Someone needs to give her a binky and put her down for her nap. Toddlers like her always get unreasonable and cranky when they’re overtired.

  15. You are correct, and it shows how little the over-bloated CNP knows about vetting a candidate with the real issues that affect Americans front and center. And how little they really care. Their focus was on vetting according to the criteria that they deem important, and she passed with flying colors – which is sadly pathetic.

  16. Precisely! And that is why I am not bringing this out to beat a dead horse, but to counter the false notion that McCain and his camp were victims of a last minute entry that they claim they knew nothing about until 5 days prior to the GOP convention. As you so succinctly add to my conversation, she was, in fact, a known commodity for many months before the movie brings her in to the picture. Thank you.

  17. To your point…that is exactly the way many non-sectarian republican men and women felt. The push by the Dominionist strategists, who have owned the GOP for two decades now, was to insert the equivalent of Dan Quayle in a ‘girl suit’ as VP with Dominionist creds and they found that in Palin. McCain alienated this voting bloc in 2000 when he called them “the agents of intolerance” and he was given a short list of VP choices to get that vote back in 2008.

    With that said, it was his recklessly dangerous acceptance of Palin that makes him as culpable as the rest.

  18. Yes, I think she knew she was on the “Short list” since late 2007.
    And she met McCain and attended a party that he gave for the Govs. at the RGA in 2008.
    Shortly after she announced she was Pregnant.
    Ah hem.
    I think what the movie was showing is:
    She wasn’t vetted!
    She had baggage! Mental Baggage, coocoo 4 coco puffs!
    Someone who would be “rumored” to fake a Pregnancy.
    If her lips move she is LYING!
    She lied about the pipeline 2 nowhere!
    She lied about the jet on Ebaby!
    She lied about the bridge to nowhere!
    She lied about hocky mom &Lipstick on a pitbull! (first said when she went up against Murkowski)
    She lied about the AIP!

    They wanted someone who was “good for the base”
    For the Cons
    Who was pretty…like a fricken beauty contest.
    That is how she was Vetted and the also
    she had a vajay! (Find me a woman) to get Hillary voters which actually DID work as there are some palinbots called PUMAS!

    The simply could not put all of Palins history into ONE movie.
    And yes read Boys will be boys.
    And now this sicko wants to debate or POTUS?
    I think NOT!

  19. Your time is over. The only reason you ever got any recognition despite having the mental capacity of a down syndrome person that habitually huffs spray paint, is the fact that you are gorgeous. Especially since the only eye candy we have had for years was Hilary, Condaleeza Rice and Janet Reno. Good God….Janet Reno.

    You need to get over it, because as attractive as you are, you have wiped out all women’s rights movements since the 60’s with your embarrassing idiocy. I almost disowned my mother for rooting for you.

    President Obama would RAVAGE you, then smoke a cigarette. Whether you support him or not, there is no denying he is eloquent and poignant in comparison to Palin.

  20. I would imagine Sarah Palin, in all her dealings with people who didn’t know her, had a line of patter memorized to impress her listeners — similar to the bumper-sticker-slogan-heavy speeches she has delivered ever since she quit her job.

    She probably took notes as to what was important to people when she ran for governor, and worked up an impressive-sounding one or two-sentence comment to highlight each of those issues, bending her comments to her audience.

    The conservative evangelical cruise visitors were probably dazzled by a litany of these comments.

  21. SHE’S the challenger — therefore President Obama gets to name the weapons and the venue.

    From the Code Duello:

    “Rule 16. The challenged has the right to choose his own weapon, unless the challenger gives his honor he is no swordsman; after which, however, he can decline any second species of weapon proposed by the challenged.

    Rule 17. The challenged chooses his ground; the challenger chooses his distance; the seconds fix the time and terms of firing.”

    That eliminates Sarah Palin choosing to duel…er, debate from her Wasilla studio with her teleprompter, an earbud, and a battery of sycophants frantically Googling answers for her.

  22. Have you seen her lately? She is not “gorgeous” but “faces of meth”!
    Her looks are gone.

  23. Actually, she was never gorgeous; she simply gave off a kind of reek of “Debbie Does Dallas” that appeals to the wrong ganglion. Right now, she is to that what jerky is to steak, and from here on in, she gets no juicier.

  24. No matter how much crap comes out from Sarah Palin’s mouth, every time she speaks the media loves to talk about her.
    Isn’t it time they forget about this idiot and let her drop in the sewer of turds that populate FOX news ?

  25. I hope that their thoughts were more along the lines of “Man, she’s HOT… and she’s governor, so she’s gotta be smart…”

  26. I wonder what her idea of a debate is. Would it be a third party asking both of them questions, or would it be her rapid-firing questions at the President, cutting him off during his answers, then making some snide comment and a lecture before rapid-firing more questions… and then refusing to answer anything she’s asked directly because she wants to talk about something else she knows nothing about.

  27. When she was running for Mayor of Wasilla in ’96, her campaign manager remarked to her that if she did a good job as Mayor, she might be able to work her way up to Governor someday. Palin’s ridiculous answer was, “I want to be President”. She thought Palin was joking but she was dead serious. There was a woman who had served 4 yrs on city council without distinguishing herself in any manner and now before even winning the Mayor’s seat, she was talking about President. Remember, Sarah has a Bachelor’s in Journalism and couldn’t handle the job as Mayor despite bragging that, “it’s not exactly rocket science, it’s $6M and 53 employees”. Two weeks later, Palin hired a city administrator to handle the daily running of the city. She did the heavy lifting of ribbon cuttings, marrying people at Walmart (actually happened) and other “official” public duties where the press were present with cameras. However, to this day, when asked about her Mayor’s duties, she says she was the city manager & mayor of Wasilla. Palin lies continuously because nobody in the media ever called her on it or came down hard on her in person.

    President Obama will, of course, never debate Palin but he’s being called a coward by her flying monkeys and would be ridiculed if he said “yes”. It was really hilarious to hear one of President Obama’s staff remark tonight that they hadn’t heard anything about a debate until she was asked on the show. Sarah is not exactly on President Obama’s radar despite her repeated whining for attention. She’s obsessed with the President.

    Please, somebody shut this woman up! You’d think that she wouldn’t want to draw attention to herself with the recent release of Shailey Tripp’s book about Todd and the prostitution ring he ran in Alaska and elsewhere, sending girls all across the country to friends and business associates.

  28. I think Politico got it wrong because Schmidt and McCain’s campaign staff were completely unaware of any of the details of Palin’s past. There was nobody in Alaska that they spoke to prior to her selection. If they had truly vetted her, they wouldn’t have needed to send a whole team to Alaska to find out more about her. Too many people said she wasn’t vetted and their reaction to all the questions they received and their inability to answer them, all showed the same. Before she really started to give the campaign problems, Culvahouse admitted it was a quick vet but he was happy with it. Schmidt did say in the book that they spent months vetting Pawlenty, Romney and Lieberman. There are no signs that they knew what they were getting into.

    Palin met with McCain for a little under an hour according to her security detail when she was in D.C. in late February. He remembered it well because at the time it was fairly easy to see that McCain was going to be the nominee and he was thinking to himself, “No, he couldn’t possibly be thinking of Palin for V.P. He’s too smart to fall for her b.s.” It was in McGinniss book, along with other details of her not being vetted.

  29. I would like to see Palin debate Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Wasserman stated in the past that Palin wasn’t prepared to be President and relied on Cliff Notes. That’s a debate that I would pay to see. Wasserman is the Head of the Democratic National Committee and Palin has endorsed Newt it could be a fundraiser. Come on Palin you can handle just a Democratic Rep. from Floridia you’re the pass mayor of a town of 10,000 and a 1/2 term Governor.

  30. I am re-reading all the books (no hers) finished Sarah from Alaska, now on Dunns, looking out for ties with:
    The new emails &
    Shay’s book. We were all focused on Babygate, but now with the emails, this Game change movie, Shay’s book there is more info to the Puzzle!
    I hope some Alaskans and others will stand up and speak out, about what she is up to.
    Even Baileys book has some good info…just ignore the fawning from him :)

  31. y’all can say all the smart-sounding things you want about her, her record and her obvious game-playing, but for me, the most telling thing about her is that she’s the type of female that women of my mother’s generation referred to as a “tramp.”

  32. She qualified her acceptance of the “dubious honor of being Barack Obama’s ‘enemy of the week'” by noting that acceptance was based on his agreement to debate her.

    She will have to decline the honor as there seems to be no “opportunity to debate” the President of the United States. Indeed.

    Thus, she is simultaneously dishonored and ignored on her own terms. What could be sweeter?

  33. Oh oh oh, would this not be a huge money-maker. I’m saving up starting right now. Wasserman is one person who would not be obliged to hold anything back. Please, oh please, someone make this happen.

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