Michael J. Fox Calls Out Rush Limbaugh’s Corporate Sponsored Bully Pulpit

Michael J. Fox delivered a humble and eloquent rebuttal to Rush Limbaugh’s sexist attacks, and called out Limbaugh’s corporate sponsored bully pulpit enablers.

Here is the video from CNN:

Piers Morgan Tonight guest host Donny Deutsch asked Fox about Rush Limbaugh’s previous comments about him faking his Parkinson’s and his recent attack on Sandra Fluke. The actor turned activist dismissed Limbaugh’s attacks on him, but had this to say about Fluke, “But the thing with Sandra Fluke, I am husband to a wife and a father to daughters, and a son to a mother, and a brother to sisters, and that was really offensive… I can yell and scream and wave my arms, ironically, or whatever about what he said, but let the free market decide, and all the things. I love there to be voices out there that I don’t agree with. I love people to say vile offensive things, because then I know who they are, and as a voter I know they are, and as a consumer, I know who they are, and then they have identified themselves, and all things being equal, the market will balance that out.”

Fox then contrasted Limbaugh with Bill Maher, “You know there’s this talk about Bill Maher. The difference with Bill Maher is that he is on HBO, and he doesn’t have advertisers. He was once in the public sector and made statements and advertisers bailed on him, and he was relegated to cable. So now, I find it much less egregious in a way, not the content of what he says, it may be offensive, but it’s a different thing than this giant corporate supported bully pulpit that this man has, and the way again, he did the same thing with Sandra Fluke that he did with me, but as I said more egregious I think with Sandra Fluke, because here was a private citizen expressing an opinion that she has a right to express that was sought out by people we’ve elected to represent the point of view the public, and she was knocked down brutally.”

Michael J. Fox has the unique ability to know understand what it is like to some degree to be attacked by Rush Limbaugh for being a minority. I thought Mr. Fox showed a great deal of sensitivity towards what Sandra Fluke is going through, and he was right that Limbaugh’s comments should be offensive to every man, because every man no matter what their place in life came from a woman. Fox was also correct that what Limbaugh did to Sandra Fluke was much, much worse than anything he has ever done to a person in the public eye.

Rush Limbaugh tried to ruin the name and reputation of a private citizen who was doing nothing more than offering her solicited opinion. Rush Limbaugh didn’t like her thoughts, so he attempted to humiliate and dehumanize her in the ugliest and most sexist way possible. Michael J. Fox has been in the public eye since the early 1980s. He can handle whatever Rush Limbaugh throws at him. It comes with the territory, but Sandra Fluke could never have anticipated that simply voicing her opinion would lead to the sort of gender based attacks against her that should horrify any 21st Century man or woman.

Bill Maher may be a caveman when it comes to his attitudes towards women, although I tend to see him as the boy who grew up but never left high school, but there is a difference between Maher being offensive on pay television, and corporate America funneling hundreds of millions of dollars per year into Rush Limbaugh’s public airwaves hate dissemination machine. People choose to subscribe to a pay channel in order to watch Maher, but Limbaugh’s public broadcast reaches millions of Americans whether they want to hear him or not.

The right to free speech allows Rush Limbaugh to attack Sandra Fluke, and that same right allows the American people to reject Limbaugh and boycott his sponsors. Rush Limbaugh is paying for his irresponsible use of his First Amendment rights, and Michael J. Fox was right to call out the corporate sponsored bully pulpit that has enabled Limbaugh to pollute our public airwaves with sexism, racism, and hate.

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  1. Michael J. Fox has more integrity in his fingernail than Rush Limbaugh will ever possess in his whole life. I agree with Mr. Fox that Limbaugh has ultimately hurt only himself, and the sooner he fades from public perception, the better.

  2. Thanks for this report, Jason. I might never have seen it, otherwise.

    Michael J. Fox is an inspirational human being and unfortunately a vivid reminder of what lengths limbaugh will go to when he’s lying and smearing someone. I pity the poor ignorant fools who eat this crap up and have allowed him to make so much money off of hate over the decades in our country.

  3. As I “rattle” around, trying to type during my usual morning tremors, I realize how much the “politics of our body are personal, and the personal is political”…and how we are our “village’s” keeper (I don’t want to get caught out in the “brothers’ keeper discussion).

    I’m sort of “traumatized” all over again being reminded of the overwhelming ignorance of this useless cretin who has nothing to offer society but more ignorance, actually is; a harsh reality.

    Again, the personal; there is no “cure” or anything that can be pin-pointed if you have genetic benign essential tremors…at least with Parkinsons, there is a blood test and MRI that allow sufferers “markers” of a disease, but
    …imagine if Fox had” BET” and was testifying before congress what Limbaugh would have done to him, or better yet, a regular citizen like Fluke? Making fun of him would have been even more “fun” because there is “nothing” to prove it therefore, he/she is a faker.

    Limbaugh is beyond the realm of capacity to live among a civil society, and, IMHO, needs to be put down like a rabid dog so he quits ravaging the human psyche…may he over-dose in peace already.

  4. This is just a long line of offensive comments from Limpbaugh. The people that listen, and there are many, LiKE the BS that comes out of his mouth. So until we have less jerks in the world, there will always be Rush Limpbaugh listeners, and always someone there to sell stuff to them. Sorry to rain on our parade.

  5. You are right in a way. Rush is not going to go away that quickly, just like Sarah Palin did not go away after 2008.Both have their hanger-ons. But both have, nevertheless, been diminished in the public eye. Sure, they are still yacking away but the golden halos have faded away.

  6. Look, I can’t stand Limbaugh and his hate-filled, ignorant speech as much as the next person. But no one is forced to listen to him. No one was forced to listen to Howard Stern (who has remarkably progressive attitudes towards women and gays once you get past all the school-boy humor) either while he was still on terrestrial radio. And you can only watch Bill Maher now if you willingly subscribe to HBO, and then purposefully watch it.

    Limbaugh, and Beck, and Hannity (and Stern and Maher), will eventually fade away when they don’t make enough money for their respective companies – if they don’t quit first. Understand that just because scores of advertisers pull out of Limbaugh’s programming doesn’t mean the ditto-heads who took his spew as gospel are realizing how disgusting he is and will stop listening themselves. They still love him and agree with him and will listen to him until he is off the air, and then they will listen to his podcasts, and subscribe to his newsletter, and follow him however they can.

    And *that* is the problem.

  7. My admiration for Michael J. Fox is greater than ever. He’s an amazing man. The dignity he displays as does Sandra Fluke speaks volumes as to what a lowlife scum rush is in comparison to these two brave souls. The wheels of justice grind slowly but exceedingly fine…

  8. Ouch. BET is much like some of the things I deal with for nearly my entire life (diagnosed with Fibromyalgia Syndrome in the mid 90s but had the symptoms in the late 60s if not earlier), I had the symptoms but they were written off as “All in your head” and “malingering”.

    I hope for you and the others who suffer from BET (and I wonder if I might have a very mild version too – when I get tired or stressed my limbs and body start shaking uncontrollably and it’s gotten worse over the last 20-30 years) that they will find out some sort of marker – and maybe even a treatment or cure.

    (For my FMS, there is a med that does nothing for the pain but makes me far more functional – for one thing, my handwriting is actually legible to my friends!)

  9. Excellent!

    We really don’t need all this hate swarming around on public airwaves. All they do is make the US the laughingstock of the world. The free market will take care of these jokers.

    Did y’all catch his apology to his sponsors? Compare that apology to his apology to Ms Fluke. he’s never wanted to apologized to Ms Fluke, and he didn’t. his allegiance is ONLY to his pockets.

    Not his low information listeners.

  10. Actually, people ARE forced to listen to him. When I go into a lot of the non-big-box stores, they will have Rush (or the worst sort of preaching) on their radios and piped around their store. If I need to buy something and they’re the only game in town, either I have to do without (and it might be something like a part to fix our well, thus doing without isn’t fun), or I have to tolerate the hate.

    It’s so common that I get angry with myself for not bringing along a radio or music player and set of headphones… I invariably forget.

    Otherwise, I agree with you, especially on the “Dittoheads”.

  11. It not so much that. It’s the sponsors who had advertised on his show. They are agreeing with the bile that rush is spewing. The low information listeners can buy all the bile they want from him.

    It’s the sponsors we are boycotting. I won’t spend MY money where bile is spewed.

    Just as I see advertising on a Nazi or KKK media are reflections of the sponsors’ views.

    The people have spoken.

  12. Marines had to be totally disarmed before being addressed by Leon Panetta, and I bet broadcasting Rush Limbaugh and Fox News continually to our armed forces has something to do with that.

  13. I’m in wholehearted agreement with this article, however, the position taken against Bill Maher is somewhat misinformed. Maher has been making remarks specifically directed at Sarah Palin and these were aimed at mature audiences.

    The conservative supporters of Palin used the opportunity to present these comments to present him as sexist generally.

  14. Michael J. Fox- now that’s a true gentleman! And frankly, I really don’t know that it’s within Limbaugh’s rights to call a private citizen a prostitute. Isn’t that slander? At any rate, why not check out this post, where too many morons are mocking her vacation photos from Facebook, and do a little defending of Ms. Fluke in the comments section:

  15. I dont know why everyone is making a big issue out of limbaugh’s “totally rational” comments. Species such as Rush are not born from a mother so its obvious they dont know the high standards and respect that a women deserves. this statement raises a question though – so where and from whom was Rush Limbaugh born from ???

  16. Who is taking a position against Maher? If you have watched any of his shows over the years, Bill Maher admits he is a pig. His attitudes on women are shall we say less than enlightened, but this is nothing anti-Maher about addressing this fact. It would be dishonest to slam to Limbaugh, while ignoring Maher’s own history of comments about women. Criticism of Maher in one area does not mean that his otherwise excellent show can’t be enjoyed.

  17. Jason said, “The right to free speech allows Rush Limbaugh to attack Sandra Fluke, and that same right allows the American people to reject Limbaugh and boycott his sponsors.”

    Here’s the thing. The first amendment doesn’t protect slander. At all. The central fact of Mr. Limbaugh’s rant was a flat lie about the nature of Ms. Fluke’s statements, and he then launched a three day attack based on that lie. The intent was not to make a joke or a humorous comment; the intent was to injure. It’s pure calumny, and it’s not protected by the Constitution in any way. She’s got solid grounds for a major lawsuit against that disgusting pig, and I hope she hits him right where it hurts.

  18. Great piece — except PLEASE GET THIS RIGHT: This isn’t a First Amendment or Free Speech issue. Not in any way, shape or form.

    The First Amendment only guarantees that the GOVERNMENT will not censor you. Every person and institution in the world other than any American government entities can censor you til the cows come home if they have the power (e.g., own the broadcast station, or the building you’re doing your “speech” in, or the distribution rights to your “speech”).

  19. I agree Michael J Fox did the right thing. He’s my favorite actor and someone I look up to as a hero. I like Mikes reaction he looked pissed and then started to laugh when they replayed what Rush said I love when Mike said keep talking Rush keep talking were trying to figure you out. Rush will loose a lot of veiwers I took it offensively that he called Mike basically a fake in 2006 and now calling women sluts that messed up he needs to be taken of the air

  20. Don’t stop at Limbaugh, Mr. Fox. Please include Ed Schultz, Bill Maher, Mike Malloy, David Letterman, etc., and any member of the media who uses the offensive word, “teabagger”, and always with a little snicker as though nobody knows what the word “teabag” is slang for.

  21. The teabaggers labelled themselves that, Donna dear, when they mailed teabags to members of Congress with suggestions about what they could do with them. In my own, more literate youth, however, that was called “reading Balzac”. Nobody follows the classics any more.

  22. If Mr. Limbaugh knew a little more about Parkinson’s disease, he would realize that it is a degenerative illness. Micheal J. Fox is obviously exhibiting more symptoms than before, but his courage to go on to a TV show to air his opinion about Mr. Limbaugh’s callous remarks is commendable. Personally, I believe in Karma so if Rush stays on TV it really doesn’t matter. Unfortunately he believes most people enjoy his remarks and I’m sure some do but the majority of the population find him to be a vulgar man who is little more than a bully.

  23. I literally couldn’t agree with you more. There really wasn’t any better way to say that. I love how intelligent Michael J. Fox was being, he was just explaining the reality of the whole situation calm and professional.

  24. I think one thing should be noted Maher & Limbaugh are entertainers. They take a subject and inflame like here. Great conversation but both are going to the bank with this no bad exposure. Even even fox is in the spotlight here it’s a play.

  25. Eventually Rush will get taken off the air and those that support Rush basically are saying that what he said was alright and I don’t agree with Rush he needs to be taken of the air

  26. first of all Rush Limbaugh doesn’t even deserve the airway he has gotten on TV over this issue Michael J Fox has a reason for medicine you dont so shut the !uck up all pop your pills on the radio where you cant be seen

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