The USCCB Decides To Go To War Against The American Government

In the United States Constitution, the Founding Fathers laid out explicit instructions for governing America and serving the population without interference from outside influences whether they were foreign governments or religious institutions. For the past two months, there has been a concerted effort by religious fanatics to transform America’s government into a de facto subsidiary of the United States Council of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) with extraordinary assistance from evangelical extremists in Congress and state legislatures with particularly troubling support from Republican presidential hopefuls. America has never faced a legitimate threat to self-governance, but the USCCB’s current incursion to hijack this government is nothing less than a religious coup d’état.

Whether one calls the current assault on government the war on women, war on religious liberty, or war on contraception, it is the beginning of theocracy. The USCCB’s audacious actions are tactics of Opus Dei and Catholicism in Fascist Europe, and never content adjusting to existence in 21st century, the church leaders are attempting to subvert the government and begin a new reign of terror. The bishops are assaulting women’s right to choose their own reproductive health and every American’s religious freedom, but their true goal is enforcing Vatican law by issuing theocratic diktats and demanding the government does an act of obeisance by acting on the USCCB’s commands.

The latest outrage against America is the USCCB’s response to President Obama’s compromise to accommodate religious fanatics’ objection to inclusion of contraception coverage in health insurance plans. The bishops’ religious hegemony worked in the Dark Ages and throughout most of the 20th century, but their attempt to institute Vatican fascism in America is going to be met with the same resistance as a foreign army’s invasion on American soil.

In a statement contrived by the USCCB’s Administrative Committee entitled “United for Religious Freedom,” the bishops declared “there would be no compromise with the Obama administration on the mandate itself or on the bogus “accommodation” of religious concerns” regarding providing contraception coverage to women. The bishops’ assertion that they are protecting their religious freedom is an outright lie to garner support from Republicans and ignorant Americans that are too engrossed in anti-Obama sentiments to comprehend the USCCB is, in essence, attempting to force compliance to their religious beliefs. It is not the first time the USCCB exerted their considerable influence on the public.

The Komen Foundation’s withdrawal of support for Planned Parenthood was inspired by the USCCB by banning church and parochial schools from donating to Komen. Pressure from the bishops is especially egregious since Komen allocated at least $17.6 million of its donations to U.S. Catholic universities, hospitals, and other charities. What that means is that kind-hearted Americans who donated to Komen to help find a cure for breast cancer were being scammed into donating to the Catholic Church.  The USCCB’s pressure on Komen began in 2008 when church leaders criticized Komen’s ties to Planned Parenthood shortly after a visit from Pope Benedict XVI; it was the start of the war on women and sovereign government of the United States.

In the bishops “United for Religious Freedom” statement, they impugned the government with a label of “Leviathan” and it is an Old Testament (Is. 27:1, Job 8-11, 22, 33-34) referral to a fire-breathing dragon and a symbol of evil, destruction, and chaos “broiling in the massive seas of the people.”  According to Catholic Online, Leviathan is the “ruling spirit of world government,” and “is the same serpent that has made spiritual war with God’s people.” The bishop’s implication in their reference to President Obama as Leviathan is that they are in a spiritual war to defend god’s people against the evil, fire-breathing dragon that is Barack Obama and they will go to any length to impose their religious edicts on the people and the government. In fact, their tactic of claiming the President is restricting their religious freedom is similar to Joe McCarthy “waving the bloody shirt of anti-leftist hysteria” aimed directly at the White House and by extension, the government. Using McCarthyism tactics is not unlike mid-20th century Opus Dei Fascism, and the United for Religious Freedom’s pledge to engage in “a serious dialogue with the administration on the unacceptability of both the mandate and faux accommodation” informs the bishops’ belief that they have a voice in the government. For the record, and ignorant Americans who think religion controls the government, the USCCB and its members are not elected representatives of the people. They are vile fascists with delusions of superiority to control this government and would do the world a favor by concentrating on bringing an end to child-rape by their clergy and not imposing their antiquated edicts on America and its women.

According to one Catholic supporter, the Catholic Church is “challenging the sexual revolution and its ally, the Leviathan state” and intends to “set the legal foundations for a robustly evangelical Catholicism that will better reflect our highest ideals as both Catholics and Americans than the culture we have today.” So, there it is. The USCCB claims they are not exerting their beliefs on the entire country, but they expect to legally impose their Catholic fascism on the culture whether Americans agree with them or not. Based on a new poll, a majority of Americans disagree with the USCCB and Republican attempts to thwart President Obama’s policy requiring contraception coverage in employer-provided health plans.

The Bloomberg poll found that 60% of Americans, and 70% of women say the President’s policy and compromise is a matter of women’s health and not religious freedom. More than 75% of those polled say the topic of contraception coverage should not even be part of a national political debate. Each of the Republican presidential hopefuls disagree with the majority of Americans and still claim, under direction from the USCCB, that the President is violating religious freedom. Apparently, Romney, Santorum, and Gingrich are out of touch with what voters want and are complicit with bishops who are attempting to force their religious will on the government and the people.

The USCCB is in a war with the American government to assert their authority as Onward Christian Soldiers over legally elected representatives of the people. They are not elected representatives and since they are hell-bent on exerting political influence, they have violated their non-profit, tax-exempt status given them by the IRS and it must be revoked retroactively to recoup the hundreds-of-millions of taxpayer dollars gifted to the church. The Republicans who are assisting the bishops in their attempt to subvert the government have sworn an oath to protect the Constitution, but their allegiance to religious fanatics supersedes their allegiance to this country. Americans cannot sit idly by and allow a group of men who condone child-rape to impose their religious beliefs on the country, and based on poll results, they will not.

If the USCCB and Republicans desire a theocracy, they are more than free to get out of America and out of the lives of Americans; especially women’s lives. The policy council for the American Civil Liberties Union, Sarah Lipton-Lubet ,summed up the affair best when she said, “under the bishops’ definition of religious freedom, women would be denied coverage for contraceptives based on the employer’s, not the woman’s, personal beliefs,” and that “a woman’s health care needs are what is most important in this debate, and her rights to live her life according to her beliefs, and the freedom to not have someone else’s imposed on her.” It is unfortunate, but the Opus Dei Fascists are intent on imposing their beliefs on every person in America and in lieu of converting hundreds of millions of Americans into Catholic sycophants, are attempting to seize control of the government of the United States of America through their spiritual warfare against “the sexual revolution and its ally, the Leviathan state” but they are making a fatal error; America is not 1920s Europe and the Catholic bishops are not elected representatives, but they will face the wrath of Americans who will not countenance an attack on the United States government any more than they will tolerate any more assaults on women. If the USCCB really wants a war, they have come to the wrong country and the wrong people because Americans are not to be trifled with when it concerns their women, their freedoms, or their government.

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  1. Let’s just see if the people hear about this and how the mainstream media spins it.

    If people understood what was really at stake, the RC bishops would find themselves in a heap of hurt. If like usual, it’ll be spun in a way that part of the people will support the bishops against us “hedonistic atheist libruls”.

  2. It’s the death throes of a dying institution. A wounded animal is always most dangerous just before it croaks.

  3. I agree with everything you say, but there is as well an egregious omission in your article. There is no mention of the USCCB’s war on the LGBT Community, it’s complicity in the genocide of LGBT youth, and it’s determination to remove from the community every single Civil and Human Right. That is an example of heterosexist bias that assumes the entire world to be heterosexual and in doing so reinforces the oppression one of the largest minorities in this country.
    Marc Chartier

  4. I always like the thought of no representation without taxation. Take away their tax free status if they want to get political. That would void the tax deduction for your tithing also.

  5. The Roman Catholic Church has been the enemy of free thought, speech, belief, and individual human rights, and everything the Constitution represents for 2000 years. I don’t see that changing any time soon. They have always and will always be the enemy because of that “Truth” thing that they say trumps tolerance

  6. Apparently, Romney, Santorum, and Gingrich are out of touch with what voters want and are complicit with bishops who are attempting to force their religious will on the government and the people.

    These boys are not out of touch at all, they just know who paying the way.

  7. They are out of touch. They just humor the USCCB. Look who are the real puppet masters are. Foster Freiss(Santorum), Sheldon Adelson(Gingrich) and a bunch of other really, really rich guys(Mittens).

  8. Another (ahem) unholy union. What’s laughable about this is that evangelical fundies and very conservative Catholics normally can’t stand each other. Every devout Roman Catholic knows that Protestant evangelicals are going to hell because they don’t belong to the apostolic church of Christ that was established 2,000 years ago. Every evangelical fundie knows Catholics aren’t saved because they worship Mary and the Saints and thus aren’t “real” Christians. Watta circle jerk.

  9. Very good article but this issue should not be viewed as JUST a Catholic priority. This is a RELIGIONISTS’ goal. When Prop H8 in California as “voted” it was a coalition of Catholic, Mormon and other conservative religions such as black (ironic since BAYARD RUSTIN a GAY man orchestrated MLKing’s movement ) and latino churches who fought through lies and deceit

    to humiliate and strip GLBT of Marriage equality. The “Culture War” is the overarching battle we are ALL fighting and religionists are bent on destroying the free world. All “secular humanists” need to unite to combat this destructive force, ALL religions who demand control, not just the Catholics.

  10. Yeah. The biggest players are dominionists. Which tend to be in the evangelical Bible belt. Also, evangelical fundies are the folks people usually think of when we say “religious right”. Y’know the Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson crowd. They are the ones that originally hi-jacked the Republican party and the conservative movement.

    However, these conservative Catholics have become a big player in the picture as well, and a lot of Dominionist/fundies and Roman Catholics are willing to put aside their differences to fight, what they see as, a common foe. The one big differences that you will find between them on social policy, is that Roman Catholics aren’t Biblical fundamentalists, they are not Apocalyptic, and they are not anti-evolution (these days at least).

  11. BTW Rick Santorum is the walking talking embodiment of this union between fundies and conservative Roman Catholics. He is playing up all the filth that they have in common to get all religious social conservatives on his side.

  12. Well, Santorum claimed that when he wins ILLINOIS, he wins it all. So, than k you to Illinois, because he is behind with every single voting bloc, and by a wide margin. Americans do not want to be ruled by the Pope, adn even the evangelicals (who do not want papal rule either,) are not on board with this attack. We must be vigilant from now on, but at least we know who the enemy is.

  13. This is just great, NOT, since the catholic bishops have done such a good job already. Apparently raping little boys and injecting themselves in women’s uteri is A-okay!

  14. Tax All Churches!! They are businesses. Tax them no more 501c status.
    And keep them out of Gov!

  15. I would think it’s time for the Christians to take this country back, and November is the start……………

  16. thats the reason for a couple of years now.. i have refered to the whole bunch as the “faith industry”.. 501c3 is a joke when applied to these groups..

  17. What is it that makes over-reaching so attractive? Is it just arrogance? I’m watching the religious right and the repubs self destruct with this constant pressure to control everyones lives but their own. They may own the ignorant cows munching grass, but is there any other voting bloc they have failed to alienate? For all the hot air, I can’t see how they plan to win the ‘war’

  18. I do not see how this article is an example of “heterosexist bias”. Both reference and a link were provided to the castration of boy victims in “psychiatric hospitals” the Church ran in Holland, and that these castrations were performed both to punish them for telling and to “prevent” their “future homosexuality”. If you’ve got something more shocking than that, submit it. But I’d point out that the insistance of certain narcissists that every injustice in the world most revolve around their own crotches or it doesn’t count, is not likely to win sympathy to their cause.

  19. Funny thing, when people talking about freedom or human rights nobody here mentions about personal responsibilities for their actions. And the whole idea that humans have rights came from Christianity by the way. Have government in control of your very existence means no human rights at all unless government decides.

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