The Consequences of Alaska’s Female Sexual Servitude Legislation

The human race reproduces through equal effort of the male and female of the species: each bring a necessary component to the process, sperm from the male and egg from the female. This is no different than in the animal kingdom. As the old adage goes, birds do it, bees do it…

From that fact alone you would imagine that both genders would get equal representation. After all, one is of little use without the other. Instead, we find ourselves as a culture (and this is certainly nothing new) making war on one-half of ourselves, no our daughters, our sisters, our wives, our mothers, telling them that they have a proper role and that without male input and permission, they should not attempt to do anything on their own. And if they do, they should be punished, as a new spate of state-sponsored rape legislation proves. Alaska has joined the crazy-parade with its SB 191, which as Planned Parenthood points out,  “mandates that the physician perform an ultrasound regardless of its medical necessity prior to performing an abortion—even though the Alaska Supreme Court has stated repeatedly that Alaska laws may not place unnecessary burdens on a woman’s right to an abortion.” And then there is HB 363, which ” forbids full disclosure of pregnancy options and referrals for abortions, in flagrant violation of requirements made by federal funding laws.”

Not that everyone feels this way about women: Liberals have become used to the idea of women thinking for themselves in a variety of ways, voting, for example. It seems as natural as night and day. We hardly give it a thought. “Did you remember to vote today, dear?” Not, “What gives you the right to think you are intelligent enough to engage in complicated political debates?” – an attitude very common in the 19th and early 20th centuries. “Shouldn’t you be making me supper and changing diapers?” But conservatives still seem to be caught at that stage that immediately followed passage of the Nineteenth Amendment. The stage I speak of is the “What the hell?” stage. It’s almost as if somebody shook them awake and told them they now had to treat their dog as an equal. They simply can’t fathom it. For social conservatives, women are still on a par with pigs and cows and their issues are properly addressed in agricultural bills.

It is not a big step from suddenly having to treat your dog like an equal to surreal the comments of Republican State Rep. Alan Dick  that women should be required to have a permission slip from the sperm’s owner before they can abort the results of its implantation. Speaking of a piece of Alaska legislation Rep. Dick (what an appropriate name) said, “If I thought that the man’s signature was required… required, in order for a woman to have an abortion, I’d have a little more peace about it…”  I suppose a rapist would be more than willing to identify himself in order to do that, or a father or uncle guilty of incest. Or a husband who has raped his wife. Can the men involved in a gang rape – a fraternity for example – send in a joint permission slip or do they need to send individual permission slips?

The old patriarchal meme that women are simply too emotional to think rationally still motivates conservatives. For example, in 2009 fellow Alaska Republican Fred Dyson tried to get a piece of legislation passed “intended to ensure that a woman’s decision whether to abort is a measured, not emotional, one.”

In other words, she can’t make the decision herself because by default her decision will be an emotional one, the same excuse we have seen offered to keep women out of combat (because men have been such paragons in that regard). Enter the Republican male, who apparently is utterly without emotion while dispensing his sperm. I’m not only insulted on behalf of women, I’m insulted that this prick thinks he in any way representing the behavior or thinking of most men.

If you’re thinking to yourself “WTF?” don’t panic. That does not make you like a conservative. Your WTF is the reaction of a sane and completely rational human being confronted with age-old and egregiously outdated ideas of patriarchy. If you didn’t say WTF at this point, that would be the time to worry. I mean, if you feel like you would feel if Great Cthulhu suddenly appeared before you in all his tentacled glory, then you’re safely sane.

Here’s a bumper sticker suggested by a very wise woman I know. We can run off a few thousand and send them to Alaska Republicans:

If the man does not want a woman to consider having an abortion… DON’T DONATE SPERM!

I guess that’s too easy though; men shouldn’t have to show restraint – only women. Setting humor aside and turning back to insanity let me ask this: So how does society function with one half of that society being considered unequal – it isn’t a big step from Republican thinking to sexual servitude, after all. Abraham Lincoln said the country cannot survive one half free, the other slave, and that seems to be the condition obtaining here, doesn’t it? Lincoln’s words are as applicable today as on the day they were uttered in 1858:

A house divided against itself cannot stand. I believe this government cannot endure, permanently, half slave and half free. I do not expect the Union to be dissolved — I do not expect the house to fall — but I do expect it will cease to be divided. It will become all one thing or all the other. Either the opponents of slavery will arrest the further spread of it, and place it where the public mind shall rest in the belief that it is in the course of ultimate extinction; or its advocates will push it forward, till it shall become alike lawful in all the States, old as well as new — North as well as South.

Here’s another question for Republicans: What’s the deal with small government except where a woman’s uterus is involved? Why is it men making these decisions – like Darrell Issa’s evil little cabal – without female input? How is the female reproductive system, which conservatives seem to have zero knowledge of, a religious issue? And how does a religious issue automatically exclude women? Oh, that’s right, women shouldn’t be in politics and they shouldn’t be in religion either – in any capacity really that takes them out of that sexual servitude role.

So what we’ll do to keep women there is we’ll punish them with state sponsored rape for even daring to think about doing away with our sperm; we’ll publish the names of their doctors and we’ll publish their names as well and mark them like the Puritans marked the Jezebel’s in their midst, the shameful harlots. How dare they think uterus is the equal of our mighty cocks. And it isn’t only a matter of misogyny; there is an element of class warfare in all this as well. As AKMuckraker wrote the other day:

No worries if you’re wealthy. You’ll be fine. If not, then you shouldn’t have gotten impregnated in the first place. NO we don’t want to help you out with birth control, and NO we don’t trust your medical decisions. NO, we don’t want you to be on public assistance, and NO we don’t want to provide you with prenatal care, or healthcare for your baby, or food stamps, or welfare or pre-K care. NO, we don’t want to fully fund public schools either. So good luck with the kid. Next time, don’t be so poor and immoral.

The end result is the disenfranchisement of women, and I am not talking simply about voting rights or having a job or being in combat. I am talking about disenfranchisement from the human race, making women little better than that pet dog I motioned earlier. So much for doing away with slavery. State-sponsored Biblical slavery is alive and well.  So much for the First Amendment, because all this is 100% religiously based: you can’t use in vitro because that trumps God’s will; you can’t use contraceptives because that violates God’s will and you can’t have the abortion you need because you couldn’t have contraceptives because that also violates God’s will. All that’s left is a religiously mandated abstinence program to legislate perverted ideas of so-called Christian morality promoted by a group of fanatics who have forgotten Jesus existed.

Welcome to the Bronze Age, America. Get ready to sell your daughters; soon they’ll be marrying their rapist and then we can kick that pesky Constitution to the curb and all will be as God intended.

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15 Replies to “The Consequences of Alaska’s Female Sexual Servitude Legislation”

  1. Lets not forget that some of those religions trying to enforce their control do not allow women in decision making roles either.

  2. You really do excellent work distilling the issues into neat shots.

    One of the reasons I keep bellying up to the PoliticusUSA bar…

  3. I am confident that male legislators have grossly underestimated the anger and rage in women that they have now caused. This is not going away, and we are not going away, and we certainly will not stand down and be treated like this. Quite frankly, and I’m never one to advocate violence and am not doing so now, I’m amazed something violent hasn’t come out of this yet. Keep pushing, men, keep pushing.

  4. Take the country forward for our sons and daughters. This is outrageous! Yeah. I had a bunch of WTFs go through my head while reading this. During your next gubernatorial race, get those who bring this kind of legislation out on there tuckus’ as fast as possible. This nation, no, this world, is ready to be shaken up by sweeping changes planet-wide, and we need to fix our part of it by not playing to the hypocracy we all live in. Research your local and state candidates, and find those that are on your side. You will find many of them think the same way as our Continental Congress did, but with some post-modern ideas and scientific thinking.
    To these jerks, it’s as if the Renaissance never happened, and those who brought science to light never existed.
    They are trying to tie the noose around our freedom when they tout the label, yet do everything to keep us anything but free. It has to end now!

  5. 6th of November, 2012

    Vote to take our country forward.

    Obama/Biden and Democrats across the board 2012

  6. This is only possible because they ignore that women work and pay taxes. The base assumption is that women do not contribute to society, except as breeders.

    That may have played in the 1960s, but it ignores that a good portion of the tax paying public has a vagina, rather than testicles.

    I demand that my tax dollars be used to provide my health care, including birth control and abortion services, to me and other female tax payers.

    I bought it with my own money. Give it to me.

  7. Allright, if we can’t stop ’em in the USA, we’ll get the bastards in the world court while they are off wasting our tax dollars on their little sight-seeing trips. We Are Women-Hear US ROARRRRRRRR! Had to do that! Product of the ERA Admendment glory days.

  8. Given that most, if not all, Republicans have been well paid off to do the bidding of various lobbiests, I begin to wonder if the explanation behind all the anti-women legislation is a lot of money from Saudi princes who don’t want gender equality taking hold in their neck of the woods. They certainly have the money and the connections to do this. And now it’s easier than ever before to get money into a campaign without any indication of where it’s from.

  9. Sadly, I report that I know too many of these Alaska legislators from the years when I was a tireless lobbyist on behalf of women and children in Alaska. After over a decade of battle, with many victories, I had to walk away from my state.

    Alaska is now an extension of the Southern Bible-Belt, thanks to oil discovery and the flood of immigrants from Lower 48 that infested our state. I am 4th generation and the Alaska I grew up in has disappeared.

    It is now filled with men like Dick and Dyson. Women like Palin. My heart goes out to my friends, family and colleagues that remain loyal to what was while accepting what is.

    I was arguing with these cretins in the late 80s and through the 90s about these same social issues. They are out of touch. They are true misogynists. They could care less about the effects this has on women. Back in 2009, I testified against an appointment by then Gov. Palin to have Wayne Anthony Ross as the Attorney General for Alaska. My testimony comprised soley of his own statement made in my presence years before…

    “If a man can’t rape his wife, who can he rape?”

    This was about an amendment that my clients proposed to the Domestic Violence legislation giving women the right to say “NO” even to their spouses.

    Another unforgettable statement by a despicable lawmaker, Jeannette James of Fairbanks, then Chair of the Health and Human Services Committee…

    “Better that one child continue to be abused than one child falsely accused”

    It is a virtual political cesspool in Alaska these days and all indicators point to it getting nothing but worse. It is recognized in the bible-based cult that these extremists give homage to as the North Portal to the End of Days.

    Political Christians and oil greed has dominated Alaska. The only comfort I derive on a national level is that they have a measly 3 electoral votes.

  10. I am not young, and my father was almost fifty when I was born. He had been baby-kissed by President McKinley, probably the last Republican he ever allowed to touch him, and his own father had hung out in the Frozen North with Jack London. Let’s just say that the impression I had of Alaska sure wasn’t Sarah Palin or any of her retinue. Seward’s Folly is beginning to look more foolish every day, and if its denizens want to leave the U.S., fine…only we can’t let them run around unsupervised, so how much would the Russians want to take the bloody thing back?

  11. What you have described, Hraf, is occuring in other states like Arizona, where they are trying to pass legislation that would make it okay for an employer to inquire why women on employer-provided medical insurance are using birth control, particularly if it’s for contraceptive purposes (that’s just plain crazy!!). Then in Mississippi and Colorado, the Personhood amendment, which deems a zygote a person with all personhood rights while outlawing most forms of birth control and also invitro fertilization, was rejected. It was passed in Oklahoma, though. There is also the intrusive sonogram, most likely vaginal, which is law in Virginia and Pennsylvania, and is being considered in Idaho, where a lawmaker says women are too emotional to make a good decision. It’s no coincidence that these are being pushed in states with Republican governors. It’s sickening, but just as sickening are women who call themselves feminists and turn a blind eye to policies that will have far-reaching and long-term social costs.

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