In Republican Politics Truth Is a Non-Existent Concept

In the first century of the Common Era, Stoic philosopher Epictetus said “A Cynic aims to discover what things are friendly or hostile to man, and after making accurate observations, he then comes back and reports the truth.” Reporting the truth cost Classical Cynics their freedoms and often times, their lives, but regardless the consequences, they were faithful to their belief that reporting the truth was more important than their own personal well-being. In Republican politics, the concept of reporting the truth is non-existent and contrary to their natural inclination to lie for the sake of political expediency despite the absurdity of their claims or the preponderance of evidence disproving nearly every word they utter.

There are myriad reasons why Republicans lie as a first resort, and it is possible they have lost the ability to ever speak the truth. The terror attacks of 9/11 marked an increase in the severity and frequency of Republican lies, but they reached a fevered pitch with the election of Barack Obama as President. The Republican presidential primary has been a contest to determine which candidate can concoct the most egregious lies, but Willard Romney is by far the biggest liar in the race. Romney’s predisposition to change his position on the issues, depending on the mood of his audience, is a sign of a weak character, but his blatant lying portrays a man of extremely low moral fiber and belies his assertion that he is a Christian who can be trusted to lead America. Willard is not the only Republican liar, but he may be the worst, and that is saying something with the abundance of lies issuing from Republicans in state legislatures, governor’s mansions, and the U.S. Congress.

Republicans enjoyed great success lying to the American people during the run-up to the Iraq invasion and subsequent war on terror, and there has been no end to the lies Republicans have repeated about President Obama whether it is his religion, nationality, or intention to change the nature of American government and society. However, in campaigning against President Obama, Romney has taken lying to such a level that he “is running against policies that haven’t happened and an Obama that doesn’t exist.” Romney’s lies about the President go beyond normal political exaggerations, and despite his lies being exposed in the media, he continues unabated without apology, acknowledgment, or correction. There is an eleven-part series detailing Romney’s lies since he declared himself a presidential candidate with evidence to contradict his assertions, but it is worth noting one or two that many Americans are inclined to believe because of the constant propaganda from Republicans and conservative pundits.

Republicans, and Romney, have been propagating a myth that President Obama said he “sought higher gasoline and energy prices,” and Romney called on the President to dismiss his “energy and interior secretaries and the head of the Environmental Protection Agency, whom” he said “were deliberately driving energy prices higher, blocking oil and gas development.” The truth is that the President has expanded domestic drilling, called for an end to speculators driving up the cost of gasoline, and fast-tracked the Southern leg of the Keystone pipeline to ease the flow of oil. Romney also said, in reference to Iran, that “It’s quite clear that the president wants to avoid in any way a discussion about a military option.” In a speech to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), the President said, “I have said that when it comes to preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, I will take no options off the table, and I mean what I say. That includes all elements of American power: A political effort … a diplomatic … an economic effort … and, yes, a military effort to be prepared for any contingency.” Romney knows what the President told AIPAC because he heard and critiqued the President’s speech.

So why does Romney lie shamelessly? Because many people he is addressing are stupid and it is what they want to hear. In fact, the only reason any Republican lies is because they know well that there is a large segment of the population that revels in ignorance and bigotry and will believe anything that demeans President Obama or that fits their limited world view. Republicans and conservative ideologues understand that flattering stupid people as “real Americans” with claims of defending them against big government, Socialists and educated liberal elites is a powerful tool to manipulate idiots for the powerful corporate interests. For stupid “real Americans,” bigoted lies and fear mongering sound better than the truth they hardly have the sense to verify, so they cling to what they need to hear. Some misconceptions Republicans have advanced are that Christians are persecuted, Obama is a Muslim and is coming to take their guns, Social Security is an entitlement, and that the government is taking their money and giving it to sex-crazed women to pay for contraceptives. The list of delusions perpetuated by Republicans, Christian extremists, and conservative pundits is endless, but they have been successful in creating an alternate reality that enables them to convince idiots to vote against their own self-interests. That is the problem with stupid people; Republicans can manipulate them with simple untruths that are not easily fact-checked; like Obama is a secret Muslim.

Willard Romney’s lies, though pernicious, are a different beast. Romney is not necessarily targeting those illiterate or historically challenged “real Americans,” so he must understand that his wealthy elite and middle-class audience knows he is lying and he certainly knows pundits on the left are exposing every fallacious comment he makes. But he carries on as if no-one notices or cares that every single remark about President Obama is a bald-faced lie. Romney is so much more than a typical Republican liar because he changes his position on issues so often that it is hard to imagine he can remember from one day to the next what he said yesterday much less last week. However, he is a Republican liar and as such, he is counting on ignorance of “real Americans” to fall for his drivel, but independent voters may not be fooled so easily.

For every ignorant, memory-challenged Republican sycophant, there are 10 Americans who remember that four years ago, Bush Republicans crashed the economy, bailed out corporate banks, and have spent the past three years obstructing jobs, economic recovery, and nearly caused the country’s first credit default. Republicans depend on all Americans to forget that policies like Romney is proposing are the source of the deficit, loss of jobs, and more tax cuts for the wealthy and regardless how much they lie, intelligent Americans will vote by what they know to be the truth, and not what Romney or any Republican liar tells them.



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  1. The latest BS from the republicans is they are sending out letters to seniors claiming that Medicare will go broke and cease to exist in 2020.

  2. Lying works when there’s a modicum of truth being told, i.e., that Saddam was a sadistic threat. Unfortunately for the GOP, lying is also a runaway, downhill snowball that grows to outrageous proportions. Hopefully, most of us are now seeing the outrageousness in the lies being told.

  3. Weathervane Willard is a man of expediency rather than convictions, and he proves it consistently by disavowing previous positions in his shameless pandering to the worst elements in his party in order to win the nomination. As far as I’m concerned, he is absolutely the WORST of the lot because he actually KNOWS better. He will undoubtedly try to tack to the center in November if he becomes the GOP nominee as expected. But with all the documentation and videos of Willard’s lies and flip-flops, there is no excuse for allowing him to get away with that. His aide actually told the truth about Mr. Etch A Sketch.

  4. I hope to God that last paragraph is true –that there are enough intelligent, knowledgeable Americans who can vote to keep this scum out of power, or we are doomed. I personally am sick to death of the chronic obstructionism of the Republican party, which has become no more than a religious cult that willingly sacrifices the greater good to its own petty interests and shreds the Constitution if it gets in their way! The founding fathers must be whirling in their graves!!

  5. This is a point I cannot stress enough: The people who believe the Republicans are NOT stupid, NOT memory-deficient, or anything like that. They’re people, just like everyone else.

    What has happened? They’ve been put under thought control. (I’m being nice, I prefer a different word.)

    The people who have caught them use emotions to get past the intellectual armor. That’s why you’ll find PhDs sometimes spouting things like creationism (if the degree is real and not from one of the ersatz “universities” run by the dominionists). They are being deliberately manipulated and controlled through an area where very few humans have sufficient defenses… their emotions.

    I would quickly agree that experiencing thought control diminishes sapience and intelligence, but reduced intelligence is not a inherent characteristic of today’s conservatives or Republicans. (Thought control and cognitive dissonance… yes.)

  6. (Vo)Mitt is beyond a liar. He is a pathological liar, and if he did not appear to be so perfectly sober I’d suspect Korsakoff syndrome. Weathervane? Yes: one in a veering high gale with a loose screw.

  7. Right. Now the repubs are blaming the dems for the war on women. Even in the states. They have no shame and think we are all stupid as those who voted them into office. They can’t govern or win on issues, so they have to cheat with voter ID, rigged voting machines, unlimited money for smear campaigns against dems. For every dollar a dem raises in campaign funds, the Koch’s and Rove and Edelson, and Freise, et al, will chip in 10 or 20. That’s also why they bribe the SCOTUS 5 and stuff other courts with ideologues. No wonder Obama can’t get any judges confirmed. This country is in deep crap if Romney gets elected.

  8. One thing to ask all republicans: Why vote for a REpublican? They don’t vote for you. Then look at their face as they try to fight back. they have no grounds to stand on when talking with someone telling them the truth.

  9. Actually, Saddam may have been a sadist, but he was no threat to us atall, and some of the stuff that went down after made him look like a picnic.

  10. I disagree, They are stupid, anybody that votes against their own best intrests, based on lies, that are easy to disprove, are not to bright. I understand they allow their emotions to overwhelm their intelligence, but if they listened to other sources of info, instead of Fox, their emotions would not be so easy to manipulate. If people voted based on fact and knowledge, the Republican party would not garner anymore than 20% of the electorate.

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