A Desperate Rush Limbaugh Tries To Win Advertisers Back With Female Callers

Rush Limbaugh claims the advertiser boycott isn’t hurting him, but today on his show he did what passes in Rush Land for a Female Appeasement Apologist Tour, of course without apologizing.

Rush is attempting to distract from the issue at hand by claiming that Democrats aren’t for women because they let Hillary Clinton lose the nomination to a “skinny black guy”. This statement alone proves that Rush doesn’t understand feminism or the notion of equality, since egalitarianism for all is a tenet of feminist ideology. But the real point here, aside from the usual Rush project and distract muck, is that Rush is scared and he thinks that by having a bunch of women call in to his show, it will prove that he’s not a hate-monger against women.

This is clearly just a frantic ploy by Limbaugh to show his advertisers that women are not offended by his demand that all women on birth control make a video of themselves having sex and upload it so he can watch. Rush’s message to sponsors is, “Hey, check it out, these women don’t mind if I call them sluts and demand a video of them having sex in exchange for birth control!”

Listen to an example of one of his female callers here courtesy of Media Matters:

Transcript from The Rush Limbaugh Show:

RUSH: We’re gonna start Columbia, South Carolina. Naomi, a southern Christian woman who’s looked down upon by Washington Democrat women. It’s great to have you on the program.

CALLER: Thanks, Rush. When I heard those clips that you played I was absolutely furious. I am a white working woman. I am not a racist and I’m not stupid. Those women are doing so much to put us back decades by letting us being victimized, thinking that we can’t control our own bodies and we have to have someone else pay for our birth control, that I can’t see what’s going on in our society today —

RUSH: Let me tell you something.

CALLER: — and that I’m clueless.

RUSH: Naomi, these women — not just the women, the Democrats in the Beltway — are truly the ones who are out of touch. Joe Biden was hosting a dinner for the Chinese, the ChiCom vice president equivalent, and they were drinking $250 bottles of wine and eating New York strip steaks. And Biden’s talking about how the Republicans are out of touch with the middle class. They have no idea what the middle class is like. Now, I want to play this Karen Finney bite again for you. Karen Finney, this was last night on MSNBC. I want you to react to this, Naomi. She was very upset. You women in these primaries last night, you put the economy ahead of the health care Republicans want to take away from you.

Audio clip of Karen Finney

RUSH: What do you think of that, Naomi?

CALLER: She’s an idiot.

RUSH: She’s talking about you.

CALLER: She’s an absolute idiot. How are we supposed to pay for health care if we don’t have an economy or people working and producing and earning to pay for it?
RUSH: Well, Obama’s gonna give it to you. Don’t you understand? Obama’s gonna give it to you. That’s the whole point. You think health care’s gonna be free.
CALLER: Yeah, he’s gonna “give it to us” all right, Rush, but he’s not gonna give it to us like that.

RUSH: (chuckling)

RUSH: Are you an angry white woman?

CALLER: I sure am, and I’m very angry, and I hope that she gets hurt all the way to the White House. I hope her feelings are hurt all the way to the White House, because I don’t think there’s a candidate conservative enough for me, quite frankly. But I’m voting for ’em, whoever it is.

RUSH: What’s it feel like? I really wonder. What’s it feel like to have these Democrat women speak of women as all the same, being monolithic? Like, every woman is supposed to hate Republicans, understand that Republicans are wanting to deny you your birth control pills and that you’re not supposed to care about the economy. You’re supposed to care what they tell you to care about. I mean, you’re obviously an intelligent woman. You’re an independent thinker.

CALLER: I’m furious. It feels… It feels… I get so angry, Rush, you can’t even imagine how angry I get.

RUSH: Brazen condescension.

CALLER: If you sit down and talk with them, they’re brainless. And because they are being dictated to by mainstream media, by other liberals, they’re not paying attention to what’s going on in the real world. You’re absolutely right. They’re out of touch. They’re completely out of touch. I want to know who does their shopping, who does their earning.
RUSH: They have an arrogant condescension toward you and other Republican women, particularly white southern women. And you could hear it in Karen Finney’s voice. She had arrogant condescension and a curiosity. How can you be so stupid? How can you not see what’s going on? Karen Finney is declaring a war on Republican women, it sounds like to me. I didn’t know — I suspected but I didn’t know — that there was a woman’s section on the Democrat Party Plantation, either.

A nervous Rush is eagerly trying to make the point that not all women agree that birth control should be paid for by insurance companies. He must think we don’t see him moving the goal post from his comments on the issue to the issue itself.

The advertisers are not boycotting Rush because of his point of view about birth control; they are boycotting him because while discussing his opinion, which he has every right to do, he repeatedly and on multiple occasions, used ugly words like slut and prostitute about not only a private female citizen but about all women on birth control. They are also boycotting him because he pushed it even further when he demanded sex tapes from women who want their health insurance to pay for birth control.

Rush won’t say it, but it’s clear that he’s scared. Radio stations are losing money by airing his show and advertisers are jumping ship. There’s no other reason for him to try to falsely equate the Democratic Party with the Republican Party on women’s issues or for him to try to co-opt female callers in a transparent effort to prove that he is not offensive to all women.

But no one has argued that he is offensive to all women; he may well have callers who are female who approve of his usage of words like “slut” and demands for sex tapes in exchange for birth control. The advertisers are saying that Rush has offended enough of the population that they do not want to be associated with him any longer.

In the free market, the advertisers get to pick where they want to spend their money and they no longer want to spend it on Rush Limbaugh.

Rush Limbaugh is desperate to smear others with a projection of his own racism and sexism, but it’s not going to work this time, no matter how many times he says “Democrat Party Plantation” or how many women call into his show to agree with him. Rush has never pandered to an issue like this, and it just goes to prove how frightened he is.

The boycott is hurting Rush. The free market is taking out the trash.

Image: Current.com

21 Replies to “A Desperate Rush Limbaugh Tries To Win Advertisers Back With Female Callers”

  1. Who does their “earning?” This woman is an idiot! There are millions of women in America who work for a living and are the sole source of income for their families! I’m an example of this group of women. She’s furious? I’m furious because there are so many brain dead vessels of her ilk walking around pretending to be women and pretending to speak for all women. It didn’t escape my notice, either, that this vessel of the feminine gender lives in one of the reddest states in the nation. All this does for me is make me even angrier at Limbaugh and the feminine vessels who buy into, and repeat, his ill-informed BullStank. What sane individual, male or female, takes advice from this uneducated, pus-filled, venom-spewing hunk of human excrement? This guy didn’t earn one unit of credit in the entire year he spent in college, and this is someone millions of people take seriously? This is a clear case of the grossly uninformed leading the grossly uninformed.

  2. She probably picked up the script after Rush’s houseboy answered the front door, ushered her in, and told her she’d be set up in the office adjoining Rush’s studio.

  3. So where does Limbaugh come from when he says Obama is going to pay for it? This bill is so far from single payer or universal health care it is absolute BS to imply it is socialism in action. I am so sick of the spin, it makes my head hurt. This health care bill is about as socialist as DO-NATTA Trump. And, Naomi is avoiding educating herself about the bill. It is much easier for her to act outraged and victimized than actually do the work.

  4. Brawawawawawawawaaa. Nothing desperate like a cornered rabid limbaugh rat…oozing more bullshit and his neverending insults on the intelligence of the American People.

  5. Rushbo is done. He can spin his demise any way he likes but he knows sooner or later he will get that call that will tell him more or less to move on. The facade that he concealed his hatred with has been torn asunder and there is no way he can unring the bell. Any sponsor that goes near him would be hammered and most likey driven from business. And Rushbo is so full of himself that he would not preach gospel to his muppets for free. There may be some Koch type billionaire willing to burn thru their trust fund to keep him on the air, but when stations start catching flak for even carrying him on the public airwaves then you know it will truly be over for the PigMan

  6. Flush Rush.Keep the pressure on his advertisers.Enough with his hatred and racism.We win when he is off the air permanently.And after that Fox news.America doesn’t need any of this.

  7. My friends…

    No F**K that, Racist Limpballs is done. It’s time to Flush Rush. But, we have to keep up the pressure a turd of that size isn’t going to go down easily.

  8. Those women are doing so much to put us back decades by letting us being victimized, thinking that we can’t control our own bodies and we have to have someone else pay for our birth control, that I can’t see what’s going on in our society today –
    Are we sure she was talking about Democrats? Sounds more like what the Repthuglicans are doing. I work with a dittohead and he buys into everything this piece of crap says. He told me that the advertisers are returning to Rush because their stock prices tanked. I’m sure he heard that on the show. Maybe their stock prices are tanking because of the boycott. Totally scripted interview.

  9. Let me tell you something. When my wife was carrying our twin boys, it was a very high risk pregnancy. The Doc told us that she had to be hospitalized with complete bed rest for at least a couple of months if there was any chance of saving our kids. Well she wanted to try because we both wanted children badly. Then the doc told us that she was at a very high risk for infection. They would monitor her, but if something went wrong they would have to move quickly and abort the pregnancy otherwise her life could be in danger. Well thankfully, everything went well, and now we have two great four year old’s running around the house. The point is that if something DID go wrong we would have had to move quickly otherwise I could have lost my wife!!

    So this woman that called into Rush is gonna tell me that the Repubs are the ones that are looking out for women? Maybe way back in the last century when there were decent Republican candidates. But now? By her own admission she is a “conservative” and a conservative where she is from is a social/ religious right conservative. If she and her ilk had it their way, my wife could have DIED if anything went wrong with her pregnancy, because at the very least, the doc would have had to have obtained a court order to abort!!! BTW a lot of them think that even in the case of clear cut danger to a woman’s life, a pregnancy should never be terminated. So no, the Dems don’t speak to every woman on this issue….. just the sane rational ones.

  10. I agree. Most of the calls on his program sound scripted. They use the same language and make the same points that Rush is trying to peddle. So easy to see through.

  11. Premier Networks (which syndicates Rushbo’s show) pays actors to call into radio programs and pretend to be real people.

    Rush freaked out when this was revealed and VEHEMENTLY denied that some of his callers were scripted actors – which means it’s probably true.

    That exchange above sure looks scripted to me.

  12. Throughout the land even unto the deepest darkest heart of Bible Belted Dixie, the letters EIB shalt henceforth be known to stand for
    Excrement In Broadcasting
    Only prayer can save our beloved Rush now. Let all good Christianoids cum to the aid of thy blubbering blubber-lips that the infallible diarrhea on loan from God shalt continue flowing unto eternity..
    on loan from God.

  13. I see what RL did there. He entertained his audience with the exact script they wanted to hear. Aren’t his listeners such a Mensa bunch?

    Aren’t we exultant that we pay taxes to pay Rush to vilify our President on Armed Forces Radio? Rush makes upwards of $40 million-a-year to verbally abuse “libs” and “feminazis” on our FCC airwaves. Our tax dollars support this vile, indecent man.

    {exultant –> not}

  14. The call sounds scripted to me also.

    It’d be great if could be conclusively documented that Limbaugh relies on fake callers.

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