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Scott Walker Whistles Past The Graveyard As He Denies Corruption Investigation

Last updated on February 8th, 2013 at 11:52 am

Despite Scott Walker’s best efforts to hold a press conference about the advancing Wisconsin’s dairy industry, that pesky media is more interested in the John Doe Probe – an investigation into corruption involving several people close to Walker, including his former chief of staff.

Walker assured the media that he is not a target of the probe based on information he got from lawyers working on his campaign. Obviously Walker doesn’t want to remind the voting public that several of his close associates, like his former Chief of Staff, and friends are embroiled in the probe, so the last thing he wants to do is address questions about it.

The WSJ reports that Walker was assured that he was not a target of the John Doe probe by “some lawyers” involved with his re-election campaign.

Walker added, “Again, you’re asking a lot of questions about something that ultimately by its nature is, not per my request but per theirs, is something we’re not asked to talk about until it’s complete.”

Kelly Rindfleish, a former Walker staffer faces four felony counts of misconduct in public office.  Darlene Wink was convicted on two misdemeanor counts for soliciting funds for Walker in her capacity as a public official.

Scott Walker appointed Kevin Kavanaugh to the county Veterans service commission. Kavanaugh, who is facing five felony charges, for embezzling money from the Purple heart bank account   was hospitalized resulting in a postponement of his criminal trial.

As noted by Graeme Zielinski, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. “Wisconsinites have every reason to fear that Scott Walker has criminally corrupted their state government.”

Speaking of the re-election campaign, reports that Judge Richard Niess will decide on the day of reckoning for Governor Walker, Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch and four Republican state senators. Tuesday, May 8th and June 5th were proposed under a tentative deal among lawyers for the state elections board, recall committees and recall targets.

 Under the deal, any required primaries would be held May 8 with a general election four weeks later, on June 5. Otherwise a primary election would have been May 1 and the general election May 29, near the Memorial Day holiday.


And indeed, the judge approved the dates of May 8 for the primary and June 5 for the recall elections just today. The recall will go forward, despite efforts to prevent, then derail the recall with good old fashioned petition burnings and voter suppression laws.

Tick tock…. Governor, time is running out. 

The combination of his closeness to corrupt individuals and his anti-labor policies are enough incentive for Wisconsonites to vote him out.  This is the same Scott Walker who passed unconstitutional voter suppression laws, most likely because he adheres the old ALEC adage that wide participation in elections is bad for Republicans


Image from: The Daily Democrat

Adalia Woodbury

Former contributor.

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