Mitt Romney Wins Illinois and Lies His Ass Off About President Obama

After Mitt Romney won another state that President Obama will carry in November, he converted his victory speech into a marathon of lies about Barack Obama.

Here is the video from MSNBC:

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Romney opened with a real whopper, “We began this movement on a small farm in New Hampshire on a sunny June day, surrounded by a small group of friends, family, and supporters. We shared a conviction that the America we loved was in trouble and adrift without strong leadership. Three years of Barack Obama had brought us fewer jobs and shrinking paychecks, but many of us believed we were in danger of losing something more than the value of homes and 401(k)s.”

The problem with Romney’s claim that under Obama there are fewer jobs is that it isn’t true. Romney appears to have based his estimate on the numbers for the total terms for each of the recent presidents.

However when one excludes the first year of each new presidency, the first year should be excluded because the budget and much of the economic prioritizing has already been set by the prior president, the numbers tell a different story.

PolitiFact found that when you look at the numbers one year into the president’s term, as of January 2012, President Obama created almost four million more jobs than former President Bush. When we add in the fact that President Obama created more jobs in a year, than George W. Bush did in eight years, it is clear that once again Snake Oil Salesman Mitt is playing fast and loose with the facts.

Romney later claimed that Obama has presided over the highest gas prices in history, “After the years of too many apologies and not enough jobs, historic drops in income and historic highs in gas prices, of a President who doesn’t hesitate to use all means necessary to force Obamacare on the American public but leads from behind in world affairs, it’s time to say, ‘Enough!’” (The highest gas price in US history occurred in July of 2008 under George W. Bush when the average cost of a gallon of gas was $4.11).

Mitt Romney’s biggest lie was a rehash of one he used yesterday in his speech on economic freedom. (Hint: Romney defines economic freedom as the freedom for the rich to do whatever they please. Economic freedom is under attack in his mind when a tax hike on the wealthy is proposed.

Romney actually broke out the Obama banned light bulbs super duper lie, “But the problem is: he’s still Barack Obama. And under this President, those pioneers would have faced an uphill battle to innovate, invent, and create. Under Dodd-Frank, they would have struggled to get a loan from their community bank. A regulator would have shut down the Wright Brothers for their “dust pollution.” And the government would have banned Thomas Edison’s light bulb. Oh, that’s right. They just did.”

No, they didn’t. The truth is that it was George W. Bush who signed the Energy Independence and National Security Act into law in 2007. (Notice how George W. Bush has been erased from the collective Republican Party memory). This is the law that mandated higher energy standards for light bulbs. There is no ban on light bulbs, but if there was it was George W. Bush who signed it.

Of course, none of this actually mattered to Romney and his roaming band of Mitt wits who lapped up every Fox News approved mistruth that came out the GOP frontrunner’s mouth like Rush Limbaugh taking notes at a Klan rally. Just as a fat kid loves cake, terrified white Republicans can’t resist gorging themselves on lies about President Obama.

Mitt Romney’s master plan for winning the presidency appears centered around repeating as many lies about President Obama as often as possible. This plan is easy to implement when a shape shifting moderate is trying wow an audience that already despises the current president, but it will be interesting to see how Romney’s Kamikaze campaign of negativity will fare when he has try it out against a broader electorate that personally likes this president.

Mitt Romney’s entire campaign isn’t based on any concrete notion of positive change that he would bring to the nation. The entire premise for his campaign to be elected president appears to be based on negativity, half-truths, and lies about President Obama.

The fact that Romney has chosen to go down this path speaks volumes about the lack of substance behind the man, and the superficiality of his campaign.

10 Replies to “Mitt Romney Wins Illinois and Lies His Ass Off About President Obama”

  1. I think everybody knows that this guy has the consistency- and constancy- of a chameleon crossing a tile floor. If the DNC has half a brain, all they have to do is post sound bites of this guy contradicting himself. My understanding, though, is that DogPAC will also have plenty to say about how he has treated their members.

  2. I heard part of his speech and I had to turn it off. It was nauseating as is Willard Mitt Romney himself. I just can’t believe the public has such memory loss and that they don’t understand how Romney became wealthy and how many suffered as a result of his economic strategies that were self and corporate motivated. It’s embarrassing to have a man of so little integrity actually running for President of the United States. And even worse, it’s sad for our future when people actually think he’s cares about their well being. He cares about being in power and making more money for himself and the rest of the 1%. (You know like his friends that own the NASCAR teams…)

  3. Lying is all Romney has going. As the campaigning progresses, Americans will catch on to his Libertarian bent. He owns the “you’re on your own” meme promoted by the Koch/Heritage Foundation wealthy elite crowd. Dems should have no problem exposing his propensity for lying; especially with those pesky facts.

  4. Romney is feeding their prejudices and stereotypes, that’s why there is such a short memory with the Republicans. They’ve been programmed to think only through their stereotypes and prejudices and thus truth (including historical truth) cannot get through to them.

    (Of course, they say the same thing about us, but also ignore it when facts back us up and disprove the lies they buy.)

    As usual, and like the dominionists, he’s using emotion to bypass their thinking and intellect. I’m sure it is deliberate and planned… gotta keep those people under control at all times and keep them FROM thinking (much less remembering).

  5. Romney made me sick to my stomach,while standing there &
    talking to the misinformed who embraced his BIGGEST DAM/ LIES! along with their cases of amnesia from the Bush era. OBAMA 2012′

  6. Those darn republicans, how dare they want to keep their own money!! Greedy selfish bast@#ds, they should give it to the govt to waste on people who don’t work, that’s the ticket!

  7. The most frustrating thing about this country is that one man’s outright lies are another man’s bible. Time and time again I see people attacking Obama, failing to pay any attention to crazy things like facts and numbers. Obama may not be infallible, but he’s a far better option for this country than anything else out there. The problem is, the people for whom he’s not better have a lot of money, and they’re the ones fighting for their very own idiot puppet, just like G W.

  8. The Republican Party is really out of touch with the masses of this country,to sit back and accept the the kind of lies that are being spewed by the party want to be candidate for the Presidency is incomprehensible. You can only fool some of the fools some of the time. After the real debates leading to the general election, the truth will be told. I am certain the American people would use sound judgement in their choice of a President, and it would not be Mitt Romney.

  9. I mean seriously… just watching him… creeps me out. His body language is like a disney animatron robot. creepy..creepy..creepy…creepy..

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